16/11/2015 Crimewatch Update


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Lots to update you on following tonight's Crimewatch,


but first a quick reminder of our appeal to find the intruder


who shot a woman in the face as she got ready for work in Essex.


As I opened the door he stood there. I just looked at him. He just


went to me, be quiet. He opened his hand and he showed me a tonne or


stop as ice cream to keep punched me in the mouth. It was terrifying. As


I got down he shot me. I did not realise how much I


appreciated my eyesight. Doctors have said it is never going to be


like it was before. He has just completely changed my life.


I'm unusual and vicious attack. What response has there been? We had some


names put forward which we will investigate further. I would like to


know if the suspect is involved in any gang related activity. We have


got a description? Eastern European, five foot five, 5'7" tall, with


short brown hair and speaking with an East European accent. In the


reconstruction we thought he had a gun which he then used to


devastating effect. Just the description of this? Amat lack them,


boxy shape, four inches square, fitted in the palm of his hand. And


people can watch the reconstruction again for the details. We will


remember the robbery at the wood green travel agents M. Calls with


some potential new leads. And the credit card fraud in Grimsby and


Kingston-upon-Hull. The victim had ?3000 taken from her account by the


end of the day. We have possible names for two suspects.


Back now to the seemingly targeted murder


Redwan El Ghaidouni was killed as he arrived home from work in Uxbridge,


Have you been encouraged by what the viewers have been sending in? We had


an excellent response especially around the motif on that top. And


what happened on that night and in the life of Redwan El Ghaidouni. The


family have been devastated. And this is the man you're looking for.


We want the public and criminals in particular to look at this


individual. And we need a name. Also crucial aspect, the logo on this


top. The logo, we would like to people to call in and especially


this person, there is a reward of ?50,000. Thank you very much.


Next, a reminder of our appeal for information on the murder


The six-year-old's body was found in woodland in Peterborough in 1994.


The whole of Peterboro felt the effects of his death. You can


imagine the parents would have been extremely worried and concerned at


the death of a 6 -year-old boy. I was not mother of the year but then


again I never killed my son, so who did, that is what we need to find


out. We have all the new investigative


techniques but witness evidence is crucial in this case. If he was


alive now, we would likely be really best friends. Just a bit of me died


when he died. DI Jerry Waite who is leading


the investigation is back with us. Just looking at that location.


Remind us who it is you are potentially looking for as


witnesses. We want to hear from professional people working on the


estate of the time, social workers or health visitors who may have


given some information and may help us further. Thinking back to what


they were doing 21 years ago. And taking a look at these guys, you had


some responses? We have had a number of phone calls. A number of them


have given us the same name more than once. So we're confident of


being able to identify these two. We would ask anyone with any ideas to


call in. And there is a reward? ?10,000 reward for any arrest or


conviction. A good response on the wanted faces. The first we showed


you with Shane O'Brien. Good information on him, that being


chased up as we speak. The third James Doherty wanted in connection


with the robbery. Possible sightings of him. And Adam Day, wanted in


connection with drugs offences. Promising new leads. Please do keep


those calls coming in. But of course you can keep up to


date with how the cases progress Thank you so much for all


of your calls tonight. They really do make


an enormous difference. Until next month,


from everyone here, good night.


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