15/12/2011 Crimewatch Update

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The latest developments on the cases featured on the main Crimewatch programme. With Kirsty Young, Matthew Amroliwala and Rav Wilding.

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Hello, and welcome back. I must say there have been some remarkable


calls tonight - more of what's come in very soon. First, let's remind


ourselves of the appalling case of 15-year-old Mo Bourner who has been


left severely brain damaged after an unprovoked attack in Bexhill in


East Sussex. Mo is a very well- known, popular lad, peace loving,


likes to go out, enjoy himself. He was really looking forward to going


to the beach party with his friends. The party was fun, man. I had a


good time. Oi, boy. Come over here. Mo! To then see him lying there


being kept alive, and knowing how lively he was, it seems desperately


sad. Desperately sad -, well, DCI Nick


Stone from the crime team is here. I have had a fantastic night. The


combined pieces of information we have had in have been great. We


have now over 50 pieces of information. The first one is the


same person is being consistently named as the offender. The second


thing is potentially new witnesses have come forward to both the


assault and some acts of aggression at the beach party earlier in the


evening, which is great. The final thing that's coming through is the


courage of the people coming forward. They're starting to


reflect, I think, on mum and dad and the courage and the dignity


they displayed and are going to do the right thing and tell the truth.


As you said, you'll treat any witnesses with the utmost security


and anonymity. They can be assured of that. We should also remind


people this was just a straight forward, fine, upstanding boy about


to sit his GCSEs who now has 90% brain damage because of the punch.


I can offer people that reashun, and Mo has had his future taken


away. Next, the appeal for new information to track down the


murderer of Detective Constable Jim Morrison. He was fatally stabbed


two decades ago as he tackled a bag thief in London's West End.


Put the knife down. Put the knife Whenever somebody dies or is killed


tragically like that any time of year is going to be horrendous, but


at Christmas, it just felt for me very hard because it was Christmas,


and life goes on for everybody else, but you don't really want it to.


Here, again, is Detective Chief Inspector Amanda Hargreaves. What's


come in? We have had a large amount of calls this evening despite this


being 20 years ago. Some of these calls have been very interesting


and will no doubt help the inquiry enormously. One in particular is


from a potential witness that has given us information we're


currently working on. Sounds like a really good lead. I know in recent


weeks you have had calls from the Algerian community. You're


desperate for those people to call back. Yes that community have


helped us a lot. There have been a couple of callers who left numbers.


We tried to contact them, and there has been no answer. We'd


particularly like them to call back. After all of this time, Jim and his


friends and his family desperate to actually catch the person


responsible. Please, if you do have information, call in.


We have good stuff coming in on CCTV. Let's start with the


Nottingham double bank robbery. We have had a couple of names already


suggested by viewers at home who could be, then a biker, seemingly,


unprovoked, attacked train passengers, then we showed you a


guy indecently exposing himself in Hertfordshire. We have had


promising information, I'm told by the officers. We have had a name


and location for them. We're joined by Detective Sergeant Duncan


Cameron who is investigating the unbelievable sexual assault by two


men on the same night. We have had a number of positive responses from


callers tonight. However, there have been a couple who phoned in,


haven't left details. We want them to phone back. We can guarantee


anonymity if they call us back tonight. Let's remind people of the


horror of the attack. There was plenty of CCTV. Briefly, what are


we seeing? That's correct. It's two different males that come into the


shop separately and attack her and carry out serious sexual assaults


on her. There is also importantly a person who could be a witness. This


was a woman who was in the lane that evening. Briefly? During the


first attack, this female comes into the lane, walks about halfway


down, then turns on her heels and goes back out again. We'd encourage


her to contact us. She's wearing a sort of hooded top. People might


want to take a closer look at that - with fur on it. Matthew?


Let's look at the case of 37-year- old Errol McKenzie. You'll remember


he was the man murdered in a park in East London. Mark Gower is


looking after this one. You have had really interesting calls.


have had some useful stuff coming through, really impressed by it. We


have information about the car, potential suspects, and more


importantly, a potential motive. The CCTV you've got is important.


What information is on that? It's vital. There is a particular whale


tail on one of the bicycles - someone is going to know, the user


of those. Hopefully, someone will come forward.


A reminder of the terrifying raid on a Leicestershire farmhouse in


which a load of rare, expensive shotguns were taken. I was watching


the one with the machete which was a bit frightening when I was hit in


the face with a crowbar. It horrified me to think that some of


the guns they took cube threatening some poor shopkeeper or something


like that. OK. Detective Constable Tim Smith is with me me now. How


have the calls been? We have had some good calls, especially of the


guns. Let's remind people. How much were they worth? �70,000. And the


whole of the guns in general? �150,000. Quite distinctive, hand


made guns - people would recognise them if they'd been offered them.


Two cars had been stolen too - a range Rover and a Defender. They


had personalised plates. These were taken off shortly after the robbery,


but hopefully someone has seen them. Rav, over to you. Good stuff coming


in on the faces. Let's look at number one, Mohammed moment - Tariq.


There are leads coming in from the Midlands, where we thought he might


be, the next, Nissan Note, several calls connecting him to a specific


area police are following up, anded soed so wanted for that -- Sodor


Olom wanted for that rape. There are three separate calls on him.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch. Details of all of tonight's cases