31/05/2012 Crimewatch Update


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Hello, and welcome back. We've had lots of very good calls which we'll


update you on in just a moment, but first lets remind ourselves of that


terrifying armed raid at the home of 52-year-old Noel Martin in


Tie her up. Where's the money? They knews I was paralysed because


they didn't take any care at all to think, well, I could have just


jumped out of the bed. At the end of the day, it makes me


angry because I can't get up to do something about it.


Well, DC Ian Tomlinson from West Midlands Police joins us. How have


the calls been? Some really interesting calls been put forward,


particularly some names put forward from the CCTV and other names from


what people have heard from the fencingings. There were some


interesting things taken. Give us brief descriptions. Yes, the


Ingersoll men's watch. I need more calls, particularly about Noel's


wife's engagement ring. This is the ring he wore around his neck when


he was up and about. Tell us about the level of threat here because


that's the really shocking thing. Yes, absolutely. We've got three


offenders who think it's perfectly acceptable to rob a paralysed man


at gunpoint in his own home. I need to find out who these people are.


That was a targeted attack. Over to you.


Next, the murder of 72-year-old Bertie Acheson in Coleraine in


Northern Ireland just one month ago. Did you hear that? Stay here.


want the money now! Help, please! If you don't give me the money, I


am going to kill your husband. I want your purse.


I'd like to tell them what a wonderful man my father was and how


he so cruelly ended his life. Ian Harrison is in charge of this


one. What's come in? I have received some information, but I am


still waitinging for the key call - Glengorm Avenue and the lane at the


side of his house. Where is the purse also? Someone out there knows


who did this. They do. I believe that's the case. I have seen the


devastation in this family. Their whole life has imploded. There is a


huge gap now. They deserve answers. They need to know who did this. If


you have information, pick up the phone tonight. Don't wait for


somebody else to make the call. Good luck with that one. Please, if


you know anything, do call in. Martin? Remember that last CCTV we


showed you of an assault on a child in a supermarket in Harrow - that's


prompted over a dozen calls providing excellent information,


including several callers calling in with the same information. That


is vital. Remember, that very casual robbery in Withenshaw, the


man nursing his cup of coffee. The same name keeps cropping up, as it


does for the snap of the necklace in Sidcup. We have a potential name


for one suspect. We'd like to know the other. Keep the calls coming in.


Kirsty. Another reminder now - of our re-appeal to catch the killers


of 31-year-old Tracy Mertens. She was the victim of a particularly


horrific murder in Cheshire in 1994. Please! Aah!


Just unbelievable. I can still feel that pain now from that day.


She deserves to be at rest because I don't think she ever will be


until these people are caught. Well, DS Steve Currie from Cheshire


Police is with me. You had an initial appeal in 2009. How have


the calls come this time? We have had some good responses, but sadly,


our vital witness hasn't come forward yet. Again, a lot of our


callers are giving us named suspects with anonymous information.


I can't use anonymous information. I need at least a phone number.


can guarantee if people call in tonight, then they can talk to you


or one of your team, and you can guarantee that'll be a one-to-one


response, and you can talk them through the process. I want to ask


you particularly about a witness you want to trace. Briefly, who was


this? The chap in the Grove in 1994. He saw Tracy Mertens, saw her being


bundled into the car he's described other witnesses being a guy in his


35 to 45 age bracket, 5'7", stocky, grey, thinning hair, blue trousers.


Thank you very much. The calls coming in thick and fast


on our rogue's gallery starting with Angela Owen. Please bear in


mind she does operate under various alias, but good information coming


in on this woman who is wanted in connection for fraud and with the


death of a child, giving us potential locations. Moving on to


face number six, Martin John Bond. Sightings of him in the West


Midlands area. He's wanted for serious assaults. Our last man


Wayne Tidy - we have calls on him, bringing him down to a particular


area we know he frequents. OK. That's it.


That's all we've got time for, but remember, details of all of


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