19/03/2014 Crimewatch Update


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Hello and welcome back. We've had some really important calls tonight.


All the details in just a moment. First, let's catch up with DCI Andy


Redwood, who is leading the Madeleine McCann investigation. We


have had a good and steady flow of calls and I am encouraged. We


understand the sensitivity of what we are asking for help with the


please have the confidence to call in. When it comes to the suspect,


what would you say to people if it rings a bell and they feel they want


to get in touch. What we're looking for is a name. And if we get a name


we do have the ability to eliminate anyone who is put forward. Over to


Matthew now. More now on the new leads in the Claudia Lawrence


investigation. Dai Malyn is here. We have had a lot of encouraging calls.


One peep -- one person who got a lift in a taxi. And a name for the


possible owner of that white van. We had an explanation of why the


cigarette could be in the car which is significant. And many people have


identified someone on the website that we are trying to trace. And we


have the two males we mentioned at the end, they are significant. And


the last sighting of the elderly male in particular, we need more


information about who that might have been.


Some updates on the CCTV we showed you, those robberies in North Wales.


A lot of calls giving possible names. Although is being followed


up. And that attack on the lady in Melton Mowbray. A lot of calls


suggesting a possible name for this gentleman. One name coming up again


and again. And the attack with a pool cue in Sussex. A lot of people


suggesting a surname for the man who called himself Perry.


Another reminder now of the brutal murder of Simon Holdsworth in


Sheffield just before Christmas. I was really hoping it was not him. I


just kept thinking while I was asleep he was laid in the field.


My heart is truly broken. I have a big hole inside of me that will


never heal. I do not want it to happen to anyone else.


Phil Etheridge from South Yorkshire Police is here once more. Some new


information that you now have about the vehicle we saw in that rather


grainy footage. Following the footage, we can say that is a dark


hatchback and that is consistent with a Ford Escort or a Vauxhall


Astra. It is important that we can identify the driver, why he was on


that road at the time of the offence. It may not be connected but


it is important we can trace that. In terms of appealing to people, who


are you appealing to? To the partner, if that person was absent


or not out of Monday the 16th of September, and their behaviour has


changed since then, please contact us. Back now to the appalling sex


attack on a teenager in Cardiff last Halloween. I got really scared that


he waited and was hiding. Are you scared? Yes! I am just angry that he


is completely fine. And he has pretty much ruined everything for


me. DI Mark Lewis is here again. We have had several interesting calls


the seasoning and one name is somebody and we are actively


following that up and we also have an interesting call about the victim


of a similar attack showing similar features to our attacks. That is


very interesting. You have an image of the attacker running away and


that is pretty clear? I want to remind viewers of distinguishing


features are not images. The offender has got a significant


tattoo on his arm, or Asian or Middle Eastern appearance and he is


of average build but there is a white T-shirt which has come from


his trousers. You are appealing for witnesses. I want to remind people


that were eager to trace that cyclist who was with the victim


prior to the attack and were keen to trace that person. Thank you very


much. Please call us. Updated, number one, suggested locations for


Aidan Harris Bennett, including some as recent as today. That's


everything for now. Of course, all the details are online. And you can


press red on your remote at any time until midnight to have another look


at the wanted faces and CCTV. Thank you so much for all your crucial


calls so far. They really do crack cases. Please keep trying if you


cannot get through. From everyone here - goodnight.


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