01/05/2012 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back, I must say we have had some pretty remarkable


calls tonight. More of what has cop in soon, but let us remind


ourselves of the shockingly violent raid on two family homes in the


Shropshire village of Wollertonful it happened just before Easter.


dog started barking. And I thought maybe someone was at the door.


Don't move. Whofrpblgts are they mummy? Have you got a phone?


dawned on me they weren't looking for me. They headed for the house


next door.. There is no safe. You don't threaten a pregnant woman


without having no conscience at all. They didn't care. They went to on


to haurt boy and his mother. It is horrendous. Horrendous. DCI Alan


Edwards from West Mercia Police is with me. The violence was appalling.


I said we have had remarkable calls. Have you had them? We had a few. A


lot about potential linked crimes. We have sightings of the vehicle,


we have had a number of names. One has come up twice, but I really


need names of people who are involved. Is there anybody that you


want to target, to talk to tonight, directly? I need those members of


the criminal community, who may well know who these people are, to


come forward, and tell us about these men before they do anything


like it again. Let us remoin people, the levels of violence here were


horrific. A young boy nearly had his finger cut off and his mother


was cut in the head and they tied up a woman who was eight months


pregnant. Let us go to Matthew. Next the brutal murder of a retired


farmer Llywelyn Thomas at his rural Cambridgeshire home just before


Christmas. Think this is a burglary that has gone wrong. Sorry to


bother you at this time of night. This was a savage attack. What you


doing? This is my bedroom.. Whoever is close to these people, just need


the see what they have done to one gentle old boy. Well here is DCI


George Barr, George what sort of night has it been? I am really


ploesed with the number of calls tonight. We have had a number of


calls in relation to the veeng. You recall the vehicle was seen driving


down the A10 southbound. We have had people call in relation to that.


We are doing follow ip enquiries. We have had calls in relation to


the watches ch you remember the three watches taken and coins and


we are doing follow up inquiries. It is worth saying again an


unbelievable amount of violence given this was a 76-year-old man.


can't emphasise how unnecessary the level of violence used was ch I am


sure people living in Cambridgeshire know who is


responsible for this attack, what I want them to be is courageous, pick


up the phone and contact us. right. Thank you. Remember, a


�50,000 reward on this one. Plenty of calls coming in on the CCTV


footage, particularly the GBH in Bath on Valentine's Day. 30 calls


naming the attacker in the CCTV footage, that information is being


followed up. But police are desperate for the man photographed


in the nightclub to come forward. Now the theft of building equip


iment -- equipment from the Olympic Park lots of call coming in. Keep


them coming in. Next an update on the hunt for a rapist, you will


remember he attacked a teenage girl in Chislehurst in south-east London


last July. I looked to my left and saw the same car with the same man.


I carried on walking, then I heard footsteps behind me. Where you


going love? I felt scared and I had to do what he was saying. Get in


the bushes. Knowing he is still out there is scary. He doesn't really


think about the consequences and how people feel. Horrendous for


that young girl. DI Tim Wilkinson joins me. How have the calls been?


Excellent. 30 people have contacted the show. They have given us new


name, real good local investigation we can act on and that will be


looked at straight away. If we can ask people, look that the clothing,


that e-fit, think of the place where it is and that car, July last


year, if you can link that to a name, please ring us and we can do


something with it. This girl went through a traumatic event and she


has been a very brave young girl. Distinctively the car. They should


look on the website for the details:. Yes, Chevrolet Cruz


Saloon. Now, the two raids on museums in recent weeks in which


millions of pound worth of rare Chinese artefacts were stolen. DCI


Jim McCrory is here and I know you have had really promising calls


tonight Absolutely. We have been very busy, really pleased with the


response. We have had one call in particular in relation to the


vehicle that we showed, your earlier programme, the viewers will


remember a white van seen this weekend, we are following up those


inquiries. I remind people that is important, stolen from London, 7th


April, where has that been? And where it is now? You have had


information on the burglary from Durham museum. We have colleagues


from Durham circulating. We have received information as to where


that person may be. That sound promising. Thank you. Right, the


detective leading the British review into the Madeleine McCann


case, DCI Andy Redwood is with me again. A big appeal. How has it


gone on the phones? Really well. Over 60 calls. I am grateful for


the public wo have called in. of the big things you have shown is


this remarkable photograph. A lot of care has been taken compiling it.


Explain what people are looking at. Age progressed image of Madeleine


McCann, nine-year-old as she is on her birthday. We have worked with


the family and a UK expert to prepare this image which they agree


is a very close likeness to how she looks. You are talking to millions.


Who do you want to target and what do you want to say? Please take the


time to look at this image, if you know where she s if you know what


has happened to her, please, make contact with us. In is a little


girl who should be celebrating her ninth birthday with her parents.


She is not going to be doing that. Let us go to Martin. The net is


closing in on several of these faces. Face number six, ras ra,


wanted for rape in 2003 -- Rasol Zana Mohammed. Loads of calls on


him. Five possible sightings in a similar area, we are following them


up. Another face we are getting calls on is face four, Wayne


Jackson, possible sightings again of him, all in the same area, and


Jermaine Lewis, loads of call, Mr Lewis, police say they have very


specific information on you. They will be calling soon. That is all


we have time for, but do remember, details of all of the cases are on


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