Episode 12 Crimewatch Roadshow

Episode 12

Rav Wilding seeks the public's help in catching a conman who was featured in last year's programme. Alex Lovell follows officers targeting the problem of drugs in Swindon.

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4th today, on Crimewatch Roadshow. We need your help to track down a


man who is wanted by police forces across the UK, preying on the old


And Hello, and welcome to today's Crimewatch Roadshow. We're live,


and this is our third week on air, asking for your help to tackle


unsolved crimes. On the programme today: when the hero who ended up


in hospital, after he confronted a shoplifter.


Police need to track down the people who beat him up.


Wiltshire Police are clamping down on drugs, and we are in the thick


of the action, as they make sure nothing is left to chance.


And, police need to track down a man who pretended to be a stranger


in need, before stealing from the Good Samaritans who agreed to help


him out. For Our roadshow team are


travelling the country, investigating crime where you are.


Yesterday, we were in Salisbury. Today, we're still in Wiltshire.


Where exactly are you, Dave? Hi, Rav. We're in Devizes, at


Wiltshire Police's headquarters. Also the home of the Wiltshire


Police helicopter. A few moments ago, it was called off to a genuine


emergency, off she went. We are hoping she will return by the end


of the programme. We have here, at a very brave dog, because she saved


the life of her handler when they were faced by a nice man. Find out


how she did it later. And BBC Points West's Alex Lovell joins us


again today. Thanks, Dave. Today, I'll be with


Swindon's Drug Enforcement Team. They're carrying out raids, in


their bid to put a stop to the activities of dealers who have


moved in to the area. Thanks, Alex. Time for our first


appeal today. Police need your help to find a prolific con man who's


wanted by police forces in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern


Ireland. He preys on people's goodwill, before disappearing with


their money. We have featured him on Crimewatch Roadshow last year.


But, despite our appeals, he still hasn't been caught. And victims are


still coming forward. Robert Kerr is wanted by 12 different police


forces across the country in direction with Curtly -- 30 cases


of burglary and fraud. Police believe he is a conman who has been


preying on Good Samaritans. Last year, we appealed for information


on Robert Kerr. A priest from North Yorkshire had been conned out of


�1,000. He said Robert Kerr promised the money would be


returned by career. For three years, the Korea never came. We also


featured a couple from Gloucester who want to remain anonymous. They


say they were duped by Robert Kerr. We thought we were doing a favour


for another Christian. They say it began when they offered to pay for


his train fare, but the deception spiralled until the couple had


handed over �460 for hotels and taxis. He disappeared with the


money, and never returned. I was very cross when we realised what


had happened and we had been taken in. Part of my role is to


investigate all forms of distraction burglary, where people


have been scammed within their own homes. The suspect it is playing on


people's faith. And their good will. And it does upset me. They were not


the only people to be targeted by the trickster with an agenda. The


appeals on Crimewatch Roadshow did not track down this slippery


character but they did prompt more victims to come forward. If look,


that Irish gentleman, who took the money. Christine and Terry had been


watching from the B&B they run in Warminster, and they recognised him.


It is him, give them a call. We saw it a year ago, it was death


and mayhem. I picked up the phone and spoke to one of the police


officers. Christine and Terry say they were visited in 2009 by the


man they had seen on the appeal. Robert Kerr. At the time, Christine


was home alone at their B&B when the doorbell rang. Hello. The man


at the door was very friendly and said he knew Christine's mother in


law. He called himself John, and asked if they had a room where he


could stay. He said he had been released from Salisbury District


Hospital. He had a red band on his wrist. What is your wrist band?


have been in hospital four days in Salisbury. He was really convincing.


This is my husband Terry. I could chat to him quite easily, but there


was something about him are wasn't sure. After convincing the couple


of his story, all seemed fine until the next morning when Terry went to


a hospital appointment at leaving Christine alone. I was washing up


in the kitchen. I need some money! He came in so quickly it took me by


surprise. He needed some money. He said he needed to go to Bristol


Airport. I went into the lounge to get some money. He stood so close


to me. I felt really threatened. I handed over the money. Then he said,


I want some more money. I handed more money to him to get him out,


because I felt really threatened. He wanted extra money to buy his


granddaughter's something for Christmas. In total, Christine


handed over �300. When I came back from hospital, my wife told me. She


was in quite an upset state. I said to her, calm down. You can replace


money but you can't replace a person. If he is watching or


anybody knows where he is, give yourself in, or phone the police.


Get him caught. He could do this, and he could do something really


drastic to older people. It is believed that is exactly what he


has done. Since we made that film, the


reverend alan neil has passed away. His death had nothing to do with


the case. Alan car meanwhile remains at large. Later, we'll be


finding out how Robert Kerr took hundreds of pounds from an 89-year-


old widow. Rav, back to you. Thanks, Dave.


Now, time to have a look at today's Wanted Faces.


Nine years ago today, this man, Peter Evered, was found guilty of


rape and indecent assault, but went on the run before he could be


sentenced. Detectives believe the 58 year old may now be using a new


name. At the time of his disappearance, he had long hair and


a beard, but his appearance may have changed. He's known to have


connections to the Maidenhead, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire


areas. Come on, let's put him back before the courts.


Our next Wanted Face, Flamur Hasa, is also commonly known as Muli, and


apparently introduces himself as Barney the Greek. Detectives in the


West Mercia force want to speak to him in connection with wounding


with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He's originally from


Albania, but now has connections to the West Midlands and Telford areas.


Have you seen him recently? Next up is this man, Stephen Wesley


Blake. In September last year, he was sentenced in his absence to


eight years in prison, for possession of a shotgun, four years


for harassment, and one year for cultivating cannabis, with the


sentences to run concurrently. He's known to have connections to the


Redditch and Warwickshire areas, and has a Chinese symbol tattooed


on the left side of his neck, and his date of birth tattooed on the


right side. He also has a tattoo, with the name "Joanne", on the


inside of his left arm. Tell us if you know where he is.


Last up for today is Andrew Roper. He failed to appear before Preston


Crown Court back in April 2002, on a charge of rape, and a warrant was


issued for his arrest. He's known to have connections to the


Lancashire area and also to Gillingham in Kent.


If you recognise any of these Wanted Faces, then please give us a


call. Our number is 08000 468 999. Or you can text us on 63399. Text


CW, space, and then your message. And that space is really important,


if you don't put it in, your message won't get through to us. Of


course, you can e-mail us too. The address: [email protected] Now, over


to Alex in Devizes. The impact illegal drugs have on


society is huge. Figures suggest that over half of all theft which


happens in the UK is drug-related. Wiltshire Police are cracking down


on those supplying drugs. I went out with officers in Swindon, who


are our front line defence against this menace.


An all come to Operation Atlantic. This is the background, on its drug


use and violence in the county. Here, in Sweden -- Swindon,


briefing the team about today's raid. This is all about locking up


the people who cause most harm to us. As police officers prepare, I


joined the leaders as they give a brief on the low-down on what is


about to happen at one of the addresses to be raided today.


When we get there, they will move swiftly, break the door down.


Anyone inside will be put down as quickly as possible on to the


ground so it makes it is safe environment for the police officers


to start searching. They're looking for anything related to Class A


drugs. Police say canals are coming into


the county from Bristol and London, defending vulnerable people, using


their homes to deal drugs. They take their positions surrounding


the target property before using Police! Empty, but I'm told it is


often because dealers keep their own homes separate from the address


they used to deal drugs. Nobody is here. That doesn't mean there are


no drugs here which is why we are searching the premises. They could


come back at any point. It is a small flat. The police officers


have had a look around, there's nobody here. They have happened --


they have found Scales, and individual bags. The search is only


just beginning. Something we will have to seize


here, as you can see, it is a lot of white powder way you can hide


quite a bit in there. That will be coming with us for testing. Three


individual cellophane wraps, four. The way this is normally wrapped up,


it is in a tight bundle like that. And it is sold like that?


Apparently so. Good evidence for us. Kenya get fingerprints from that?


Yes? We will take that. -- can you get fingerprints. It is not just


drugs the team are looking for. That was in the kitchen, right next


to the weighing scales. They may use it to cut up as well. Then, the


police find something of interest. Cannabis. Tucked away in the top


kitchen drawer. The female logo, is that relevant? It can be to


particular people who deal with it. Their common logo. So others will


know what grade it is. Whether these sources a reliable one.


Criminals work hard to stay one step ahead, so sometimes it is a


challenge for the police to keep tabs on their movements. The issues


we have, if they have moved on, we try to get intelligence. This time,


we have got links to what we believe his drug dealing.


dealing is going on, money will be changing hands. This is to test if


the money is real. At the end of the day, they don't even trust


themselves. They bring in one last member of the team to help to


complete the search. A one year-old sniffer dog, with an acute sense of


smell to make sure every last This makes me think that something


has been stolen. And the residual smell would have been there. Then,


calling on the police walkie-talkie. The main suspect has turned up


outside. Based on previous intelligence combined with today's


findings, the man is detained. He is later arrested in connection


with the supply of Class A drugs. The that was a very positive


warrant and we have want under arrest for Class A drugs and we


have a lot of intelligence and we have a robust message to send out


to the people about drugs in Swindon. An update on that film...


The man has been released on police bail until the end of the month.


Sergeant Scott Hargreave is one of the officers who was out on the


raid. This was all part of Operation Atlantic. A large number


of properties were targetted. the end, the result give us �23,000


worth of Class A and Class B drugs, stolen property, laptops and


jewellery and it resulted in 26 arrests. You feel that you remove


one person at from the drugs ring and somebody else might move in.


Does this really make a difference? To it does. Previous experience has


shown that if we police this robustly, it cuts down on


reoffending and if we cut off at the supply, the addicts that are


committing the crimes will seek help elsewhere through self-help


groups for their doctor. It is ongoing. We have some of the things


that you use. This is a battering ram. The Red Key! As you can see,


it is very heavy. How justified is it to we used in the sun somebody's


front door? Fairly justified. �35 allows us to get into any property


fairly easily. To ensure that people do not get rid of their


drugs. The essence is surprise. And at the door opens outwards? Yes,


this is a hooligan bar. It is multi-purpose, for padlocks, four


doors that open outwards or inwards and we can also clear glass from


windows and doorways. I am glad you have got it because it is a very


menacing piece of equipment. Back to the studio... Thank you. Still


to come... Police want your help to catch the people who attacked a man


after he confronted a shoplifter. He might have been doing the right


thing, but they were certainly in the wrong. A web of deceit. How a


con man persuaded an 89 year-old woman to handover the money she had


saved to pay her bills. Police need your help to stop him. And this


woman is bravely speaking out to appeal for your help to catch the


man who attacked her as she walked home after a night out. But first,


time to look at some everyday crime conveniently caught on CCTV.


Wandsworth last November. Two men come into this telephone shop and


they are closely followed by another pair. They look at the


phones and start grabbing at the displays. 10 phones worth more than


�4,000 are stolen or damaged. The shop assistant attempts to stop


them as they leave but they all manage to pull out of the door.


Police would like to talk to all these men. If you know them, give


us a call. Next, a private home in water nouvelle in Hampshire. March,


this year, and two men skill the gates to get into the driveway. You


can see them on the left. Once in, they start smashing the windows of


the two cars in the driveway. Listen to the rack at their making.


This has happened before. And the family have put up a �1,000 reward


for information leading to a conviction. If you know who they


are, call us. March this year between 1:30am and 2:00am and this


Chancellor has broken into a bureau de change in central London. We are


actually inside. There is a lot of debris flying around because he is


making a right mess of getting inside. He was this? The Save


beggar has a friend who is ripping out the alarm system. These guys


are not in a hurry. They are in for more than four hours but still fail


to get into the safe. They leave but the damage is substantial.


Police need names. If you know who they are, you know who to call. And


if you've seen anyone or anything you recognise in those clips, do


get in touch. We need your help in finding the thugs who but a man in


hospital. This happened in the town of Melksham. A young man spoted


someone shoplifting, but when he challenged them, he was in for a


shock. I thought they were literally going to beat me to death.


If they're going to beat me up over ice-cream, you know they welcome


back for you, just for the hill of it. Are you saying I took


something? It was a cowardly attack. Five people stood around one person,


a totally innocent member of the public he was only trying to do the


right thing. On 15th May, 20 year- old Christopher Robinson went to


his local Blockbuster DVDs to work to collect a film and also made his


friend, who works there. It was at 8:30pm and I agreed that ended get


an DVD. I grab the DVD and went straight to the tell. It looked


quite busy. A as Christopher chatted, he noticed a group of


young people they were acting suspiciously. It was mainly their


body language that give it away. It was a mix of their face and their


body language which bought the whole suspicious this on, really.


There was a lady with black hair who put her back to me and she


blocked me and was almost touching me. I looked around. Another woman


reached into the fridge and took a tub of ice-cream and slipped it


into her bag. They all grouped together and headed for the exit


and because I saw this happening, I do not know what it was, it was


literally like, if I did not do anything, so selling over one ice-


cream, but that was my impulse. Acting on that in polls would have


dramatic consequences. It was immediately outside, so the exit


door is opened and the female lays carrying the ice-cream and the


victim approach has a female writer outside the store. In the High


Street. For some reason I just shouted as they were walking. And


she acknowledged but ignored me so I jumped over to her. I said, give


back what you have stolen and I put my hand out. She turned around and


said I didn't steal anything but I opened her handbag and she gave me


back which you still. That was quite odd. I went to head back when


the three guys heard what was going on. And they began to approach may


and they got quite close. Too close for comfort. They came on very


aggressively. He said, he is dealing? A dusty and nothing!


pointing out that lady. Who is stealing? At that point, he give me


three blows to the face. I staggered backwards. He punched me


again. Chris was dazed and confused and walked back to the shop, were


his friend was working. He said, oh my God! When his mother found out


about the attack, he was already in hospital. It was the early hours of


the morning and I received a text message from Christopher's friend.


I was shocked, what on earth had happened? I immediately went to the


accident and emergency and Christopher was waiting to be seen


by a doctor. Christopher sustained serious injuries, his I was heavily


bruised and swollen and he also received cuts to his mouth and face.


It is principle. People have strong principles and the theft occurs in


front of them, when they are just about to pay for their own goods


and they see somebody stealing, they think that isn't right so


approaching those men, that was based on his own morals and


principles. A brave thing to do. They committed to crimes on Monday.


Over one ice-cream, that is nothing. A vicious attack and over some ice-


cream. Andy Peach is the arresting officer. The best of motives, there.


But he paid a terrible price? was a brave act. A spirited member


of the community and he has gone to prevent this theft and he has been


viciously attacked. He was very brave but the best thing was to not


get involved and reported to police? We would advise the public


not to get involved and not tackle criminals. The report it and rain a


999. Let's look at this kind, they have to be caught. Three Asian


males, the main aggressor, the man who punched Christopher, he was 6


ft tall and have a slim build and wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt.


He is described as having a local accent. And the girl who stole the


as can? White Female, 20 years old, blonde hair piled on her head, she


looked -- it looked like a pineapple. And the other man, dark


hair, slim build. You need people to come forward and give you help.


It was market place in action. Very busy? The I appeal to the community


to come forward and help us catch this individual and a spring him to


justice. Thank you very much indeed. The number is on the screen. You


know what to do. That was a very nasty attack. If you think you know


anything about that, contact us. The numbers are on your screen now.


Or you can also ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Earlier in the programme we appealed for information about a


con man who has appeared on Crimewatch Roadshow before but who


has still not been caught, even though he is wanted by 13 police


forces across the country, including Avon and Somerset.


They've asked us to appeal for information after Robert Kerr


deceived an 89-year-old widow in order to get his hands on her money.


Robert Kerr is a prolific conman. 89 year-old Doris was about to


become his latest victim. I would doubt anybody, now. Generally, I am


not afraid. It started around the corner from her house when Robert


Kerr born into her friend. stopped me and asked me if I knew


were the Roman Catholic Church was. He was organising the funeral and


wanted to look at it. While he was telling me those things that I did


not believe, he was very persuasive. A Ron suggested that he should


stick two daughters. He knew she was active at her local church. He


thought she might be able to help. -- he should speak to Doris. He


then turned up at her house. This man came to the door and said, a


friend had died and he wanted to do the funeral. He wanted to do it in


the church. And I said, I am very sorry but you would have to going


to Clevedon, Corpus Christie, and ask the people there. We did it


have funerals here. He claimed his car had broken down and he did not


know what to do. Corus believe 10 and as a Good Samaritan, she


invited him in. I thought he was a priest. I really did. I said to him,


I was see if I can give you something. I think maybe I can help


you. But this is my heating money. He has no qualms about playing on


the elderly. And people have faith within the Church. He is using


those factors for his own games. can only give you �200. That would


probably be enough. He said he would be back with the money at 5pm.


I am aware that Taurus is heavily involved in the church and because


of their good nature and how plausible history was, Doris then


given �200 cash from her winter heating allowance. Having promised


to come back, he walked out of the house with the money that Dora's


had set aside to pay for heating through the winter. Ron had second


thoughts about handing over her address. Worried, he went to check


on her. By the time I got there he had been and gone. We sat there,


twiddling our fingers, for two hours. At 7pm we decided that he


was not coming. Deplorable, really. I cannot understand how anybody


could go around calling people out of their livelihood. He if anybody


has any information on what this particular individual is living or


staying at the moment, please call. We don't want to miss the


opportunity to catch him. It has been a long time, or one year and


it is time he was brought to DI Mark Wolfe is with me now, from


Avon and Somerset Police, which is overseeing the investigation for


all 12 forces across the country who want to talk to Robert Kerr.


How similar are all the cases? is a confidence trickster, he uses


a down on his luck type of story to get money out of people for public


transport. Accommodation. Usually, he will focus on churches, the


Royal British Legion, he is an ex soldier. He comes across with a


plausible story. He is going for a similar type of


victim, have any been connected? None at all.


He has been on the run, why haven't you found him? He has none of the


normal references, no bank account, passport, driving licence. He lives


a transient lifestyle. Used as public transport, stays in B and Bs.


We are keen to locate him. Does he use different names? He does use


the name of Andrew Johnson. The best way of identifying him, he has


his nickname on his right wrist, Skeeby. -- Scooby.


It can be difficult to turn somebody away who has a hard luck


stories. Do check people out, ask for identification, get someone


else involved. Ring the police, that is what we are here for.


If you can help track Rober Kerr down, ring us now. Thanks, Mark.


Now, the fact that just about everyone now has a phone that can


take pictures or films has changed the way police can gather evidence.


And the Metropolitan Police hope you might be able to solve a


vicious attack that someone out there caught on camera. Detective


Constable George Allan is investigating this incident. This


attack happened in Piccadilly Circus in central London. This


happened earlier this year, on Friday 17th February.


It was around 9.45pm. The victim, who is a Hungarian national, was


visiting family in the UK. He was sat on the steps of the Eros statue


watching the street entertainers, when a dispute between himself and


the suspects started. The argument escalates to something pretty


drastic. The man is attacked by a group of unidentified males. It's


pretty nasty, let's take a look. So what's happening here? The man is


being chased, and the suspects trip him up. They proceed to beat him up,


quite viciously. A brutal attack. Now they've finished attacking him,


and the victim tries to get up, but he collapses from his injuries.


That's just terrible. They even hit him over the head with a vodka


bottle. This guy was left with some really bad injuries. He had a


dislocated left hip, a fractured pelvis, a bleed to the brain, and


numerous cuts and bruises. He's still receiving medical treatment


now. This is a really serious incident. You'd really like to


catch these people. But with the CCTV, it's hard to recognise the


people attacking. But you hope there's another piece of evidence


out there that might be able to help you. We believe there could be


more evidence out there on mobile phones. There were a lot of people


around when this incident was happening. So we're keen to speak


to anyone who witnessed this. In particular, there is a male wearing


a body warmer who can be seen videoing the incident using his


mobile phone. We think this person might really be able to help us.


This is in the busiest part of London, 9:45pm. It's understandable


if onlookers don't want to get stuck in if there's an attack going


on. But if you happen to catch something like this on camera, it


can really help the police. We believe other people may have


filmed this incident. Evidence taken at the scene by an onlooker


can really aid an investigation. It can help us to identify suspects,


or even provides evidence of the incident taking place. If someone


came to you, or any police force, I imagine they could remain anonymous


if they wanted to? We're always grateful for the public's help with


investigations. But they don't have to be named. And it can make a real


difference. Let's hope they can make a difference with this case.


Thanks, George. Were you in Piccadilly Circus on


the night of this attack, or were you even the person filming it? You


could help put these thugs behind bars. Please get in touch. Alex.


Thanks, Rav. We're appealing for your help on a very serious crime.


A young woman, who was raped as she returned from a night out in


Swindon, has been brave enough to speak out, as she wants the man who


did this to be caught. We are not identifying the woman, and her


words are spoken by an actor. Before we talk to the officer in


charge, let's hear from the victim what happened.


IRA was with the same friends I'd go up with. We were having fun,


drinking. Dancing, having a laugh. I walked home on my own. Everything


was normal. I got halfway. I was grabbed from behind. Terrifying.


Detective Constable Gemma Vinton is investigating the case. This is a


very serious incident, and you want to talk to anyone who may have


witnessed anything on that night, Thursday May 3rd, or the early


hours of Friday May 4th. She had been out in the Kasbah nightclub


until the early hours of Thursday May 4th. She left at 2am, and


started walking home. If anybody saw anything that might


be relevant, they need to contact you. Where did it happen? You can


just hear the helicopter coming back. She walked down Regents


Street, past the kebab shop. After that she walked up Eastcott Hill


towards Old Town in Swindon. Half way up Eastcott Hill, she cut down


an alleyway as a shortcut. As she entered the alleyway, she was


grabbed from behind, violently thrown to the floor, and raped. Do


we have any description of the man for anyone out there that may


recognise him? The victim has been able to give us a description. He


was a white man in his early twenties, and was wearing a hoody.


His face was covered by the hood. And the victim could only see his


chin, which identified him as white. Crimes of this nature are very rare.


But do take precautions, let somebody know when you're coming


home. Try not to be alone. Keep your mobile phone with you.


This attack has had a devastating effect on this young woman, and on


her family. She won't go out alone now. She told us how it's affected


her. IRA put on a brave face the


majority of the time, but it has had a big impact. It changes what


you do, how you feel about things, about people. I didn't even want to


see my Borrie mates because I didn't want to be near a guy.


Please contact us if you know anything about that attack. It's


really important that this man is found. What advice do you have to


people to stay safe late night? They should make sure they have


planned their route home. Don't walk alone if they can help it. Be


aware of their surroundings. And ideally, get a taxi home to the


front door. Thanks, Gemma. Hopefully the viewers can help to


catch this man. Over to you, Rav. A terrible ordeal. Let's see if


anyone out there can help the police. Now, time for some more


crimes caught on camera. This customer has come in to look


at the rings in his jewellery store in Uxbridge in Middlesex. He spends


time casually chatting to the assistant about what he is looking


for. The assistant puts the rings on the counter and to find out what


he really fancies, having them for nothing. He grabs two rings worth


five grand, and runs for it. Don't let this be run rings around anyone


else. If you recognise him, get in touch.


Two guys break into this newsagent in Hythe in Kent injury this year.


It looks like they might have forgotten to bring a back. They


come back with what looks like a duvet cover. And they manage to


fillet with �5,000 of cigarettes. We do not see their faces, but you


may recognise the Lennon. Come on, help us smoke out these thieves.


Last one for now. See if you can help us with this one. Lloyds TSB


in Greenwich in London, February this year. This man has his face


partially covered but that bobble hat is memorable enough. The gite


in the pink jumper passers, banking his takings of �10,000 all in that


bad. The thief goes outside and the camera picks him up pacing up and


down. He goes back in, made a grab for the bag before making a run for


it. With his distinctive hat and tracksuit, someone must know who he


is. Come on, let's hope the police catch him. -- let's help. If you


recognise anyone, you know what you need to do. Dave.


Thanks. Here is our star guest, she is very brave. Tell us briefly how


she save your life? An incident in Swindon, a man with


a knife, he came out of the house. We challenged him, he came at us.


She was stabbed, defending it, because she wouldn't back off.


were stabbed seven times. The back of the neck, lead and face. And she


was stabbed because she would not let go. Remarkable, a young police


dog, her first operational deployment in a violent situation.


She kept hold of him and she saved my life. She saved the lives of the


other police officers because the man was so out of control. She won


a special award for bravery. PDSA gold medal, the highest order


for his million dog for bravery, which she richly deserves and I am


thoroughly proud of her. Not only your love but potentially saving


the lives of other police officers. -- your life. For he was in a very


disturbed state of mind, armed with two knives, anything could have


happened. Well done to you. A quick update, new details on the


conman Robert Kerr featured earlier. Please kick those calls coming in,


we need to catch him. A police officer has called in with


a good lead on the CCTV pictures of a mobile phone snatch in ones worth


in London. And some calls with potential names.


The helicopter has landed. What were you doing?


We were called out to a patient with anaphylactic shock, a life-


threatening emergency. The aircraft got there in eight minutes. Five


minutes to hospital. How is the patient? Making a good recovery.


Critically ill to start with. That's to was getting there so


quickly it is likely they will make a full recovery. What you normally


do? I am trained as a police bare of server. My role is to sit next


to the pilot, the City with navigation,, treat in a -- and help


with commentary. -- I am trained as a police air observer. That's just


about it from us. That's it for today. Remember, all


the Wanted Faces and CCTV are on our website. Head to:


In today's Crimewatch Roadshow, we ask for your help in catching a conman featured on last year's programme, after he targeted a couple in Warminster. Rav Wilding is live in the studio in Cardiff, with a range of CCTV and Wanted Faces, whilst Dave Guest looks at how Wiltshire police fight crime from the skies. Local reporter Alex Lovell follows officers on the frontline as they target the problem of drugs in Swindon.

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