Series 2

Series 2

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Magical Music

1. Waybuloo: Series 2, Magical Music

Lau Lau hears some beautiful music and it makes her want to dance.

A Surprise for Yojojo

2. Waybuloo: Series 2, A Surprise for Yojojo

When Yojojo's drum breaks, the other Piplings decide to surprise him by fixing it.

Cheebie Tune

3. Waybuloo: Series 2, Cheebie Tune

Everyone helps Nok Tok find the right piece of wood to finish making his music box with.

De Li Gets Her Shoehorns On

4. Waybuloo: Series 2, De Li Gets Her Shoehorns On

Nok Tok wants to share his shoehorns with all the other Piplings.


5. Waybuloo: Series 2, Star

Lau Lau finds a pretty star that she thinks has fallen from the sky.

Singball Statues

6. Waybuloo: Series 2, Singball Statues

Yojojo juggles his singballs to make music for the cheebies to dance to.

Go Get Game

7. Waybuloo: Series 2, Go Get Game

The Piplings play a game of finding different fruits, and De Li thinks she can win.


8. Waybuloo: Series 2, Pictures

Lau Lau wants to paint a picture of the other Piplings, but they won't sit still.

Snuggly Slide

9. Waybuloo: Series 2, Snuggly Slide

Yojojo tries to play with his favourite toy, Snuggly, and help De Li at the same time.

De Li's Garden

10. Waybuloo: Series 2, De Li's Garden

De Li likes her garden to be beautiful and tidy, but a nearby plant keeps making it messy.


11. Waybuloo: Series 2, Dance

While trying to dance, Nok Tok trips and falls into a tanglesticky bush.


12. Waybuloo: Series 2, Lost

De Li gets lost when she goes off to find somewhere quiet to play her whistle stick.

The Gift

13. Waybuloo: Series 2, The Gift

De Li wants to say thank you to Lau Lau by giving her a perfect present.

Loving Laughing

14. Waybuloo: Series 2, Loving Laughing

Nok Tok is too busy working on his Anything Machine to laugh with the others.


15. Waybuloo: Series 2, Feather

Yojojo tickles the other Piplings until they all run away.


16. Waybuloo: Series 2, Neepnip

De Li needs help unearthing a neepnip.

Pipling Pegs

17. Waybuloo: Series 2, Pipling Pegs

Lau Lau is making a game of Pipling pegs for the cheebies. She asks Nok Tok to help.

No Talk Game

18. Waybuloo: Series 2, No Talk Game

Yojojo decides to play a new 'No Talk' game.

Dry Garden

19. Waybuloo: Series 2, Dry Garden

De Li's plant is very thirsty so she collects water from the waterfall for her garden.

Carrotbeet Day

20. Waybuloo: Series 2, Carrotbeet Day

The cheebies track down who has been taking De Li's carrotbeets.

Lau Lau's Story

21. Waybuloo: Series 2, Lau Lau's Story

Lau Lau tells a story called Big Brave Lau Lau, but does not know how to finish it.

Toot Toot

22. Waybuloo: Series 2, Toot Toot

Yojojo gives Nok Tok a loud whistle for his naracar, but it frightens the narabugs.


23. Waybuloo: Series 2, Snuggly

When Yojojo loses Snuggly, his favourite toy, Lau Lau and the cheebies help him search.


24. Waybuloo: Series 2, Choosy

The Cheebies introduce the Piplings to a choosing game to help with their decisions.

Walking Backwards

25. Waybuloo: Series 2, Walking Backwards

Nok Tok tries to walks backwards like everyone else, but he finds it too difficult.

String Goes Ping

26. Waybuloo: Series 2, String Goes Ping

When a string on breaks on Yojojo's banjojo, he wonders how to fix it.

Where Have All the Narabugs Gone?

27. Waybuloo: Series 2, Where Have All the Narabugs Gone?

De Li picks bongleberries for the Piplings to eat whilst they watch a narabug display.

Singing Bowl

28. Waybuloo: Series 2, Singing Bowl

Everyone plays a game with a beautiful bowl that Lau Lau has found inside the cave.

Bop Bop Bat

29. Waybuloo: Series 2, Bop Bop Bat

Nok Tok gives Yojojo a new bat as a present, but Yojojo accidentally breaks it.

Nok Tok's Narabug

30. Waybuloo: Series 2, Nok Tok's Narabug

Nok Tok sees De Li and Lau Lau's narabugs both doing special things to help them.

Old Made New

31. Waybuloo: Series 2, Old Made New

When Yojojo breaks his favourite bowl, the others help him find a replacement.

Pipling Playday

32. Waybuloo: Series 2, Pipling Playday

It's Pipling Playday and Lau Lau plays with the others, but her ears get in the way.


33. Waybuloo: Series 2, Sssh!

Lau Lau wants to draw a picture of a bird, so she tries to keep very quiet.


34. Waybuloo: Series 2, Enough

Yojojo finds a field of beautiful yellow flowers, so he picks lots and lots to share.

Pod Men

35. Waybuloo: Series 2, Pod Men

The cheebies help Nok Tok when he tries to make a pod man.

Too Slow

36. Waybuloo: Series 2, Too Slow

The Piplings and Cheebies race together and soon almost everyone is at the finish line.

Chimey Leaves

37. Waybuloo: Series 2, Chimey Leaves

Lau Lau finds some golden leaves, chiming together in the orchard.

Nok Tok Rock

38. Waybuloo: Series 2, Nok Tok Rock

Nok Tok finds a big box hidden in the trunk of an old tree.


39. Waybuloo: Series 2, Swapping

Lau Lau swaps her paintbrushes for Yojojo's banjojo.


40. Waybuloo: Series 2, Bluebell

De Li thinks she has found a magical, musical bluebell.

The Search for Lau Lau's Glowstone

41. Waybuloo: Series 2, The Search for Lau Lau's Glowstone

Lau Lau can't remember where she put her beautiful glowstone.

Yojojo's Plumpkin

42. Waybuloo: Series 2, Yojojo's Plumpkin

Yojojo grows a huge plumpkin.

Fairy Thing

43. Waybuloo: Series 2, Fairy Thing

De Li thinks she has seen a fairy flying into her shed.


44. Waybuloo: Series 2, Surprise

Yojojo accidentally turns Nok Tok's Anything Machine on to bubble surprise!

Round and Round

45. Waybuloo: Series 2, Round and Round

The Piplings find a floating, golden, musical feather.

Swapsy Box

46. Waybuloo: Series 2, Swapsy Box

De Li tries to find out what her strange new present is for.

Den For Ten

47. Waybuloo: Series 2, Den For Ten

Lau Lau tries to make a den big enough for all the cheebies and piplings to fit inside.

Shaker Breaker

48. Waybuloo: Series 2, Shaker Breaker

Nok Tok loses one of Yojojo's shakers, so he sets off in his naracar to find it.

Lau Lau's Quiet Day

49. Waybuloo: Series 2, Lau Lau's Quiet Day

Lau Lau wants to have a quiet day, but the cheebies arrive and make lots of noise.