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This morning on the Crimewatch Roadshow has. Can you help us catch


this con woman using a stolen credit card to NT's somebody else's


bank account of thousands of Welcome to Crimewatch Roadshow. The


programme that offers you the chance to catch the crooks


affecting all our lives. We're on the trail of the con artists this


morning. The confidence tricksters who prey on the vulnerable and the


naive. We'll hear from the vicar who


handed over more than �1,000 to a trickster wanted by police all over


the UK. We've got an update on our


exclusive investigation into the gang targeting NHS staff.


And, ever wondered just what those CSI white suits are up to? We've


got the inside story. Today, we're working with


Gloucestershire Constabulary, and we've moved on to the village of


Frampton on Severn, Miriam, it It really is gorgeous here, Rav.


Where I'm standing is reputed to be the longest village green in


England. But, as we know by now, even somewhere as peaceful as this


can be hit by some very distressing crime. We've got the story of how a


local care home assistant was fleeced by a con man who took her


bank details and emptied her account. With me again today is the


BBC's man in Gloucestershire, Steve Knibbs. Steve.


Thanks, Miriam. You might think this rural part of the world


doesn't use high tech forensics as much as the big cities. But later


in the programme, I will be showing you how this, and it looks like a


strip of cellophane, can help lift Take a good look at this face. This


is Robert Kerr. On last month's Crimewatch, I asked for your help


to track him down. He's a con man who rips off Christians with a


convincing sob story. Let's just remind you what I told you about


On 10th November 2010, Reverend Alan Neil was preparing his church


for an Armistice service. The next few days would be memorable, but


for all the wrong reasons. I saw a man that was looking at our


notice board on the church, and I Excuse me, are you all right?


Not really, no, I've just lost my wallet and my ticket and everything,


and I need to get back to my unit in Ireland, I've got to get up to


Manchester, I've got no train ticket. I've got no money, I've got


no food. Despite his dishevelled appearance,


the man claimed to have a connection to the military in


Northern Ireland. I've got to get back to my unit,


otherwise I'm going to be on a charge.


Oh you're a military man? Well, I would try and help in any


situation when people come. My faith is very important to me, I've


always been of that sort of nature. If I could help in any situation, I


would try and help. And you've got to get from here?


From here to Manchester, yes, then to Ireland.


I decided I would give him the money for the fare.


I think we can possibly help you. Come with me, I think I might be


able to help you. To get him back to Northern Ireland,


the reverend gave Kerr �40 for a train ticket to Manchester airport.


But it was all part of an elaborate con that was only just beginning.


Hello, is that the reverend there? At 8am in the morning, I had a


phone call from a voice that said he was a Major in the Armed Forces


in Ireland. I just wanted to thank you for


helping our man there, Andrew. Andrew? Yes, that's right, Andrew,


you helped him. Gave him money for the flight.


yes. But the phone call was a ruse to


make the next stage of Kerr's scam seem more believable. It was to


unfold the next morning. As I came to the church, I saw this


figure, and immediately I thought, that's the chap I helped yesterday


that was supposed to be going to Andrew?


How do you know my name? Someone from the Army phoned here


last night. He explained to me he had a history


of diabetes, and he had an attack last night, and he hadn't made the


train. What are you doing here now?


He subsequently told me he had been to a B&B in the town. And he only


had �10 left. So it was back to the cash machine


for a second time. With the kind hearted reverend believing he was


helping Kerr back to Northern Ireland with another �40 train


ticket. But that still wasn't the end of this con.


I was at home, and I got this phone call.


Hello, is that the reverend there? It was the voice he had heard the


previous day, this time telling him that Kerr had missed his plane, and


would need to catch a special military flight the next day.


He said: Can you please go to the station and pick this Andrew up.


I went to the station to pick him up. He was waiting at the station.


I brought him back home. It was at this point, Kerr made his


most audacious move. Asking the reverend to lend him �800 for this


military flight home. As it happened, I had money in the


house. So, with the money I had in the house, and I also had some


church money, I was able to sort In the final stage of the scam,


Kerr claimed he would ensure a courier would bring the reverend


all the money he was owed. And provided him with a military


security code to further reassure him. But, like every other part of


this con, it was a complete fabrication.


He said: "Write this down." Alpha, Victor, Charlie, one six nine.


He said: "You have got a security number and name now." You'll need


that, otherwise he won't give you the money.


A courier would come and bring me this money, and I had to make sure


I was in when the courier came. I waited three days, and the


courier never came. With one final train ticket paid


for, in total, the reverend gave more than �1,000 to Robert Kerr.


But it wasn't long before this conman was targeting unsuspecting


Christians in another part of the country.


The story of Robert Kerr leads to Gloucestershire later in the


programme. We almost got him last Time now for a quick look at our


For this man seemed to be popping it into this pub in London's


Victoria Station. Once inside it is clear it is not boos he is after as


it picks up a customer's bag. The pub staff give chase. He end up


dropping the bag on the concourse. Let us call time on this brief,


tell us who hears. -- he is. The kick arise honest man


in a green T-shirt. As he goes about his business


withdrawing cash, he is surrounded by three men. 1 distracts the lady


in line, while the others stand side-by-side. Before the cash pops


out, one thief attacked him on the solder tells -- telling him he has


dropped some money, while the other takes his cash. Give us their names.


We have all heard of shoplifting, but making the shop fittings,


that's a new one. These two had decided to take advantage of the


Highways scrap prices by steering this fruit and veg stand from the


back of this supermarket in Kent. They are going to the shop and


steal some alcohol. Tell us who they are. Remember if you know any


thing about any of those incidents. Do the right thing and get in touch.


The numbers are on your screen. Just time for a quick update on our


appeals so far. On yesterday's show, we featured an


armed robbery of a shop in Coney Hill, Gloucester, in which the


offenders threatened a member of staff with an axe and a gun. A


couple of callers have put forward potential names for the violent


pair. Keep the calls coming. We want to bring them to justice.


Also yesterday, we featured an appeal to catch a violent robber


who targeted a pensioner in his own home. One of our callers has


provided us with information on a man who may fit the attacker's


description, and we've passed this on to police.


We have had more through on our Wanted Faces. Yesterday, we


featured James Fielder, wanted for conspiracy to supply class A drugs


and handling stolen property. A number of callers claim to have


seen him. Also, Benjamin James Reeve, who


failed to keep the conditions of his release from prison, may have


been spotted by one of our viewers. Still to come on today's programme.


Of the AA con man who fleeced care home staff and tried the same trick


on a GP's surgery on the same day. Find out how I got on when we put


the latest facial imagery technology to the test.


And, the moment the con man Robert Kerr came calling and fleeced a


couple out of hundreds of pounds. Before all that, here's Steve in


Gloucestershire, with a touch of CSI in the States stands for Crime


Scene Investigation. But we have SOCOs here, Scenes of Crime


Officers. The work these guys do remains a mystery. So when I was


offered a chance to take a closer look at the world of forensics, I


couldn't resist the opportunity to Pieces of material, flakes of skin,


a single strand of hair or a speck of blood. All of these are


invaluable to the forensics team, and can be the key to solving


crimes. But ever since it became a part of police work over 100 years


ago, there is one element is just A lot of our time is spent at crime


scenes trying to find evidence. And quite often, you'll see our scenes


of crime officers involved actually looking at the evidence trying to


find fingerprints, DNA, all sorts of trace evidence with which to


link the person who committed the My day-to-day job involves


attending crime scenes, burglaries, cars, trying to detect forensic


evidence. But it's not as simple as it looks. Most officers carry four


different types of powder with them. Which one to use depends on the


surface. And there's a real art to the brushing, flicking the powder


rather than smearing it. We've got a car you're going to demonstrate


You can see just here. They're really clear. Absolutely. We'd


always like to find results like that on a vehicle that's been


broken into. But brushing and powder aren't the only ways to


track down fingerprints. And today's high-tech methods even


include using precious metals to lift those all-important


This is a Vacuum Metal Deposition. How does that help? It gets


fingerprints from plastic bags and other items. We insert into the


Here, we've got little bits of zinc and gold. We evaporate the zinc and


gold, and we get a raised film on top of the plastic bag, and we get


a finger print from that. It may look like a giant tumble drier. But


this equipment allows the team to lift prints from almost anything.


This is the bag that's been through the VMD process. What can we see?


They are quite fragile finger prints, and you can see areas of


There are more than 20 million fingerprints in the national


database. What police are after is This is a match we've just created


today. On the left is the crime scene mark, and on the right is the


file print. What I've done is mark the little deviations in the ridge.


Every human fingerprint is completely unique. These red


circles capture the tiniest detail. And this one's a match. We are more


than happy to say this is absolutely the person.


Julia Robertshaw. You work with the Forensics Unit. There is a lot more


to it than that, we might look for fibres and decrying saying where a


criminal has come into a premises. We can match that to clothing. If a


window is smashed, you might have the last from that window you can


compare and match up to the suspect, from their hair or clothing. And


for its work is a big part of what We have a more Cup crime scene.


What are we looking for? scenario is the cricket club has


been broken into and this window has been left insecure which is a


problem. The offender has come through and stepped onto the table.


So we are going to try to look for a footprint with black plastic?


That's right. Because it is a latent Mark and we can't see it


with the naked eye, Simon is using a flake which will bring up the


pattern features. That has come through really clearly. That is a


good print, obviously. They are often not that good in the field.


Now we put downbeat gel that we showed you earlier. -- we put down


the daily. That looks fantastic. That is a good match? That is a


good print. How unique are these that Prince though? The soul of the


issue has pretty unique characteristics. They are cold


"class characteristics" but as you walk, you walk a certain way and


those features are a unique. want to get a match. We have some


suspect's from the crew. Tell us who you think this could be?


have different types of shoes - bits and trainers. If we lift up


the first sue I saw, you can see the marks on here match that Sue.


Who is are suspect? It is Miriam. When we have anyone in custody, we


can take their issue marks and put them on the database and match them


with crime scene marks. You are getting good successes? Yes, just


recently we had a conviction based solely on the third where from a


scene of crime. Thank you for sharing as that. I am afraid CSI


will never be the same again! Usually, we show you a collection


of people the police are keen to track down. These faces are from


the Serious Organised Crime Agency. You are in charge of the operation,


tell us more. This is all about tracking British fugitives we think


are in the Netherlands. The initiative is to focus on six faces.


We think they are in the Netherlands and we are looking to


launch an initiative with Crimestoppers and a Dutch


colleagues. Why do thing they are targeting the Netherlands, as


opposed to Spain? There is a beat expat community. We have big


successes in Spain. Since 2008, we have arranged -- arrested over 200


fugitives and we have displaced some fugitives to the Netherlands


because now Spain is a hostile environment. We are trying to


replicate that in the Netherlands and the - authorities are keen to


try and emulate what we have succeeded in doing so far. How long


has it been running? This initiative was launched last March


but we have done a lot of preliminary work around this and


the Dutch have changed the legislation to get these images in


the media. The privacy laws did not allow it area. Briefly, a lot of


these people are very dangerous so if people see them, what should


they do? The important thing is to do it in partnership with


Crimestoppers. People can phone in anonymously and not approach the


individuals. Whether they are travelling or living in the


community, it is a fantastic opportunity to try and help us find


them. Let us look at them. First, we have the Albanian, Belino


Gripshi, wanted for conspiracy to supply a class A drugs and money-


laundering offences. He is believed to be part of the criminal network


trafficking cocaine into the Netherlands. Have you seen him?


Secondly, James Nicholas Tarrant who has been convicted of supplying


cocaine and cannabis and possession of a firearm. Two years ago he was


granted conditional bail but has gone on the run. It is believed he


travels between the Netherlands and Spain.


Do you know this man? Paul Christopher -- Christopher


Finnighan who is believed to be in connection with a crime gang. He


was bailed to report to police in Liverpool but went on the run. He


has a Liverpudlian accent. It is believed he spent time in Amsterdam.


Do you know where he is? This is Mark Anthony Fitzgibbon who


was wanted by police since 2005 for supplying cannabis and amphetamines.


He also has a Liverpudlian accent and police believe he is currently


in the Netherlands. If you have seen any of this lot on your


travels, please get in touch. Back to Miriam in Frampton.


In our very first programme we brought to a special investigation


into a gang stealing bank cards from NHS staff and conning them


into revealing their pink numbers. Here in Frampton, we have come


across a con targeting a care home which bears the same hallmarks.


I don't know how they can do it to anybody. They obviously do not have


a heart. From the job I do, all I want to do is help people and they


have violated that. I was so devastated and I was angry at


myself for giving over my pain. -- PIN number. Kelly spends her numbed


-- life looking after elderly patients in a care home. I love my


job. It is so rewarding helping the residents and going home knowing


that the simple things of being clean and dressed properly are so


rewarding. You think you have done your job. Last month, one phone


call doing an ordinary day cost her thousands of pounds. I arrived at


work, changed over from the morning shift to the afternoon Shift. I was


bathing a resident and that is when a colleague said there was a phone


call for me. I went to answer the phone call. I didn't know what it


was at the time. The person on the other end of the friend said he was


from Lloyds Bank and that someone was trying to use my card in


Evesham. I looked and noticed my purse was gone so I started to


panic. Kelly was unaware an hour earlier at a con man had visited


her work place. The man went to it at the driveway to the nursing home.


He Black his way in by claiming he was called an organisation selling


books. He was always with a staff member. They took him to the staff


room area where the books are normally kept. The staff personal


equipment, handbags and coats are left in there. Quite a high value


area. He was shown from the nursing home and seeing it through the


front door. Unfortunately, it is unclear how he has then got back


into the nursing home but he has obviously gone back into the


He has then stolen to purses belonging to staff members. He then


left the care home again and was seen by a member of staff walking


down the driveway. But stealing purses was the beginning. Next, he


called the victims. He started to Roelof transactions I had made in


recent days which were all correct to my knowledge. He said that the


police were on their way to arrest the Women as they confirmed it


wasn't me in the branch. All my cards would need to be stopped


straightaway. But he asked me if I knew the last three numbers of my


cards. Obviously I said no. So he said the only way he would be able


to stop my cards would be to use my PIN number. Unfortunately, I gave


them over because I genuinely believed that he was going to help


make and he would be able to stop my cards. Minutes after she handed


over how PIN number, nearby, a woman was caught on CCTV using a


stolen cards. -- the stolen cars. It wasn't until my manager said,


something doesn't seem quite right, don't give though there any more


information, I realised, "Bono" -- Bono. The account was empty of over


�2,000. I'm getting married soon and I'm saving really hard for it.


I thought I wouldn't be able to get married this year. I was just so


devastated and I was angry at myself for giving over my PIN


Being conned is never a nice thing. It is such a horrible crime. For


someone to suffer and I can imagine they feel quite foolish. I knew I


shouldn't give my PIN number over but you put yourself in the


position I was in and knowing your purse was gone. You have somebody


saying somebody is trying to use your card and they will be able to


help you and stop it. You are in a panic anyway, you would do anything


and give over anything for them to help you. They obviously do not


have a heart at all. It makes me angry that they could go and do


that. Sergeant Phillipa Rawlings is working on the case. This chap


tried to carry out the same Kong somewhere else on the same day. --


corner. Yes, he said he was a book man at the local surgery and was


shown into the staff area where the books are kept. He had a look


around the staff room, just gazing around. Asked the receptionist for


a plastic bag but she said she didn't have one. He was not left


alone so he picked up books and left with them. Was this after the


care home? Yes, in the afternoon. He was hoping he would be


successful again obviously? Yes. You have an E-fit. He is a white


man, about five feet 11 inches tall. Medium build with a bald head,


clean-shaven. He has a Westcountry accent, protruding ears and an


earring in his left ear. That is quite distinctive. He had an


accomplice at the bank, didn't he? Yes, there was a female who went


into a bank later in the Stonehouse area. We believed she worked --


they worked as a team. She was able to secured an overdraft and took


out a large amount of money from the account. They must have been


raised and to pass themselves off as someone else and get an


overdraft? Yes, a brazen act and an awful thing to happen to someone.


Thank you. If you have any information on this, please do get


in touch. Now there is more information on possible


similarities to this case and our own investigation.


As Mary and said, the gang known as the Coventry Falcons took hundreds


of thousands of pounds from NHS staff. They made their way into


Secure areas where they stole wallets and purses be court --


before calling bear witness -- victims and making them panic into


revealing their PIN numbers. Tell It could involve theft. Theft,


fraud, the whole range. You are keen to ask for help on this CCTV


image. This fellow was in a clinic in at Lancaster or, in April 2010.


He was there at the same time as a purse was stolen in similar


circumstances This is the Frampton care home con man, we can see his


e-fit now. I'm very interested in the e-fit for the con in


Gloucestershire, because it is similar to some CCTV we have of a


suspected member of the Coventry Falcons. He was captured on camera


at a GP surgery in Lancashire. me about this man? Garry Francis


O'Neill, who we appealed for last time. We still want to talk to him


in connection with the theft of bank cards from hospitals in


Cambridgeshire and Kent. And this man with the red tie? I'm very


pleased to say the fantastic response from the public on this


one in particular, in fact we got calls from two police officers


giving a name for this man. And a full statement of identification.


If anyone out there does know anything, or recognise any of these


images, please get in touch. There's already been an arrest of


one alleged gang member. Let's see how many more suspects we can track


down. The numbers are on your screen. Now back to Steve.


Earlier, we told you about a different con man called Robert


Kerr targeting a church in Scarborough. His scam has extended


to this part of the world as well. Robert Kerr is a merciless conman


who targets Christians. He's wanted by forces across the UK. And in


January this year, he struck again. Ripping off a couple in Gloucester,


who were so distraught after what happened, they want to protect


their identity. We thought we were doing a favour


for another Christian. But as it turns out, I don't think we were.


It started with a phone call from a gentleman who was phoning from the


Ministry of Defence. Hello, I'm calling from the MOD. A member of


the church has just been discharged this morning from the Royal


Gloucester Hospital. He's gone to the station, and he doesn't really


know. I was wondering whether you might be able to do me a favour.


wanted us to make sure that he'd got on the correct train. Would you


be able to go there just to greet him really. A friendly face would


mean so much to him. We went up to the train station and met the chap,


and it just all started from there. When Kerr met the couple, he asked


for a small amount of money. He wanted a train fare. But his


deception was only just beginning. His train ticket that he had was


out of date, because he said he'd been in the hospital too long. And


he wanted to go to a cash point to get some money out to get another


one. My husband took him up to the bank. When he put his card in,


there were no funds available. So he asked if he could borrow some


money until the following day. claimed it was too late to catch


his train. And back at their house, the couple lent him more money,


completely unaware he was drawing them into another of his elaborate


cons. Because he said there were no more trains, we gave him all that


we had, and drove him to a Travelodge. He wanted something for


an evening meal, and breakfast the next morning. So we gave him �120.


That was all the cash I had. went inside the Travelodge, and


came back out, said they haven't got any rooms. The couple drove him


to another hotel in the area. They thought this was the end of it, but


sadly, there was worse to come. About an hour later, there was a


knock on the door. He was extremely distressed. I've had a bit of


trouble again. And he needed some more money. As unbelievable as it


sounds, Kerr claimed to have left the �160 they had given him in a


taxi, and he was penniless again. So I turned round and said well I


haven't got any more money. I've only got my credit card. He said,


well, take me to your ATM and get some money out of there. So it was


off to the cash machine where Kerr was given �200. And then to a


supermarket to use cash back for even more money. It's during this


part of his con, that Kerr was I turned round and said goodbye to


him. And off I went and got back in the car and went home. Kerr


promised to return at a later date, and reimburse the �460 he owed. But,


like all his other victims, the couple would never hear from Kerr


again. He said he was coming back. And we waited until then. As soon


as the time passed, I then contacted the police. I was very


cross when we realised what had happened, and that we'd been taken


in. Robert Kerr is a despicable man. We believe Kerr travels the country


committing these offences. He's targeting the vulnerable, and the


people that need this money that he is taking off them. He needs


stopping, and he needs stopping Leigh Bickerdyke. You're the


officer trying to track down Kerr. What else can you tell us about how


he operates? From the information we have received so far, we don't


believe he has a permanent residence. He uses B&Bs and public


transport, so he's hard to track down. He has made reference to


money for train fares, so we think he may not have access to his own


personal vehicle. We have seen he may be using somebody else as part


of the scam. On the whole, we think he is a lone man. However, on some


of the occasions, there has been a phone call for seed by the victims.


From that, the voice is described diffin lay. It may be him


disguising his voice. Or he may on occasion be acquiring an accomplice.


You have expense of working on similar cases. His Robert Kerr


preying on these people because they are naturally generous? That


is a true. They are known to be open and generous with their


hospitality. Also, their information is publicly available,


appearing on noticeboards, and we're working with the churches to


limit the amount of information available. A witness in


Gloucestershire have reported seeing someone matching Roberts's


description looking at a noticeboard, and later asking for


directions to a particular parish members home. Do think there are


more victims? I think a small amount has been reported. People


may feel embarrassed that they have been conned, I urge them to come


forward because the information they may have about where he has


been committing crimes will help us identify the roots of trouble he


has been taking. Dear thing he has been operating recently? We had a


report two weeks ago from Lancashire police of a similar


offence. We think that was Robert. You are working with forces all


over the country. Yes, Avon and Somerset police, Lancashire police,


and Northern Ireland are interested. If you know where Kerr is now, or


if he's approached you, please give us a call. Con men like him have to


be caught. The numbers are on your Yesterday, we set a test for Rav.


We showed him this man, Paul, who's our totally innocent satellite


engineer for just a few seconds. Rav then had to pass on a


description to an expert working on a new system of facial imagery to


help crack crime. Take a look at If you can explain the system to me


and I will try my best to relay what I can remember. I will ask you


described the person's face. Then we will use this system. I will


show you screens of faces and ask Some are more distinctively rounder.


I would say this one is about right for me. About there. At the moment,


I think that is pretty good from what I can remember. That hair is


definitely too long. It just needs to come forward a tiny bit. The


We have a bold the face, worked on the hair, pulled all the elements


together, what you think of the lightness? I think that is as close


as I can get, I am happy with that. That was yesterday. This is the man


I saw yesterday. How do you think we did? From what you gave me, it


was quite hard, because he didn't have any distinguishing features.


But I think the likeness isn't too bad. The hairline and the outside


of the face has worked out quite well. The image has stretched out a


bit more but overall a pretty good job. What I found difficult was I


could not remember really well find details. That is way a system


really helps. It was merging different faces together as opposed


to an artist's impression way you would have to give details. Is that


where this comes into its own? have trouble remembering the


features, you can give me a description of the mouth, so we had


to do it in a different way. I was showing you screens of faces and


you worked with that. It is still relatively early days for this


system, how is it going with his trial period? We have been selling


the system for a couple of years. 14 police forces are using the


system. The performance of the system is quite good. We find


people produce composites other people recognise about 40% of the


time. When we give this to the pleas for far more -- for formal


field trials, we are getting an arrest rate of 40%. Briefly, the


beauty about this system is it is on your laptop, you can go to a


vulnerable person's home and do it there. Portable equipment. Just


time for a quick update. We have had some calls already on


one of today's cases, Robert Kerr, a possible sake -- sighting.


Per these are following up strong leads on another Wanted Face, Pawel


Jakub Koperski, wanting for drugs offences. Some possible sightings


of him. He a distinctive looking chap. Miriam, what are you up to


tomorrow? We're heading into Wales. For the


rest of the week, we're with Gwent and South Wales Police. Tomorrow,


we might get wet. The police diving team are joining us. Steve, it's


your last day with us. It's been a busy two days. It's been great


working with you here in my home patch. Let's just hope we get some


good leads on the cases. We featured the attack on an 83-year-


old man on the local news last night. Let's hope we catch somebody


for that. That's it from us. For more details


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