12/09/2013 Crimewatch Update


The team is back with the latest developments on the cases featured during the main programme.

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Hello and welcome back. It's been a busy night and we've had some really


Hello and welcome back. It's been a fascinating calls. We have all the


details coming up but first a quick reminder of the shocking raid at a


jeweler's in Porthcawl this summer. As I looked up, one of the men was


in front of me and that was it, he had this spray and he sprayed my


face and my eyes. Immediately, I thought it was acid and I would be


blind and never see again. DI David Rees is back with the latest on what


has come in. I said we had some great calls and some of them have


come your way? I am really grateful for those calls, especially


regarding three Eastern European men selling jewellery outside and East


London station, matching that description. Anything about that


van? We have had numerous enquiries about that, in terms of where it was


van? We have had numerous enquiries located and where it had been prior


to that attack. And what about reminding people about that CCTV?


Let us look at that with a very brief description? We believe those


three men are from Eastern European descent and again, we have that CCTV


images clearly showing their facial features. If they look familiar,


people can have another look on the website. Thank you very much.


Matthew? Back to the heartbreaking murder of seven-year-old Nikki


Allan, who was killed near her Sunderland home back in 1992. I want


her killer to be caught. It is hard to think of happy thoughts, it just


leads to the night when she was murdered. I can imagine probably her


last words, shouting mum. Detective Superintendent Roger Ford leading


the case is here again. This happened over two decades ago and


the case is here again. This has been an astonishing response to


light? Absolutely overwhelming, a really good response in terms of


numbers and quality. There was one call that your team have been poring


over. Yes, we are really interested in this potentially significant call


from someone who lives locally, which is important, but this book to


from someone who lives locally, the enquiry team at the time but


they have contacted us today to say that they had withheld some


information which is potentially very significant and we have


officers speaking to that person. She has provided you with new


details that you are very interested in so that is significant and you


have other calls, you were appealing about that derelict building?


Nothing on that and I would urge anyone who use that building to


contact us. This is the murder of a seven-year-old child and we need


people to help us. Good luck with that. If you know something, these


collars. Lots of calls on that CCTV about the cigarette thieves from


collars. Lots of calls on that CCTV Warrington 's bar. One name that has


cropped up is of interest to the detectives and the theft of that


film, lots of calls keep coming in with the same name that keeps


cropping up again and again. And that assault at the nightclub in


Cardiff, crucially, we have had a call from a potential witness to


that assault and he has given a name that detectives are checking. Please


keep those calls coming in, they are absolutely vital. Earlier we looked


into the worrying rise in thefts and assaults on Britain's transport


network. Chief Superintendent Paul Brogden from British Transport


Police is here again and we can have another look at some of the CCTV


we're appealing with. In terms of calls, we think you might be close


to getting results? We have had a fantastic response from the public


in relation to that assault at fantastic response from the public


Forest Hill tube station. We have officers going to make an arrest as


we speak. Somebody jumped those barriers and they knocked over this


hard-working man who has worked for a very long time and he just wants


to get back to work and he had this terrible injury. It's hoped for some


result on that. People can look on the website. Martin? On those wanted


result on that. People can look on faces, Stephen William Thrower, we


have had some good calls coming in on that. There was a sighting at the


end of August in Turkey but crucially, nearer to home, at


Fairgrounds in Bristol and Manchester and detectives are


following those up. Number seven, Dave Daniel Sean Hyde, there was a


call from a caller and officers are confident this could lead to


something and they are sending officers out at this moment. And


number six, Andrew Stephen Wilson, he was not convicted robber, calls


on this one, one giving a possible sighting in an area he is known to


frequent and officers are absolutely convinced this is a crucial piece of


evidence from one of those calls. Lots of information. Thank you.


That's everything for now but, of course, details of all tonight's


cases and many others are on the website. You know the address. Keep


an eye on Twitter, too, where you can find the latest news on how your


calls are helping to crack cases. We'll be back next month. But for


now, from everyone here, goodnight. Your fabulous calls really do make a




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