19/07/2012 Crimewatch Update


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Hello, and welcome back. Many, many good calls already tonight on all


of our cases. We'll have the full details in just a moment. First,


though, let's remind ourselves of our appeal to find the gunman who


attempted to assassinate this 45- year-old Russian banker, German


Gorbunstov, in London's Docklands in March.


TRANSLATION: They found six bullets inside me. I was badly injured and


badly affected. I will make it. But The worst feeling is that guy shot


me and ran away and probably very much hoped he had killed me.


DCI Russell Taylor has been leading the investigation. He's here with


us tonight. What have you heard? have had some calls identifying the


taxicab that was used, but we're really looking to get some leads on


if CCTV of the gentleman on the 19th - the day before the shooting


- seen wearing the same top as the gunman - dumped. We must try to


identify this individual. He may be completely innocent, but we need to


find who he is and speak to him. That's the cardigan he was wearing


as well. There was that other piece of CCTV man, seen moving away from


Canary Wharf station. We'll have a look at that again. Have you heard


anything about that? Again, we haven't. We desperately need to


speak to this individual seen moving towards the scene with a bag,


back to the tube station without the bag - again, may be completely


innocent, but we really need to identify this man and speak to him


to be able to progress our investigation. Russell, thank you


very much. The lines are open until midnight tomorrow. If you know


anything, get in touch. Matthew? Now, the appeal to find those


responsible for killing father of three Javaid Ali had at his shop in


Paisley in Glasgow just over a month ago. He'd been stabbed in the


shop, and the level of blood less was absolutely shocking. My mum was


broke down there and then. I just went to reassure her, to say, "Mum,


it's going to be OK." As soon as I opened my mouth, I couldn't help it.


I just burst into tears as well. My mum's lost her husband. My youngest


brother - he's only ten years old, and he's lost his father. I really


want them to be caught for the sake of my and my family so we can maybe


begin to move on. Duncan Sloan from Strathclyde Police is here again. A


couple of calls I know that you're really excited about. Tell me about


it. Yes, there's been a good response so far, in particular, two


calls I am interested in. The first is from a male who says he has key


information and is going to attend the Paisley police office tomorrow.


That's really encouraging. I would welcome this, but I would ask him,


please call back tonight so we can speak to you. Secondly, we had a


call from an anonymous male who stated - and named an individual


responsible and stated he'd seen a weapon that had been used. Clearly,


this is important, and please call back. I'll be sitting waiting for


that phone call. This is important because we saw Javaid's family


desperate for answers. Yes. This is a really traumatic time for the


family. I can't there's enough. I would ask you, put yourself in


their shoes. If this had happened to your loved one, please do the


right thing and call us. Thank you very much. If you were one of those


two people that called, Duncan is here waiting for you to call back.


Now, we start with that assault in a Croydon branch of Subway. We have


only had a few calls on this, but the quality has been outstanding -


all the calls giving potential names for the two men who assaulted


that security guard. Remember the man with the flat cap who stole a


diamond ring from an antique shop in North Yorkshire? We have had an


extremely strong lead on this which is being checked out as I speak,


and the punchy little character on that London bus - four people have


called in, all naming the same person and giving potential


locations. Sean? Thanks. Next, the series of horrific sex attacks in a


small area of Gloucestershire over the past few months. Now, police


I didn't think there was anybody It was just terrifying not knowing


who it was and why - why me? fact he's still out there worries


me because he potentially is going to do it again to other young girls


who, like me, don't deserve it. Here, again, DS Angela Middlewood


from Gloucestershire Constabulary. I know you have had some useful


calls coming in tonight, Angela. Yes, we have had a lie number of


calls giving some names, and we've also had some people reporting some


suspicious males in the vicinity of the relevant offences, but we still


would like people to come forward in relation to the CCTV. We still


need some names for those witnesses. It's the potential witnesses you're


looking for. Just talk us through the CCTV again. Yes, this is the


CCTV which is for the 19th of January attack, which happened on


the A40 - the bridge over the A40 lone male. This CCTV was taken


minutes after the attack, and they may have vital evidence and may


have seen the attacker making his escape. These were brutal attacks,


Angela. Thank you very much. Matthew? Our reappeal to find the


killers of 20-year-old Adam Chadwick who was shot in the head


by masked gunmen in the Hair Hills area of Leeds - police showed CCTV


of the police steal the car, a Ford Focus CMax, YH54SBV. We have had a


good response. Several people suggesting a name on the woman who


knocked twice on that door asking for Michelle, and also a woman who


says she knows the name of the woman and the three killers. She


Let's get the latest on this rare Henry Moore sculpture stolen from


the grounds of his home in Hertfordshire over a week ago. DI


Paul Watts from Hertfordshire Constabulary - what have you had?


We have had a number of calls. The most interesting one relates to the


theft of the reclining figure in 1995, worth �3 million. That


relates to machinery that may have been used in the theft. Nothing on


the sundial so Gar? Nothing significant on the sundial so far.


I have officers working on this. It's a distinctive work of art. If


you know where it is get in touch. On to the wanted and face number


three - Ann Maureen Taverner. She's wanted in connection with selling


crack cocaine in Brighton. We have had four calls and an e-mail giving


significant information about her, including a potential location.


Face number four is Anthony Clark. He's wanted in connection with


fraud all over the country, some really positive leads on him,


including a potential sighting. Officers are checking on this as we


speak. Finally, Hashim Elmi - lots of calls on this providing some


very specific information indeed. He, of course, is wanted in


connection with armed robbery. Sean?


I am afraid that's all we've got time for. Do remember, the details


of all of tonight's case will be on the website. Here is the address.


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