Series 1

Series 1

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1. Blandings: Series 1, Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey!

Clarence has to get his pig eating or he will lose the Fattest Pig prize to his rival.

The Go-Getter

2. Blandings: Series 1, The Go-Getter

Connie hires a personal secretary to tidy up Blandings and Clarence.

Company for Gertrude

3. Blandings: Series 1, Company for Gertrude

Clarence tries to avoid dancing with his niece, and Freddie tries to keep his wife secret.

The Crime Wave at Blandings

4. Blandings: Series 1, The Crime Wave at Blandings

Baxter returns as a holiday tutor for Clarence's grandson George.

Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend

5. Blandings: Series 1, Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend

Clarence tries to avoid wearing a top hat and making a speech at the Blandings fete.

Problems with Drink

6. Blandings: Series 1, Problems with Drink

Clarence is forced to make polite conversation with the dowager Lady Daphne.