02/06/2014 Crimewatch Update


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details of what's come in tonight, in a moment. Let's kick off with a


quick reminder of our appeal to find the murderer of James Attfield from


Essex. I try not to think too much about


what actually happened, because that would be unbearable. Detective


Inspector Anne Cameron is here with us again to update us. How have the


phones been? We've had a number of interesting calls which officers are


following up tonight. I am still keen to identify the people who were


in the park. Let's remind people, these are witnesses who might not


know they were part of this bigger crime scene. Let's look at the CCTV.


These people haven't come forward yet. They are witnesses you would


very much like to speak to. Yes. We have seven images we are showing


here. We are showing an e-fit of a male, seen behind James at about 10.


30pm. This male is described as white, about six foot tall. He's in


his late 40s and with receding, short hair. There were also two


people, sitting at different ends of a park bench, tell me about them.


These two people, a male and a feel mail, but they were at two --


female, but they were at two ends of a park bench. I can't say they were


a couple. They were close to the lake, which is where James was


murdered. All of these people that we've seen on CCTV tonight, they can


go online, let's remind people of the date, March 28 into the 29th of


March. Get in touch with you, they might not think they've got useful


information, but they could hold the key to this investigation. Let's go


to Martin. Officers are really encouraged by


the response we've had to the third piece of CCTV we showed you, the


assault on the bus driver in Waltham Forest. Several calls give the same


man and possible place of work. It's not always the case of how many


calls you get but the quality of calls. The fifth bit of CCTV, the


attempted robbery at the Co-op in Bournemouth, only a few calls, but


exactly the same number, exactly the same name, rather, has been given


for that suspect, outstanding. Back now to the raid by a masked gang on


a family home near Harrogate and that was just before Christmas.


I've just been robbed by a gang, of four men, I'm so frightened. The


things they put us through and they benefit. They've benefitted from


something that's affected us so hugely. I just don't see how they


could get away with that. DI Andrea Kell is here again. Was come in,


because really distinctive jewellery here. Yes, there have been an


encouraging number of calls in respect of possible sightings of the


ring. It's distinctive, ten carat pear ring worth ?250,000. There's a


very rare watch as well and bespoke cufflinks. Worryingly, those guns


that were stolen, anything on that? Not so far. We have four outstanding


12-bore shot guns, a Krieghoff, a Beretta DT 10 and two areceiptsy


shot guns. You were appealing for a car, the Audi. No calls so far. It's


a dark Audi, seen on the Back Lane travelling towards town We didn't


lane. Mention it in the main programme, there's a significant


reward in this case. Yes, a combined reward from the family and


Crimestoppers amounting to ?12,000, leading to information to assist us.


It was a really violent attack, we have to get this gang off the


street. Time to return now to the theft of


that Henry Moore sculpture. It was worth ?3 million. It was taken from


an estate in Scotland. Any good calls? No. The calls have been


pretty quiet so far, to be honest. I'd just like to take this honest to


say again, there's somebody out there who knows something about the


theft. As previously stated, there is a significant financial reward,


?50,000, put up by the owner. If you know anything, please get in We keep


contact. Saying this is worth ?3 million. That's what it's worth in


the art market. But it could be the case that somebody has taken this


with a degree of ignorance and might try to sell it for scrap.


Definitely. It is worth ?3 million in that world, however if you're


selling that for scrap, you would probably only get several hundred


pounds for it. Experience would indicate there's a strong


possibility that scrap merchants have possibly been approached to buy


the item. So a special appeal to them. Let's go Martin.


Good calls on the CCTV. Good calls on the wanted faces. Let's start


with number one, Charlie Casey. Lots of calls coming in on him. Several


mentioning a vehicle he might be using, potential sightings, some of


them in Slough, where he's known to have links. Number four, James Ward


is wanted in connection with a fraud. Good calls on him giving


possible sightings in places, again, where he's known to have links. And


several calls on number three, Sarwar Ali, placing him in the


Manchester area. That's just about everything for


now, then. Of course, all of our reconstructions, wanted faces and


CCTV remain online. Please do take another look, if you can. Our phone


lines are open until midnight tomorrow night. Don't forget,


there's the Crimewatch Road Show starting its month-long run with Rav


on BBC One, Monday at 9. 9.15am. Thanks for calling. Lines are still


open. Bye-bye.


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