10/03/2016 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome, all the latest on what has come in on the phones in a


moment. But first a reminder of the murder of John Goldfinger Palmer in


his Essex garden last June. Forget who this is about, what you have got


to stop and think about and what we have to think about is that there is


someone out there who is prepared to do such a barbaric act. Just to


assassinate someone. DCI Steven Jennings is here. Have you had many


calls. Yes we have had some specific information about the gunman. You're


keen to hear from witnesses. Have you had any calls from people who


were in the area. We have had few calls in terms of the witnesses we


described. Mainly in relation to this man who was seen. And two women


who could be witnesses who were caught in a photograph. Yes contact


us if you're these women or you know them. Thank you. We showed you


footage of an assault of a woman in Lewisham. Police believe this was


linked to other attacks. Several names have been given, including one


of particular interest. The theft of watches from a jewellers in Staines,


some promising calls on this and the burglary at a pensioner's house in


Widnes, calls have come in and some possible names. Back to the rain he


rape of a teenager in Derby last September. -- back to the rape of a


teenager in Derby last September. Be quiet, I have got a knife. Something


that shocked me is that in my fear I told the man I was ten years old,


thinking he would feel wrong about what he was about to do, but he


didn't. This shows that these kind of people need to be found and


stopped. It is shocking. David Cox is back us with. What have you had?


We have had a fantastic response, but if there is people who are


thinking about calling, please pick up the phone. The more information


we get the better. We have a detailed description. White male,


aviator sun glasses and a black hoodie and we have a full DNA


profile. So easy to eliminate people who aren't involved. Some good calls


on the wanted faces. Daniel Rutter absconded from prison having been


given a life sentence. Earlier this night a man claiming to be him


handed himself in and police are verifying his identity. Tariq Javed,


potential sightings of him are being followed up and calls in for this


man. Keep them coming in. That is all we have for you tonight. Look at


the appeals on the the web-site to see if you can help. Thank you for


all your calls, they do make a difference. From everyone here, have


a very good night. Goodbye.


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