14/12/2015 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back. It has been a particularly busy night tonight on


the phones. We will have the latest. First, a reminder of the appalling


robbery at the home of Michael Winner's widow Geraldine.


Opened the door and then all hell broke loose.


It is the trauma of what has happened to you.


I wake up in the middle of the night terrified


that somebody is going to hit me on the head again.


My memories of Michael, nobody can take that away


Michael would just be turning in his grave.


DCI Jane Corrigan is heading up the investigation. Had the phone 's been


good for you tonight? They have, we have had a number of calls but not


the call I am after. We have time. We have the incident room open.


Let's have a look at the CCTV of the Kensington area. This is the woman


walking through the streets wearing a disguise. Yes, she had strawberry


blonde hair and in Eastern European accent. Let's run through the items


which were taken. We have the watch and the serial numbers. We also have


the heart-shaped pendant. This was asked for specifically so I need to


know where that is tonight. The reward?


?10,000. Let's go to Martin. An update on the CCTV calls. An


elderly couple from Dunstable were followed by a couple of women. The


gentleman had a heart attack and later died.


The pub robbery in Nottingham, lots of calls on this, a potential name


for the suspect. And the knife-point robbery in Glasgow, a potential new


lead. Keep the calls coming in. Next, a


reminder of our appeal for information after a body was


discovered by workmen in Jack Nowell in July. -- Bracknell.


The difficulty with this case which is really unusual as we didn't


know who this person was, where they were from,


Facial reconstruction for us is a pivotal piece of the enquiry.


It is giving a face to that missing person.


I believe the public will be able to tell us who that person


is and identify them and that will take our investigation


a big stride forward to identifying the people who have


DCI Kevin Brown who was leading the investigation is back with us. Lots


of calls coming in tonight? In excess of 25 calls. Mainly around


the facial reconstruction. Lots of names so we can rule them in or out


with the DNA that we have. We had one name from a man who came to the


country in 2008. We need to know what he was doing. This image is


incredibly vivid. The team have worked hard in getting that image


and you would know him if you had lived with him? Coupled with the


veneers so very natural white smile. Someone will definitely know who he


is. Thank you, keep the calls in. Earlier we showed you a potential


witness to an assault on Joy Hewer in 1995. She was murdered.


It was the most devastating thing that can happen.


Imagine for my parents, at that great age, to receive


that news, that their daughter, their first-born, their eldest,


The ices and Stansfield is here again. We should remind people that


Joy's murder was 20 years ago. How have the calls been? We have had 20


calls and some of those are really interesting. We are very keen to


follow them up. We have also had some e-mails as well. We have had


one person who identified themselves as the person on CCTV. They say they


lived in the flats at the time and they believe it was them will stop


the 999 call? We have had nothing on that. We would appeal to them or the


person at the bus stop to come forward. All the information is on


the website. Elvis Andrews, some possible


sightings for him. Paul Price, wanted in connection with the theft


of ?20,000 of biscuits. And Alan Simpson, numerous calls on him


including some possible sightings. Keep the calls coming in. That is


all we have for you tonight and indeed this year. Crimewatch will be


back in February. For me, I'm sad to say, tonight has been my last night


presenting Crimewatch. I would like to say a sincere thank you to the


hard-working team and it has been a pleasure to work alongside them for


the last seven years. And thank you for all the help you have given over


the last seven years and the help you have given to the police. None


of this would be possible without you and your calls. Have a safe


Christmas and to all of you, good night.


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