Series 2

Series 2

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Getting Wet

1. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Getting Wet

The Twirlywoos learn all about getting wet when they have an encounter with a garden hose.


2. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Out

The Twirlywoos help a painter make an unusual work of art.


3. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Down

The Twirlywoos learn all about down when Toodloo gets on a runaway rollerskate.


4. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Inside

The Twirlywoos see a man putting something inside his tent, and they get carried away.

Going Over

5. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Going Over

The Twirlywoos watch a horse going over a jump and try to have a go themselves.


6. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Rolling

The Twirlywoos get carried away when they roll a picnic down a hill.

In and Out

7. Twirlywoos: Series 2, In and Out

The Twirlywoos cause confusion at the stables when they keep letting a horse out.


8. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Cleaning

The Twirlywoos watch a window cleaner and get the idea to do some cleaning of their own.

Louder and Louder

9. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Louder and Louder

The Twirlywoos find out how to make loud noises when they play on a drum kit.


10. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Turning

Things get out of hand when Chickedy and Chick try to turn the pedals of a bike.


11. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Collecting

After seeing some children collecting eggs, the Twirlywoos decide to help out.


12. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Longer

The Twirlywoos watch a baker rolling out a baguette and then try it for themselves.

Bigger and Bigger

13. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Bigger and Bigger

The Twirlywoos see children building a sandcastle and decide to make it bigger.

High and Low

14. Twirlywoos: Series 2, High and Low

The Twirlywoos learn about high and low when they watch a lady trying to hang a mirror.


15. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Outside

The Twirlywoos see a man take his chair out into the garden.

Next To

16. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Next To

The Twirlywoos see a lady putting coloured stars next to items in a shop window.

Open and Close

17. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Open and Close

The Twirlywoos open and close stage curtains while a singer is performing!

On Top Of

18. Twirlywoos: Series 2, On Top Of

In a clothes shop, the Twirlywoos get carried away putting one hat on top of another.


19. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Balancing

The Twirlywoos find out balancing is harder than it looks when they copy a gymnast.

Joining Up

20. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Joining Up

The Twirlywoos see a hiker joining things onto his rucksack, and add a few of their own.

Fitting Together

21. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Fitting Together

The Twirlywoos see a man building a water feature and decide to have a go themselves.


22. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Spinning

The Twirlywoos watch a pot being made on a wheel, and decide to have a go themselves.

More and More

23. Twirlywoos: Series 2, More and More

The Twirlywoos put more and more apples into a lady's trolley.

Taller and Taller

24. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Taller and Taller

The Twirlywoos build a very tall tower of profiteroles in a bakery kitchen.


25. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Smaller

The Twirlywoos pursue a very small butterfly at a butterfly farm.


26. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Twirling

The Twirlywoos learn about twirling when they visit an ice rink.

Faster and Faster

27. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Faster and Faster

The Twirlywoos play a tune on a piano which gets faster and faster.

On and Off

28. Twirlywoos: Series 2, On and Off

A sunbather tries to keep his sun hat on, while the Twirlywoos keep taking it off!


29. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Hiding

The Twirlywoos hide during a treasure hunt at a children's birthday party.


30. Twirlywoos: Series 2, Pulling

The Twirlywoos have a tug of war with a carpenter when they pull on her tape measure.