Wolfblood Secrets

Wolfblood Secrets

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1. Wolfblood Secrets: Powers

Jones asks Jana whether she intended to expose the secret as part of a game plan.


2. Wolfblood Secrets: Wild

In a secret location, the investigation into Wolfbloods continues.


3. Wolfblood Secrets: History

The investigation explores the shared history of humans and wolfbloods.


4. Wolfblood Secrets: Vulnerabilities

The pressure mounts on Dr Whitewood to share her full knowledge of wolfbloods.


5. Wolfblood Secrets: Kincaid

Jones insists that Jana played a role in Alexander Kincaid's disappearance.


6. Wolfblood Secrets: Control

Smith hits a nerve with Selina when he accuses her of not being able to control her wolf.


7. Wolfblood Secrets: Hatred

The interrogation grows more personal and Matei struggles to cooperate.


8. Wolfblood Secrets: Morwal

Tension rises as Jones delves into a subject Jana would rather avoid - the Morwal.


9. Wolfblood Secrets: Lies

The investigation into wolfbloods is at a critical stage as Smith calls in a witness.


10. Wolfblood Secrets: Accused

Jones and Smith come head to head as the investigation nears its conclusion.