22/01/2014 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back, lots of calls tonight giving some really


useful information. I will have all the details for you in a moment, but


first, a quick reminder of that terrifying raid on a family home in


Derbyshire. The father was made to drive to his work, leaving three


children hostage. I would have to leave the kids. I didn't want to do


that. I gave them a kiss and just said, " Be good, do what you are


told. " I suppose at that stage, I didn't know if I was coming back.


DCI Gareth Meadows is here with the latest, how has it been viewed


tonight? We have had a fantastic response from the public. We have


been given three names which I have offices in Buxton following up as a


priority. We have had a lady in Buxton bringing in reporting


suspicious circumstances at the time, potentially another witness.


We have had calls about the red and black gloves, but what I want people


to do is put the pictures of the jigsaw together. It is not the


suppliers you are looking for. Think about someone from the Manchester


area who may have access to the red and black gloves, someone who has


the Trespass tops, someone with Adidas trousers, who came into money


before Christmas. There is a reward of ?25,000 leading to a conviction


but most importantly, think about those children, what they went


through and what they have to live with for a long time to come. Yes,


it was horrific. Let's go to Matthew. More on


Wessberg's police's appeal for 57 men who were involved in an EDL


protest in Birmingham last July. What a response, repeated names, two


people have found police to say they have recognised their picture on the


show tonight and are in the process of handing themselves into the


police. A third person is also talking to the police along those


lines. We specifically appealed about three men, we are still


looking for those. It is worth having a look at those again. The


man in a red T-shirt at the forefront of the violence. We have


had a name for him. The guy with no shirt, kicking out at a police dog,


we have had nothing on him yet, so take a really good look, and the man


in blue shorts kicking a police officer in the chest, just in the


last two minutes, we also have had a name for him. All of those 57


faces, they will stay on our website. If you recognise anyone, if


it is you, called in. Martin. Excellent calls there, and


excellent calls on the CCTV we showed you about the distraction


burglary in north London, with a 93-year-old lady having her purse


stolen. We have had several calls on this, all giving a potential name


the man, that is being followed up. And the attack in the Harrogate beer


garden, the second item on CCTV, where the beer bottle was splashed


across the face, a really good and significant response to this, lots


of calls and emails all giving the exact same name. That gentleman can


expect a knock on the door any time soon. And the bank robbery at the


NatWest in Newquay, the gentleman wearing one glove. Lots of calls


giving new information to the police, several giving a possible


name all of which are being followed up.


Keep the calls coming in. Let's go back to that horrifying robbery and


sexual assault, it happened to the young woman living in a caravan in


Lanarkshire with her fiance. I was heading back towards the back of the


caravan and then the guy just appeared. Where is the money? He had


hold of my hair and he kept pushing me, pushed me into the bedroom. You


never really think it would be something that would happen to you.


Just horrendous. DCI Gary Church from Police Scotland is here, it has


been a busy night on the fans, has it been a good night? It has, we


have had several interesting calls which we are following up, three


names provided, the same name from two individuals, so very interesting


for us, but I would ask the public again if they have any information


about this at all, if they know who the person responsible is, if they


picked this individual or have anything to tell us, give us a call.


As we know, he had a gun he was brandishing and he was there to rob


and to steal, but the sexual assault element of this is very serious,


people might not know about this part of the crime. They might know


about the robbery but I don't think he would tell anybody about the


sexual assault, so if anyone has information on those who years, give


us a call. Let's go to Martin. A lot of calls coming in on the


wanted faces. Lamin Touray, we have had a lot of calls on this


gentleman. Interestingly for police, linking him to Yorkshire and south


Wales, where they know he has links. That is crucial information.


Wanted face number three, this lady calls herself Roxanne Murphy, but


detectives believe this could be a false name. Lots of calls about


this, including lots going back to the incident room, one of which is


of particular interest to the detectives there. And wanted face


number seven, Mohammad Yousuf, several calls, one giving an exact


address. Keep the calls coming in. That is everything the net, but of


course, all of the details of the appeals and constructions, the CCTV,


is all online and you can press red on your remote until midnight


tonight. You can see the wanted faces on CCTV -- and CCTV. Thank you


for your calls, they make a difference.


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