08/02/2016 Crimewatch Update


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All the latest on what's come in on the phones in just a moment


but first a quick reminder of the shocking murder


Until these people get caught we cannot rebuild our lives. We are


stuck, we cannot move forward. Have you had many calls on this


tonight? We have had some, but we would like more, particularly about


the cars. You have CCTV of them going along the road. Yes, they are


pivotal in the inquiry, and we would like more information of the


passengers in those vehicles on the night. And there are also passers-by


who are unrelated but you would like to talk to them. Yes, we would like


to speak to the people we identified here, as we said earlier they are


probably nothing to do with it but may have witnessed something to do


with our inquiry. Really good calls on the mopeds robbery we showed you,


lots of good information coming through. The robbery at the shop in


Bootle where the assistant was held at knife-point, a possible name has


been given but we still need more information of course. And that


awful unprovoked attack at the bookies in Wolverhampton, positive


leads on this one which are being chased up as we speak.


Earlier tonight we heard about the discovery of human remains


in the back garden of a house in Galway in Ireland in 2002.


Detective Inspector Michael Coppinger from the Irish police


Any new leads? Yes, we have had a number of new calls and we are very


pleased with that, we will be following them up over the next few


days but I would appeal to your viewers to look again at the image


of the person known as Dave. We need to get a positive identification on


him. We believe that he may have been calling family and friends in


the UK, we would ask those people to call. Any idea why anybody would


have wanted to murder this man? That is why we need to speak to people,


they may have an idea of the terrible motive.


Next, a reminder of the tragic case of Marvin Couson.


Shot by a stray bullet outside a nightclub in 2002,


The gunshot punctured his heart, so that is what caused his brain


injury. Marvin had to live as a result of the gunshot wound 13 years


in pain, in suffering. I want them caught, I want justice.


DCI Noel McHugh who is leading the investigation is back with us.


And you have had a fairly significant call? Yes, the name has


been given for the person who may have been driving the Burgundy Ford


Fiesta. There were around 300 people on the street that night, you still


want to hear from anyone else with information. Yes, many of them would


have seen what happened to Marvin and subsequently may have heard


things. There is a big reward, ?40,000 for information. Yes, so


anyone who has information, please may they call this evening.


Back now to the Flying Squad's hunt for the outstanding member


Detective Superintendent Craig Turner who leads the squad is back.


We have had some significant phone calls this evening, all of which


will be assessed by detectives, but I would like to go back to our


appeal. The Metropolitan Police are offering ?20,000 for the identity of


Basil. We know that he may well be local and wearing a wig. He had a


pivotal role in the heist. Yes, he was employed by the team to gain


entry to the Hatton Garden safety deposit box area. We wish you the


best. Keep those calls coming. Really good


calls on the CCTV and the wanted faces. The promising new lead on


Mark Fitton, a possible sighting. This was the second phase we showed


you, a positive lead on him, and Miles Phillips, a positive new line


of inquiry on this one. Really good calls tonight, please make sure you


call in whether it is the wanted faces or the CCTV, they really do


help. We'll be back next month


but in the mean time please do take a look at the appeals on the website


to see if you can help. Many thanks for all


of your calls so far. Are these the sort of programmes


the BBC should be making? STACEY DOOLEY: Do you understand


that sorry isn't enough?


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