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Great Britain. Struggling to cope, a major alert in


almost half of all NHS trusts in England. People in corridors on


trolleys, in queues. Land of Hope and Glory.


Freezing weather is causing disruption across much of the UK


with snow showers and strong winds. Last night we had our first bit of


snow in the winter, all over the place, it's snowing in Britain, it's


snowing in Croydon. If we never had the weather British


people wouldn't have anything to talk about. Where change is afoot.


If it doesn't suit them they're going to blame Brexit. If it's


raining, it's because we're in Brexit, got a cold, that's it,


because we're in Brexit. The news and views of everyday folk collide.


Americans are in the incredible position nine days before the


inauguration of having to decide whether their President elect is a


Russian agent of influence. It's all fake news, it's only stuff, it


didn't happen. They say he's very charismatic. Quiet! Quiet! Go ahead,


she is asking a question, don't be rude. But then again, Hitler was,


wasn't he? What I'm proposing cannot mean membership of the Single


Market. That speech, she is not so maybe anymore, is she? I don't think


she would call that hard, that is hard, hard, isn't it? Now the voices


of reason get their say. Labour is falling apart under Corbyn. He wants


us to get rid of Trident, he wants us to get rid of all that and sit


round a big baby table and sing come by our. And bring some common sense


to what's happened this week. Good friends Jonathan and Jonny are


from Darlington. They both work in a supermarket and love a pint and a


game of dominoes. If you look down here they have a step they have to


put their foot against to get a good grip because you can't pull these


down, you've got to properly yank it down. Alice, Sheila and Phyllis go


twice a week to keep fit in pole. They love nothing more than a slice


of cake and a cup of tea. Do you put your milk in first or after? I


always put the milk in first. I often put evaporated milk in. I love


that. I maybe shouldn't. I think at my age it doesn't really matter.


Exactly. This week has been a very busy one


for President-elect Donald Trump. The media coverage has been


extensive. Mr Trump always has his hands like that. Like that, yes.


Whether sharing his thoughts on Anglo-American relations post the


referendum. Donald Trump has proposed a quick trade deal with


Britain after becomes President. Or defending himself against explosive


allegations. Donald Trump has gone on the attack against his own


intelligence agencies. He responds with anger to claims that Russia has


obtained compromising information about him and his links to President


Putin. Documents appear to claim Russia had secretly filmed him for


later use as blackmail. Released by maybe the intelligence agencies. Who


knows? One makes salacious claims about Trump's salacious Dimeck


alleged use of prostitutes and the FSB had arranged to monitor them.


Does anybody really believe that story? I'm also very much a


germophobe, by the way,. The ludicrous accusation in this


document is that Donald Trump in the grand suite of a Moscow hotel which


he must have known was bugged would pay prostitutes to urinate on him.


That is the measure of this filthy little document. Even if this is


true, it's just embarrassing for him. He's not bothered, is he? They


could release the footage on CNN and all Trump's organisation would say


is... It's fake news, it's phoney. He likes that word. That really does


look like you. And I would like to congratulate these... It's very


good. It's very good, it looks like me. The Russians say it is nothing


to do with them. What do you think? They don't admit to anything, they


deny everything. I think as long as they can get something on somebody.


I think I know what you mean, yes. Yes.


If there was a video do you think the Russians would have absolute


control? Totally. That's if Trump plays the game right. So it's going


to be literally, Trump would be his biatch. Putin's biatch. That is what


they do, they get people into compromising situations and then


blackmail them, don't they? Yes. It's been going on for years. I


think it's going to be another Nixon and he will step down. Do you think


he will? He will get his presidency and he will step down. Whereas they


had the Watergate, this could be the water bed. He could get impeached


for this. He could make Nixon... They could make Watergate look like


a tea party. The only grounds could be. If it was criminal activity.


Only if he was under the influence of the Russians, but there is no


evidence of that at all, they are just wild accusations from his


enemies. What they have got to do is show us more evidence. They can't


just say he has done this. If they have no proof, look what they did to


Cliff Richard. It doesn't matter what comes out. He could be in bed


with anything or everything. Is it going to make any difference? He is


President-elect. Anything that's come out, do you think it's going to


make any difference? He's Donald Trump. Granted, a twit but...


Somebody is trying to bring him down with these sex romps. Year.


Definitely, I think they are. And before he's even President. Nobody


has given him a chance. Not even a sniff. He's not even been in office


and people are chatting shit about him already, he's had a bad week,


hasn't he? He's had a bad week. Dawn and Mick got married 30 years


ago. They work side-by-side as butchers in their family business in


Birmingham. You have me working hard, Mick. The blessings of God.


Noreen and hurt son hourly work in a family run newsagent in Edinburgh.


Ali is the eldest of her three children. What is this headline


about? Do we actually sell this? -- headlight. We have sold three. Have


we? This week the papers and Internet


reported the terrible news that another of our favourite sweet


treats was to be downsized due to the falling pound. Check this out,


mum. Brexit is after our French Fancies. Mr Kipling is to replace


its box of nine cake slices with a smaller pack of eight. Everything's


getting smaller, isn't it? There will be nothing left. Will you


suffer? Of course I will suffer, if I've got nine cakes and I will go


down to eight, I'm going to suffer. Imagine if you have ten kids and


there is only nine cakes in the box, it means you have to buy two boxes


to please the kids. That's OK. Of course it isn't, what do you do with


the rest? You either rest and put on weight. I hope they don't cut down


on the Viennese waltz. The fall in the value of the pound following the


vote for independence. Another reason we should stay, Mr Kipling


makes exceedingly small cakes. I quite like the chocolate fancies.


With Brexit and all these other excuses, sugar has never been so


cheap, bags of sugar for 39p. You cannot tell me he is putting sugar


in his cakes. He might use agave. Do you remember buying 1p sweets and


now they are 5p and 10p and that is not Brexit's fault. Do you remember


Fred ons and Chump, they used to be massive and now they are tiny and in


sheep packaging. It is just inflation. It cannot be Brexit's


fault. It feels like they are blaming Brexit for everything. If I


could put my price up I would do, you look for any excuse. They have


given them a great excuse with Brexit. Yes. Let's see how far you


can get the ball Bill. Not a bad shot, Sunshine. If it doesn't suit


them they will blame Brexit. If it's raining, it's because we are in


Brexit. Look, look at that, it's because of Brexit, I've got a cold,


that's it, because of Brexit. I thought it was raining heavily the


other day and I thought this lasted Brexit, why couldn't we have voted


to stay in and it would be sunshine all the time. Wall-to-wall sunshine,


Scott Shearer. What about the toilet roll? What about them? They have


gone from 220 down to 200 sheets. How many people do you know have


looked at a toilet roll, stuck them in the toilet and realised they are


20 sheets short. But I've noticed. You have? Yes I have. Unless they


told you I wouldn't have a clue, if you stuck that toilet roll in the


toilet roll holder and told me there where 20 sheets less I wouldn't have


a fecking clue. That's because you used 20 in one go. If you have an


entirely pink bathroom and green toilet roll. It makes me laugh,


saying I will have to leave it, you can only leave it for so long,


Cardew? How long were you planning on leaving it? Wait a minute.


Toblerone is Swiss. Why are Toblerone is reduced? They are not


in the European Union. Never mind leaving, they didn't join. The gap


between the triangles is getting bigger and bigger. Why would that be


Brexit's fault? This was just follow suit, don't they? Frank and Davie


run market stalls in the East End of London. They've been friends for 25


years. The blue top, it is for a child, 5-6 years. I do apologise.


What do you want? Just a side. It yesterday in Theresa May's much


anticipated Brexit speech is made her stance on future trade with


Europe. What I am proposing cannot mean membership of this and will


market. On taking control of our borders. We will get control of the


number of people coming to Britain from the EU. And on making our own


laws. Leaving the European Union will mean that our laws will be made


at Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.


She said, you know, we will leave the Single Market and we will be


able to put a curb on immigration. What a mistake. If we come out of


the Single Market, the cost of import is going to go sky high, and


who is going to suffer? Us. When she talks in Prime Minister's Question


Time she can be a little patronising, there is an undertone.


She is very much like Thatcher but she reminds me of Gordon Brown. She


pulls faces like Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown used to say something


and then go like that... She does the same, she pulls a face but I


love it when she focuses on an issue. Do you remember the first one


and she went, remind you of anyone and she looked about. I was


intimidated and I was only watching on telly. She's got a job she


probably doesn't even want to do so she must be finding it hard. I'm not


defending her. In a sense I probably am. But she must find it difficult.


Of course she's going to find it hard because she wanted to remain.


She seems to be determined now, don't you think? Well, there are


some people who believe in what they're doing, if they take a job on


they do the job. Yes. They don't try and scupper it. No, she will not try


and fudge it them? No, I think she will do her job. She wants to be


remembered for doing the job. Only time will tell, it will be the test


of time if she has negotiated the best deal. Three years from now we


will see. Nobody can forecast what will happen. Three years from now


everyone will be sorry they voted for Brexit, trust me on that. The


thing is, the public, including us, are frustrated because we can't


criticise ourselves. Even though we're not happy about leading the


Single Market and we're not completely happy about leaving


Europe we can't blame anyone, it's us. We like to blame the


politicians, we like to save look what they've done, we want to be up


in arms but we can't. I tell you what Theresa may need more than


anything else. Mandelson. We are all believers really when we think about


it -- Leavers. We have been forced into it. We haven't been forced into


it. We voted. Yes, and everybody that wanted to remain. We haven't


been forced into it. We have. The vote didn't go our way. For feck's


sake, the vote went wrong. Who would have thought it would be so


difficult to leave. Things are difficult. That's life, though,


isn't it. I'm picking another domino. I've got loads.


Christine and Winnifred had been friends for 30 years. They live in


Leeds. They share a passion for the church and cooking West Indian food.


There are only three things I would not eat. A dog, cat and a monkey.


No. Go on them. Look at that. This week, Joseph Fiennes was at the


centre of a Twitter storm that sparked a press frenzy. A


controversial TV show where he portrayed Michael Jackson was pulled


at outrage from the singer's family. Paris Jackson is curious that her


dad, who is definitely black, is being played by Joseph wines, who is


definitely right. -- Joseph Fiennes. It is about a rumoured road trip


that Michael Jackson is alleged to have taken with Marlon Brando and


Elizabeth Taylor. That would have been a great film, that. It's a


shame. She said that she was so incredibly offended by it, and it


honestly makes me want to vomit. Is that what Paris said? It makes want


to vomit? She is obviously upset about it all. Michael Jackson almost


looks as white as that man that is playing him, so what is the problem?


It is only because we know that he started off black. You cannot argue


with Paris because that is his daughter and she says she is


offended, but you have to think, well, we all know Michael Jackson


was white. Michael Jackson is black. He started out black. Didn't see?


But he wasn't born white. He was born black. So she has every right


to kick up a fuss. Off the wall, he was black. But by Thriller, he was


Ashley Cole. Then by Bad, he was like... Ben Affleck. Even whiter.


Casper? Yeah. I saw the picture of Joseph Fiennes, who is going to play


the part. I don't think he looks a bit like Michael Jackson. I don't


think so. He must've been good to get that part, when he did that


audition. Probably dancing, because Michael Jackson could move. I think


he must have been a good mover and a good singer. If you want to play


someone that is dead, pretty much the most iconic entertainer that has


ever lived, bar none... Elvis Presley? I think Michael Jackson


beaten, to be honest. Maybe. You have got to be sensitive,


considering the controversy around him, you have to be sensitive to you


portrayed. Did you like Michael Jackson, Phyllis? I did. I used to


watch him on television. He certainly could move, couldn't see?


I thought he was talented. I remember him when he first came


here, he was only a little boy. He was Bonnie. He is a legend, isn't


he? We will never see another Michael Jackson again, will we?


Never, ever again. Ed Sheeran, in four years, he will be gone. Who is


that ging. Brandon and Tony are Vietnamese nail technicians. They


work in their brother's nail salon. I look good for 30. I look smashing.


I have got a good head of hair. Some people would die for this. There was


an extraordinary story reported by the mirror this week about a


100-year-old woman who had never the Isle of Man. I wouldn't like to live


to 100 years, would you? Yeah. Me 101 and you 100. That's impossible


because you're too and years older than me anyway. Imagine not seeing


anything, like she wouldn't have seen Buckingham Palace, the Tower of


London, the NEC in Birmingham, the big wheels. The German market. She


would have experienced nothing like that. But how often do you go down


to the NEC? No, but I've been there. And I'm not a hundred, by the way. I


might look it, but I'm not. Well, you haven't been there that often


and it's on your doorstep. So for her to think, I'm going to the NEC,


big deal. Have you travelled around England? I've seen a fair bit of


England. I've seen a lot of it. Have you been to Scotland? I've never


been to Scotland, have you? No. I've never been to the Isle of Man. I've


never been to the Isle of Man, but I've been to the Isle of Wight.


That's where they have the TT races. I don't suppose there's much else


there. Do they have their own currency? I think they do. I've seen


one. Someone paid. In the Isle of Man? It's the same value. It's got


the Queen's head but it's the Isle of Man. It's got three legs, hasn't


it? Let's talk about the cats. The cats? The cats have no tales. Are


you talking about legs? Legs? Is it the Isle of Man that has the Manx


cats? It is, isn't it? Without a tail? That's right. My dad had one


of them for years. A cat with no tail. If you cut a tale of any cat,


you will have one. If you cut a tale of a cat, you don't get a Manx cat,


it is specially bred. Are they still part of the UK? I swear they are.


It's like Jersey, isn't it? They have their own thing but whenever


they need us, yeah, yeah we still got the Queen. Francis and father


David met in the 70s when they were both ordnance in the Anglican free


stood. Although Frances left to pursue a career in journalism, they


catch up regularly over a glass of claret. This week, the BBC reported


more bad news for Labour. Tristram Hunt is resigning. With the


departure of one of the party's high-profile shadow ministers.


Triggering a by-election in his Stoke constituency, an area that


voted for Brexit and for Ukip came second in the election. The papers


ran with headlines that suggested Ukip may try to capitalise on the


opportunity. Tristram Hunt has left, fundamentally, because he feels he


has are brighter future away from Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.


We are confident that there is a large number of voters that will


feel exactly the same way in the constituency. Labour must be


petrified. To right they are. Did you see he tweeted his resignation


letter, which seems to be the trend now. He tweeted it and said, he's


going to follow his passion for history and the arts. He just


changed his mind and decided he wants to work in a museum? That's


mad, isn't it? From an MP to working in a museum. That's like us quitting


this job here and working in a zoo. All these politicians, they are bit


arty 40 anyway. If the Victoria and Albert Museum has offered this guy a


job, he thinks, well, what is named? Tristram Hunt? Tristram Hunt. He


sounds like ponds anyway, doesn't he? It's a posh name. Tristram Hunt


and the Victoria and Albert Museum, they go hand-in-hand. Tristram Hunt,


I never liked the name Tristram. It's not Tristram, it's Tristram.


You have to make an effort to say it. Does the Ukip party connector


you? I bloody hope not. Obviously they have some good points. You


can't deny that, can you? You can't be the first Oriental Ukip


supporter. Why do they have a by-election, why does it not just go


to the next highest result? Which is Ukip, only by 33 votes over the


Tories, by the way, so it would go to Ukip, as a Ukip seat. Why do they


have to have a by-election because technically they voted for that


person second. But politics is progressive so that might not be how


people feel now. It would save a lot of money. Maybe put that money into


the NHS, the money we spend on by-elections. They do not need any


more money. All right, chorizo. -- all right, Theresa May. Stan and


Billy have known each other since they were 11. Twice a week, they


meet for a round of golf. What are they shot that was. Just when I said


I was improving a bit. -- what a rubbish shot that was. There was an


interesting article in the Observer and online this week. Nipples.


Highlighting recent 30% rise in request for nipple reduction


surgery. Have you got little nibbles? You've got little nothing.


A lot of women are thinking their nipples are too big so they want


them reduced. I thought it was their breasts they wanted reducing. They


are happy with the breasts, but now they want DDs to be like Cs. I can


see the benefit of having your nipples reduced. What benefit is it?


They must be short of work. Everyone has had everything done, their eyes,


their ears, their knees. And then all of a sudden you need small


nipples. Extraordinary, isn't it. Not really, because there is no


accounting for taste these days. But it has always been the same. There


was a time when big nipples seemed to be the thing. But for ladies with


big nipples, that stick out through their clothes, and it is


embarrassing. They can't get it to go down. And when it is cold, it is


even worse. How do you know? Because you can see it. It is even worse


when you are called. The nipples are an erogenous zone, so if you cut it


down, or do surgery on it, they lose sensitivity. They might do. I bet it


is painful. I wouldn't have nothing done. Have you had any plastic


surgery? Do you know what, don't laugh. But I have. Where have you


had plastic surgery? Being of my faith, I used to have a very hooked


nose. Don't laugh. And my ears stuck out, so I went into the London


clinic in the West End, bless my father, his dear soul, and I had my


nose reshaped. Is that the best they could come up with? Why are women


doing all of this? Insecurity, isn't it? But why are they so insecure? I


would go, listen, babe, I love you, don't change for me. And that's the


God untruth. -- the God dam truth. I think they should do a survey with


men because men know what they want in a Lady's body, more than anybody


else. If they approach the men, there are some men that will like


them and some men that will not. I would like to find out who started


this craze and who has had this nipple reduction. It will come out


in the wash, want it? Hello, lovely. Two work, coming up. It has been cut


this morning. -- two pork.


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