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is all of the sports News for no. You can keep up`to`date on the


website. `` for now. Hello and welcome to


Your Money ` your weekly guide to making the most of your cash, here


every weekend on BBC News television, available all week on


the BBC iPlayer.Hello and welcome to Your Money ` your weekly guide to


making the most of your cash, here every weekend on BBC News


television, available all week on the BBC iPlayer.


The new tax year begins, we will work out if you save money or have


to cough up more. And international charges on your mobile phone without


leaving the UK. Let us start with the story about mobile phones. If


you travel abroad, you know that it may cost more to check e`mails or


use the Internet on your `` on your telephone. Some people find that


they are charged international rates without leaving the UK. People in


Dorset, for example. Our technology reporter has been roaming.


This picturesque village nestles on the cliff tops in Dorset. It is a


popular spot for climbers and walkers, with its vintage tearoom


and duck pond. It is quintessentially British, until your


mobile phone welcomes you to France and warns you about data roaming


charges. I am getting a French signal more often and not able to


get the British signal. This lady lives and works here with her


family. The signal is very poor. From time to time I can receive or


send texts. It has to be on a particular window with specific


weather conditions. Whenever I have told my providers that I receive no


signal, I have had very little sympathy and certainly no suggestion


I'd be entitled to a refund. The problem lies in the landscape. It


happens in spots along the coast, because signals find it easier to


travel across the water than on the land. In Dover, some people are


getting signals from both countries. It is also a problem on people


living on the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Many people do not


know what to do about it. One of the most obvious things people can do is


set their telephone to manual, so it will not go on to international


roaming. Your phone is just trying to find the stronger signal. When


you are at home, it is locked onto your own network, but where you can


pick up an international signal, your phone will simply grab the


strongest signal. It may be your home network is still available but


it is not the strongest signal, at if you lock your phone on to manual,


you will avoid this. This also means if you visit the pub here, the


silence is golden. It is nice because we do not have telephones


going off all the time bringing. But we have to tell them to walk half a


mile up the road to get the signal. Or if you have some spare change,


there is always the village phone box.


Many viewers in parts of Northern Ireland find they have the same


issue. Call this the pension detectors. ``


detectives. More of us are trying to track down money we have saved in


our previous jobs and then lost track of them. The pension tracing


service says there were 11,785 requests to help them find lost


savings. There are now helping over 100,000 people a year to track down


those pensions. And it is thought that over ?3 billion are in


forgotten pension pots. If you have lost track of a pension,


there is some information on the government website that might help


you. Gov.uk. New laws to help bail lives dashing


bailiffs in check have been introduced. They will stop people


using physical force. Bailiffs are not afford `` allowed to force their


way into your room. `` your home. People who can charge thousands of


percent in interest if you do not pay back quickly enough have got to


follow strict new rules from this weekend. If not, they could be


forced out of business. The new city watchdog says it will


stop people being forced deeper into debt.


Royal Bank of Scotland is to close 44 branches across the UK in 14


places. `` in 14 places these are the last branches of banks.


We will be able to use our mobile phone numbers to make bank payments


from the end of April, the 29th. This means that account holders will


be able to pay friends, family or traders without having to ask for


bank details. The new tax year starts this weekend


and it means we can keep more of our money tax`free. There is not a penny


of income tax on the first ?10,000 we are in. If you are over 65, you


can keep more, ?10,500. If you are over 75, you can keep ?10,660.


It means low paid workers will not pay income tax at all. Those paying


the standard rate will benefit, getting 112 trimmed off their bill


this year. Anyone earning less than 41,865 gets that rate. If you are


earning more than that, you will get 40p on income tax, a higher


threshold than last year. If you and your full tax`free amount


in savings, you pay just 10% tax on any interest you earn.


If you earn more than that, the whole thing is off, the 10p rate is


not available. More details on the website. That is


all from us this week. You can keep up`to`date with everything on the


website. You can follow our updates on Twitter. There will be more again


next week. Thank you for watching. A fresh breeze than we have seen of


late, but it is coming in


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