Series 1

Series 1

Animated adventures of a baby monkey and his mum as they face the challenges of daily life together.

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Face Wipe

1. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Face Wipe

When Tee gets involved in cake-making, he inevitably ends up with cake on his face.

The Box

2. Tee and Mo: Series 1, The Box

Mo is excited to receive a new lamp, but Tee is more interested in the box it came in.


3. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Rocket

Mo needs to go to the shops, but Tee would rather build a rocket out of cardboard boxes.


4. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Surprise!

Tee's friend Lily the Tiger comes round to play her favourite game, Surprise!


5. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Picture

Mo wants to take a new photo of Tee, but Tee isn't interested in posing for the camera.

Action Ape

6. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Action Ape

It's bathtime, but Tee wants one more game with his favourite toy, Action Ape!


7. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Cold

It's a cold day and Tee wants to play outside. Mo tells him to put on plenty of layers.


8. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Shelves

Tee is superexcited when new flat-pack shelving arrives for his room.

Tee's Garden

9. Tee and Mo: Series 1, Tee's Garden

Tee would love a garden that looks as amazing as Mr Og's, but gardens take time to grow.