21/11/2012 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back. It's been a busy night and we'll have all the


details in just a moment. But first let's catch up with Detective


Superintendent Rob Vinson who is leading the investigation into the


house fire in Harlow, Essex five weeks ago, which killed a mother


and her five children. It has been really interesting. We have some


interesting names come in a run the group of four. Who are the two boys


on bikes? Way is a Pictish she buy A satellite laptop? -- where is a


to laptop? Where was this before it was dumped? Who has seen this? Who


was offered the laptop? You told us this was an active murder


investigation. Let's remind ourselves. A mother and all of her


five children. Absolutely comic in their own home. Someone has got


some information that will help us. Dr Shakoor has lost everything. We


need some answers. This man is struggling with the magnitude of


what he has to deal with. Now a reminder of the truly


appalling torture and murder of 68- year-old Clement or Butch Desmier.


He was attacked at his home in As much as I want to believe it


happened quickly... I prayed he would not have any pain, I know he


did and I know he suffered. Mark Ridley from West Yorkshire Police


is here again. You told me you received significant calls. Yes, we


have had a very pleasing response. Two phone calls in particular


suggesting names that of great interest to the inquiry. Police


officers in Bradford are looking into that as we speak. We need more


names put forward so we can identify who was responsible for


this brutal murder of Clement "Butch" Desmier. Remind us what you


still need. We are still keen to identify who the man was seen with


Butch at 4:20pm on the day before his body was discovered and two


individuals seen acting suspiciously outside his house in


the early hours of the morning. Those people will hold vital


information. At the very least, in relation to Butch's last hours.


This was a 68-year-old in his own home who ended up with 40 separate


stab wounds. 40, yes. And he had 70 injuries. He was clearly tortured


for a sustained period of time. It must have been a very frightening


and prolonged attack. Do you have a motive? No, and that is what we


would really like to know. Why would somebody what to do this to


Clement "Butch" Desmier. You have seen his daughter on sale. The


family are clearly devastated. If you know why somebody would want to


do this to Butch, please let us know. There is a reward from


Crimestoppers of up to �5,000 for anybody who provides information


leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for


this brutal attack of Butch in Bradford. If you know anything,


please phone. The first piece of CCTV footage we


showed you tonight was about a vicious attack on a young woman in


Plaistow. We have had lots of text messages and calls on this, are all


giving potential names and all of these Leeds will be followed up by


the police. Equally unprovoked, the attack on a bus driver in Finchley.


The same name has been given several times. Officers are


following that up as we speak. Remember the burglary on the 80-


year-old a pensioner in Hereford. One name keeps coming up for one of


these men, and what is even more heart-warming is that the lady was


saving �300 for a new pair of glasses and viewers have called to


say they are prepared to buy those for her.


Let's take another quick look now at the Royal Military Police's


renewed investigation into the disappearance of two-year-old


Katrice Lee who vanished from a British army base in Germany in


1981. My daughter has never been seen


since the moment that she left the checkout and when to run after me.


31 years as a family we had been living without an answer. Today I


could be sitting here as a grandmother and I know nothing


about that. I have missed my daughter growing up, Mr teenage


years. We will never forget. Major Clive Robins who is leading


the case is with me again. How have the phone's been? I have been


really encouraged by the response. I have had some excellent calls


from witnesses who we have never spoken to previously, which is


really positive. What I haven't had yet is that crucial piece of


information that will help me solve this tragic case of Katrice. Who it


is it very specifically that you need to hear from? I am extremely


interested to speak to those people who were in the NAAFI on the 20th


November, 1981. If you were there and you have not been spoken to


previously, please get in touch. Let's remind ourselves of what the


two-year-old was wearing. She was wearing a unique code, this is an


exact replica that has been made for us by restaurant Macros. She


was wearing this when she disappeared. -- made us a


Mothercare. I am keen to talk to any families who have little girls


who owned that coat in order to be able to eliminate them as Katrice.


This forensic age progression, why is it important? If Katrice is


still alive and in the community, I am hoping these images would depict


what she looks like and has looked like in her life. These are crucial,


for people. The people can have a very close look on the website.


Back to Martin. Ivan Leach, also known as Lee Cyrus,


escaped from prison and was serving a life sentence for robbery. We


have had plenty of calls. He was caught with drawing money from a


cash machine. He is extremely dangerous so if you see him, call


999. We have had several calls, all pointing to one location. Police


are following that up. Keep the calls coming in.


I'm afraid that's all we have time for but of course details of all of


tonight's cases are on the website. You can also follow us on Twitter.


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