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A for eight years I was a police officer with one thing on my mind,


to catch criminals and face them to -- its force them to face justice.


I swapped the police station for the TV studio. Over the past two


years, Crimewatch Roadshow has brought more than 40 criminals to


justice. We are into our 4th and final week of this series and we


have been inundated with quality leads on a suspect. So far, your


information has led to the arrest of a former police officer wanted


in connection with a scam targeting NHS staff. And a convicted rapist


on the run for four years is now behind bars, thanks to your help.


All of which goes to show you can take the policeman out of the


uniform but you can't stop me catching criminals. This is


Welcome to Crimewatch Roadshow. We're in the final week travelling


round the country on the front line with local police solving crime.


We start off with some great news in our appeal for two men. This


month in the striped top was arrested at the weekend but we


still need to find the other guys. Today: We want to find the thug who


did this to an 83 year old in his own home.


And, they came armed with an axe and a gun, all for the sake of �300


and some cigarettes. Plus, the eagle owl almost killed


by a gunman. Let's swoop on the thugs who did it.


All this week, we're working with the Gloucestershire, Gwent and


South Wales police forces. We'll start off today with


Gloucestershire. Miriam is in Newent. I gather you've met some


feathered friends this morning? Welcome to the International Centre


for Birds of Prey, in the Forest of Dean. We're surrounded by a


wonderful collection of beautiful birds. And we'll be meeting a very


special owl later. With me for the next couple of days is the BBC's


Good morning, Miriam. Welcome to my home patch. The area around us here


looks absolutely stunning. But you shouldn't be fooled. There's plenty


of crime out there. And later in the programme, I'll be


showing you how criminals are using traps like this to snare songbirds.


Now let's get straight on with our first appeal.


The distressing story of an 83- year-old man terrorised in his own


home. In January this year, 83-year-old


pensioner John Astman set out on his regular dog walk. But minutes


later, he encountered a man who was I came here two years ago. I had a


partner who was blind. And we were doing fine, until she contracted


pneumonia, and she died. I was left here on my own a year ago. It is a


very, very quiet place, and some very, very nice neighbours around


here, the ideal place for older people. With his partner gone, it


is down to John to look after her beloved Yorkshire terrier Jamie.


now take her for a walk every night. Because, she has a little do that


in the daytime and she wants a little supper. After she has had


her little supper, she wants to go for a walk. Makes no bones about it,


she asked to go, so I have to take home every night. I have done that


ever since Pat passed away. But on this particular evening, John's


regular routine would be violently It was dark those nights, dark at


5pm, you see. This particular night, I had been down as far as the main


road on the footpath leading to my little bungalow. And, there was


someone coming down, had quite dark clothes, had a pack on their back.


This is a nice little dog. He was stroking her, saying, I have just


come up to my house but he says he has lost the keys to get in. I am


not out of my house. I have got a spare set in Cheltenham Foster I


said, just at the top of the road there is a bus straight through to


Cheltenham. A bus will come a long they're very


frequently. You couldn't Sperry pound for the


bus? And haven't got any money on me. He said, do you live around


here? I began to get a bit worried about it then. I said, yes, not too


far away from here. He said, a wonder if I could have a cup of tea,


I'm very cold. I am not going straight home, by


meeting a couple of people. I began then to be very, very


careful. I watched him go out of sight. And I went in. I came in


here. I locked the doors. And I thought, I think how will get the


police to come and have a look at him. I got the directly out and I


was going to ring the local police station. Instead of dialling 99 and


which I wish I had done, and looked for the number. I could hear


movements going on outside with the doors. The next thing, he opened


What happened to John that night is truly horrific. Later in the


programme, we'll be hearing more from the police. They have an e-fit


image of his attacker. For now, back to Rav and today's Wanted


Faces. Let's take a look at who we've got


on the board for you today. This is 51-year-old James Fielder.


He was arrested and bailed, but has been on the run since September


2010. He's wanted in connection with conspiracy to supply class A


drugs, and handling stolen property. Fielder has a strong south east


accent, and sometimes has longer hair, tied in a ponytail. He has


contacts in north Devon, west London and also in Thailand. But


where is he now? This is Benjamin James Reeve. Reeve


was released early from a five-year jail sentence for robbery in


September 2010. But he failed to keep to the conditions of his


release. He's also wanted in connection with a case of supplying


cannabis. He has links to the Hampshire and Essex areas, and has


a small tattoo of a bull's head on his neck. Do you know where he is


now? Take a look at this man: Geoffrey


West. He's wanted by officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency


in connection with the supply of cocaine. West has connections to


Liverpool and Spain. He has bands of Celtic tattoos on both arms, and


a four-inch scar on the back of his left shoulder. Have you seen him


recently? If so, let us know. Polish man Pawel Jakub Koperski is


our final Wanted Face of the day. He was initially arrested in


connection with the supply, use and manufacture of controlled drugs,


but failed to attend court in November 2009. Koperski, has


connections to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire areas. And has a


tattoo of a pair of lips with the words, "Kiss me" on the right side


of his neck. If you recognise any of these faces,


the number to call is: 08000 468 999. Or text us on 63399. Text CW,


space, and then your message. Please, leave the space, or your


message won't get through. Or, email us. [email protected]


Don't forget, all the Wanted Faces are on our website. Now it's over


I've been covering the issues that affect the people of


Gloucestershire for the past five years. And, believe me, there's


more to this place than farming and Gloucestershire is classically a


rural county. 600,000 people make it their home. From the Cotswolds


in the north. Down to the valleys in the south. This is an area that


offers both stunning, traditional landscapes and modern city living.


That is of course what it will tell you in the brochures but what is


crime like here? What other police dealing with day-in, day-out?


A new one visiting Gloucestershire as a county will be struck by how


beautiful it is. You can go to the Forest of Dean, Cheltenham, to the


Cotswolds. But scratch underneath the surface, and you will find


problems with burglaries, organised crime groups, prostitution and


human trafficking. We deal with a whole range of policing issues.


Like many other police forces, we have had our fair share of high-


profile crimes. Frederick West was today charged with murder, he has


been accused of killing his daughter. The body believed to be


has was found in the garden on Sunday.


There is a perception of crime only happens InterCity's, urban areas.


Throughout the country, crime happens in rural areas, for


instance, poaching. What we are seeing increasingly is organised


gangs of criminals coming into our county from elsewhere, driving


four-wheeled drive vehicles and armed with high-powered rifles,


taking our deer. One resource at the heart of Gloucestershire's work


The forensic work we do is very varied. It is our mission to use


forensic science in the fight against crime in Gloucestershire.


We have a lot of forensic experts and a lot of technology at our


disposal which we used in gaining a The figures seem to show the


overall crime in Gloucestershire is falling. The challenge now is


keeping that up when budgets are We are very proud that crime has


fallen again in Gloucestershire, around 6% reduction this year. But


we are also going to have less money than we have had previously.


We will have 15% less police officers in Gloucestershire which


is difficult. We need to make sure we are using everyone in the right


way, and keeping officers in uniform local and visible for the


communities are to reassure them, and being able to deal with serious


and complex things as well. It will be a really tough challenge.


Back to Steve in Gloucestershire later. But first: This is a CCTV


sign warning people they are on camera. But some people clearly


Take a good look at this car parked in Wolverhampton in April this year.


The passengers open the boot of the car before running into the store


and snatching armfuls of sports clothing. As they run out, some


staff give chase and one manages to grab a thief who drops most of the


clothing. That doesn't stop them piling the rest into the car and


they are off. Help the police tackle these these, tell us who


they are. It is January this year and these


two have used a crowbar to force their way into weighed Greenwich


builders' merchant. First, they want to make sure they do not leave


behind too many clues. One burglar waits by the door while the other


finds the CCTV. He puts it out of action before they still a large


amount of cash. But he should have kept his face fully covered before


he disabled the camera. If you recognise him or his accomplice,


then please give us a call. Heat and light on this couple


walking into the shoe department of Selfridges in Oxford Street, London.


They have a good look around but don't seem that interested. They


spot a bad left alone on a chair. While the man Shields her from view,


the woman steals a purse. You can see her checking it. Let us stamp


out their activities. If you know who they are, tell us and we will


make sure the police hotfoot it around to see them. If you know


anything about any of those people featured, the number to call is:


08000 468 999. Or text us on 63399. Text CW, space and then your


message. And leave that space, or your message won't get through. Or,


email us. [email protected] Still to come this morning on


Crimewatch Roadshow: Who shot Harley?" The eagle owl was lucky to


survive. And, armed with an axe and a gun, the raiders who terrorised a


shopkeeper. Plus, find out what happened when John Astman came


But before that there is time for an update with our appeals. On


Friday we asked for information on Felix McCann. He was wanted in


connection with a burglary of a pensioner. We received a large


number of calls and the information has been passed to police. We


received promising information relating to the front door robbery,


with two thugs followed their victim home and attack him. Two


callers have given us potential names. And we appealed for help to


find the man who dresses in a Burkha and robs travel agencies in


Bedfordshire. So thanks to everyone who has got in touch. Now back to


Miriam. Meet Harley the eagle owl. A couple of months ago he was


involved in an attack which left him close to death. The great


British countryside, a place we like to think of as an oasis of


tranquility. We like to think of ourselves as a nation of animal


lovers, but things like this make you question whether that is true.


We were devastated when we found out what happened. It was such an


impressive sight. We used to come out and see the owl. When it


disappeared, it was really sad. minutes from Gloucester in the


forest of dean is Stowfield Quarry. Possibly the last place to expect a


rare species of owl to settle. But that is happened. I turned up about


two years ago. It would turn up for the odd day. He would bring Bakara


bits and birds that he would catch. And he could down and feed next to


you. It just had become natural like. The owl settled in Stowfield


Quarry and the quarrymen adopted them. And they named it Harley.


Soon it was going to get out that there was an owl, an eagle owl


living in the quarry. It could be seen flying around. Its hoot was


quite distinctive. And whereas the quarrymen didn't seem to take


offence, it is possible that someone did find the hoot annoying.


He used to come down and sit on the pole every night. It started in


January. We could hear his very loud hoot and he came down about


6.30 at night and stay there most of the night. He was quite a


friendly owl. But this friendly owl was soon to become a victim of a


heartless crime. On this evening in February, a gentleman came to a


residential area near quarry and saw Harley the eagle owl, perched


on a telegraph pole. As he was watching it, he heard a shot. The


owl fell to the ground. I believe the man then turns and saw either


one or two males, one of whom had an air rifle with them. It happened


on the Friday by the Sunday we thought it strange, because the owl


hadn't been back. Some of the neighbours which we weren't aware


about had done a search for the owl to try to find oit it but we


weren't able to find the owl. Harley was missing for five days


until a quarry worker spotted him on the side of the road. I was on


my way to work about five o'clock and I saw it on the side of the


road in the dark. I pulled over and got my coat out and chased it up


and chucked the coat on it and managed to catch it and put it in


the truck and phoned the falconry centre. Harley arrived in a


critical condition. It was touch and go with his operation. It is


not something that vets are used to having to deal with. There were a


lot of elements that could have gone wrong. It was a miracle and


now he has ended up becoming a fully fledged member of our


demonstration team. That is incredible from where it began.


Harley's personality has made him a hit with the visitors. It beggars


belief that anybody would want to shoot an eagle owl. There is no


reason to do that. So if anybody has any information, however small.


I would like them to contact me as soon as possible. Jemima Parry


Jones runs the centre here. Harley was lucky to survive? Yes it could


have been a shot in the eye or even have killed him. What kind of a


person would do this? It is beyond me. It guess somebody who got fed


up with the noise and decided to do something about it. I know he is


still recovering. But could we see him fly? Yes Adam's going to see if


he can fly. There he goes. Stunning. He has had to have a lot of work on


one of his wings. In your arm you have two bones, what happened was


one was broken and he had a fix ateor stuck in there. You see on


his wing where the damage is still there. It will take a while?


Yes.Less Not indigenous to this country. How did he get here?


Probably somebody bought him as a baby. They have flown him and maybe


found they had taken on more than they realised. They make a


tremendous noise and the neighbours don't like it if they're close.


Will he be put back into the wild? No, because he is not an indigenous


species, he must stay with us. Harley and and my staff will be


together a long time. What will his job be? Because he likes people,


we're going to fly him for the public. So he gets exercise and


lots of expose tkwrour people. That is what he likes best. Can he


expect once he is recovered to live a long life? Oh yes. Myledly eagle


owl is 37 -- my elderly eagle owl is 37 this year. Slow will be here


for the rest of his life. Frpbgs he will probably outlive me. Harlly


loves having people around. Thank you. Now Steve is with the man


looking into this crime. Simon is with me from the RSPCA. Harley is a


non-indigenous species. So it is a grae area as to whether an offence


is committed Yes he does not have there same protection as our native


owls. But anyone shooting a bird and leaving to it wounded possibly


has committed an offence. You don't take it any less seriously? No.


telling what is happening with song birds. They are getting targeted.


We're getting more calls in relation to people taking our


British finches, our song birds, out of the wild for their own


purposes. Whether it is to sell or to increase their own stock. These


are some of the bits of equipment that we're finding they are using.


How much of a problem is it? We're investigating up to 100 incidents a


year. Also what is interesting, show us thousand the traps are used.


People can use them in their gardens. Yes people are feeding


guards in the -- feeding birds in the garden. They will have a call


bird in the bottom, encouraging birds to come in. They come in, see


that there is seed here and think it is a free meal. Land on the


perch and it would set them all off. There we have three birds in that


particular cage and they can be sold for between �50 to �70. Thank


you. If you have information about what happened to Harley the owl or


any other wildlife crime; please get in touch with us. The numbers


are on your screen. Now back to the In March guitarist Craig Ogden was


victim to an elaborate scam that saw him lose an �18,000 guitar like


this. He was booked to perform at a memorial service but before the


service accepted an invite to join mourners for food. But there was no


mourner, no funeral and when he got back to the church his guitar was


gone. Craig we have to talk about this scam that you were victim of.


How did they con you? I was booked to play at a memorial service for


this guy called Pat's brother. We arranged to meet before the service


to meet at the church, see where I was playing and store my guitar and


then join his family and friends for lunch. He sent me off in a taxi,


because he had to wait to get catch late comers. But at that point when


I was gone he went and stole my guitar. The strangest thing he went


straight from stealing my guitar to make -- meeting a colleague of mine,


did the same, stole his guitar as well. Well let's look at the guitar.


It is not the same, but it is similar. It is almost identical.


The same makerser, it is made by Greg Smallman. The detail and the


armrest, the type of wood on the back, the shaping, all identical.


The only distinguishing thing tr from mine is a semi circular bit of


damage above the sound hole that would, it is obvious you couldn't


hide it. So that would identify the instrument. But they don't make


many of these. Greg works on his own. And to see a Smallman for sale


is rare. But to see one with that damage it is clear it would be mine.


There is a waiting list to buy 1-1? Yes there is a five or six year


waiting list. You feel for this and you thought it was a genuine job.


You have heard somebody else has been done. A colleague was booked


in the same way. We had been contacted by e-mail. And the same


scam. It was, there was nothing unusual about it. This guy, we


established a nice dialogue through e-mail and the phone. He followed


my career and heard CDs. I had a No 1CD. We talked about that the the


next disk. After you have had e- mails. You tried to make contact.


The day he stole it. No more contact that day. Then we reported


the instrument stolen. Then he e- mailed us both for days saying he


wanted to return to instrument and talking about being a con man,


wearing fake hair and it was all a distrabs. He had no intention of


returning the instruments. Hopefully somebody has information


and we can get that guitar back. If you know anything about this con,


please give us a call. Now back to Steve. We're only a short drive


from Gloucester with where at the start of the year a shop was


attacked by robbers. A small shop in Gloucester. A family business


about to be rocked by a vicious armed robbery. Armed with an axe


and a gun, two men carried out this crime. The on bri took place in the


Kone Hill area in a shop on the corner of Newton avenue. Christian


was working the late shift alone. Normally I was working the till.


That day was quiet. I was filling in the chocolate. He had been


working here only for a few days. He had no idea how horrifying his


night would become. Near two centimetres were checking out the


store. -- two centimetres were -- two criminals were checking out the


store. They went to the church up the road on the left. They stashed


their bike behind a church. They speak to three youths and tell the


The first person came in quickly and put their hands around my head.


There was a short struggle with the shop assistant. This CCTV shows


Christian at struggling to fight of his attackers. With an axe held to


his head, he refuses to give in until one of them pulls out a gun.


Take that and I will shoot you! this point the shop assistant is so


scared he complies with their request. He said, if you don't open


the till, I will shoot you. Christian gave the attackers what


they wanted. Having got what they came for, the two men came back


where they came from. They pick up the bike from behind the church.


Seconds later, they abandon it, and make off on foot where they are


caught on CCTV. The thugs made off with just �300 cash, and another


�200 worth of cigarettes. The ordeal's left Christian traumatised.


I'm very scared, very scared. also scared. This is a very serious


offence with a fire arm and also a hand axe. These people need to be


caught, because they pose a danger to the public. From that day, he


said, I'm not going to work here. In the square, a bike is later


discovered. That bike is an Apollo mountain bike, sold exclusively by


Halfords, and was silver in colour. The fact that they cycled here


suggests that they live within cycling distance. So we would ask


for the public's help do they recognise them or the bike. We need


the public's help to identify who these people are.


DC Gareth Morgan, you're the man looking into this investigation.


You have great CCTV of the incident itself. But the robbers have


covered up their faces, is there any more information? We believe


the CCTV will be key to identifying these offenders. The main offender


has a large backside as is obvious. When he leaves, you can see what


appears to be blonde or light ginger coloured hair protruding


underneath. We believe people in the community will recognise this


person. Do you believe these people are from the local community?


store is well secluded, and the fat one defender cycled to it, it


suggests they live within cycling distance. This was a particularly


vicious attack, they came with a gun and an axe all for just �300.


The offender with the Hand Gun have threatened to shoot the young


assistant. We are urging the public to help us to catch these people.


You've got the bike the robbers used? This is a silver Apollo


mountain bike which is exclusively sold by Halfords. They stopped


making his bike in 2004. The bike is in good condition. We believe


people in the community will know about this. Thank you, Gareth.


Remember, if you know anything about this robbery, please get in


touch. Without your help, we can't Some really shocking CCTV in that


attack in Gloucester. As Steve said, if you do know anything, please get


in touch. Here's some more footage This troubled got a lot more than


he bargained for when he attempted to steal from his newsagent in


Greenwich in March. The hooded man runs and brandishing a knife but


the shopkeeper decides he is having none of it. He throws his newspaper


at him, then reaches behind the counter and grabs a wooden pole and


chases the rubber away. He might have left empty-handed but the


police still need to catch him. Here is one punter who is


determined to get in. This is late March and he starts faulting this


wall at the back of his Manchester bar. He opts for him more subtle


approach, hurling a beer barrel at the back door of the pub. He


threatens the barmaid and forces her to open the till. He is


disturbed by a regular and fillies out the back door. Let us help the


police to come at -- to catch this determined Robbo. Give us his name,


please. It is January, these three are all


wrapped up but his is not the cold they are protecting themselves from


but the CCTV cameras. One stays by the door. The other jump over the


shop counter and steal hundreds of pounds worth of Consols and games.


They make sure they share the load. Here they are leaving with their


arms laden. Put an end to their games, tell us who they are.


If you know anything about any of those incidents, the numbers are on


your screen. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can call


Crimestoppers. 0800 555 111. Now, Earlier, we met John Astman, an 83-


year-old whose quiet life was violently disrupted by a robber.


The injuries John suffered are In January this year, 83-year-old


pensioner John Astman set out on But minutes later he encountered a


man who was about to bring terror He said, "I want to talk to you."


said, "Well, I don't want to talk to you." I said, "You get off out


and go back the way you've came You're in serious trouble now. Get


out. No, I need some money. opened that drawer. There was


nothing in there and I told him, And he started looking over there


Get out now. I want some money. got something in my back, and he


said: "I''ve got a gun here. I'm I put my hand round there quick,


and grasped his hand, and it fell on the floor. It was a letter


opener shaped like a sword. I tried to get out through that door. But


of course, I'd bolted and locked it. He went out there very quickly.


Then, because he thought I was trying to get out of that door.


There was a bread knife, and he then he put it to my throat and


said: "I'll cut your throat if you I got most of my teeth knocked out,


As well as John's terrible injuries, when he returned home he discovered


treasured jewellery belonging to both his mother and his beloved


Pat's engagement ring, he'd taken That was the 28th January, and he


took her ring. Well, the 28th of January that was my mother's


birthday. And when she died in hospital, they gave me her ring.


And of course it was rather a treasured possession. John found


the strength to come through this terrible ordeal by drawing on the


memory of his partner. It's time I probably went into a nursing home,


that was what I felt. I do feel scared, I nearly gave up. I know


Pat would not have given up like Pat was a very, very practical


person, and Pat wouldn't have given up. This is particularly vicious


incident where an elderly vulnerable male, Mr Astman, was


attacked. We're appealing for witnesses to come forward, to see


if anybody was in the area at the relevant time, or if anybody


recognises the description of the man or the e-fit that was issued.


DCI Marc Flannery, you're the man heading up the hunt for this


violent robber. John is recovering, how is he? Even though he has


physically recovered, he is still suffering, it warns him daily, the


nasty attack which took place in his own home. You have an e-fit


image. Describe his character? is in his early twenties, 5 feet 8


inches with mousey coloured hair and a side parting. Slim build.


Sporty clothing, tracksuit bottoms, some white trainers on which had


coloured stripes on the bottom. also have some other information


for us today. Since the attack, John Astman has said he think he


has seen the attack upon more than one occasion. The last time he saw


this person, there was a distinctive description, the


offender was wearing a white hooded top with a number 86 on the back


and riding a red mountain bike. you think this chap is local?


we have always believed the offender was a local person. We are


asking the public to help to identify this man. If anyone out


there knows anything at all, please get in touch. The numbers are on


I've just got time to give you a quick update on some of the appeals


so far: We have taken a call while we have been on air about Pawel


Jakub Koperski. We believe he has been seen at the


weekend. And some good calls about Philip Graham, wanted for burglary


offences. We have had possible sightings of him. Police say they


now have strong Leeds, thanks to your calls. Thank you to everyone.


Miriam, you featured an e-fit in that last appeal. A computer


generated image of a criminal, based on a witness's description.


We've got a test to see how accurate these pictures are. I


believe you have a totally innocent person, someone from the crew I've


not seen before, to pose as a We'll just turn the camera round.


Here's one of our crew. Let's take a look.


The first person in the frame is this man here. I have never seemed


that person the 4th. That is all I am going to get, I will try to


memorise that picture. Straight after the programme, I'm


going to talking to an expert meet up with the man who creates


pictures like this, but with new technology. Tomorrow we'll see just


how accurate the match is. Miriam and Steve, what have you got


for us tomorrow? Tomorrow we're moving down to


Frampton on Severn, a beautiful village where a nursing home has


fallen victim to a conman. I've got my chemistry set at the


ready. I'll be getting lessons on what forensic officers do at a


crime scene. Thank you both. For more details


about the crimes on today's programme, head to


bbc.co.uk/crimewatchroadshow. Finally, we'll leave you with


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