27/09/2012 Crimewatch Update


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Hello. Welcome back. Before we do anything. Let me give you up date


on Megan Stammers. You will remember she is the missing is a-


year-old, believed to be somewhere in Europe with her 30-year-old math


teacher. We have had lots of texts, e-mails from across Europe. Martin,


her father we spoke to him earlier, the investigation team are also


sifting through the information that you have sent us. It is all


very useful, thank you. Now, a reminder of the terrible


arson attack in the Lancashire village of Freckleton. In which


four of Michelle's children died. I have been a mother since I was 16


years old. That is all I have known, looking after my children. It has


just left me feeling empty. Every time I look at their pictures


and see the smile on their faces, it is devastating. It is just


killing me, really, inside. Well, the man in charge of the


investigation, Detective Superintendent Dermott Horrigan


from the Lancashire Police joins me now. Important calls for your team?


Yes. Several calls. One in particular that has named a certain


individual. Somebody that I am interested in. We are following


that up as we speak now. Let's remind people that four


innocent lives were lost that night. A fir that was set in the


children's bedroom. Who do you want to appeal to tonight? I want to


appeal to that person who knows the person who did this. I would say


don't lay low if you need to contact us.


Now, the hunt for a sex attacker who in June targeted a young woman


in Weston-Super-Mare. Her voice is disguised.


For some reason I turned and looked behind me. It was about 30 seconds


later that I felt someone grab me around the throat.


It is never going to go away. It will not get much easier until this


guy is caught. Well, Detective Chief Inspector Sue


Wilshire is here again. I know you have had a lot of good calls?


really interesting. A number of names have been put forward.


Still looking for information on the Fight Star hoodie and the link


to what the attacker said to the victim with regards to breaking up


with his girlfriend. The CCTV image there, there is a man there, we are


keen to talk to him. Call if you recognise him.


Remember the footage of the person from exyex with a penchant for


hitting people with mops? Well, we have had many texts and calls. The


gentleman in the shorts who took away a Rolex from a jeweller in


Sussex has been named four times from callers. The odd gentleman


from the embankment in London, lots of calls saying that people


recognise him. The borough in the case murder of


Ricky Smith, the 25-year-old father of two, fatally stabbed in 1997.


I was pretty shocked to find out that this guy just carried on that


same night and actually killed someone.


Help! Help! Somebody! We've just got to get him. We have got to get


him. He's got to be caught. Well, let's talk again to Acting


Detective Chief Inspector Colette Smyth, what has come? In? We have


had over 20 calls. Some giving names that we are grateful for.


Officers are working through that but I urge people to put together


the Chicago Bulls jacket, with the.cap. We are vital for somebody


to give us that name. And you are desperate for answers


here? We are. It is the naer -- anniversary of Rick any's death.


The family need answers. Now, we have had lots of calls on


this one. The jewellery? You have, haven't you? A good response.


Several messages from callers who say that they have had items stolen.


Also from a jeweller who may have done work on one of the items.


We should remind people to go to the website. Some of these pieces,


these are not High Street stuff. They are valuable bits and bobs


here? They are distinive. I believe anybody who owned them previously


would have no trouble in identifying them.


Over to Martin. Now, Ricardo Pisano has attracted the most attention.


17 calls provided possible sightings. The police are keen on


the sightings, they are in areas he is known to frequent. He is wanted


for murder. Derek Brockwell. He is wanted for robbery. Several calls


from him, including one from an off-duty officer, saying he may


have seen him in Weymouth. Keep the calls coming in.


That was quick. Details of the cases are on the website. They will


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