26/01/2012 Crimewatch Update

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Kirsty Young and Matthew Amroliwala present the latest developments on the cases featured in the main programme.

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Hello. Welcome back. We've had some good strong calls tonight. More of


what's come in soon. First a reminder of the shocking murder of


79-year-old widow Nellie Geraghty. She died after being mugged in


November. Her handbag, containing her late husband's ashes, was


stolen in the attack and is still missing.


No, no. Please leave me alone. She wouldn't even forget him going


from one room to another, let alone let go of her bag for anybody to


take it. He was her life. That's why she fought for him and that's


why she's not with us. DCI Joanne Rawlinson from Greater Manchester


Police is here. We should remind people that when Nellie was found


she was clutching the handle of the bag that was stolen. Can her family


take comfort in the calls tonight? We've had a number of calls in


relation to the bike. If you have any information we still need you


to pick up the phone and give us a call. I believe that the person


responsible for this may well have confided in someone. If that is you,


I would urge you to pick the phone up and give me the call. Dot right


thing. Let's talk a bit about witnesses, who are you keen to


trace? We're keen to trace the two youths seen on Elizabeth Grove


heading towards the avenue and man and child stood in the garden on


Victoria Street. Let's move on then to what police


believe to have been a targeted arson attack on the home of 52-


year-old Andrew Heath. It happened There's a fire outside my front


door. Help! I just can't imagine what it


would have felt like for him struggling probably to get out of


the flat and knowing he couldn't. It must have been terrible.


Paul Williamson is here. We've had an interesting name put forward


which we will be looking into. I would like to reiterate our appeal


for witnesses who may have been at the scene that night, particularly


somebody walking what is described as a small black dog around 3.30am


and a cyclist in the area just before the fire was reported. Those


could be crucial witnesses. should remind people who might have


information that this was an horrific death for Andrew. We heard


his call to the emergency services. He was trapped. He knew there was


no get out. It was an horrific incidentment for the sake of


Andrew's family in particular, his parents, who we've heard from, I'd


like to again appeal to the members of the public to make that call.


Let's go over to Matthew. Great response on the CCTV. Let's


start with the brick attack in Leamington Spa outside the


nightclub. The man smashing a brick in a victim's frais fracturing an


eye socket. An important call on that one. A name has been given.


Police are following that up. Next the robbery on a London bus.


Remember those smirking robbers, they went for a bag first, then the


wallet. There was a fight. We've had promising calls again. Some


names put forward. Earlier, we asked for your help to


track the armed robbers who raided a village Post Office in


Nottinghamshire. They brutally attacked the post mistress and her


frail husband. Get down.


You can get through a day without thinking about it, then something


will trigger it off. It's just unspeakably scary.


DI Ash Wilson from Nottinghamshire Police is here. Really brutal


attack, a loft violence used. How have the calls been? We've had an


excellent response. Two people naming the same person, different


callers, which is really good news. My officers are working on that


right now. So I'm really pleased about that. Particularly you were


interested in people who might have seen them changing get away cars.


Tell us about that. It's the A57, the northbound carriageway,


Shireoaks round about, it's known as locally. Pm. We believe the car


as locally. Pm. We believe the car as locally. Pm. We believe the car


was abandoned around that time. It's the victims' car. But the


other car that I'm interested in. Thank you very much.


Wanted faces lots of called about number two, Barry Robert Brunton.


12 calls and an e-mail. That in connection with an indecent assault


on a child in the 70s. The e-mail asked police to call them back.


Police have tried but they can't get through. If you made that call,


please call back. Number four, we told you in the


programme, Abdulsamda Ahmed Raza wanted in connection with a rape of


a 13-year-old girl. 18 calls in all for that one.


They are actively being followed up. Busy, that's all we have time for.