22/07/2014 Crimewatch Update


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of what is coming into night in a moment but a reminder of the appeal


to find those responsible for the death of Robert Hart at a music


festival in Manchester. He was my best friend. He never let me down.


The attack was so severe. Sadly, he just lost his life. Detective


Inspector Richard Eales from Greater Manchester Police is leading the


team investigating the crime. Did things get moving tonight? Yes, we


had an impressive response from the public, particularly we received


calls relating to the images of people -- relating to the people


stood close to Robert and Gemma. You can see on the website pictures of


the individuals you are keen to trace. Let's have a description of


person you are looking for. He is mixed race, six. A muscular build.


Short dark hair, shaved the sides and wearing a dark jacket and


shorts. The festival was attended by 70,000 people a day. You are looking


for people who might have taken footage on their mobile phone, or


video footage. If they were in the main stage area between 9pm and


9:45pm, we would ask them to come forward. The image on the screen, it


is of interest to us. Remember the CCTV we showed you of a bank robbery


in Buckinghamshire. A suspect was wearing a hat with a Batman logo. We


have had names suggested. Several possible sightings, as well. The


other robbery in Hertfordshire, at a convenience store. The suspect had


his head inside a plastic bag, but we have possible names.


Back to the case of Alan Jeal, whose body was found washed up on a beach


in Cornwall in February. It is really upsetting that his life


should come to an end like that in circumstances we do not understand.


It makes it doubly difficult. Did he meet anyone, did he see anyone? What


was he doing during those last hours? What has come in tonight? We


have had calls, but we still do not know the information we need to


know, for example, he had three bus trips that evening, going from


Wadebridge, to draw row, and back to Perranporth. We need to know the


purpose -- Truro. Anything on the missing items? Unfortunately not, he


had bank cards we have not had information about. He also bought a


weights belt and ankle weights. We have not recovered those and we


would like any information about those. And the coat he was wearing


in the CCTV. It was a light blue coat and we have no information


about that, which is important to us. All of these questions are


important, particularly for the family. Without this information it


makes it worse for them to cope with.


We can return to the murder of Nahid Almanea. The 31-year-old student


from Saudi Arabia, stabbed 16 times when she made her way to lectures at


the University of Essex in Colchester, which happened in June


this year. DCI Lucy Morris, have you been encouraged by Corston night? We


had an interesting name mentioned, which we are pursuing. We need help


to identify a man in a Page jacket seen in the area. Take me through


the route that she was taking that morning. She left her home address


in Colchester and walked down Stanley Worcester Way, cutting


through shops. We have images of her on CCTV there. Her body was found at


10:37am. Given there were a lot of students, it was a busy area, you


are keen to trace witnesses? We want to hear from students in the area,


particularly if they have left to go home for the holidays. And we want


to hear from students who knew her personally.


Good calls on the CCTV and wanted faces. John Heald is wanted in


connection with the murder of a landlady in Bridlington and there


have been lots of possible sightings, some as recently as


today. And Cezar Florea. He is wanted in connection with an


attempted sexual assault. Detectives following those up right now.


All of the reconstructions, wanted faces and CCTV are online. Lines


will be open until midnight tomorrow. We are back in September


with a programme marking 30 years of Crimewatch and looking back at some


of the biggest cases you have helped to solve. Good night.


How do you know people are telling the truth?


Well, when did we start funding projects in Gaza?


I should never have done this. I should never have agreed to this.


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