14/10/2013 Crimewatch Update


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You Welcome back. It has been quite a night here at Crimewatch. Hundreds


and hundreds of call, all the details in a moment. A reminder of


tonight's special Madeleine McCann appeal.


As I opened it a bit, I looked into the room. I guess I was looking at


Madeleine's bed and I couldn't make her out. It was literally at that


point, the curtains that were closed just kind of whoosh. Then I could


see that the window had been pushed right over and the shutters were up.


So I kind of knew straight away then that Madeleine had been taken.


Well, DCI Andy Redwood is heading up the special investigation team.


We've had hundreds of calls, the important thing is have we had


important calls for you. We have. We've had an overwhelming response.


We are so grateful to the public. We are fighting really hard for


Madeleine McCann and the public are joining us in that fight. I can see


your detectives sifting through the information. Can you tell me whether


or not there are specific things, even though you might not be able to


give me the detail of them that you are really interested in? We've had


a number of calls from people actually in the resort at the time,


which just really confirms to me the value of what we're doing this


evening. There are still members of our community out there who have got


key bits of information that could help us to unlock this case. These


are bits of information you're really interested in. We should


remind people of these e-fits that were released today. Just explain


who this man is. Yes, these two e-fits are the same man, not in the


public domain before. It's a chap walking down towards the sea, 10pm


and in his arms is a child who has got blonde hair, three to four years


of age, who on description looks like Madeleine McCann. It's really


important for us to get a name for this individual. I think it's really


useful to show people a map of where this man was walking, because again


it's very different from what sighting that threw the thing off


track for a while. Tell us where he was. The man is walking down towards


the sea, towards the heart of the town. This route does not appear to


be the route that we're taking as a quick escape route out of Praia da


Luz. It's interesting to us to understand who he is. There were


various sightings of what we are calling fair-haired men in and


around the apartment where the McCanns were staying. One or two men


lurking around the apartments on the day Madeleine went missing or on the


days leading up to it. If this is you and it is innocent, have the


courage to come forward. We have need to take out the innocent


sightings. That's almost as important, isn't it, people to say


I'm counting myself out. Burglaries at the time, there was a four fold


increase and charity collections, quite unusual in a holiday resort.


Yes very much so. On the day Madeleine went missing, four events


during that afternoon, in a short window of time, very close to the


apartment she was staying in. Two e-fits we've released this evening,


names please. It's all on the website. Take a close look. Over to


Matthew. Back to the shocking attempted


murder of 27-year-old Atif Ali in Luton in May.


I was just going to kneel down to rub the bumper and see if there was


damage to it. As I'm getting back up and about to turn around, I heard a


loud bang. I've had overall seven operations now on my leg. . The next


morning I was told by the door I'd lost something along the lines of 18


bags of blood. Iain Morgan is leading the case on this one. He's


back with me. What has come in tonight? We've had really


interesting information about the e-fits. We've been given a name and


a locality. I have officers looking into that. We will develop that and


see where that takes us. In the last five minutes, you've had a very


interesting call about the weapon. Yes, interesting information about a


sawn-off shot gun found in a sports bag in a county not far away,


Bedfordshire. That firearm will be sent off for testing. We showed CCTV


of the vehicles in our main programme. What information on that?


We've had some information on the vehicles. I'm trying to trace the


silver Mondeo, in the previous 24 hours to the shooting. I'm trying to


get information on the people who may have walked away from that car,


after it t it had been junked -- dumped. People who got out of that


Mondeo must have got into another car. I'm also looking for the Audi


A#. I believe the driver of that car might have vital information.


Briefly, this attack, plenty of potential witnesses. Lots of people


about, broad daylight, if people hadn't come to his side, this could


have been so much worse. hadn't come to his side, this could


have been so If you know anything, please call.


Plenty of calls on the CCTV footage we showed you. You may remember the


beardered man p responsible for thefts from a hotel in Bath. We've


had interesting calls on him, giving two possible locations. Debitives


will be -- detectives will be following those up. They really do


need a name. There you are, it's just a week


since the National Crime Agency was launched. Their very first


operation, targeted suspected users of fraudulent identity documents.


Criminals have numerous identities and they travel on one identity, get


to perhaps an international hub, change their identity again and then


travel on again. National Crime Agency, open the door! This


operation means that we can stop that identity crime and stop their


criminal activities by taking those dock uments and them -- dabbing


uments and them out of -- documents and them out of circulation. Keith


Bristow is with me again. I know it's been a busy week for you. Tell


me about fake documents and fake identities, why do they matter? What


are these people getting up to that you want them for? Serious and


organised criminals use these documents to hide their true


identity, which is an important part of their tool kit. Remember, these


are people who choose a lifestyle, all about making money out of other


people's misery. It's ease why I to think, fake documents, it all sounds


romantic and glamorous. Buff these -- but these people perpetrate what


sort of crimes? Some of the people on the screen at the moment, we need


viewers' help because we want to bring them to justice. They're drug


traffickers, involved in fraud, money laundering. These are serious


criminals and we need the public's health. Lots of faces on our


website. Thanks for joining us. Lots of calls coming in on wanted


faces, Roger Limb. We had a call today saying they'd seen him today


giving a description of the clothing he was wearing. Police will check up


on that, as we speak. Howard Deloma Blackman, a call from someone saying


he had -- they had seen him in London last week.


There we are. That is about everything for now. Details on all


of tonight's cases and lots of others are on the website. You can


press red on your remote until midnight to look at the wanted faces


and CCTV. Keep an eye on Twitter to see the latest on how your calls are


helping to crack cases. From now, from everyone on the team, thank you


very much for your calls. It keep calling, it makes a difference.


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