Series 2

Series 2

A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests

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Super Zak

1. ZingZillas: Series 2, Super Zak

Zak has decided to be a superhero, Super Zak, but is he the only superhero on the island?

Panzee Gets the Giggles

2. ZingZillas: Series 2, Panzee Gets the Giggles

Panzee just can't stop giggling through practice for the Big Zing.


3. ZingZillas: Series 2, Bam-Boo!

The ZingZillas decide that they should make some panpipes for Zak to play in the Big Zing.

Try a Triangle

4. ZingZillas: Series 2, Try a Triangle

The Beach Byrds have tidied Drum's drums away - but she needs them for the Big Zing.

Auntie Dot's Special Show

5. ZingZillas: Series 2, Auntie Dot's Special Show

Todd's Auntie Dot is visiting ZingZilla Island, so Panzee has organised a special show.

Aloha Flower

6. ZingZillas: Series 2, Aloha Flower

Zak tries to remember the rules for looking after DJ's precious aloha flower properly.

The Golden Coconut

7. ZingZillas: Series 2, The Golden Coconut

Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum compete in a quiz to win a prize, the Golden Coconut.

Banana Blues

8. ZingZillas: Series 2, Banana Blues

Zak investigates the mystery of who ate his special breakfast banana.

Tang's Photo Album

9. ZingZillas: Series 2, Tang's Photo Album

Tang looks for a photo of his favourite glade guest for his photo album.

Music Box

10. ZingZillas: Series 2, Music Box

The ZingZillas search for another drummer to take Drum's place in the Big Zing.

Panzee's Poorly Knee

11. ZingZillas: Series 2, Panzee's Poorly Knee

Panzee hurts her knee, so Drum thinks of a way to get her to the Big Zing in time to sing.

The Red Button

12. ZingZillas: Series 2, The Red Button

Drum has fun when she gets her hands on Todd's latest invention - a sitting-down machine.

Trombone Trouble

13. ZingZillas: Series 2, Trombone Trouble

Zak and Panzee get into trouble when they borrow a trombone for the Big Zing.

Panzee's Wish Stall

14. ZingZillas: Series 2, Panzee's Wish Stall

Panzee thinks she can make wishes come true, but will her wish stall be a wish too far?

Cinema Day

15. ZingZillas: Series 2, Cinema Day

The ZingZillas intend to have a day at the cinema, but the film projector blows up.

Salsa Dip

16. ZingZillas: Series 2, Salsa Dip

Panzee wants to dance the salsa in the Big Zing, but does not think she needs to practise.

Making a Choice

17. ZingZillas: Series 2, Making a Choice

The ZingZillas choose the words for their Big Zing, featuring the sounds of the sitar.

The Hairy Diggle

18. ZingZillas: Series 2, The Hairy Diggle

The ZingZillas find out that taking care of a pet isn't as easy as it may seem.

The Singing Bowl

19. ZingZillas: Series 2, The Singing Bowl

Panzee explores the jungle looking for a really high note in time for the Big Zing.

Todd's Little Helper

20. ZingZillas: Series 2, Todd's Little Helper

The ZingZillas search for a strange little creature known only as the Drumbaloola.


21. ZingZillas: Series 2, Home

When the ZingZillas decide to leave the island to go on tour, Tang feels homesick.

Pirate Day

22. ZingZillas: Series 2, Pirate Day

Zak has accidentally buried Panzee's new pirate hat and forgotten where it is.

Pom Pom

23. ZingZillas: Series 2, Pom Pom

Drum's imaginary friend Pom Pom starts to boss everybody around.

Where's the Bug?

24. ZingZillas: Series 2, Where's the Bug?

Tang searches the jungle for his very own amazing new sound.

DJ Loose's Radio Show

25. ZingZillas: Series 2, DJ Loose's Radio Show

DJ Loose introduces the DJ Loose Radio Show, with music, jokes, dancing and lots of fun.

Let It Snow

26. ZingZillas: Series 2, Let It Snow

It's Christmas, and Zak promises to make it snow for Drum.