03/11/2011 Crimewatch Update

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The Crimewatch team present the latest developments on the cases featured in the main programme.

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Hello and welcome back. As a result of your calls tonight, a police


unit is already on its way to arrest someone, and someone else


has called up to say they're going to hand themselves in. A reminder


of our first programme. It was the murder of bystander Rico Gordon in


I remember calling him and saying, where are you now? He was, like,


I'm coming. I was, like, well, if you are not here soon I'm going to


go to sleep. Then it just cut out. Rico! I wish that the phone


conversation that we had was more... Are better last conversation. I


feel like the main part of my life is missing. That isn't easily


filled. Here again is Detective Superintendent Sue Scott from Avon


and Somerset police. A we've had some really interesting


developments. Lots of phone calls, lots of names. That's good news.


The car, the blue Alfa-Romeo, why was that important? Because we are


looking for the person who fixed that broken window between 3rd July


and the sixth of July. The we haven't had that called tonight, it


could be an important one. The CCTV of the what this is, you said those


people could be crucial. The man in the white shirt. We are still


looking for a name for this man and also the man in the tracksuit. We


would like some names for those individuals. We have two names for


this lady here, if that is you then give us a call. Thank you. Do


please keep calling. The lines are Great response on the CCTV. The


Warrington nightclub head-butt that we shall do. We've had 10 of phone-


calls, e-mails, the same name has come up seven times for this guy.


It also had a call from someone claiming to be responsible for that


incident and they are going to hang themselves in. A man had a broken


jaw from this guy, we have the same name seven times for the offender.


And the Yorkshire Cancer charity shop burglary. The same name has


come up twice for him will stop a great response on the CCTV.


Earlier, we told you about the body of a baby boy that was found in a


stream in Kirkham in Lancashire last month. What has come in?


had a significant number of calls around the items we featured in the


appeal, particularly the baby grow, the issue this and the towels.


Individually, I know where all of those came form. We need the vital


clue that clusters those items together and provide the vital clue


in the jigsaw that makes up this case. And you are desperate for the


mother to come forward as well. Absolutely desperate. Out there we


have a woman or young girl who has given birth and the child has ended


up in the stream. Somebody placed it there. We need to know how that


happened. We will help you and sort this out. A reminder of the


appalling case of mistaken identity in which 14-year-old Kallio Hogan


was kneecapped on his doorstep by a gunman in High Wycombe. -- Kallio


Hogan. I was on the computer and watching -- and my sister was


watching TV. There was a knock on the door. No one was there for


He should never have gone through what he did. He is just an innocent


boy. We are joined again by DCI Joe Kidman. This was an appalling crime,


appalling injuries suffered. How have the phone calls gone tonight?


Lots of good cause, particularly about the jacket. And from lots of


people who know the general circumstances. What we need of the


names of the two individuals on the CCTV. People can go to the website


and checkout that CCTV again. They were caught on camera. Let's remind


people, four operations this young boy has gone through. You s, he may


need war. Over 50 pellets, most of them have been removed but some


have to stay there. Great stuff coming in on the faces. Abdi Karim


Ismail wanted for sexual assault on a teenager. 25 Leeds the police are


following up. Alexander Abimbola, wanted for dangerous driving. Four


sightings for him. Robert Stevens, wanted for armed robbery. 24 calls


for him. Very interesting leaves the police are following up. That