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Series 1

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Moving Things

1. Waybuloo: Series 1, Moving Things

De Li uses a box to reach some plumatoes on a tree, but it goes missing.


2. Waybuloo: Series 1, Showtime

Lau Lau is planning a big show and everyone else wants to join in.


3. Waybuloo: Series 1, Trumpet

Yojojo and Nok Tok find a hollowed-out branch that looks like a trumpet.


4. Waybuloo: Series 1, Strawberries

De Li discovers a strawberry patch but then gets called away to Yogo.

Snuggly Nest

5. Waybuloo: Series 1, Snuggly Nest

Lau Lau and the children set off to find out what has happened to her missing cushion.


6. Waybuloo: Series 1, Whistle

After seeing Lau Lau whistle, Nok Tok tries to learn how but finds it hard work.

Shy Flower

7. Waybuloo: Series 1, Shy Flower

De Li discovers a sad-looking plant that hasn't flowered, so she tries to make it happy.

Going Bananas

8. Waybuloo: Series 1, Going Bananas

Lau Lau puts some bananas in a bowl to paint. Bananas are weak-willed Yojojo's favourite.

Nok Tok's Naracar

9. Waybuloo: Series 1, Nok Tok's Naracar

The cheebies help Nok Tok build his most useful invention ever.


10. Waybuloo: Series 1, Bubble

Yojojo chases after a beautiful big bubble and tries to stop it from bursting.

Nok Tok's Happy Plant

11. Waybuloo: Series 1, Nok Tok's Happy Plant

Tok finds a special new plant. When it goes floppy, the Piplings make it healthy again.

Counting Seeds

12. Waybuloo: Series 1, Counting Seeds

De Li tries to count her jumpy seeds, but she is distracted by Nok Tok and Yojojo.

Being Brave

13. Waybuloo: Series 1, Being Brave

Yojojo sees a big, flappy shape which makes him jump. What is this shape?


14. Waybuloo: Series 1, Catch

The Piplings take it in turns to show Nok Tok different ways of learning how to catch.

Nok Tok Thinks Big

15. Waybuloo: Series 1, Nok Tok Thinks Big

De Li builds a sandcastle, but Nok Tok accidentally falls on top of it.

Tricky Kicky

16. Waybuloo: Series 1, Tricky Kicky

Nok Tok wants everyone to play tricky kicky, but De Li thinks it is too difficult.

Green Mango

17. Waybuloo: Series 1, Green Mango

Yojojo wants to eat a mango without waiting for it to ripen.


18. Waybuloo: Series 1, Songbird

Yojojo finds a songbird and puts it into a basket to show the other Piplings.

Fruity Fun

19. Waybuloo: Series 1, Fruity Fun

Lau Lau watches Nok Tok make seeds from fir cones as a special present for the birds.


20. Waybuloo: Series 1, Hiccups

Yojojo gets hiccups after spinning around too much, so the Piplings help him find a cure.

Cheep Cheep

21. Waybuloo: Series 1, Cheep Cheep

De Li finds a baby bird alone and unhappy in her garden, so she tries to cheer it up.

Echo Cave

22. Waybuloo: Series 1, Echo Cave

Nok Tok thinks he has found a new friend in a cave.


23. Waybuloo: Series 1, Frog

De Li finds a frog in her garden and it makes a very strange and funny sound.


24. Waybuloo: Series 1, Whizzcrackers

Yoyojo wants to see the whizzcracker flashes that sometimes appear in the Nara sky.

Glitter Crystal

25. Waybuloo: Series 1, Glitter Crystal

Lau Lau makes twig tiaras for all the Piplings, but runs out of glitter.

Missing Seed

26. Waybuloo: Series 1, Missing Seed

De Li has a special fast grow seed and asks Yojojo to look after it.

Flittery Narabug

27. Waybuloo: Series 1, Flittery Narabug

Lau Lau decides to paint a picture of her Narabug, but it won't stay still.

Perfect Picnic

28. Waybuloo: Series 1, Perfect Picnic

Nok Tok wants to make a perfect picnic for all the Piplings. Then a large cloud arrives.

Clever Tree

29. Waybuloo: Series 1, Clever Tree

Lau Lau wants to introduce all the other Piplings to her new tree friend.


30. Waybuloo: Series 1, Mice

Lau Lau thinks that a squeak she hears is a mouse and tells the other Piplings.

Bongleberry Juice

31. Waybuloo: Series 1, Bongleberry Juice

Nok Tok uses his Anything Machine to make bongleberry juice for the Piplings' picnic.


32. Waybuloo: Series 1, Jumping

Yojojo tries to jump as high as everyone else.

Follow the Pipling

33. Waybuloo: Series 1, Follow the Pipling

The Piplings want to play a copying game with De Li, but she is too shy to be the leader.

Dancing Feet

34. Waybuloo: Series 1, Dancing Feet

Lau Lau loves dancing so much that she tries to paint it.

The Tallest Pipling in Nara

35. Waybuloo: Series 1, The Tallest Pipling in Nara

When Nok Tok's measuring stick is broken, he thinks he is growing taller.

Pipling Rhythm

36. Waybuloo: Series 1, Pipling Rhythm

Lau Lau tries to make a sound by dancing on different surfaces.

Narabug Chase

37. Waybuloo: Series 1, Narabug Chase

The Piplings all play Narabug Chase, but then the narabugs disappear up into the trees.

Catch the Plumato

38. Waybuloo: Series 1, Catch the Plumato

De Li rests under a plumato tree and a plumato falls in her lap.


39. Waybuloo: Series 1, Fireflies

Yojojo plays his pipes to charm a firefly out of a tree hollow and into his paper lantern.


40. Waybuloo: Series 1, Jumpybug

Yojojo and the other Piplings play jumping games with a jumpybug.


41. Waybuloo: Series 1, Leaf

Nok Tok and Yojojo chase a beautiful leaf all over Nara.


42. Waybuloo: Series 1, Picnic

De Li tries to collect everyone's favourite fruit for a Pipling and cheebie picnic.

Treasure Hunt

43. Waybuloo: Series 1, Treasure Hunt

Yojojo and Lau Lau play treasure hunt together, but a bird eats Lau Lau's clue.

Sad Narabug

44. Waybuloo: Series 1, Sad Narabug

De Li finds her narabug hiding inside a bush, but it won't come out.


45. Waybuloo: Series 1, Balancing

Yojojo wants to show everyone his new trick of balancing a banana on the end of his tail.

De Li's Trick

46. Waybuloo: Series 1, De Li's Trick

It's the day of the Big Pipling Show, but De Li doesn't know what trick to perform.


47. Waybuloo: Series 1, Ball

Yojojo wants to play a ball game with the other Piplings, but they are too busy.


48. Waybuloo: Series 1, Clouds

Lau Lau wants to draw the clouds, but they keep changing shape too quickly.

Nok Tok Goes Driving

49. Waybuloo: Series 1, Nok Tok Goes Driving

A windy day causes Nok Tok's naracar to be blown faster and faster.

Tricky Stick

50. Waybuloo: Series 1, Tricky Stick

Lau Lau tells Yojojo her stick is a magic wand and pretends to make a pod disappear.