28/04/2014 Crimewatch Update


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Hello, welcome back. Lots to tell you about. First, a quick reminder


of our appeal to find the murderer of 55-year-old Valerie Graves.


We just couldn't comprehend how it could happen.


We were asleep in the house at the time.


Well, Detective Superintendent Nick May is here gone. Bosnia ham - near


Chichester. How have the calls been for you? It has been interesting. --


Bosham. We have had calls, some of which we


will follow up. One of the important aspects of this is the hammer. If


people look at the pictures of the hammer online, you don't want to


know where it was bought, but what you want to know? If anyone has had


a hammer stolen or lost a hammer similar to that before 29th


December. What about people who maybe have suspicions and want to


talk to you, but think this was a person capable of killing somebody


in the middle of the night with a hammer. What would you say to them?


We would be interested to hear from anyone who knows or has a suspicion


about anybody, either in a personal or professional capacity. They can


ring in and not give details to us and there are measures we can take


to protect those people. Several interesting calls. On the first CCTV


we showed you the skateboard attack - those calls have provided possible


names for the suspects. Detectives are hopeful to identify them


tonight. The second - the attempted rob ri in Manchester -- robbery in


Manchester, we've had a possible name for him. Detectives are


following those leads as we speak. Back to the murder of 53-year-old


Jean Campbell in Glasgow just before Christmas.


A terrible attack, this one. What has come in tonight? A good


response. Over a dozen phone calls in relation to this murder. There


have been a few people mentioned. Details of whom are important to the


enquiry. This is a violent attack on a mother, grandmother and wife. We


are asking for any informations at all. Come forward, irrespective of


how in you think it may be. There are a number of people you want to


trace, aren't there? We have identified a number of still images


of people between 9. 30pm-11. 30pm. They may hold vital information.


There is a reward? There is a reward of up to ?5,000 for any information


leading to the arrest and conviction of Jean's killer. Earlier we


introduced you to this fellow. He is a serial burglar. He targets the


homes of the rich and famous, mainly in South London. DI O'Sullivan is


leading the case. Have you had any calls? We've had two very important


calls we are working on at the moment. Remind people - he goes


first to - I don't want to use the phrase, case the joint, but that is


what he does? Normally he commits the offences between 1am-5am. A lot


of people go on to our website to take a detailed look. Seeing him


with his mouth over his -- with his hand over his mouth, what do you


think he's doing? Recording into a dictaphone, so he knows the


whereabouts for his returned visit. People want to take a closer look,


they should go on to the website. We've had potential sighting for


Cicak cik. Some as recently as tonight. Wanted face, number four,


putting him in areas where detectives know he has links. So,


detectives following that up. Wanted face, number eight, again, calls


coming in, saying we know that these are areas he has links. Crucially


one call coming in, giving a possible place of work. Really good


calls. Please keep them coming in. Thank you. That's everything for


now. But of course all of the reconstruction, the wanted faces and


CCTV are online. Take another look if you can. The lines are open until


midnight tomorrow. Thank you for all your calls, they really do make a


difference. From everyone on the team, thanks again. Night-night.


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