14/02/2013 Crimewatch Update


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Welcome back. It's been a busy night and we've had lots of very


interesting calls. But let's start with a reminder of the brutal


murder, just before Christmas of 39-year-old, Les Ross.


What there... There is no answers, nothing. For the moment, we know


someone has murdered him, but that is all we know. The DCI is with me


again. We have had a number of useful calls. The man walking on


the CCTV, two calls giving the same name. We need calls around the


vehicle. The reminders of the movements, it could have been the


same vehicle? Potentially. Four sightings between the 7:15pm and


the 7:45pm time. We are keen to find out who was driving it and


rule out if it was the same vehicle or more than one vehicle.


Now the latest on the rape of a 19- year-old, which happened on


Brighton beach in the early hours of Friday, 7th September. DI Ian


Still is here again. It has been an encouraging night? We have received


a lot of calls, some of which have provided names that we will be


following up. It is exactly what we wanted. We will encourage people to


call in at this moment in time. you have got mains, you did show


the CCTV earlier, take us through that again. The chose the man


entering the nightclub at 10:30pm on Thursday 6th September last year.


We then have got a further footage leaving a nightclub in the early


hours of the morning, walking towards the Clock Tower before


turning right into Duke Street. did hear from the 19-year-old and


she did take us through the devastation this has had on her


life? If has been an horrific attack. It was a confident 19-year-


old, who since the attack, has struggled to leave her home address


and has not worked since the attack. If you know anything, please call


him. Lots of calls coming in from the true Rhona Knight club. This


man will be expecting a knock on his door. Also with the assault


outside the fast food takeaway in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham.


One called gave a name and date of birth. And information on the


assault outside the pub in West Bromwich.


Lee Boxell was just 15 when he went missing 25 years ago. Police think


an unofficial youth club in the grounds of a church in Cheam may be


central to finally finding out what happened to him. We thought he went


to the Football. 5pm went, 6:00pm. I was worried. We know there were


paedophiles in that area, and he may have discovered something that


led to his disappearance. The DCI is heading the team, how


have the calls been? It's has been great, we have had nearly 40 calls


and half of them are from people who were local in 1988 and have


given us details of themselves and other people who went there, and


the memories of the Church. What ever happened, happened 25 years


ago. Some people watching will remember him and think, what is the


point, it was 20 that years ago? What do you say to them? We are


trying to compile a picture of what happened 25 years ago. Any


information, however small, will be valuable in getting the overall


Pete -- picture. DCI Andy Guy, investigating the


disappearance of 35-year-old Danny Hall, who went missing while


backpacking in Thailand in 2008, is here again. Remind us when he went


missing? He was last seen at the back yard bar on Monday 25th


February 2008. The night before he had been sued the full Moon Party.


We did show this photograph earlier. This is the Danny. Have people


phoned in with names? We have had some interesting calls for the two


men in the foreground. We have also had some detail of two of the


individuals in the back ground and we have officers checking those


details. If you know people on here, please call him.


On the wanted faces, this man is wanted for murder. Several calls to


detectives and detectives are following up as we speak. In the


County Tyrone area of Northern Ireland. And this phase, number


four, we have had plenty of calls. Placing him in an area of Bristol,


an area where he is known to have links. He is very dangerous, so if


you have seen him, please call the police. Please keep your calls


coming in for. I'm afraid that's all we have time


for, but of course details of all of tonight's cases are on the


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