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Good morning guys. Good morning, Radzi. I told you this was a good


way to get work. This beats the traffic. One question though, how


can we get off? I don't know that we covered that in the lesson. Shall we


just let go? Yes. After three. covered that in the lesson. Shall we


Three, two, one. So long suckers! Let's go Wild!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome to Wales. I'm Naomi


Wilkinson. I'm Radzi. Our mission is to get you up off your sofas. And


into the wild outdoors. Yes, we are travelling the length and the


breadth of the country. The whole country. We are in Wales and more


specifically here in Cardiff Bay which is the perfect location for a


wild day out which is what we're going to have today. We have the


skate park over there where the skaters are shredding this morning.


They are keen. Later on, we will have the supreme talents of Korahn


Gayle. An incredible skateboarder and Brandon James. You just wait


until you see them. Over here, we have the blue water of the bay. Out


there, the kids of Cardiff Sailing Centre are enjoying the water and we


will have tricks for you courtesy of Team GB kneeboarders, Ryan Davis and


Rachel Clarke. And nobody can deny this show has no culture because it


comes in abundance in the form of Price. They are about to lift the


lid off this audience. That's a jam-packed show. We have no room for


anything else. We have loads of amazing animals and Dr


anything else. We have loads of bizarre, bizarre... You said it Tim,


but there is all this! Wild! Takes on Britain's coastline for a wet and


windy challenge with Harry Hillier. We have a weird and wobbly UK sea


creature which packs a sting! Naomi is heading into deep water to find


Britain's very own perfect predator. It's the beautiful blue shark. You


swam with sharks in the UK? That's cool, isn't it. Sharks aren't the


only big predators because our first animal guest is a true giant. A


slithering super stalker that likes to put its squeeze on its prey. The


Earth worm. Just watch this, Tim. This is the world's largest reptile.


They inhabit steamy tropical rainforests and are excellent


climbers. They have patterns of diamonds along their backs which


acts as diamonds along their backs which


jungle. They sense their prey by tasting the air. With jaws


jungle. They sense their prey by enough to swallow a whole pig, this


is one gobsmacking predator. Tim is modelling our python. It has been


brought in which Terry. How long have we got before Sonia eats Tim?


What? What? We shouldn't have to worry too much about Sonia eating


Tim, although she is a predator, the chances of her taking Tim is slim.


She is incredibly heavy? She is about the weight of a child. Does


she use this weight for hunting? They have got big bulk and use


she use this weight for hunting? for squeezing around animals


she use this weight for hunting? suffocating prey that way. She is


she use this weight for hunting? hissing away, isn't she? They


she use this weight for hunting? on to their prey and as the animal


takes a breath out, every time on to their prey and as the animal


tighter and keep wrapping around and on to their prey and as the animal


squeezing until that on to their prey and as the animal


take anymore breath into its lungs. We can give that a go with Tim if


take anymore breath into its lungs. you want... She doesn't want to


crush me. How often does she eat? She eats, they're not picky eaters.


They eat their food whole. Do they? Imagine with her, she maybe


They eat their food whole. Do they? have this stretchy jaws and eat


things quite large even the size of a pig. Wow. If you have eaten


something that size, you may not have to eat again for another four


or five months. That's efficient. I might have to give that a go. How


does an animal that doesn't have legs manage to catch a pig or a rat


that can run fast? Well, when they are on the ground, they are not that


fast. They move around at one mile an hour. They are masters at being


good ambushers. They can wait for animals to come along and ambush


them and they are good at swimming and they can hold their breath for


over 20 minutes underwater. And this is the longest species of snake? She


is a juvenile, she is still growing, believe it or not! We can give it a


go... Do you want help, Tim. Shall we get our brave Wild! Audience in.


Give Tim a hand because he is struggling under the weight. He


hasn't been eating his spinach! Strong arms. Have you guys ever held


a snake before? Yes. You have. But not one this big. Not one this size,


how does it feel? It is really warm. It is warm, isn't it. What do you


think? It is really muscly. You can feel its muscles moving. The pattern


is really cool. It is really cool on the snake. It is just fascinating.


It is a beautiful creature. It is such a privilege to see


It is a beautiful creature. It is Tim, are you all right to pop it


away? Perfect. Good luck, guys. Terry, we will be back with more


Wild! Wonders later on. Let's see what Radzi is up to. I'm by the


skate park with guys doing things that I did not realise were


possible. Another man who is unbelievable is the street artist we


will be meeting shortly. He is a little bit special. That's a picture


there. That's not drawn with a ruler, that's free-hand and nothing


but spray paint cans. This is the side of a house. This guy is


fantastic. He is a legend in the we shall art scene. He is a part of


Peaceful Progress and his name is Bryce Davis. I have not brought you


on for chitchat because time is of the essence. We have got this black


wall behind us and we're hoping by the end of the show you could have


it covered in wild art, what do you reckon? It is a tight time frame,


but I will give it my best shot. We're going to drop in on Bryce


throughout the show and see how you can get involved. Getting involved


is what Wild! Is all about. What we want you to do is check out our


website. You click on Wild! Where you will find loads of fact sheets


and clips and great ideas for getting out and about. You will find


this picture... What's that? This is this week's take a wild guess. We


want you to go online and look at this picture. Can you figure out


what animal that is? Any guesses? A grey whale. A good wild guess and we


have had lots of wild guesses. Blue bird and Festive Queen think it is a


hippo. Another viewer thinks it looks like Radzi when he has just


woken up. Thanks for send that one in, mum! People think it is a


crocodile. Keep your guesses coming in and we will tell you later on in


this programme what it is. Keeping on the topic of photographs, we want


to hear from you. Have you got any photographs? Have you got remotely


wild? If so, we want to see them and you might make it on to the Wild!


Wall. We have had extreme wildlife in the shape of a four meter python.


It is time for extreme action out on the skate park. Just check out this


guy. Scathe boarding is a high octane


display of tricks, skills and transitions. Having launched on to


the scene just a couple of years ago, Bristol born skating star,


Korahn Gayle is one of the hottest things to hit the UK scene and his


style and consistency led to him being one of the finest


skateboarders in Europe. With a huge bag of tricks and rarely putting a


foot wrong, he has won Best Tricks sca status and is truly on a roll.


How good was that? We are joined by the maestro himself, Mr Korahn


Gayle. Good morning. Why skateboarding? I don't know. I love


it. It's just fun, yeah. It is ace. It has been unchanged. It has been


around since the 60, the surfers in California started things off and


boards have remained relatively unchanged. It is just so popular,


why do you think it is so popular? I think just because all you need is


your skateboard to go out and have fun and you have got your friends


around and just skate with your friends. It is not expensive. And


that's good. And you have got skate parks like this everywhere. You just


go and skate with your friends and it gives kids, it helps them meet


friends and give them more confidence, I think, yeah, it is


good. We saw in the video of you there, you are incredible. How long


has it taken you to get to this level? Well, I have been skating for


14 years. It don't think it takes that -- I don't think it takes that


long to get good. My nephew has been skating a week and he's good. We're


here and we would like to see you rip around. Are you up to it? I can


try. A round of applause everyone, for Korahn Gayle. I'll go this way,


I think. He is starting things


simple. It is hard to convey just how difficult skateboarding really


is. The board is not attached to his feet like in snowboarding. Yes, the


kick flip off the legs. Silky rock'n'roll.


We will get a replay on that shortly. Just one more for me. One


more 360 flip. Oh, he is losing it. Ah. That right there is how you bake


cakes! Come on, teach me something. Here we go. Now, a big round of


applause for that. Match Of The Day Kickabout is the professional here


-- Korahn Gayle is the professional here. If you are starting out, get


yourself a helmet and it will protect you. Let's teach kids the


basics. There is a lot of people at home that will be frustrated. Break


it down into stages. Show us a move. A h, that was nice. Have we got a


slow-mo replay? The board is stuck to your feet. That's the basis of


most skateboard tricks. You have got to put your one foot behind the


bolts on the front and your foot on the tail. Then you have got to stamp


down with your foot and as you do, drag your front foot up the board.


Then, pop with your foot as that happens, bring your back foot up and


the board should rise with your feet. Keep it nice and level and


land it down. One more time. Let's see it. OK. That's good. I'm going


to go for one here. This isn't pretty. The banana split. Yes, good


man. Why not get a slow-mo of me? Amazing stuff. Ladies and gentlemen,


Mr Korahn Gayle. Get practising and one day you will be as good as him.


From epic skills to epic wildlife, let's check-in with Naomi to find


out what she came face-to-face with when she took a dip in the Cornish


seas. When people come to Cornwall, they


are usually thinking about sun, sand, ice cream and Cornish fudge


and maybe even a dip in the sea. They're not thinking they will


be sharing the sea with sharks! Over 30 species of shark occur


around the coast of Britain. From smaller ones such as


the Dog Fish all the way through to the Basking Shark which is the


second largest fish in the world. And other species love to visit on


their holidays like the one we're searching for today, the Blue


Shark. To help me find these elusive


creatures, I have enlisted the help of wildlife photographer,


Charles Hood. Thank you. So we're off to find some


sharks. We are. Welcome aboard and


there is your life jacket. Thank very much. Good to go?


Yes, good to go. We're heading ten miles off the


Cornish Coast to track down I'm going to


enjoy this bit! Charles has some preparations to


make - putting out a welcome mat. First of all, we have got to put


this mat up. So that's just a special mat so the


sharks can't bite through the boat? Well, they could probably


make a small hole in it. As you can see, the sea is a pretty


big place, but Charles has an extra smelly trick up his sleeve.


Smell that. This stuff is so strong that the


sharks will be able to smell it from But that's not where Charles' box of


tricks end. By bait, Charles means heads.


That's a fish head. That's going to sit at about ten


meters depth and if a shark comes along, he's going to bite that and


drag the float underwater and we're going to see that and that's how we


can tell we've got a shark. If it disappears, there is a


shark in the area. there is only one thing left to do


and that's wait. We're just bobbing around


on the water in the sunshine. I almost forgot I'm waiting for


sharks to come along. If they turn up at all,


that is. Just when we've given up all


hope. What's that over there? Where


is it? Where is it? I can see its fins.


That was a definite fin. There is a shark


around this boat. There he is. Coming right in. You


see. See. Look at that. Oh my goodness. There it is. They


have really long fins. Wow, so close to the boat.


I can see its eyeballs. I got a glimpse of the blue that


time. It came close. Quite incredible because we've got


the coastline of Cornwall over there and right here, a shark.


That's mad! What's even madder is the next thing


that Charles has in mind. This could be a good opportunity to


get in the water and have a look at I knew you were going to suggest


that. I think it would be good. I see this shark a little bit closer


up. I think it will be a beautiful We will be perfectly safe. I will be


right beside you. With Charles and our cameraman Steve


in the water and the shark comes in. I can't believe I'm just putting my


wetsuit on. And then I see a shark


that close to Steve. Although I'm scared, I can't miss


the chance to swim with a shark. I'm taking the plunge. It's coming


pretty close, but I'm perfectly safe. It's only curious and there


has never been an in-water shark Underwater, you can see how a blue


shark gets its name. They are a gorgeous metallic blue on


top and white underneath which helps Blue sharks can grow over three


meters long and have over 60 teeth, but they like to eat fish and squid


so Charles and I aren't on the menu. Wow. Oh my goodness. I'm so


torn between looking at how beautiful it is and being so scared.


I don't know what to think. I've swam with sharks in Africa and


Belize, but I never ever thought I would swim with sharks right here in


Great Britain. That's been an eye opening, amazing experience and it


just goes to show you don't have to get on to a plane to experience


nature that's truly wild. Hang on a minute, you went looking


for sharks that have sharp teeth in an inflatable dinghy? Yes. Whilst


dressed as a seal. Yes. You were very brave. We were a long way off


the coast. We put food in the water to attract them and we had to wait


hours, so you are perfectly safe. The majority of sharks mean us no


harm and they don't deserve the bad press they get. Well, talking of


animals with bad behaviour, it is time to put another creature in the


dock in our weekly legal slash drama thriller, Critter Court.


Order. Order. Order. Why are you wearing a pink wig? I'm not wearing


a pink wig. What's the meaning of this? I think my lucky red pants may


have ended up in the wash. It wasn't them, they're still dirty. I can't


keep working in these conditions. Now, bring out this week's


defendant, the grey squirrel. Boo Grey squirrel. I like the whiskers,


you are accused of being a bully and of stealing and of deception. I


would have preferred a stronger reaction from the jury. Defending


your actions today is Mr Tim Warwood. Who is with me?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It was better than I expected. It


was better than I got! While attempting to prove your guilt is Ms


Naomi Wilkinson. It will be a piece of cake. You're going down,


squirrel. Please outline the case? Thank you, grey squirrel, you have


been invading and plundering forests that don't belong to you. Please


take a look at the screen. Is this or is this not you feeding on the


supplies of our great British woodland when you are not a native


species of this country. You only arrived here 150 years ago from the


USA while the red squirrels have been here for at least 10,000 years


and speaking of red squirrels, may I please call in my first witness?


Bring out the witness. Bring her out, this will be good. There is


nothing there. I couldn't find a red squirrel because the grey squirrels


have destroyed most red squirrel populations in the UK, driving them


out of their homes. A h. It is a persuasive argument what do you have


to say? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to direct your


awe tension to the screens if I may look how cute it is. Look, it is


cleaning its face with its tail and it is so nice. Does that look like


the face of an invader and bully to you? Does it? The looks of the grey


squirrel has got nothing to do with the crimes it is accused of. Will


you please stick to the facts. The prosecution here is misrepresenting


my client. OK. Look, prosecution here is misrepresenting


bully. The grey squirrel. It is just bigger. It is just hungrier, it


needs more food. Greedy. What was that? I have just got a cough. Sadly


this just means there is not food for the red squirrels. You can


hardly blame my client for having a healthy appetite. What do you say to


that? Nuts. Pardon? Squirrels eat nuts like this, but the greedy greys


take more than that. Restrain yourself in this courthouse. Take a


look at this video evidence. They collect all of them and bury them in


hundreds of secret hiding places around the forest just so the others


can't get their paws on them, and do you know how deceitful and devious


they are? If they think other squirrel is watching them, they will


only pretend to bury the nuts, crafty! That's good actually if you


ask me. Nice one! My client is only doing this to survive the long,


cold, harsh winters. They have incredible memories. They have an


amazing sense of smell and use this to go back and find the nuts and eat


them again and besides the red squirrel does the same. So... Shall


we talk about the disease? No. Let's go to the... Grey squirrels have a


deadly squirrel pox virus which is harmless to them, but it can wipe


out entire populations of red squirrels. Surely, this rodent must


be guilty. Objection, your honour. The prosecution is using massive


words that I don't understand! LAUGHTER


Stop it. It is not looking too good for you now, Mr Red Pants. You have


accused the grey squirrel of stealing from... Yes. Invading this


country and stealing the food from the red squirrel. Mr Ward, you


believe that the grey squirrel is not be blamed for having a big


appetite and it is too cute to be guilty. So, now over to the jury.


Please raise your paddles. Vote now. It is close. However, I declare the


Please raise your paddles. Vote now. grey squirrel to be guilty. Cute. I


declare this court closed. So from an animal of the trees to an animal


of the seas. My name is Emily and I'm 12


old and I like an animal My name is Emily and I'm 12


people think My name is Emily and I'm 12


actually, I don't think they're any of these things. I think they're


beautiful and graceful. It is a jellyfish. Most people worry about


jellyfish stings because they can be quite painful, but most jellyfish


stings in Britain are no worse than a nettle sting. Jellyfish have been


around for millions of years even before the dinosaurs. Jellyfish get


washed up on the beach because of the tides and if there is a lot of


win. I have a really good one here. This is a moon jellyfish and it is


the most common jellyfish in common. They are mostly see through, but


they have a few purple markings like purple rings and purple stripes.


Jellyfish are made of a jelly-like substance, but they are 95% water


and only 5% solid matter. They don't have any hearts or brains. Or lungs


or gills or eyeballs. They just sort of float around. I normally see


jellyfish washed up on the beach, but on rare occasions I sometimes


like to go out on a boat and see if I can see them out in the wild.


We're just heading across really, really fast because we needed to get


to somewhere a bit calmer so that we're more likely to see jellyfish


and I really, really hope we do. There's one over there. There's one


over there. Ah, there's two. There is one there as well. There's one. I


think we've just found a big jellyfish. I think it's going


underneath the boat. I am going to scoop up a jellyfish and put it in a


tank so we can have a closer look at it and I have always wanted to do


this. We've just found a moon jellyfish. My mum is here and people


from this boat are here to help me. No! It's quite difficult because


they keep on falling out of the bucket. You should never touch a


jellyfish because it will sting you. Got it. You have to be very careful


when putting the jellyfish into the tank because we don't want them


getting hurt and they are very fragile. If you look underneath, you


can see the yellow bits. They are called oral arms and they help it to


eat and they have tentacles. They come out from the side of this big


bit here which is called the bell which is the mushroom-shaped top


part of it. It is really lovely to see them like this just bobbing


about, but it is not where they are happy and it is not where they


belong. Now we're going to put it back into the wild where it will be


happier. Bye jellyfish. Bye. Well done. Fantastic work there,


Emily. It is so great seeing you get involved with our wildlife. Now it


is time to check out the activities that you have been up to during the


summer with our Wild! Wall. We have kayaking, surfing. There is an


orang-utan, kick flips and body boarding. I love this one, Kai doing


the surfing. Kai is that your own board? Yes. Did you manage to get in


any surfing? Yes, I went for a holiday for four weeks doing the


surfing. Check out this dude, Ben, aged ten with an orang-utan. Ben,


how was that experience? I enjoyed it. Did it interact with you at all?


No. What a shame. It was just looking at the food. It was just


staring at it. Nice work, Ben. We would like to cover this board if we


could. Tim will model the address for you. You need to send your


pictures to: Right, Radzi, Brize is doing really


good. You guys are in for a treat. We asked Bryce to have this wall


covered in wild art and that's what he's doing. Guys, do we like this or


not? ALL: Yes. Can you tell us what you


have made? It is fantastic. I'm doing a graffiti take on the Wild


logo and I included an image of Sonia the python who we met earlier


and I'm half-way through. It is so, so good. I painted on paper or card


like most people at school would have, how do you start with


something like that? You want to sketch a lot and kind of work on


letter forms and characters or whatever you want to draw and then


you need to figure out how to transfer that from your A4 piece of


paper to a large scale wall. That's the next step. And perhaps, you


know, if you have got a local community centre or school you can


get involved with a lot graffiti artist who can do a workshop and


show you the tricks of the trade. So you can go to local workshops and


find out how to do it in a safe and legal way? Exactly. We'll let you


carry on. I can't wait to see that. If you want to have a go at home,


make sure you do it the right way. Well, throughout the course of the


last series, we had a few comments come in via the website. Right now,


we're going to go kneeboarding. It is a high-speed, high adrenalin


sport, but instead of standing on skis, you kneel on a board to zip


across the water like a skimming stone. Skilled riders can twist,


turn and flip themselves over to perform a range of impressive tricks


and no one in the UK does this better than Ryan Davis and Rachel


Clarke of the Team GB kneeboarders. If aquatic adventure is your thing


then strap in because kneeboarding is one sport that's going to be


making waves. And we are joined by the people right here, Ryan Davis


and Rachel Clarke. Guys thank you for joining us. Not a problem. I'm


enjoying it. It looks like good conditions out there. You must be


itching to get out there? I want to get out there and ride. How easy is


it? It is very easy. Just find a local club as get riding. We saw


tricks are in abundance in this sport? There is flips and spins and


you can do them off kickers. You sport? There is flips and spins and


do them at cable parks. Are you going to give us a demo? Yes. Well,


I'm ready and everybody at home is ready. Go boat, I reckon. Here we


go, guys. It reminds me like James Bond. You


know where he gave me a soaking there, old Ryan. Just check this


out. They bounce around. We had a go at this yesterday and it's really


good fun, but incredible difficult. It's so slippy. It feels like you're


balancing on ice cubes out there on a tea tray! But these guys the best


in the UK. Ryan has been riding since the age of five. He has been


national champion in the juniors and the mens and he won the World


Championships, the Ryder Cup which took place in Yorkshire. Rachel as


well has won titles at the age of 15, she was the first girl to ever


land a flip and maybe we will see one from her. She is just bouncing


around. Here goes, Rachel. There it is! And there is the front flip.


Yes! Well, it looks like they're having a good time out. I would love


to stay and watch this all day. Naomi, whose over there on the


shore? It is time to welcome back an old


friend to the show. Last year Dr Tim introduced us to peculiar wildlife


that was astonishing. So we have invited him back, but he brought his


travelling sideshow with him. May I present Dr Cockerel's bizarre,


bizarre. Roll up, roll up, ladies


bizarre. gentlemen, boys and girls of all


ages to see curiosities of the natural world, the likes of which


you have never seen before in my bizarre, bizarre. What curious


creature have you brought to show us today then? Tell me what you see. I


see a pile of old leaves and soil and twigs. That's right. To most


people this just likes a normal pile of leaves, but nothing is quite as


it seems! One of these leaves is alive. Really. Which one... So it


is. My my word. What is this? This alive. Really. Which one... So it


is a giant dead leaf mantis. alive. Really. Which one... So it


its living by bein camouflaged. In order to escape being eaten by


predators, the legs look like twigs and it looks like a cluster of


predators, the legs look like twigs leaves. It is incredibly like a


leaf. It sits still and pretends to be a leaf. It can't stay still all


the time. When it moves around, it not only behaves like a leaf, it


moves like a leaf. That's incredible. Does it rely on its


camouflage to protect itself from incredible. Does it rely on its


predators? If you look at the front, incredible. Does it rely on its


it has these front legs covered with spines. That's a really good defence


and it also uses these to eat insects. It is a predator. It


reaches out and grabs them and the spines will stick on


reaches out and grabs them and the That's right. And it eats insects


and it uses the front legs and mumpltion away at the


and it uses the front legs and away at the insects, if you were


walking past a pile of dead leaves in the rainforest, you should watch


out because you might nb for a surprise. Well, I'm glad it is only


tiny. The good doctor will be back with more animal oddities next week.


I don't know about you, I fancy checking out some more skate skills


over at the skate park. Scooters are a good way of getting around, but


19-year-old Brandon James has taken it to a wild new level. Fighting the


laws of physics, Brandon is a freestyle scooter master and


European champion. Using rails, spines and ledges, he stands out


from the crowd with his big moves and smooth style. With some crazy


sounding tricks, he is one dillaled up dude -- dialled up dude!


Well, if you thought that was good, wait until you see in the flesh.


Ladies wait until you see in the flesh.


James. I've got to watch where I'm standing here because I might get


diced and sliced! Look at the way this boy just, ah, the double whip,


how good is that? He makes light work of this course. Brandon


actually in 2012 was the European champion, the best in the whole of


Europe and when you see the skills on display, it is easy to see why.


Nice! Oh, the little 270. He looks pretty cool, doesn't he? How good is


that? Right, what's he got for us? Finishing up. Oh my goodness. Just


get him in. Ladies and gentlemen, how are you? You are awake, aren't


you? You looked like you were fast asleep? I'm still tired after this


morning. Welcome to Wild. They're so popular, they're everywhere, kids


from the age of two right up to grannies and grandads are riding


them. What makes them popular? It is about the fun, man. There is so many


places to go and have a laugh with your mates, all the skate parks and


everything, but it is great fun, man. You have been European


champion. You're still out there, ripping. How long has it taken you


to get that good because there will be skate rats at home that want to


be as good as you? I have been riding five or six years and I think


it is more the balance. How comfortable you feel with being on


bikes and all that kind of thing. It is quite nice to pick up. Most ages.


Skate parks like this, they're brilliant, aren't they? They're


great fun, man. What tips have you got? Wear helmets and elbow pads


just in case it ends bad, but that doesn't stop you. When you have been


trying a trick for a long time and you land it, it is a great feeling.


I can't describe it. It is nice for yourself. Thank you very much for


joining us on Wild. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Brandon James. How


good was that? APPLAUSE


Well, from one wild beast to another wild beast, check this out, an


American alligator. The iconic American alligator is the largest


reptile in North America. It is considered to be a living fossil,


having survived on earth for 200 million years. The name Ali gator


means lizard. Growing over five meters long, they can live to 80


years old! They have huge mouths equipped with powerful jaws and 80


sharp teeth. A fully grown American alligator is capable of tackling any


prey it encounters. A seriously snappy customer!


Believe it or not, we have an alligator on the show. It is just


this big. This is a year old alligator. If you think that's cute,


check out the one that Terry is holding right now. This is your


newest arrival. This is, indeed. This guy is around about three weeks


old. Three weeks old. He is so cute. They hatch out of eggs don't they?


Yes, just like a bird. And just like a bird does, they build nests as


well. They build their nests on the ground rather than in trees and


close to the water and they make it out of sticks and mud and leaves and


mum may lay between 50 and 80 eggs in one gallon. She will over the


nest up with vegetation. Am I right in thinking the temperature of the


nest determines whether the alligator will become a male or


female? That's going to hatch out as boy alligator and cooler it will be


a girl alligator. You might say that, yes. How long does it take for


the eggs to hatch? 65 days. It is a long time. And what happens when


they hatch? When they hatch, they make this chirping noisement numb


hears this and -- noise. Mum hears this and she will pick the babies up


and take them to the water in her jaws. That doesn't sound much fun.


She is careful when she picks them up and takes them to the water and


she will let them go and they are free to go. Despite being a fearsome


predator, she can be quite careful. Our audience wants to ask you some


questions. What is your question? What does he eat? Things interest


maybe insects and fish and frogs, maybe tadpoles and anything that


fits in their mouth and they have to catch their own food straightaway.


Mum doesn't feed them. When do they move on to the bigger prey? As they


start to approach a couple of years of age. When they are fully grown,


you are looking at water birds and maybe deer. How big do alligators


grow? You asked that very well. They grow, a male grows bigger. They are


three-and-a-half meters and maybe four meters and 70 million years


ago, there was an alligator species that grew to 12 meters. What's your


question? How strong are the alligator's jaws? Not big, but when


they are fully grown they have one of the strongest bite forces in the


planet. It is the same as a truck falling on you. They are adorable.


Not scary, but one thing that does scare me is what forfeit Radzi might


have in store for the loser of this week's Crazy Creations.


Naomi be afraid. This week's forfeit is an absolute belter. Well, we're


at the skate park so what is an absolute belter. Well, we're


more fitting than for us to make our own skateboard and we're going to


revamp it into one of those bad boys. You have 90 seconds to


re-create that to the best of your abilities. I will be the judge.


Three, two, one and go. Stick some of those bits on. You can use


anything you can get your hands on to make it look cool. We have


different ink pads and pom-poms and we have spray paint here. The kind


of stuff that Bryce is using. Stenciles. Be as creative and keep


the paint off the heels. Tim, how is it going? Good. It is going great


actually. I'm into skateboarding so this is my expertise area. Tim cares


about this one. Naomi, not looking bad. Stand back, everyone, I'm going


to spray. Not long left to do this. Of course, you at home will have way


longer. Take as long as you need to make it look awe solicitor. If you


have a go at home, take a picture and send it to us. 30 seconds left.


We have got pipe cleaners. Give us a stencil. Ten seconds. The audience


will do the official countdown. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,


three, two, one. Stop your making. OK. It is judgement time. Do you


know how long that takes to get out of my hair? It went wrong. We


smudged that bit. Not bad. Seven. It is 3 D. 7.5 out of 10. 8.5 out of


10. Yes! Yes! Time to get your wetsuit. Wetsuit time. No. No. Bryce


is still doing his art and wetsuit. Wetsuit time. No. No. Bryce


just about finished. Let's check that out. Bryce, it is spray


paint... Look at this! Let's give him a round of applause. Wow. Oh my


goodness, that's fantastic. We set him a challenge of covering this


wall in wild art. You have not just done that, you've smatched it. Thank


you very much for coming in. Wow. Well done. Incredible stuff. That's


brilliant. Well, it is time to catch up this week with our new collection


Surrounded by the sea, Britain to.


Surrounded by the sea, Britain offers fantastic surfing locations


and anyone can have a go. My name is Herby and I am 12. At the week, I


normally do sailing, swimming, fishing, lots of water sports.


normally do sailing, swimming, I was profoundly death when I was


born. I had my first implant when I was three. I can't wear my implants


in the water, but I will get over that and we use lots of different


signs like hand signals and anything neck come up with. Herby's friends


are going to join him as he faces the wild


are going to join him as he faces coastline. We are good


are going to join him as he faces school and we do hockey together.


Rex, we do sailing sometimes. He enjoys plays and he is in the drama


business. Jack is Rex's brother. I don't think my friends will cope.


They are not huge water babies and they will fall overall the time. We


happen to have on hand a professional surfer, Harry Hillier.


He represented Great Britain in swimming and surfing competitions


and just like Herby, he is profoundly deaf. Hi guys. Nigh name


is Harry. I'm a surf instructor. My name is Joe and I'm interpreting


today. Are you interested in surfing. I have been surfing all


over the world. I have been surfing since I was dwrung. Young. It is a


beautiful sport. Are you interested in getting kited out? Before the


boys can be seasoned pros, they will need to learn the basics. Lie on the


front of the board, it is called the deck. You want to lie towards the


back. That's perfect. The front of the board is called the nose. Up


there, if you are too far forward, what do you think will happen?


Topple over. You will flip over, that's right. When you are paddling,


paddle like this. Everybody paddling and put your hands together like


chicken wings and push up on to your knees. And then put your front foot


forward. That's it. Hold that and slowly stand up. Again, let's do it


again. Looking smooth, boys. Keep that balance. Well, they are all


looking confident on the beach, but on the water, it's a different


challenge. Are you ready? Yes. Let's go surfing. I think surfing is going


to be difficult, but fun. Today I think I'm going to give it my best.


I'm really excited about it. I think it will be great fun. Surfing today


will be probably hard seeing as I haven't done it before, but


will be probably hard seeing as I to know if I'm any good. The tide is


perfect and the waves are up. Go for it, boys. With Harry's help, the


boys learn how to catch the waves. That's it, Jack. Keep your balance.


Keep your balance. Whoops! With Harry keeping a close eye


Keep your balance. Whoops! With lads, their confidence is growing.


And before long, the boys are catching those waves and are up and


standing on the boards. That's incredible. Well done, Jack. Those


breakers are looking bad. Nice coaching, Harry. Oh, that's you up.


Oh, wipe out. It's fantastic. It's great. I would


like to do surfing again. I am so jealous. That looked ace. Well, we


can say that is A star. Mission accomplished.


Well done. How much fun did that look? It really did. It is all about


surfing on CBBC at the moment. If you want to see more surfing, tune


into Blue Peter when you get to see Barney's surfing challenge. Now,


forfeit time. Yes, Naomi, how are you feeling? Get in the water. It is


like a jacuzzi in there. Earlier on, we were asking what you thought this


was in our Take A Wild Guess. I thought it was Radzi's eye lids


turned inside out under a microscope. It is not, but a few


people got it right. We have had over 100 people get involved on the


website. Appetite, Fuzzy Mere Cat. It was the American alligator. Naomi


is in. She's in. Shall we give her a countdown? Three, two, one - go!


Look at her go! It is a human torpedo. That's good. It's rough out


there. We went kneeboarding and that's another level. Actually, that


looks fun. I don't think she is enjoying that. There will be another


Take A Wild Guess online and also Ultimate Masters of Bushcraft.


That's all we have got time for. We're going to start with the


legendary artist that is Bryce, Dr Tim, Terry as well. Thank you to


Brandon, thank you to Ryan and thank you to Rachel. Thank you to


everybody here at Cardiff Bay and yourselves, the Wild audience, give


it up for yourselves. We're going to leave you right now with a taste of


what's happening next week, but until then, get up, get out and go


wild! Tim gets puts through his paces when


he helps out animals in need at a wildlife rescue centre. We meet Sam


a detective with a difference as he tracks down some suburban suspects.


And our wild things take to the forest trails when they try their


hands and feet at mountain biking. It feels like freedom!


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