Series 3

Series 3

A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests

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Thunder and Lightning

1. ZingZillas: Series 3, Thunder and Lightning

The ZingZillas play a thunder-and-lightning song, but Drum breaks her cymbal.

Disco Lights

2. ZingZillas: Series 3, Disco Lights

The ZingZillas play a disco song.

Panzee I'm Sorry

3. ZingZillas: Series 3, Panzee I'm Sorry

Zak has to think of a really clever way of saying sorry to Panzee.

Giddyup and Go

3. ZingZillas: Series 3, Giddyup and Go

Drum wants to make clippity clop noises, but is not sure how to make them.

Catch That Beat

4. ZingZillas: Series 3, Catch That Beat

Tang can't think of a cool move for the street dance Big Zing, so the others try to help.

On the Drums

6. ZingZillas: Series 3, On the Drums

Zak tries to remember all the ZingZillas' instruments.

Pause For a Moment

7. ZingZillas: Series 3, Pause For a Moment

Zak is having a fast day. He wants everything to be fast, including the Big Zing.


8. ZingZillas: Series 3, Beatbox

Drum has gone missing, so her friends look for her.


9. ZingZillas: Series 3, Sunshine

The ZingZillas try to help Granite and Gravel's sunflower to grow.

ZingZilla Rock 'n' Rollin

10. ZingZillas: Series 3, ZingZilla Rock 'n' Rollin

Todd has hurt his foot and can't dance in the Big Zing.

To the Beat of a Drum

11. ZingZillas: Series 3, To the Beat of a Drum

Drum isn't sure how she can march and play her drums at the same time.

Brush Your Teeth

12. ZingZillas: Series 3, Brush Your Teeth

Drum has lost her toothbrush and she won't perform without it.

Let's Play

13. ZingZillas: Series 3, Let's Play

The ZingZillas are not sure who they can get to do the actions to their new song.

Listen to the Wind

14. ZingZillas: Series 3, Listen to the Wind

Disaster strikes when an electric fan blows Zak's lyrics away.

Panzee's Family Show

15. ZingZillas: Series 3, Panzee's Family Show

Zak breaks his microphone and doesn't know how he will sing in the Big Zing.

Cooking In The Kitchen

16. ZingZillas: Series 3, Cooking In The Kitchen

The ZingZillas enlist the help of the Zingboppers to create actions for a song.

Like a Firefly

17. ZingZillas: Series 3, Like a Firefly

The dressing up box releases a sudden flurry of fireflies.

Tiny or Tall

18. ZingZillas: Series 3, Tiny or Tall

A recorder group with instruments of differing sizes shows Drum that size doesn't matter.

It's Fun To Be a One Man Band

19. ZingZillas: Series 3, It's Fun To Be a One Man Band

The Zingzillas watch a one-man band perform in the glade.

Granite's Glasses

20. ZingZillas: Series 3, Granite's Glasses

DJ Loose presides over another edition of the DJ Loose Radio Show.

I'll Grow Flowers For You

21. ZingZillas: Series 3, I'll Grow Flowers For You

Panzee looks for a new flower to wear in her hair.


22. ZingZillas: Series 3, Orangutango

Drum wants Tang to dance a tango with her in the Big Zing.

My Lazy Afternoon

23. ZingZillas: Series 3, My Lazy Afternoon

The ZingZillas have lost Tang - where can he be?

Chugging on a Train

24. ZingZillas: Series 3, Chugging on a Train

Panzee and Zak can't agree who is going to be the driver of their train.

Shake It

25. ZingZillas: Series 3, Shake It

It's carnival time on ZingZilla Island but Panzee can't decide what to wear.

Counting the Pennies

26. ZingZillas: Series 3, Counting the Pennies

Granite leaves Gravel all alone on the beach, with no one to count coconuts with him.