Episode 13 Crimewatch Roadshow

Episode 13

An appeal for the public's help in finding some rogue traders who conned an elderly couple out of £4,500. Plus, how Gwent police are cracking down on metal thieves.

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This morning on Crimewatch Roadshow... A rogue trader who


ripped up a retired couple's driveway before ripping them off


Hello. And welcome to Crimewatch Roadshow. We're live and as usual


we're asking for your help to catch those criminals who think they've


got away with it. Let's make sure they don't. On the programme


today... Nikitta Grender was killed last year while heavily pregnant, a


murder which shook the nation. We talk to the family liaison officer


who supported her parents. The thief who joined prayers at a


mosque. He came back later to steal from them. We have it all on CCTV.


And the pensioners who were victims of a very elaborate scam. Instead


of getting a new Drive, they were conned for thousands of pounds. We


need your help to catch the rogues responsible. The roadshow team are


out travelling the country for a month, investigating crime where


you are. They were in Wiltshire yesterday. Today we've crossed the


border into Wales. Dave Guest is in charge out on the road. So where


exactly are you today Dave? Hi Rav. Today we're with Gwent Police in


the centre of Newport. It's fairly bustling here in the town centre.


This is the first of three days here in Wales. These things have


become familiar in the UK. Later we will tell you how cash machines are


becoming a major target for criminals. We also joined by a new


member of the team today, Nicholas Smith. -- Nicola Smith from BBC


Wales who's joining me for the rest of the week. Nicola. Thanks Dave.


Yes, I've been a reporter on this patch for years. And later we'll be


appealing for help on a theft from a mosque which is just up the road


from here. Rav. Thanks Nicola. Now our first appeal


today. And it's the tale of rogues who promised a retired couple


they'd repair their driveway. Instead they led them a merry dance


before fleecing them for thousands of pounds. I think it is a scam


that has probably been used countless times and will carry on


being used. How could I have fallen for such a stupid thing? I was


livid about it! Anybody seen a red- headed gentleman with a fawn jacket,


please let me know. Maureen and Eric James have lived in the same


house near Newport for 52 years. Due to their work with the church


and local community groups they are well known in the area. It is not


often strangers drop by. But one caller would betray their trust and


con them out of thousands of pounds. On Saturday 19th made, 2012, Mr


James was in his front garden when a male drove past in a small white


van and parked just by his neighbour's home. There it's


original block paving was five years old and looked worn. --


Eric's. A white van pulled up and a gentleman got out and said I have


been looking on my laptop and we did this about five years ago. He


was a ginger haired gentlemen, I remember that well. He said the


guarantee was up. The is was the first part of the scam, the mention


of a guarantee on the dry voice barked Eric's attention. He had


been given the impression the repairs would be done for free. The


seed had been sown. The man called himself Chris. There was a


discussion about the driveway, nothing solid was agreed. Now the


second part of the scam. The man told Eric the damage driveway would


only need a small amount of work. - - damaged. Under guarantee we would


only have to put some dustbin and build it up to get it more firm,


that would be OK. -- dust in. He said he would come back next week.


He told Eric he would send a member of the team round to doing


valuation. -- do a valuation. A did not agree to any work, just that he


would come back and say what they could do. Chris left and the trap


was set. Eric and Maureen were about become victims of a Kroll


scam. This was just the start of their ordeal and their trusting


natures would be well and truly abused -- of Kroll scam. Mrs James


was at home alone cleaning when she heard a noise outside. She came out


and saw a man taking up the block paving on the driveway. I was


upstairs cleaning, I came down to put stuff in the washing machine


and heard a noise. I looked out of the kitchen window and there was a


man on the drive digging up the drive. What are you doing? Doing


the drive. But somebody asked you to? That would be a shock to anyone.


And later in the programme you can find out what happened next. First


up, Warren Jones. Police have been looking for him for the past six


years. He was due to appear before Preston Crown court in February


2006 in connection with a charge of Actual Bodily Harm but he didn't


turn up. He has tattoos on his right arm of a skull with "United"


above it and a heart with "true love Karla" written on it. Do you


know where Jones is now? Our next two wanted faces are connected.


Roman Sojak and Lucas Mirga are both wanted by detectives in


Lancashire in connection with affray and possessing an offensive


weapon. They failed to appear in court in November last year and


warrants were issued for their arrest. Both men have Polish


accents and Sojak has tattoos of faces on his arms. They have


connections to the Preston area but could be anywhere in the country.


Have you seen them recently? Our last wanted face today is this man,


Scott Hamshire. Detectives from six different police forces want to


speak to him in connection with a series of thefts from supermarket


tills totalling over �25,000. He has connections to the Essex area,


particularly Dagenham and Rainham. But where is he now? If you know


where any of these wanted faces are, please get in touch. The number to


call is... 08000 468 999. Or text us on 63399. Text CW, space and


then your message. And please, leave the space or your message


won't get through to us. Or, email us. [email protected] Now back to


Nicola in Newport. Thanks Rav. Now South Wales has a huge population.


Many people live in the valleys, and commute to the big cities of


Newport, Cardiff and Swansea to work. Such a large population


provides the forces here with a wide of range challenges. Tucked


into the south-east corner of Wales, Gwent Police had a mixture of urban


and rural areas, over 600 square miles in size. The force is led by


one of the few female chief constables in the UK. Our focus is


on the priority crime areas in relation to burglaries, violent


crime and making the area and environment that is safe. We will


follow Gwent officers as they target scrap dealers in the fight


against metal theft. We have so much on board I do not think you


can account for it. And we take a look at the sometimes forgotten


side of policing. Caring for victims and their families.


never dealt with it, I don't think we ever will. Over the border, we


will also join the neighbouring South Wales police force as they


face the challenges of policing a major capital city. A nearly 200


times a year we are concerned with Premiership football, Six Nations


rugby, Royal and VIP visits. Police in a capital city is a privilege


but it has demands on the force and we respond professionally to those.


We also look at the ground-breaking work being done at the forensic


support unit, jointly run by both forces. Or we are looking to see if


the detail within the crime scene marks and if there is any


identifiable features. And as usual, local police officers will appeal


for your help to solve crime in the area. South Wales Police urgently


need your help with this next crime. It happened very recently - just


over two weeks ago on Tuesday 12th June when a cash machine outside a


Waitrose store in Cardiff was targeted in broad daylight. They


got away with a substantial amount of money and the robbers are still


at large. Now we've got some CCTV of the incident. Now the first


thing we see is the security van pulling up outside the store. A


security guard gets out and goes to the back of the van to pull out the


first case of cash he's going to be putting into the cash machine.


There's another guard there and they spend around fifteen minutes


filing the cash machine from the security can. Then the thieves


strike. And here they come. The white transit van pulls up


alongside the security van. You can see one man getting out of the


passenger seat and another three jump out of the side door. They run


towards the cash machine. Now you can't see this on camera but they


wait for the security guards to co me out of the ATM pod. They then


punch one of them and pin the other one against the wall. They grab


five cases of cash and run back to the van, which by then has been


turned around. And they make their escape... And off they go. DS Rob


Cronick is one of the investigating officers. You have a case similar


to the one that went missing. five of them. This was a violent


attack. Three of the men have Liverpool accents, two wearing


orange railway clothing but in particular, the driver has a mole


on the right side of his face, on his cheekbone. We must find them.


Where was the white van abandoned? It was found abandoned and secured


on Hollybush Heights near the scene. We suspect they have driven away in


Strangely, a child's body was found in the back. By it is unusual. --


Yes, that push chair belongs to somebody. We need to find that it


was. This ban was also used in Chester in a robbery on 18th May.


Plenty of clues there. We need to find these men because they could


be doing it again. For Ben Duke. Lot of clues there. Were you around


on 18th May been Chester or June fall off in Cardiff? -- 12th.


Hopefully you can help us with some leads on that robbery. Now an


appeal from Hertfordshire Police about a very nasty con. The


deception involves lying to people to get hold of their PIN number. DC


Rebecca Primrose from Hertfordshire Police is here and Rebecca you're


aware of five of these cons which have all happened this year. Yes,


we have five different fraud cases from the St Alban's area which have


an identical modus operandi. They happened in April this year. It


basically involves the offender making a call to the victim's


landline claiming to be from the bank security department and


telling them the card has been cloned and fraudulently used.


victims are vulnerable and in the same area. They are all over 80 and


all in the St Albans area and all the locations are close to each


other. The call sounds convincing to these people. They are talking


about machinery, technology they use and so on. What are they doing?


The tale the victim they should never give their PIN number out but


then go on to ask them to enter the number into their hands set to


confirm the identity which a bank would never do. The victim then


enters the PIN number into the phone and the offenders had


somewhere of decoding that at the other end and they then have the


PIN number. And it is rubbish, of course, but a good ruse. Then they


actually sense somebody round, don't they? They then confirm to


the victim that your card has been fraudulently used and we will send


somebody round to the house to collect it so the bank can


investigate the matter. So somebody claims to be a courier, collects


the card, then goes away. Here we have some CCTV picture of somebody


We don't have this is the person but they are using a stolen card.


He matches the description provided by each victim of the person. We


are keen to speak with that person to identify them and also the


female in the footage with him. have a female and a male. They fit


the description. The description of the person who comes to collect the


card is an Asian male in his late twenties, early 30s, chubby built,


approximately five foot seven and the person who collects the card


present a business card to the victim bearing the name of Victor a


Hopefully someone can help out. Someone must recognise those two.


Still to come, Nikitta Grender was murdered last year while expecting


her first child. Her parents speak about their ordeal following the


loss of a daughter and granddaughter. We find out how


rogue traders persuaded an elderly couple to hand over thousands of


pounds. And he prayed with them, but he was not there to worship.


Help us track down the man who stole from a mosque. Time for some


dodgy deeds caught on CCTV. This one will really make you sick.


University College Hospital in London. Look at at hand gelled


dispenser. These men are showing a bizarre interest in it. It seems


they are trying to get it from the wall, possibly because it contains


alcohol. Eventually they get it, causing �500 worth of damage. If


you recognise these men, helped the police.


Next, we are in Norwich in February this year and a man barges into


convenience stores. He is brandishing what is possibly a


firearm covered with black material. He demands cash and he wants it now.


His voice is picked up by the camera. When he reaches over to the


tale, there is a number 72 on the sleeve of his top. Help police stop


this thief in his tracks. The kitchen of her hairdresser's in


Alderley Edge in Cheshire. 80s February but this man is not after


a short back and sides. He sneaked in to help himself to the handbags


of the staff. One, at two, three. The haul includes designer handbags,


cash and mobile phones. Who is he? If you recognise anyone or anything


in those videos, you know what you need to do. Now back to Nicola in


Newport. Early last year this city was


shaken to the core by the murder of a young pregnant woman, and it is


one of the more shocking cases I have ever come across. While the


police were working to track down the murderer, behind the scenes,


one of the key members of their team, the family liaison officer,


was supporting her parents. In February 2011, Nikitta Grender was


brutally raped and murdered before her house was set on fire. She was


due to give birth two weeks later. We will never deal with it.


Obviously it was mind-blowing. went along with the family liaison


officer, at Ian Hodgkinson, to need Nikitta's parents and find out


their story. The family liaison officers provide support to people


who have been affected by major crime as well as finding out what


they can from the family that could help the investigation. I am a


police officer, but I am still a father. It is a traumatic time.


was 19, in the prime of life, pregnant with her baby daughter.


But when police were called to Nikitta Grender's flat in February


last year, they found her in the burned-out bedroom. She and her


unborn baby were both dead. Immediately after the discovery of


her body, suspicions were raised that she may have been murdered.


How do you get called on to a particular investigation? On Sunday


morning, I had a call asking if I would attend. His first job was to


introduce himself to the parents of Nikitta. What were your first


impressions? My first impressions were I thought he was going to be


like a normal police officer, but he ended up being a pretty good


friend. How do you the, family liaison officer? It is something


you are asked to do and you put yourself forward to do. You are a


link between the investigating team and the family. You need to update


the family all the time. What did he do for you? He got to know us on


a personal level. He found out about us and other members of the


family that he meant. The role of a family liaison officer is not just


to offer emotional support during the terrible ordeal of having a


loved one taken away. It is to ensure that any information the


family has is passed on to the investigating officer. I needed


information very quickly as to what the family knew, I needed a


background history. I needed to know the day-to-day activities of


the victim because those things eventually lead us to the killer.


As the investigation continued, Nikitta's parents as to see Nikitta


and her unborn child. Unfortunately, because of the circumstances, it


was not possible for the family to see Nikitta. But they did get to


hold the child. It was very emotional. There was someone with


us. It stopped us from being on our own. Carl Whant, the cousin of


Nikitta's boyfriend, was arrested a few days into the investigation.


This was a dramatic turn in the investigation. He arrived the day


after her murder to deliver flowers, before the investigators knew he


was responsible. It was up to the family liaison officer to break the


news 2 Nikitta's parents. He must have had to tell you some


incredibly different things? He was more like a friend. The things he


was telling us seemed easier to accept. As the investigation ended,


the trial began and Ian Hodgkinson's will develop to


support Nikitta's parents through their continuing ordeal. To get the


support from the officer, so they can understand why some of these


things are happening. Rather than going in and not


knowing what to expect, we knew exactly what to expect. Carl Whant


was found guilty of murdering Nikitta Grender. The judge


described him as calculating and devious. 35 years, I will remember


that, but to me, it is not long enough. Once Carl Whant was sent to


prison, the family liaison officer's visits to the family were


less frequent. If someone wants to speak to me, they have got my phone


number and I am always contactable. We know if there is anything


playing on our minds, we can pick up the phone and chat with him.


his day-to-day life for you now? Terrible. You have to learn to live


with it. It is hard. People say you get over things. We are never going


to get over it. Family liaison officer Ian Hodgkinson joins me now.


At terrible experience for any key to's parents but clearly you


support was a comfort? I hope so. They have a long way to go. If we


help them through the early stages, hopefully we have done our job.


do you deal with having to be strong, to be constant for the


people you're working with? I work in an organisation with a large


team so there is support from within and they are always on hand


to give guidance. You work day-to- day in very difficult


circumstances? In it is a career I have chosen. I feel comfortable


doing the job, but ultimately it is the family we're concerned with.


What other kind of situations do you have to deal with? Whatever is


dictated by the investigating officers. They could be suicide, a


could be any death until we know the circumstances. We offer


assistance to the family through the investigation. I imagine that


often you have to break the news that a loved one has died? Yes. It


is something that is not expected and it is information that we have


to pass to the family. We have to be careful. It is hard for you as


well as the family's? It can be hard, but we are looked after a


very well and there is always someone on hand for us to speak to


if it is required. Thank you for joining us this morning.


Next, more on the story of a retired couple who were shocked to


find their driveway being dug up by a complete stranger. Here is what


happened next. Pensioners Maureen and Eric from near Newport had been


visited by a man who claimed he was from a paving company. He told


Derek that he could carry out some small repairs to the driveway and a


guarantee. The following Monday, 21st May, Maureen was in her home


cleaning when she heard a noise outside. When she came out she saw


another Mail on her driveway taking up the paving. I heard a noise


outside. I looked out if the kitchen door and there was a fellow


it on the driveway. He was just speeding up the driveway. Mrs James


was quite shocked. She had not expected anyone to be working on


her driveway. The man said that he would call his boss, and shortly


afterwards, Mr James returned home. There was a work man on the


driveway, taking up the paving. sorted it out and arranged it with


you. What is going on? I started talking to him and he got hold of


for the boss and told him that that he would come. The boss said that


he would be along shortly. When the boss turned up, Eric would be in


for a nasty shock. The simple cosmetic job they discussed was


spiralling out of control. He said, we have a problem, and we


will have to go deeper and build up and relaid the brakes on top of


that. -- and Lady paving on top of that. I kept asking him, how much


will it cost? He came up with a price of �4,500 and it has to be in


cash. They told aerate it had to be in cash so they could get the


building materials cheaper. There was just time for one last element


to this elaborate scam which would stop the couple getting suspicious.


The cement mixture -- the cement mixer turned up and it left quickly,


before it was used. It may have given the operation more


credibility. The couple went off to collect the cash and they were soon


back to hand over the cash. As honest people themselves, they


realised that as have the driveway had been lifted, the men were bound


to finish the work. At 12 o'clock, the work men were still here. My


wife and I told him that the money was here, what do you want done?


What is happening? He said, can you give the money to


the work men? I said, yes. I gave him the money, and he said, we will


be back later. The final part of the money -- the final part of the


scam, getting the money. The couple had handed over a sizable part of


their retirement fund. We thought they would go to the suppliers. We


thought they would collect the materials necessary and bring them


back and start the work. With �4,500 of the couple's money in his


pocket, the work man left to get the building materials on foot.


have not seen him since. When the builders had not returned after two


errors, the couple realised they had been scammed. -- two hours.


is a particularly nasty crime. The individuals involved have targeted


a couple who have worked hard all their lives. The problem is that


you believe people, you think they are honest, you believe what they


say and you accept it on face value. How could I have possibly have


fallen for such a stupid thing. I was livid about it. If I could get


hold of them, I would have I have Detective Inspector Justin


O'Keefe here with me now. This wasn't just work then doing a bad


job, was it, this was a crime. left in no doubt it was. I may let


the place in a mess. -- and they left the place in a mess. They were


�4,500 out of pocket as well as the cost of clearing up the mess.


left behind vital evidence, didn't they? The a did. They left items at


the scene. Mr James got them to sign a receipt, there were other


items recovered that we believe they have handled and those have


been explored for forensic opportunities. For DNA. If you get


to sample it means you can eliminate anybody we bring in who


is innocent. Correct. A any evidence this has happened


elsewhere? Thankfully we are lucky this is a rare event in Gwent. But


these things do go on around the country and we are looking to tried


to investigate as many opportunities and links as we can.


What advice can you give to people? Don't pay money upfront. If you are


getting work, get references and if you are unsure of the people


working for you, please ring. A betting shop in Dalston,


Northampton. A man props up his bike and comes inside, face covered.


He produces what witnesses say is looks like a barrel of a gun. No


joy the first time so he moves to the female cashier but no winnings


there, either. So he has no choice but to cut his losses and leave


empty handed. If you know this would-be thief take a punt and give


us a name. January last year, Sheffield community centre in


Stevenage, Hertfordshire. These to try to get in the front entrance


but fail. They have more success round the back. Once inside they


still some alcohol. But it is about to get nastier. When they come


across a woman who works there they let a fire extinguisher off in her


face. They won the keys to the safe. They don't get them and leave the


just the alcohol but these two must be Court. -- they want. If you


recognise these men, all their clothes, names please. April this


year in Suffolk. It is the dead of night. But it is not quiet for long.


Someone has stolen a bigger and is now driving at and 80 m on a bank


wall. The driver rams the ATM with considerable determination. Yes,


the police have been digging around but they still need information


about these heavy duty vandals. Now as you saw in that last CCTV clip


of those clowns smashing a JCB in to a bank, cash machines are real


magnets for criminals. And Nicola has some advice for you now on how


to keep yourself safe. There are 64,500 cash machines around the UK


As organised gangs go after your cash, we have got some advice for


you on how to avoid getting ripped off when you're getting some cash


out of the hole in the wall. I'm with Tony Blake who is from the


Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit, a joint body of police and


banks that helps stamp out organised card and cheque fraud


across the UK. Good morning. We have our cash machine. What should


I look out for? Firstly using a cash machine is a safe thing to do


but sometimes criminals fit cameras above the pin pad. So make sure you


cover your pen properly, not just half covering it. Make sure you


cover it properly to get away from these cameras. There so I am


putting my card in the machine. We have a hidden camera in this


machine so you can see what the bad guys see, I suppose. How did I do?


Not too well. You half covered the PIN number, but my tip to people is


put your wallet or purse across it and then put your hand underneath.


The cameras will not pick it up. These cameras are hidden, you will


not see them. Don't look for the cameras, just make sure you cover


the PIN number properly with your wallet, or purse. Not with your


hand, they can still get your number. A what about the card?


Criminals can use an electronic device to get details from the


magnetic stripe on your card and the other way as they track the


Cardena machine so if your card does not come at it is possibly


been captured by a criminal. So make sure you have the phone number


of your bank so you can call them straight away before you leave the


machine. Once you have walked away the criminals take your card and if


they have your PIN number they can use it. Thank you. Really useful


device. Dave has a story now that shows that to some criminals


nothing is sacred. We need your help to catch a thief who targeted


a local mosque. One just up the road from here. A stranger turned


up to worship at the Central Newport mosque. He was welcomed


there by the people with open arms. Little could they have suspected he


was not just interested in worshipping. A designer of the


mosque. Everybody is welcome. everyone is welcome from all


different races. The doing this any place of worship is unacceptable.


By Saturday 19th May worshippers arrived at the Jam-e Masjid mosque


as usual for open prev. Worshippers paid little attention to this


newcomer as the mosque has an open- door policy. You trust people who


come here because it is a spiritual time. Sadly, they would remember


this particular stranger for the wrong reasons. Prayers had begun


but rather than join in the intruder slipped out of the few and


made his way downstairs -- view. He opened a back door, leaving it open,


police say the stranger clearly planned to return later. He then


headed upstairs and joined the other worshippers. Halfway through


prayers the other person came in, carried on praying as normal, but


His clothes to doubt a little bit compared to what people normally


wear here. He had a typical Arabian her dress, his face was obscured,


typical white robe that was when people wear. It stuck out a bit but


not in a negative way, just not normal here. Although an unfamiliar


face, the worshippers did not suspect that the stranger joining


them in prayer was simply taking advantage of their welcome. After


prayers the congregation left, leaving the Imam to lock the mask


as usual. Little did he know the back door was ajar, which would


make it easy for the stranger to get back in. Just 10 minutes later


CCTV picks up a man in the alleyway behind the mask. Although wearing


different clothes, police believe he is the same person who had


joined evening prayers are earlier. When he returned to the building it


is obvious he is aware of the CCTV cameras. We clearly Court and on


hour surveillance camera so we could see what he did. -- caught


him. It is hard not to see him coming in and out. The tries to


avoid it and goes to the top floor of the building. He spends about 18


minutes in the building looking around. He returns to the middle


floor of the building and commits the burglary. Out of sight of the


cameras the intruder set about breaking into the office. He broke


into a filing cabinet and still about �200. He also stole a small


mobile phone. The hats too late, he cut a CCTV camera cable while


making his escape. -- perhaps too late. It is pointless. We have him


for more than 20 minutes in the building before the burglary and


when he enters for the burglary again. Less than two hours later,


when the worshippers returned for evening prayers, they were dismayed


by what they found. The reaction was shock and horror. The you never


expected to happen in a place of worship. -- you never. You don't


expect somebody to come in and burgle the place, someone who


preyed next two. We don't believe he has been to the mosque before.


He is a stranger from the street. None of the other person's he used


the mosque recognise him. intruder left with more than a


phone and money, he took with him the trust of a once open community.


Sadly the mosque has been forced to review security and can no longer


leave their doors open. I have Yusuf Hall and Mujahida Ali who are


worshippers at the Mosque with me now. I suspect you feel betrayed?


Were do. He has betrayed a principle which is worse than


betraying a person, or people -- we do. He has also risk tarnishing our


society. You had the CCTV put in when you opened the mask, you are


glad about that now because you have vital evidence. The definitely.


It is the first time we have had to use it. We are delighted that the


results. Was there anything distinctive about this man? He was


very tall. His dress code was what you would see typically worn in the


Middle East which does not seem too common in the local area. Other


than that he fitted in well. turned up part-way through prayers,


is that normal? It is quite normal. People during prayers throughout


the duration. Has this made you more suspicious about welcoming


strangers to your Moscow? really. It defeats the object of


everything, we are an open Moss, we welcome anybody to come and worship.


-- mosque. You still welcome strangers. Let's hope we get a


Just an update... We have been getting names on the Waitrose


robbery and the men who conned the elderly couple out of thousands of


pounds. They did that by digging up their drive. A police officer has


got in touch with information on the man who stole from the Newport


mosque. So we had just heard from Dave they're speaking to the guys


from the mosque. That really encouraging. Thank you to everyone


who got in touch. What are you doing tomorrow? Were are moving on


to Swansea tomorrow. We will discover how police and scientists


are using advances in technology to help track criminals through these,


apparently shoe prints can be as unique as fingerprints and may have


been using them to get some convictions. And we out with the


officers clamping down on scrap- metal dealers. There are sure you


join us. So sounds good. -- make sure. That's it for today. Head to


Live from the centre of Newport, Crimewatch Roadshow appeals for the public's help in finding some rogue traders who conned an elderly couple from Malpas to give them £4,500. In Cardiff, Rav Wilding looks for help in finding some wanted faces. We follow Gwent police as they crackdown on metal thieves, and ask for help in catching a thief who prayed with fellow worshippers at a mosque before stealing from them.

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