28/11/2013 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back. It was certainly a busy show. Let us see if


it has been a good night on the phones. The latest in a moment. A


reminder of the violent burglary at the home of 83-year-old Bill


Edmunds. Where is the money? You don't want to upset him, do you. He


would have done it. It wouldn't have bothered him, I don't think.


Terrible. DC Karen Johnson is leading the investigation. How have


the phones been, good results? Busy. We have a number of calls that


called in. Two names we have been given. One of those names has been


given twice, which is significant for us. That is great. Earlier in


the main programme you said someone phoned you earlier in the week


before the Crimewatch appeal. You wanted them to get back in touch,


did they? They haven't. Please get in contact this evening. Might be


putting them off, how can you reassure them? They can contact me


directly or contact the incident room officers are on stand by


waiting to take your call. Give us a description. 6 foot, stocky build,


carrying a knife, a flick knife. Stabbed Bill in both hand and held


the knife to his neck? He did and his back. Thank you for that.


Matthew. Back now to the shooting at a nightclub in Ilford in East London


in December 1996. 30-year-old Christopher Lombard was killed and


his colleague badly injured. Then there was a knock. It was that point


that I heard a shot went off. Detective Robert Pack is back with


me. What has come in tonight? Developments in two main areas.


Firstly, in relation to the e fits, two names have been put forward.


Bearing in mind, of course, that these were from the original


investigation 17 years have now passed. Secondly, we had names


provided in relation to the totality of the crime, names that weren't


known to the original investigation, which is very good news for us. It


is 17 years ago, you are convinced that people in that community know


who did this? Absolutely. This was a major, major incident. Seven rounds


through a nightclub door, hitting three people, killing one. That


isn't a secret that will be kept. People will know, people will brag


about it, that is the sort of individual we are talking about


here. People who heard that and received that information need to


ring us and give us the names so we can act upon it. Since the show went


out I have spoken to Thelma. She is over the moon about the response


that we have had. That people are taking the time and effort to ring


in. She would like me to pass her thanks on as well. We need the


names, which I'm convinced are out there. If you know anything, please


there is plenty of final to ring in. Good calls in on the CCTV and the


Wanted Faces. We start with the CCTV, the first one was the assault


outside the Central Railway Station in Newcastle. We had calls and a


possible name for the man seen punching the male victim. Police are


checking that one out. The last CCTV we showed you, the attempted bank


Robbie in Cardiff. Police have had strong information on this one. They


have a possible name for the suspect. Police again are following


this one up. On to the Wanted Face, number three, Jiger Sadeq, wanted in


connection with a knife assault. Several calls on this, including one


giving a place of work where he was seen as recently as yesterday.


Wanted Face, number four, Jason Waller, lots of calls placing him in


the same area, police are following that up. Good news there. That is


everything for now. All of the details are online and all our


appeals, you can press the red butt on on your remote at any time up to


midnight. We are back in the new year. From all of us on the team,


thanks for your calls, they make a difference.


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