Urban WILD


The trio discover that being in the city is no excuse not to have a wild time. Naomi meets the animals at home on the streets and tackles a seriously scary urban adventure.

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Just a little kick-flip there. Just curve it round the bowl.


That was high! Hup! Yeah, that is cool! This skate park has my seal of


approval. Mine too. Why did I have to wear the


blonde wig? Get out! Get out! Let's you OK, Tim? I'm fine.


Welcome to WILD! The show that is getting you off the sofa and active


this summer. I'm Naomi Wilkinson.


And I'm Justin Timberlake. Over the next hour we are broadcasting live


from the English Riviera down here, Devon! We've been all over the


place. We are getting around. Because we are in this urban


location this week, we want to hear what urban sports you have been


doing. Send us your comments to [email protected] We will try to read


some of the comments out. We have brought along our hard-working,


dedicated, crew... A happy bunch. But they are not a patch on our


fantastic audience! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. And here


comes Radzi. Hello! Well, I tell you what, I have


been checking out what the skaters and the BMXors have been doing. They


are off the charts. Very good. I would take notes. You may need them


come this week's forfeit. Oh, no, it will involve wheels!


Right let's welcome the special guests to the show. First up, a BMX


flatland wizard, Mr Lee Musselwhite! We also have a free winning team


here, say hello to Street Motion. They are showing us ways to go WILD!


In the city. We have that and loads more! I have my heart in my mouth


when I face one of my biggest world challenges to date.


There is a sting in the tail for WILD! Things when they go on the


overnight hunt. And we find out about the WILD! Life


of an 11-year-old bee-keeper. That abseiling looked massive. Were


you scared. A really tough challenge. Stay tuned


to see what happened. Tim, what is the fastest animal in the world?


Greyhound racing dog. It's not that. It is a bird of prey.


Found here in the UK, increasing will in urban areas like this it is


the powerful, the one, the only, the... Cheetah!No, it is a bird of


prey. Pigeon? No, it's a peregrine falcon.


You should should have said. Peregrine falcons have astonishing


eyesight. Spot Spotting pigeons over five miles away. Reaching over 200


miles an hour when they plunge from the sky to catch their prey mid-air.


Once in their clushs, there is no way to escape. Peregrine falcons


succeed in almost every environment. But they love our towns and cities.


The nooks and the crannies of the tall buildings give them an


eagle-eyed view of their hunting ground. Here we have a one-year-old


peregrine falcon called Moses, looked after by Lloyd. Welcome to


WILD! Lloyd. He is young but a top hunter? He has all of the skills


necessary to do what they do brilliantly, that is to go really


fast. Is he fully grown? Yes, by three


months old they R but as the years go on, they get more experienced and


stronger. You can tell that you love the


peregrine falcons. What is it about them that is so special for you?


They are amazing, the agility, the strength, the determination is


inspiring. They are beautiful. I understand


that the eyes take up half of their skull? The eyesight is eight times


better than our own to see at extreme distances.


So seeing miles away? A long way. That is how they hone in on the


prey? They will see it, go out, get up high to do a dive to surprise the


prey. And they just whack it with the


incredible talons? Yes, they the hind talons here. They flick out the


feet a second before to kill the prey on impact.


They stun them in mid-air. Taking out the prey. They whack it and that


kills it instantly, will it? Mostly, yes.


Then they go down, bite into it, grab it and go off to feed it.


Well, they are incredible fliers and we would love to see Moses flying.


Can we see him? We are putting him here. He has sticky foot. He does


not like to let go of me. Here he goes.


Wow. Straight away sending him off. What is that? That is a lure with


food attached. To him it is prey.


He thinks this is pray. Talk me through the tactics that they use?


He is looking over the shoulder. He is trying to get it from me it is a


game. He loves this. What else do they eat other than


pigeons? Any other bird up to a size of mallard.


Wow, that size? You stand still, Naomi.


OK. I will! Oh! He is so fast. I can feel the wind as he flies by. He


looks spectacular. What a joy to watch. Can we bring him in? He is


looking at it... Businessman! Wow! Thank you very much. He just wants


to fly. This is live TV, he will do what he wants! Here he comes.


A true acrobat of the skies. Thank you very much. What did you think of


that? Naomi, how cool was that. I love peregrine falcons. What did you


think? I love the speed. It is so fast, immense. His eyes. I can't


believe he sees everything. He is very fast. Have you seen peregrine


falcons in the wild? No but I have seen them at a bird show.


It is not just peregrine falcons you can see in the urban areas but a


whole array of wildlife. As ever, if you see something interesting, take


a photo and send it in to the show. And if you have been doing WILD!


Adventures, whatever it is, we would love to see your pictures. E-mail


them in: With your name and your parent or guardian's phone number


attached. We have photos? Yes. This is skp sky. She is tarp surf. This


is the coolest thing is. I don't know any of these sports.


Last week I did not know about knee boarding, but Ellie sent this in. So


now I know. Just one comment it is from Sun Stone Smiley Bird. Who says


they love BMXing, and extreme skating.


Cool comment. So, we have seen an acrobat of the


skooirs, now time to see somebody who does their tricks closer to the


ground. The next guest can do things with a


bike you never thought possible. Flatland champion, Lee Musselwhite.


Lee has been pushing boundaries for 17 years, inventing countless moves


and tricks. Flatland is a freestyle form of BMX


riding. Moves include spinning, rolling and balancing on a wheel.


Riders are judged on originality and style.


Lee has been the UK champion twice and competed at the highest level


all over the world. Regarded as one of the most creative and original




I tell you what, here he is in the flesh. Mr Lee Musselwhite! Tim, good


to see you. Thanks for joining us. That looked


epic in the video. How did you get into flatland BMX? I saw some guys


doing tricks. Thought it looked cool. Gave it a go, just practised


and kept practising. How long does it take to get to your


level? I have been doing this for 17 years, I'm still learning.


Is it is a sport that anyone can do? Anyone can learn it it is a case of


practise it is so true. Your parents were not Russian ballet


dancers, it is not in the genes? Nothing like that. Just practise.


This bike is a little like a normal BMX but tell us about it? All of the


tricks are for moment and speed. So there are no brakes. My bike has no


chain on it. So I can't peddle it. I would look silly riding to the


shops. You say riding to the shops is this


a sport you can do anywhere? All you need is a hard surface. Along as you


are away from people, cars. A secluded level. It is perfect.


You are the British champion. We would love a demo.


Who would love a demo from the British champion?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Right, then, Lee. Go on. Stand back


everyone. So no chain on there, he has to generate the speed from pure


has to generate the speed from pure momentum.


In a competition Lee would be judged on tricks, Vidality, style. He does


not want to put the feet down. He would be marked down for that in a


contest. Look how fast he is spinning! Nice!


OK we got one more. OK a big finish. Here we go.


He make it is look very easy. Opposite foot on there.


A one-handed centre finish! Wow! A one-handed centre finish! Wow!


Yes! That was absolutely amazing. Thank you very much.


Well, WILD! Would not be WILD! Unless I didn't have a slice of the


action. Can you teach me a trick. Safety first, let's get a mell met


on you. Safety does not take a day off.


I have a basic trick. That will help.


Hold on to the handle bars in the position you are in. Step both feet


on to the stunt pegs. Perfect. Then we are going to try to


roll around in a circle. Mum! I'm going backwards! Take your


hands off. There we go. Oh, yes! Excellent.Let go, Lee. I


have this. Don't let go! I tell you what, that felt pretty difficult.


Hold tight. Here we go. Take your hands off.


How do that without getting dizzy? am used to it.


The eyeballs are rolling around in the sockets. Amazing stuff. A big


hand, ladies and gentlemen, to Lee Musselwhite. The British champion.


As you know WILD! Is about encouraging you to get up, go


outdoors and discover new adventures. A few weeks ago, my


nerves were tested to the max when I did just that.


Nine out of ten people in the UK live in a built up urban area, but


being in a town or a city does not mean that there are not great


adventures on your doorstep. As adventures go, they don't come


bigger than the one I am off to try today. This is the National Lift


Tower. In the heart of Northampton. LAUGHTER!


Wow! At 127 metres high, it provide as bird's-eye view of the


surrounding area. Later on today I'm stepping right off the top of it.


I'm not absolutely crazy. I have come here to try my hand at


abseiling. Kurt is here to guide me through the whole, terrifying,


experience. When you think of abseiling, you


think of mountain faces, cliffs, quarries, but you can clearly do it


in towns and cities too? People come for the adrenaline so. This is the


ideal place for abseiling down. The higher the better. We are doing it


at 127 metres. That sounds terrifying.


What we will do is a small simple abseil on the inside, a 30-metre


abseil. That idea of small is different to


mine! The tower is used as a testing areas for lifts and ladders. It is


full of scary drops like this. That is the small one? ! Kurt checks


the ropes and there is no turning back.


Whenever you are ready, lean backwards... And just sit down?


Yeah. There we go. Lovely. When you are


ready, let the white ropes sloid through the hands and you start to


go down. It is such a long way. If I looked


down I would be sick. This one is only about a quarter as


high as the one I'm going to do. Oops! And I'm down.


Oh, my goodness. That was way more scary than I thought it was going to


be. And that is the small one. So part of the task is done. Still a


massive challenge to go. It's is trek to the top of the


tower, as the crew are finding out. 700 steps in total, or you could


just take the lift! While I wait for the others it is time to check out


the view... Is that a good view? It is like from a plane. I don't know


if I can do this. So that is the platform I'm going to be leaning


back over into thin air at 127 metres up in the sky.


Why am I doing this again? Why are we doing this? Any reason? The ropes


are in place. The safety checks are complete. Now the question is, can I


go over the edge? This is definitely feeling like one of the scariest


things I have ever done. Here we go.


I can't believe I'm doing this. It is telling me that I can do it, I am


safe. Nothing will happen to me. Make sure that you enjoy it as well.


Looking good. OK so keep going like this, don't I?


That's it. You're looking good. This is a joke. I can't believe I am


doing this. This is WILD! Isn't it? Totally WILD! I think that I'm a


quarter of the way down. I still have a long way to go.


People still look like tiny dots. , but I can see for miles. It is a


spectacular view. That is fabulous a across


Northampton. I am feeling a little more comfortable with this. Now I


have over the worst bit, the leaning back at the top. Aisle starting to


get used to this. I feel like I'm in an action film or something. Tom


Cruise, eat your heart out! Check me out, Northampton! I am WILD! Hello


out there. I am giving myself serious Brownie points for this. I'm


feeling really proud of myself. Everyone should try abseiling. I


think it is pretty good to give yourself a scare every once in a


while. You know what? The more I do this, the more I'm enjoying it. That


Take your time. Hello ground. Yes! I made it. I'm


still alive. I've done some scary things in my time. That ranges as


one of the scariest. That was brilliant. It does look like it is


difficult to have an epic adventure in a town or a city, but this proves


you can go out and get WILD! Anywhere. I have to ring the boys.


Tell them that I have made it back safely. Whereas my phone? Oh, no!


Dope! I have to say, could you see my house from up there? I think I


could see everyone's in the whole of Britain.


I'm impressed. Now it is time to turn our attention


to the tiny creatures in the urban environment. They probably make your


skin crawl. They definitely make Naomi feel uncomfortable, but when


they are in the ring, they are a knock-out it is time for Battle of




Yes the audience are ramped for this one. Tim, Naomi, get into the ring


and put your gowns on. I'll remind you of the rules. They have three


rounds of fighting talk in which to convince me that their WILD!


Contenders are worthy to make their way here into the internationally


known enclosure along with the wasps, slug and the raft spider.


Naomi, who are you bringing to the table this week.


Let's get ready to rumble! I have the invincible cockroach.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Tim, what about you? I'm bringing the


impenetrable flea! It is time for round one.


You want to know about... Chocolate. Come on, chockie.


OK. The flea. It does not fly. It jumps. It jumps 150 times, its own


body weight. So, out of every animal, it make it is the best


jumper in the world, doing it 30,000 times in a row. Actually cockroaches


can jump too. Cockroaches are about speed. Some cockroaches running 50


times their body length in a second that is nine times faster than a


human being. In my vote that makes them superathletes. I can't say


anything? No, you can't. What is this, chocolate! Going back to the


fle. Flea. When it accelerates, it does so 50 times faster than the


space shuttle. That is a lot of Government force.


Tim, I'll be honest, I did not think that the flea would feature much,


but the flea has truched the cockroach to take the early lead.


Now it is time to hear a cheer for that. Yes! Now it is time for round


two. Make it is good one, Naomi. Tim. Look at this. Listen to my


voice, tonight look at me sleep. Cockroaches have teeth in their


stomachs, yes, teeth in the stomachs and they are not fussy eaters. They


eat food, hair, paint, soap, you name it, they will eat it. Welcome


to wildlife from lock Loch Lomond... Oh, fleas, they suck blood. They can


do so for two-and-a-half hours. Consuming up to 15 times their own


body weight. Sleep. I have another one, some specieses of cockroach can


survive a month without food. If they do feel hungry, they will eat


glue off the back of a post aj stamp or something. I have to win this


round. Well, that is the end of round two.


Close and both contenders have disgusting eating habits, but on


balance, I'm giving that one to the cockroach. So level pegging into the


final round. Now let's hear about the special powers.


Tim you have something in common with the cockroach It is good h


looking? No, it is not that, a cockroach breaks wind for 15 mirns


and after they die they continue to trump for a further 18 hours to


release the methane. Fleas are strong. Oh, yes, they are. They can


pull up to 160,000 tons their own body weight. That is like me with a


rope and skate board and 5,000 elephants. Bosh! Cockroaches have


six legs but they have 18 knees! needs 18 knees? ! Fleas can tight


rope walk and play football all in the flea us.


Are you ready to throw the actual in? A cockroach can survive for nine


days without its head. A knock-out blow! That is the end of the Battle


of the Beesis. By my reckoning that is the closest ever. Right up to the


point that the cockroach can survive for nine days without its head. So


going into the winner's enclosure is the cockroach. Can you smell that?


It is my new after shave. It it is not! Now, there are loads


of nature shows on the BBC as part of the wildlife seasoners. As well


as the shows there are summer of wildlife events happening over the


country. That gives you a chance to get involved as well as getting your


hands in a book let like one of these. We have been asking you to


send in messages to tell us what sports you have been out in -- and


about and doing. One here from a boy who does skate boarding, although he


nearly throws off. And emerald says that she likes roll


roller blading as it is fun and adrenaline-filled.


Now, it is time to meet another animal, that is not to dissimilar to


Radzi's hair. It is one of the UK's favourite mammals, it is the


unmistakable hedgehog. Hedgehogs are the only British


mammal with spines. When threatened, these prickly creatures roll


themselves into a ball, where they use the spines to protect them from


predators. They are mainly nocturnal. Snoozing all day and


eating all night. However in recent years, the


hedgehog numbers have plummeted. Conservationists have warned that


they could become extinct in this country if we don't do more to help


them. You are joining us now in the garden


with Pauline from Secret World. Welcome to WILD! .


And lovely hedgehogs. Where have they come from? One has come in that


had dog bite wounds. Another was underweight, but they are both


nearly ready to go back. So they will be released into the


wild? Yes. That is very important. How many spines do they have?


have about 5,000, but I have never counted them. Do they have them from


birth? No, then they have bumps, but between two to three hours the white


spines sprout through. You can see that the skin is pink. So you can


almost see through the skin. And hid no-one this blanket. Who is


this? This is so cute. This little one is about three to


four weeks old. Oh, look at that, that is Floofie.


Look at their noses, what do they use them for? They root around for


food with their noses. Like a little baby pig.


Now, they are under threat, what do we need to do? They need food from


the gardens. Put cat food out. Never use slug pellets in the garden, they


will do the slugs and snails for you, and they are poisonous. If you


have a pond make sure you have a sloping edge, so that they can climb


out if they fall in. So they can get out. So this is


really important. If you want tips on how to make your


garden more hedgehog friendly, head to the website at wide


[email protected] You can get some top tips.


Adorable. Right, I'm ready for more wild adventures, Tim, what do you


have in store for us? I'm with one of the most exciting outdoor


activities that you can do. I'm talking about BMX racing. #3shgs 2,


1, go! They are off. This is BMX racing. It is fast it is furious, it


is handle bar to handle bar. It risen to prominence. Tracks like


this are springing up all over the UK. It is an Olympic sport. We have


Liam Philips and ShanazeReade doing so well. Fingers crossed we have the


next Olympic hopefuls. Now, talk to us about BMX racing.


What do you love about it? Well it gets you to do something. It gives


you an aim it is really exciting and fun. Can you talk us through the


bikes, they are different? Slimmer wheels? They have thinner wheels. It


makes you go faster. They are lighter.


One brake? Yes. I'm going to race. Do you have tips


for me? Inside peddle up on the bum. Keep the peddles level and push down


over the lip, or you will go flying. Well, that went in one ear and out


of the other, but I am taking it to the table to beat these kits kids at


their own game. I don't think that I look fast. I don't have the peddles


like they have. Wow! Wait! Wait! The first thing that is apparent is how


big the jumps are. These are the routes that set you off into the


tarmac area. This is 180 degrees, I have a choice, left or right. I'm


going right. Yes! Is everybody as out of breath as me? No? OK.


Well, the loops are massive. Obviously the pros will be over them


easily. I can hardly think, I am so out of


breath. I might just... He's cheating! No! Wow!


ALL SPEAK AT ONCE Cheat! Cheat! They were like rats


out of drainpipes. Gone. You know what? I'm not a cheat. What is


calling me a cheat? He is a total cheat. He cut out half of the course


and he still lost. Cheats never prosper.


To be fair, the decoy BMX racing crew are rapid.


I want to have a go on that. There are BMX clbs up and down the


country, so go to one and see how it is done.


Now it may surprise you to know that urban areas are still teeming with


wildlife. As this week's WILD! Things found out on a night-time


mission. When it comes to wastelands, city


centres or even the back garden, we don't think much about the wildlife


that lives there, but if you know where to look, there is a wild world


of wonder living in the weeds. Jackson is creepy-crawley crazy. He


loves nothing more than looking after the insect pets. His friends


don't share his passion for all things arachnid but they are willing


to be convinced. I am Jackson. I hate football and


spicy food. My name is Jahan, I hate shopping. My name is Jack. I he Thai


food and big spiders. -- I hate Thai food and big spiders. I am Catherine


and I don't like complicated words! Now this may look like a piece of


wasteground but if you counted every sickle creepy-crawley, fly, bug,


spring tail in the ground, how much do you think you would get? In the


hundred thousands? More than that. Millions.


20 million, perhaps, maybe even more. So I will ask you to find some


find some of the mini beasts that live here.


That is very nice that is a wasp. Next! A hoverfly.


Where is it? Look at that. That is cool.


A wood louse. . George! I think we found some.


Oh, that is a nice spider. That is lovely. Isn't that a great shape?


Now, there is a good trick to use. If you find spiders on the wall, how


do you think you can tempt it out? Pre Pretend you are a fly.


How? Vibe rations. How do you make vibe rations?


tuning fork. Yes. Who wants a try of that.


will. There are a few holes in there, I


So far we have found about five or six species of spider. There are


lots of spider ties, harvestmen, ticks, mites, pseudo-spiders and


scorpions. Now there is only one species of a proper scorpion in the


UK. Have you ever seen it? You know why? It only lives here.


There is a wall over there with a colony of European scorpions.


Who wants to hold a scorpion? Scorpions are nocturnal hunters,


meaning that the team will have to come back when the sun goes down. It


is dark so the scorpions should be out. So the scorpions glow a


beautiful green colour in ultra violent light. You have the torch


so, all we do is go along the wall carefully. When you see something


bright green, it is a scorion, OK? So that's it. Find as many scorpions


When you see them it is unmistakable.


George... Have you got one?Yeah. Look.


Look at that. That is amazing. Isn't that fantastic? Who wants to hold


it? No thanks. The best way to hold it is to gently


hold the tail and... It is going under my shirt.


The hard parts glow but the soft parts, beside the abdomen and


between the plates are dark. That is not made of the same material, but


all scorpions glow. That is convenient if you want to find them.


He is moving! Look at that. That is impressive. Rather nice.


There are probably hundreds in the wall.


It is one of the things that you hear about but when you see it, it


is shocking. When I heard that there were scorpions are living here I was


gob smacked. It is a one in a lifetime sight.


Jackson and his friends loved finding one of the UK's most unusual


inhabitants. Hello, gorgeous boy.


ALL SPEAK AT ONCE We went WILD! Wow! Scorpions in the


UK. They were braver than me. Now, skate boards may not be your thing,


but here on WILD! We have found a sport just for you.


Have a look at. This So this is parkour. Or freerunning.


It is hugely popular, but in order to flip, jump, Spained throw


yourself around obstacles like, this you need a little bit of agility.


You need to be, yes, Matt! How good is? This? ! Let's get Dom over here.


Join us. That was pretty special. I will not


lie to you. Dom, how on earth do you get into freerunning. I saw Jump


London nine years ago, I've been doing it since then.


I saw that it was a great show. Can anyone do it? It is really important


from the beginning you get to the professionals for instruction. You


see us doing it. We have been training for many years. We make it


look easy, but go to a proper club. Get someone to teach you properly


and you learn techniques from the start.


How long does it take to get really good at it? Within a year you can


get to a reasonable standard, but it is like a marshal art. You can train


it all your life. I would love a go at this. Can you


show few a trick? Yes. Gently! We will get you to do a cat


leap. You take a run, jump up, jump on to the box it is important that


the ball of the foot touches the box. Bend your knees to slow down


and catch on. So make it a little smaller.


I like that! So from here, left, right,


kick your back leg through, catch OK. It is all about fluid motion.


No too much power. Slowly to Saturday with.


-- slowly to start with. So, left, right, leap! Oh, no,


rebound. One more. I have this. You must be strong in the arms. Left,


right, leap. He's on! Yes! I'm the king of Parkour. That is insane what


you are doing. Dom, thank you very much for coming along. Street


Motion. If you want a go at home. Go find the experts, get the right


tuition and you could be like this lot! I want to have a go on that.


That is cool. In 40 minutes we have brought you a


show jam packed with urban wildlife. The peregrine falcons and the


hedgehogs, but not everything that livings -- lives around us is so


appealing. Rats. The name makes us shudder. These mammals love living


in towns and cities as much as we do. They make their homes in the


dark sewers and scavenge on rubbish dumps and around bins. They car


diseases and cause day yous chewing through wood and wires. They can


even survive being flushed down the toilets. They are one of the most


feared creatures in the UK, but is this bad reputation really one that


they deserve? I think it is fair to say that rats are not everyone's


favourite animal. However, Ellie is a massive fan, aren't Ellie. What do


you have here? I have two babies and two adults.


They didn't have names until yesterday. I have named them. I


called them Timina and Razille! So you have been keeping rats for


several years. What do you love about them? They are playful.


Because they a ajile you see them climb a lot.


Do you think that they a clever animals? They are.


What makes you say that? You can teach them tricks. They can ring a


bell when they are hungry. When they want attention. Amazing.


Do they do any other tricks? follows me to bed sometimes.


What do your friends think about you keeping rats. Do they come around or


prefer to stay away? They like to see them but they are not so keen


sometimes. They have a reputation of being


dirty animals, is that fair? They are clean. As you can see by their


coats. They are always cleaning


themselveses. They are lovely. Now, Radzi is not


overly keen to meet your rats. He is not so good with them. What do you


say to people who are scared of rats? Have you ever touched them,


held them? Once. What are you scared of snoo


tails! That freaks a lot of people. I will try to hold it.


Ellie is looking after you. You are holding it, well done. I don't...


Argh! They are so cute. Whatever your opinion on rats, you cannot


fail to admit that they are successful creatures.


I have a rat in my pocket. The reason that they have the


reputation that they have is that they eat the food and rubbish that


we leave lying around. Ellie, you are doing a great job standing up


for the rat. Now, it is time for my favourite part of the show it is


time for Radzi's Crazy Creations! So last week Tim and Naomi got their


hands wet making their mini pond. We had it show you this. This is from


Holly. She lives in Surrey. Look at the effort that went into that great


work. Well done Holly. From encouraging wildlife to come into


the back gardens last week, this time it is the bird's turn.


We might like birds to visit our gardens but not everyone gives them


a warm welcome. Farmers have built scarecrows to frighten the feathered


friends away. But the scarecrow does not always do a great job. Many


birds still steal the farmers' crops. So it is time for the not so


scary scarecrow to have a job change. Instead of making birds


flee, he will be their new best friend.


What is he like? Well this week, Tim, Naomi, you are making one of


these. A bird friendly scarecrow. So, let's get the making started.


You have two minutesment everything you need is here. 3, 2, 1! You have


two minutes. You will have to get your skates on for it, that could


have something to do with the forfeit. .


I will give you a run down of how I made this. You need old clothes. You


can get them from the charity shop. I went into my dad's wardrobe. A


shirt. A pillow case for the head. I styled that face. A hat and in order


to make it friendly, there are seats hanging from it. Millet seeds,


monkey nuts. Anything to attract the birds. You don't need two minutes to


do yours, you have as long as you want. For more you can go to


[email protected], it will tell you everybody you need to know to make


one better than Tim and Naomi's. Take a picture of your scarecrow and


send it into [email protected] Naomi, you have a minute left on the clock.


I am modelling a face on Tim. Look how smiley he is.


But they is -- but he is very thin. 45 seconds, Timbo! I'm creating an


General H.Norman Schwarzkopf style of muscle! Make sure that the man


does not look under fed. This is like the Which had arred of


Oz! The crowd are loving this. Close to the ten-second countdown. How


long? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one stop your making! It


is judgment time. Looking thin. But look at the smiling face. The


seeds for the birds. You have made it friendly.


I like it. A smiling face on a scarecrow? !


What about the seeds to make it friendly. Tim! It is meant to be


friendly. It is a scarecrow it is in the


title, scarecrow. It is WILD! Judgment time. The


winner without a doubt is, Naomi! More importantly, the loser is Tim,


so you are receiving this week's forfeit. We have two cos tombs in


the bag. We don't need that, but Tim, go get changed. He never


learns. Now let's meet an 11-year-old who


has a really WILD! Life at school. My name is Jan, I'm 11 and I love


all British wildlife, but what I really love are... Bees! You may not


think that we have many bees in the city but I've been looking after


thousands of bees at my primary school for the last three years.


Morning Mr Baker. Good, how are you? Fine, sir.


Sometimes I help out in the school holidays. I love beekeeping because


it disciplines me a lot and it show as sense of control and how you are


meant to act around them. Not just anyone can approach a hive


of bees. My school gave me special training to allow me to do this.


Some of our teachers are trained bee-keepers.


As the bee-keeper, I look after the hives to make sure that they are


hety. We get our tools together and light the smoker. Bees think that


the hives are on fire, so they suck up all the honey that they can. That


is why this seem drowsy when they fly. There is lots of larvae, that


is a good sign. The colony will get huge. All of the cells are full of


delicious honey. You can see around the edge there,


you can tell it is ready to extract as the bees have put caps on the


cells like tiny lids. We are going to start extract


extracting and put it in our large barrel. This will turn into honey,


believe it or not. While this honey is not ready for us to eat, we are


collecting it to sell at the school fair in a few weeks' time. Now I'm


taking the caps off the honey. We just have to have adult supervision


while we are doing this. You can see the honey oozing from the holes as


it should be. This is quite hard to do as they


have made it for a very long time and they would love it to be


preserved. I think we are there with that one.


The most exciting part that I enjoy is extracting the honey.


We have to put the trays into the barrel and you have to spin it, the


honey falls out tonne the sides and drips down on to the 's This is the


fun bit. You get to spin around and you see the honey coming out of the


frames. Then we open the barrel's lid. That is when we see the honey


filling up quickly. That is when it fills up really fast. That is


amazing. The money we get from selling the honey goes back into


looking offer our bees. OK. I think we have enough to put


into some jars. I'm excited to see all my hard work


pay off. Because insects put hard work into producing this honey.


Absolutely. Look at that. Beautiful, isn't it? I love working with them,


usually I'm an angry boy but now I'm working with the bees, my anger has


all gone. The last jar of tasty honey, yeah! I


love that you make honey. That is brilliant. Well done. A top film.


Yes. Now it is time for Tim, his forfeit time. Tim, out you come.


Come on, we want to see you. What are you wearing? Tim, you should


have made a bird-friendly scarecrow and you didn't. Come on, Tim. Get


yourself out. There he is! Look at what he is wearing. It suits you.


Our own waiter with drinks. He has to get around the obstacle


course and bring the drinks to us. Oh, no. He is unsteady on his feet.


Come on, til. -- come on, Tim.


Be careful Tim. I love the yellow leg-warmers. That orange drink looks


very nice. I have my eye on the purple drink.


Oh! Go on, Tim. Pay attention!I think he is actually going to get


some drinks to us. I don't believe it. I will get a drink. I never


thought that was going to happen. Here he is... No!No! Tim. I'm


thirsty scla That was so good.Tim, you did well. Very well.


We have some pictures in. Jake you sent us picture of you BMX racing at


Manchester National. You love it. Nice work.


And this is from Charlotte, aged seven. She say says these foxes live


underneath her school. There are six cubs. How beautiful.


And Tamasin says she is a jump scooter on BMX dirt tracks.


Keep up the urban sports everyone. Well, sadly, that is the end of our


show, but we are back next week from the side of the river. So if you


have been getting, well, wildlife, doing any ak tiities by the river,


get them into us. Put the picture on an e-mail. What a cool place for


hanging out, thank you very much to Parkfields Skate Park in Devon.


And a big thank you to Lee Musselwhite. Can Street Motion and


the BMXors! And thank you very much to Pauline, Lloyd and Ellie for


bringing in the urban wildlife. We loved meeting you all.


And the crowd, you have been a great crowd.


A big cheer for you! Next week, 9.00am, the river photos. We are


back. And until then, get up, get I take to the board but on the


Welcome to a brand new live and unpredictable show that challenges you to get out and go WILD!

Naomi, Tim and Radzi discover that being in the city is no excuse not to have a wild time! Naomi meets the animals at home on the streets and tackles a seriously scary urban adventure, while Tim puts flatlander cyclist Lee Musselwhite through his paces. Our group of Wild Things go on a nocturnal hunt for a surprising dock dweller, while in My Wild Life Gian explains why bees are the best. Radzi tries to keep order in the Battle of the Beasties and has yet another Crazy Creation for Tim and Naomi - who will have to suffer the forfeit this week?