Series 4

Series 4

A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests

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Electric Guitar

1. ZingZillas: Series 4, Electric Guitar

Zak sees Justin and Dan Hawkins playing electric guitar and wants to play a noisy song.

New Banana Car

2. ZingZillas: Series 4, New Banana Car

Zak is really excited that his banana car will be featured in the Big Zing.

Spread the Word

3. ZingZillas: Series 4, Spread the Word

Todd is fast asleep, and nothing the ZingZillas try will wake him up.

Never Mind

4. ZingZillas: Series 4, Never Mind

Zak and Panzee are arguing so much that neither wants to play in the Big Zing!

You Need a Hat

5. ZingZillas: Series 4, You Need a Hat

The ZingZillas want to sing a song about hats, but poor Todd has lost his favourite hat.

You Can Really Do It if You Try

6. ZingZillas: Series 4, You Can Really Do It if You Try

It's hairy diggle race day on ZingZilla Island. Zak's hairy diggle always wins.

The Little Pigs Saved the Day

7. ZingZillas: Series 4, The Little Pigs Saved the Day

The ZingZillas want to play a huffing and puffing song for the Big Zing.

All the Fun of the Fair

8. ZingZillas: Series 4, All the Fun of the Fair

Zak wants to morris dance at the Island Fair.

Flying to the Moon

9. ZingZillas: Series 4, Flying to the Moon

The ZingZillas want to sing a song about space, but Zak can't think of good words.


10. ZingZillas: Series 4, Shopping

Panzee wants to go shopping for a necklace, but there are no shops on ZingZilla Island.


11. ZingZillas: Series 4, Statues

Panzee wants to be a statue, but the ZingZillas have a traditional Irish song to sing.

Belle of the Ball

12. ZingZillas: Series 4, Belle of the Ball

Panzee wants to sing a magical waltz but does not have a magic wand.

Why Don't You Copy Us Too

13. ZingZillas: Series 4, Why Don't You Copy Us Too

Drum is copying everything the other ZingZillas do. Meanwhile, Zak has a problem.

Echo on the Island

14. ZingZillas: Series 4, Echo on the Island

The ZingZillas want to write a song about echoes, but what instrument can they use?

Good To Be Me

15. ZingZillas: Series 4, Good To Be Me

The Beach Byrds get stuck up a tree and they cannot fly. How are they going to get down?

Hangin' Loose

16. ZingZillas: Series 4, Hangin' Loose

It's DJ Loose's birthday, so the ZingZillas work on a special birthday song.

Everyone's Different

17. ZingZillas: Series 4, Everyone's Different

The ZingZillas decide to write a song called Everyone's Different.

Jogging Day

18. ZingZillas: Series 4, Jogging Day

The ZingZillas watch two of their favourite Big Zings, and Granite takes up jogging.

Robotic Beat

19. ZingZillas: Series 4, Robotic Beat

A problem with the TV inspires the ZingZillas to write a song about robots.

Fall Asleep

20. ZingZillas: Series 4, Fall Asleep

Tang tells Drum the story of how the ZingZillas wrote a lullaby.

Washing Up

21. ZingZillas: Series 4, Washing Up

The ZingZillas hurry to do the washing-up in time for the Big Zing.

Zak Loves Dancing

22. ZingZillas: Series 4, Zak Loves Dancing

Zak wants to dance but he doesn't have the right music to dance to.

Everybody Bogle to the Island Beat

23. ZingZillas: Series 4, Everybody Bogle to the Island Beat

The Moaning Stones want to sing their song for the Big Zing.

Magical Carpet Ride

24. ZingZillas: Series 4, Magical Carpet Ride

The ZingZillas decide that they want to sing a song about flying.

Staying Up Late

25. ZingZillas: Series 4, Staying Up Late

The ZingZillas want to stay up late to see a comet.

Picnic Day

26. ZingZillas: Series 4, Picnic Day

Granite and Gravel are having a day off, so DJ asks the Beach Byrds to count the coconuts.