Mountains WILD


Naomi Wilkinson meets the wildlife at home high in the hills while Tim Warwood discovers how to shred the mountain trails even when there isn't any snow.

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for my co-presenter. I said to allow plenty of time for the journey so


when you get here your calm and relaxed. This is a brand-new series.


We need to make a good impression. Whatever you do, do not be late. He


was like, do not worry, it will be fine. Hang on, can you hear


something. They weren't me about him. Hello. Hello.Where have you


been? The traffic was a nightmare. The traffic? I am here now. Shall we


brand new series. I am Naomi Wilkinson. I am Tim Warwood. Your


Saturday mornings are about to get wild. Our mission is to get you up


to discover the weird and wonderful wild things outside your door.


will be broadcasting from a different location every week.


are starting our series in the stunning mountains. This is real. We


are in North Wales at Plas Y Brenin. We are right here. Over the course


of the next hour, we will deliver it to you. We have a gang of animals to


help us out, it is our audience. They are so lovely. Heading amongst


them, you may spot Radzi. I am over here and we are very excited. The


audience are excited. I may have to keep my eye on some of them. Some of


them are ready taking advantage of the activities we have got. We have


guys in kayaks. More will be revealed later. In the meantime, I


am pleased to introduce to you and mountain bike legend. Chris Doney.


Check him out. And Rough Rider, Mr Phil Hall. Look at that thing. We


have a whole host of wild animals along for the ride as well. We have


all of that, and mountains. This week's wild thing, Grace, ropes and


her friends to skill great tits in search of adventure. Tim goes in


search of a UK-based sport to fulfil his love of the mountains. Naomi


meet some aerial predators who really do have a head for heights.


And we meet a young man who likes nothing more than capturing wildlife


on camera. We have got mountains to fit in. We have already used that


joke. You cannot do it twice. Let's start off with an awesome animal. It


is a giant of the skies, high-speed hunter that always has its eye on


the prize. A snake? It is not a snake. It is a high flyer. The


golden eagle used to be a common sight in Britain but they were


heavily hunted and their population has plummeted. Thankfully, 60 years


ago, it became illegal to kill them and numbers are slowly on the up.


The golden eagle is a massive bird with a wingspan around the same


height as your front door and the tale that allows it to make the


slightest change in direction. Their eyesight is up to eight times more


powerful than our own so they can pick up Ray from over a mile away,


making the golden eagle pretty perfect predator. Look, we have a


golden eagle on our wild set, along with Bert handler Graham. Welcome.


This is Sebastien. The bird in the film just took out a fox. Do they


really take prey that size? They are the most some are born predator.


This one is two years old. He is not quite at full size. He's going to


develop muscle. Is that what they would normally eat? Yes, the hunt


from Fox's right through to hearers and rabbits. It was huge, I could


not believe it. They have even been known to take Wilson in the wild in


Russia. Can I see his wingspan? Look at that. Can I please have a go at


holding him? Of course you can.Is this going to be safe, will he sends


my fear? He may little bit.I am looking forward to meeting him. It's


the heavy? Yes. They are massive. They are details of the trade. That


is what he uses to grab prey. They are so immense, the pressure he can


exert through them. About �200 per square inch. How does that compare


to what we would no? The human jaw crunches down at about �600 per


square inch. Can we see his eyes? Yes. You are beautiful. Tell about


his eyes? They are about eight times more powerful than yours or mine.


he all right when that happens. Yes. He just wants to fly. But did


not hurt him? Not at all. His eyes are so sensitive. He is scanning


around. We cannot fly him, but we do have a close cousin of him that is


in the sky, I believe, somewhere. There he is down there. This is one


of the family. He has a very deep wing beat. He has a very wide wing


beat, so he can survey the territory. You can see him going


over the water. Look at him using those wings. He is looking at home


in the mountains. Thank you for bringing your birds in. We think


they are awesome. What do you think over their? What an incredible


creature. What do we think of the Eagle? It is really cool. In a


word, it was awesome. That is good enough from me. Most breeding pairs


in this country have made their homes into particular places. You


can spot them on our map in the North of Ireland and in the


Highlands of Scotland. If you're going to be there on holiday, keep


your eyes to the skies and take a photo. We have been asking you to


send in your photos of you having fun in the mountains. This is our


first picture. It is from a boy from Scotland. This is claiming in


France. I am loving your work. The next picture is from Lauren and


Jason. They are enjoying the great outdoors in Scotland. We are hearing


the mountains for the views. We have used money cannot buy. If you have a


photo, perhaps you have been inspired by something you have seen


on the show, then do send it in to us. Here is the e-mail address.


Include your name and the name of a parent or guardian as well as a


contact number so we can get hold of you. You may have noticed that our


audience are still out there on their kayaks enjoying ourselves. --


enjoying themselves. They will be helping me out with the challenge


later. I'm going to keep my eye on Radzi. I do not like what he has got


up his sleeve. We promised you wildlife, but we also promised you


wild adventure and next guest has that by the bucket load. Let's see


the man in action. Chris Doney is one of the world's leading freestyle


mountain bike trial riders. He has British, European and world titles


to his name. He started to trial rider five years old when he put his


feet firmly on the pedals. Now he spends hours perfecting every


trick, spin and flip. Trial riding as a test of balance and skill to


the extreme, and Chris Doney is a gravity dividing -- gravity defying


master of the mountains. Just look at this. Ladies and gentlemen, in


the flesh, Mr Chris Doney. You have a look on your face like that is the


first time you have done that. That looks pretty dangerous. Do your mum


and dad know you do this for a living? Sort of. They think I am out


for a leisurely ride. It is fantastic. How did you get into


riding? My dad used to ride. He was a top rider and motor cycles. I


started when I was five and moved across to push bikes and just stayed


on them. Was it easy, making the transition from motor bikes? Yes,


lots of people do that, but most people do it the other way. You can


transfer a lot of the skills. easy is it to get into, where do you


start? Just done any bike, they run bikes, BMX is, mountain bikes. Start


with the basics. As you get Egger and stronger, you progress. Do you


ever get scared? Yes, a little bit, but I do not let on. Have you ever


had any big crashes? Yes, a few, broken ankles. Just practice if you


want to get into it. It is all about practice. Start with the easy stuff


and get the fundamental stuff learned. Then you can move onto


killer stuff. You have brought lots of obstacles. Can you give us a


demonstration? Yes.In the flesh, it is Chris Doney. Here we go. Just


look how thin this bug is that he's coming across. Yes. Onto his back


wheel. Around of applause. You can hear the squeaking of his brakes. He


has such control over the bike. There is just one gear on the bike.


He has lots of power in order to do this. Can you imagine trying to do


this on your way to your local shops to get a loaf of bread? He is a good


eight feet above the floor. Are you all right? Yes. At sorry. I will not


distract you any more. It is quite high up here. Yes, onto the top of


the van. Now he is up on the balance beam. It is about five inches wide.


It is ten feet up. It is high.Do you want some in Courage went or.


APPLAUSE He is on to the back wheel. Chris


Doney, everyone next Commissioner Mark OK. -- Chris Doney, everyone.


What can you teach me? I think I can teach you to bunny hop. You need to


come in at walking pace, knees bent, feet level. Lean back and pull up


with your knees. It is easy. That went in and straight out again. That


is fine. Here we go. Just lean back and give it some welly. This bike is


massive. Perfect. It probably did not look pretty. It was massive.


Guys, come on. We have some guys that want to learn. Turn around and


come back through again. It is not just Chris Doney with a sense of


adventure. Me as well. I like to get out and about in the mountains. What


you're about to witness now is my I was not all that bad. But it is


not just my lack of skills. There is another problem in the UK, no


snow. I need as sport that I can still do in the mountains. Where I


can do tricks and still have a lot of speed. Where am I going to find


that? Mountain boarding! Hang on! At just 22 years old Matt is the


world freestyle mountain boarding champion. He has been riding and


honing his tricks for eight years. Today he is going to put me through


my paces. Here we go. You go first. OK. If I want to turn right I put


the weight on my heels. To turn left, I put the weight on my toes.


It is simple. He made that look easy. Here we go. It feels


extremely fast already. Just keep turning. You will come to a top.


Perfect. Not too bad for a first attempt. But the next time I want


to be a bit more ambitious. Matt is showing me how to do a jump. That


was textbook! Here we go. I am going fast! Yes! That was perfect.


That was huge. Definitely.You are at the King of tricks. Show me some


moves. This is how it is done. Check this out. This is the front


flip. He is good! You are world champion. How did that come about?


I went out to Moscow last summer in July. Mike tricks were fortunately


good enough to give me first place. My grand parents are proud of me.


They are great fans and like to here about the tricks. It is my


turn to have a go. Carving up the slope. I seem to be getting the


hang of this! But do not speak too soon. Maybe I should leave the


tricks to the experts. This is all very well. But what I love about


snowboarding is you're out in the mountains. And these are called


mountain boards. Are we ready to go to the mountain's? I think we are.


I guess we will find out. Known as a free riding this is mountain


boarding at its purest. Hiking to the top, finding new lines. This is


what it is all about Farr's stop --. We are pretty high. Just look at


that field. I am pretty nervous. I was fined on that smoke rolling


grass in the training area. But now this looks like a sheer cliff face


covered in moss. You can go first. Nice wide turns. It is a different


kettle of fish when you buy the one riding down there. It is really


bumpy. There are rocks down here. I am going off! Into the bracken.


That is huge. It is all about cleaning. Right into the poo at! It


has gone into my mouse. That was ridiculous! -- my mouth. Matt is a


champion at this. He is world champion. I am an absolute beginner.


He is going to hit the jump. My goodness! It feels as if I'm going


6000 miles an hour. Tell my mum and dad I love them! Good stuff.


almost ran me over. I have got to say, thank you very much for


introducing me to mountain boarding. My pleasure. One more try? Let's go.


You did incredibly well to land in the one pile of poo in the hold


onto it! And throughout the series we're both going to be getting out


there having crazy adventures. That was an excellent start. It was


immense. It was a little like snowboarding but really difficult


to stop. Thankfully I had Matt to guide me through. He is a world


champion. Before we meet our next guests let us take a look at them


out in the wild. There are four members of the Camlough family at


home in the mountains. The alpaca are one of them. They reside in the


Andes and there have more than prepared for the harsh environment.


They can keep a firm grip on the steep and rocky mountains. And


they're thick coat helps protect them against bitterly cold mountain


temperatures. It is this high quality coat that has seen them


becoming domesticated all around the globe. Making them a world wide


one go. I am here with some fluffy friends. The alpaca. This one is in


two weeks old. Incredibly she was on her feet just one hour after she


was born. She is just so cute. But I'm keeping my eye on the adults.


Because they have a problem of spitting at one another to show


their dominance. It is not exactly a spit, more commonly it is the


acidic contents of their stomach. They have got three Chambers in


their stomach to help them to extract the nutrients. So if they


have been chewing on the grass all day what comes back up is quite


horrible and smelly. So I hope they will be behaving themselves. There


coat is incredibly soft. That is what makes them a popular choice


for breeding. This one, her fleece will make two or three super soft


jumpers. It is those fibres in the coat that allow them to withstand


very cold temperatures. But it is not just the alpaca which have


adapted, mountains around the world support be wide range of wildlife


and some of them have evolved clever ways of surviving. The


mountain lion and snow leopard both have referred to protect them from


the cold. The Snow Leopard also has a long tail for balance. This


insight does not need a jacket. It has a special protein acting like


anti-freeze so that it can survive extremely low temperatures. And


these make the most of the mountain air by having special blood vessels


to allow them to save their energy. And this is the jumping spider of


the Himalayas. It survives by hunting insects blown up the


mountain by the strong wind. These East have glad that carries as much


oxygen as possible. -- these keys. And here in Wales we have mountain


goats and they have special feat that allow them to scale up the


rocks. It never ceases to amaze me how animals adapt to cope with the


environment. Talking of adaption of! It is a boiling hot sunny day!


I am a bit hot. Throughout this series we are going to be looking


at the wild wonder is that we have got in the UK. Things that could be


lurking close to your back door. We will be uncovering some pretty


freaky facts about the things that surround us every day. But which is


going to be the strangest wonder of them all? We are about to find out


My favourite part of the show. Get yourselves ready and prepared. I am


about to explain what is about to come up. Each week we will choose


one Wilde contender and there will be a head to head over three rounds.


They have to convince us that there contender is top dog. Or pop insect.


Are we ready? Yes, we are. Today I am fighting for the mosquito. He is


pretty ingenious. I am fighting for the wasp. They have an important


role to play. Without further ado time for round one. Speedie.


are probably familiar with the noise of the mosquito which is a


result of their wings beating so fast. The wasp, its flight speed is


5.59 mph. The mosquito can fly as well. How fast?1.2 mph. At the end


of that round, no doubt about it. That Wasps goes straight into the


lead. Time for round two. What is the point? The wasp is anomalous


for up and eat just about everything. There are master of


pest controllers. There would take on a flight or Caterpillar. And


they do not even bother us until the end of the sum up when their


other food sources are drying up. There are billions of mosquitoes. A


fantastic resource for all kinds of animals. Amphibians and birds and


spiders. And they also help to pollinate some plants. Like the


orchid. Well Tim came out swinging. But mosquito is now level-pegging.


We're going into the deciding round. The knockout round. Let me tell you


something. I am going to play like Super Sense card. The mosquito has


super sensitive hairs on its antenna and they detect tiny


changes in the environment. And they can smell human chemicals to


suck out your blood. The wasp, it's not got card is that they have


mastered designers. World-class architects. They grouped together


to build their own home. They bite off pieces of wood and duet with


their survival. They built it up until it is strong enough to


again. Stay tuned to see who wins that one. In the meantime, walk this


way. If you're out and about and you see any wild wonders when you're out


and about, see if you can snap a photograph. If you manage to get a


good while Clive Sharp, send it into us this address. Send it to us with


your name, and the name of a parent or guardian and the phone number. It


might appear on the show next week. Send them in. I am feeling fine.


Whatever. We are about to speak to him and he needs no encouragement


whatsoever to get out there with his camera. Have a look at this. My name


is Josh, I am 15 years old and I love British wildlife. What I really


love is looking for the secret side of nature. I have been taking photos


for the last five years and I am going to share my top tips for


capturing wildlife in a completely different way. This is our back


garden. It is no more of a mini nature reserve. I have been allowed


to have this part of the garden by my family. We have frogs, newts,


toads, dragonfly larvae. You can hear buzzing in the summer, which is


nice. Taking good photographs is about trying to look at the world in


a different way. One of my favourite things to do is to get more


inventive using household items. I cannot afford underwater housings so


I have just used this fish tank. I put my camera inside and load it


into the pond so it takes underwater shots. You do not need expensive


equipment. This is my camera. You can pop this in your pocket and take


it anywhere. There is one animal that comes here that is really


active at night and tonight I will try and film it. This is actually my


Playhouse. I take it over when I got more into photography. We have this


material here so we are invisible to wildlife. I will pick this camera


trap on the fork. They passed this week, the foxes. We will see if we


can get one when it walks through. I would retreat back to the hide and


Seek we can get some views of foxes. With wildlife, you can never really


count on them to be there, so you have just got to wait and see. When


you see a fox, you forget about the hours of waiting because you get the


privilege of seeing the habits of an individual. Another tip, when you're


waiting for things, if you close your eyes, it makes you more


sensitive to sign. That is a really good way of watching foxes.


Sometimes you cannot actually see them. That is really great. We have


got a little bit of film. I think it might have gone round to the camera


trap, so we will get some nice close-ups maybe, off his face. It is


amazing what you can capture with patience and dedication. It was


really successful and I got some nice film of the fox. I will go back


indoors now. He is here. It is Josh. Nice to meet you. We are surrounded


by some of your photography. Look at this funny fellow, a little toad.


That is so cool. My favourite, it is an owl. It is a barn owl,


obviously? Now, it is actually an eagle owl. This one was entered into


wildlife photographer of the year award and you got a special


commendation for it. Can you tell us about it. This photograph was taken


in my garden. I got bored with taking pictures of dragonfly is so I


put my arm over the pond and this female mosquito came and took some


of my blood. What inspired you to start taking photographs? My dad


bought me a camera so I could take pictures. I have got to this level


since then. Can you give us any top tips if anybody at home wants to


take wildlife photographs? Get to know your subject and learn their


behaviour. Be patient. It will not always happen first time. It took me


five years to get to the sort of photos. I'm sure that everyone at


home can take pictures like this. top tip will be checking that your


fish tank is completely waterproof before you put your camera in the


water! What phenomenal pictures. Josh is only 15 years old. He is


such a talent. If Josh has you feeling creative, go to our website.


You can download Josh's top photography tips. There are lots of


photographs that we did not have time to show you in the show. If you


date -- if you do take a photograph, make sure you e-mail it


to us. Include your name and the name of a parent or guardian. What


did you think of the pictures? Amazing. I am totally inspired.


How about you. Awesome, and believable. I want to include all of


you. Are we feeling inspired? From these guys being inspired, to


something completely inspirational, check this out. Downhill mountain


biking requires nerves of steel, bravery and fitness. Luckily, Phil


Hall has all of these and bucketloads. He has found the


perfect waif that she has found the perfect way to fit his need for


speed. He launches himself down mountain tracks, traversing the


Touraine and reaching speeds of up to 30 mph. It is an adrenaline


fuelled sport. Since discovering it, Phil has never looked back. Just


downhill. He is a dating downhill demon. We can now welcome the man


himself to the show. Phil Hall, everyone. How great does this look?


Easy, my goodness. Welcome to the show. First of all, how much do you


want to have a go at that? How did this become your chosen sport.


a motor cycle accident a few years ago and ended up in a wheelchair. I


still wanted some adrenaline in a sport. Where did you find it?I


discovered gravity biking in the States. I saw poster and find out


where to go to try the vividly. I spent a week in the States trying


the activity and I loved it. I tried to buy a bike on the way home but


they would not sell one to me. So I came back to the UK and I started


the Rough Riderz club. There are not lots of these bikes in the UK,


either? Now, but hopefully we will expand it to different parts of the


UK. Wicked. Can anyone have a go at this? Yes, it is suitable for most


disabilities, because it was designed for wheelchair users


initially. There are no paddles and it is a crash box for your feet. It


is suitable for lots of people with disabilities as long as they have


upperbody strength, and able-bodied people can have a go as well.


is individual suspension and this makes? Yes, and there are shock


absorbers front-end year. There is independent suspension on all four


wheels. You have hydraulic brakes like a normal mountain bike. Where


can I go and do this? The club offers taster days in the Lake


District. We are trying to expand across the UK so that people can try


it close to them. I will try and get to one of those taster days. Thank


you. Fantastic stuff. Now from flying down the mountains to soaring


high above them? This is one animal that has a head


for heights, the vulture. They spend their days cruising, hunting for


their next meal. From mountains to ban in Savannah is, the scavengers


are not fussy about what he. -- about what they have two lead. Using


the powerful I said, the search ad death, feeding on nothing but the


decaying flesh of animals. Once a meal is found, vultures are highly


social, so, the crowds are never far behind. Yes, and we are welcoming


back Graham, who has brought along some vultures to meet us. Down


here, it is a lovely rack of ribs, the perfect way to entice them in. I


will stand back a little bit, because with excited vultures


around, they have big beaks and talents, so I will hide behind


Graham. This is a black vulture. He is an American bird. Then we have a


hooded vulture. These are more of surface feeding vultures. The big


eye, he can get really stuck in. He is using his dominance. You will


notice that his wings are right to make himself look bigger. Is there a


pecking order among these guys? Yes, the big guys in charge. Your little


ones are always watching him. They are feeding and watching him.


they always eat the leftovers, the rotten meat lying around? Yes, they


are the world's natural garbage disposal. They are so important to


the environment. How do they cope with the bacteria that must be in


the dead animals? They have amazing assets, they have a crop, which is


like a bag at the base of the neck, and they dissolve it all. We even


have vultures that will eat the bones. They will eat the entrails.


They will even eat deep poo of the animal? Breath freshener is all


around after that. You might want to watch camera, it looks a little bit


like a dead rabbit. They might for you. Do they use their beaks are


their talents as well. They use their beak to hold that time. --


they use their feet to hold it down, but it is the beak that does all of


the work. Their heads do not have many feathers on them? They do not


want to get that marked up. They are really clean animals. As soon as


they have fed, they dive in and wash it all off. Like the eagle, they


love the mountains and they saw a really high? Incredibly high. They


have been recorded at 37,000 feet. That is about the height you go on


your holidays in an aeroplane. is because they have an incredible


wingspan? Yes, this bird has a eight feet wingspan. You can see that


size. That is about the same as 212-year-old standing on top of each


other. It is enormous. They can get some serious height and they are


happy in the mountains. Yes, they ride the thermals and are looking on


the ground for a like this. Thank you very much for bringing them in.


What do you make of the vultures? Arson. To see vultures taking food


from a carcass, it is amazing. did you think? Awesome,


unbelievable. It is amazing. Really cool. Disgusting. Just really


disgusting. We have polarised opinion. Disgusting, cool. Maybe you


can combine the two words. I did not realise how much vultures do for the


environment. I am going to give them a break. Tim and now may have not


got their hands dirty. I beg your pardon. I held the ball of grain


Mountains are spectacular all over the world. Formed lechery through


ground breaking displays. Some through a rise in the it earth's


crust and others explode to the surface. Molten rock forced out in


an impressive display. The volcano. As it cools down mountains are form.


You can probably see behind me the gorgeous Welsh mountains, those are


the product of volcanic activity. That has inspired these crazy


creations. You have got two minutes to make that model everything you


need. Just to explain exactly what this is. It is a plastic bottle. It


becomes wrapped with tinfoil. And becomes wrapped with tinfoil. And


then modelling play goes on top. We have got some dinosaurs added. We


have got broccoli to act as the trees. That gives you a clue what


to expect. If you want to make one then go to the website. You can


search for a crazy creations which gives you all the instructions that


gives you all the instructions that you need. I have an unfair


advantage because I have actually been to a volcano. There is no


prize. But the loser gets a forfeit. I have got some friends out on the


river. They are ready for at the Louisa Reeve to run across those


kayaks. -- the loser. The water is for Dick Lily Cole! -- particularly


cold. At some stage you have to put the vinegar in to get the volcanic


explosion. That is the eruption of! Tim, absolutely nothing. You did


not put that the baking soda in. Too little, too late. Go and


receive your for that. Naomi is the winner. Let us meet our own wild


adventurers. They are on their own wild adventure at a very great


wild adventure at a very great height. The Lake District is not


just famous for its water, it also has stunning vertical landscapes.


Making it a great place to go wild. 11 year-old Grace is a keen climber


and a regular visitor to her local indoor climbing walls. But today


she is heading for the hills to get a taste of climbing in the great


outdoors. And she has brought some friends along. I do not like rats.


I do not like sharks. I do not like fighting with my family. I do not


like sharks. I do not like spiders. The goal is to reach the summit.


Over 600 metres, the highest points in England are among them. So there


being kitted out with some safety gear. This will not be an average


walk in the hills. The girls have come to this slate mine to try a


special climbing course. This is where it begins. You have bought


all your friends along. This is an iron road over at the mountains.


Each changeover with just one hand. When you come to the junction, use


one hand, take off and swap over the clips. And with the same hand


carry on with the next one. Are you going to give it a go? Brilliant.


think it will be a really good experience but I'm still nervous.


am excited but nervous at the same time. Just seeing how far down it


is. Brilliant. It is so it strange how hi 8 you are and how nervous


you are when you get into it. is a system of cables and ladders


allowing complete beginners to take on some serious mountaineering. It


is as safe way to climb but that does not stop it being scary.


made it! So far so good. As the girls continued up the mountain the


rain clouds begin to close in. done. You have got past the first


section. We have some treats in the next section, you are a little bit


more exposed. Are you ready to go? Excellent. Joe is not kidding about


it being a scary. The girls have to cross an overhanging rock face in


the driving rain. This is seriously wild. But the next challenge is


even more extreme. A wire bridge strung over 100 metres of thin air.


I am bouncing up! It would be bad enough in the sunshine but in


behind wind this takes real courage. I am going to keep screaming, I


know I am. The girls have been climbing for a gruelling three


hours but they still have one obstacle laughed. A massive cargo


net. By now the rain is practically horizontal. -- obstacle left. These


girls deserve some serious respect. In spite of the appalling weather


the Super Star team has made it all the way to the top of the mountain.


Even if most of the filming kier has not. The camera has stopped


working, the conditions are so bad. There may not be much of a view


today but the achievement is ethic. It was really exciting. It is


exciting and a thrilling experience. If I could come again at I probably


would. It is a really good experience with a lot of


challengers. That was ridiculously high up and in a horrible weather.


Massive respect. I wonder if Tim is holding his nerve, running across


those kayaks. You have got to do it because you're volcano was rubbish.


In he goes! It is freezing! I am freezing! I am so glad that I was


the winner. If you want to have a go at making that volcano the


instructions are on the website. Search for crazy creations. And


then when you have made your masterpiece send us in a photograph.


We will try to show some on the show next week. We have received


some of your comments. Telling us about Europe wild adventures.


Another says, I like climbing in the Lake District. It is beautiful.


And we have one photograph that has been sent in. In the mountains.


Well done. And if you have had an adventure then we want to see it.


Next week we're going to be in the Forest. Here he comes. A round of


applause for Jim. Next week we're in the forest and if you have had a


Forest adventure please send us in a photograph. We're coming to the


end of the show. But we are coming back! Thank you to everyone who


helped us out in Snowdonia. We have had a great time. Thank you to


mountain bike legend Chris Doney. And Rough Rider fill halls. And of


course to our photographer, Josh. And our feathered and fluffy


friends. And of course to the audience. Do you keep your


photographs coming in. That is all for today. We believe you are taste


of what is coming up next Saturday at 9 o'clock. Please remember, get


out and fell Wilde! Joined as next week for more it seriously wild


Welcome to a brand new live and unpredictable show that challenges you to get out and go WILD!

The series kicks off on a high as our three intrepid presenters head into the mountains. Naomi Wilkinson meets the wildlife at home high in the hills while Tim Warwood discovers how to shred the mountain trails even when there isn't any snow. Chris Doney drops in to show the team some mountain bike trial riding skills and Phil Hall's Rough Riderz prove anyone can get out enjoy the mountains. Out in the wilds of the Lake District our Wild Adventurers take on a mighty climbing challenge and young photographer Josh gives us his top tips for taking great pictures of the wildlife on your doorstep. Meanwhile Radzi has a challenging task for Naomi and Tim- who will have to suffer the forfeit this week?!