03/11/2011 Crimewatch


Detectives appeal for help in solving the UK's toughest cases, including the teenager 'kneecapped' on his doorstep with two blasts from a shotgun in a case of mistaken identity.

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Tonight, the full inside story of the Jeilan are Yeates murder


investigation from the detectives to solve it. -- Joanna Yeates.


is one of those investigations where it just gripped you from the


start. He was telling me things that he had and told me on previous


conversations, which I thought was odd. I had a very strong gut


feeling that something wasn't right. And in an exclusive interview with


Crimewatch, Jo's parents describe the terrible moment when they heard


their daughter's body had been found. She was dumped there like a


piece of garbage. That is where my daughter was last. I was thinking


why? There seemed to be no reason to it. You know these birds which


run along the ground and work so hard and take to the air flying,


that is my amazing daughter. She'd just taken off and somebody shot


Hello and welcome to Crimewatch. The murder of Joanna Yeates just


before Christmas last year grip to the nation. Tonight, for the first


time, the police speak candidly about how they caught her killer,


Vincent Tabak. And we hear first hand what it was like for Jo's


family to be at the centre of that huge media storm. First, let's take


a look ahead at tonight's main appeals. The Wild West style shoot-


out that killed an innocent man as he was on the phone to his


girlfriend. Rico! It just cut out so I thought he'd may be dropped


his phone and the batteries were broken, that's why they can't get


through to him. I wished that the phone conversation we had was more,


a better conversation. Can you name that the man responsible? The


detectives in the studio also want to know whether a newborn baby


found dead in Kirkham, Lancashire, just a few weeks ago, had been


killed. He was discovered in a stream wearing this little top, and


identical topped this one. We will have excellent news later on cases


solved thanks to your course. they include several arrests as a


result of our last programme. A five-year sentence for this thug,


found guilty of a slashing a Dorman in the face so brutally he required


50 stitches. And there are lots of new wanted faces on CCTV. We have


people wanted for murder and armed robbery, and this bright spark who


was callous enough to burgle a cancer charity shop. We will also


have a reconstruction of an appalling case of mistaken identity


in which a 14-year-old boy was kneecapped as he answered a knock


at his front door. That evening I was just on the computer, my sister


was watching some TV. Basically a normal night for us. And can you


identify this man? He is believed to have planted suspect devices in


Canterbury. Neither exploded but police urgently need to find him


before he tries again. But we start tonight with the truly shocking


murder of a young man this summer. It happened exactly four months ago


when a day of celebration at the St Paul's Carnival in Bristol


culminated in a terrifying gunfight in the middle of a busy street. The


revellers gunman hit several innocent bystanders, including this


Gunfights between gangs on our streets are thankfully incredibly


rare. But when they do happen at the consequences can be


indiscriminate and devastating. In July, 21-year-old Rico Gordon, a


completely innocent man, was shot dead here, caught in the crossfire


when two rival gangs from London Everybody loved him. He made


everybody smile, everybody happy. People loved being around him. You


felt privileged when he was around because he was so special. His


smile would light up the room. He was against any kind of violence,


he didn't like it. If there would be a fight or something, he would


be the first person to walk away. He was the nicest person I've ever


met. The first person I'd think about when I'd wake up, the last


person I'd speak to when I went to bed. He made you smile if you were


feeling sad. Even though I was in Bristol and he was in London, I


don't know, it kind of made things better because when we did see each


other we did appreciate each other a lot more. On Saturday 2nd July,


the St Paul's Carnival in Bristol was in full swing. Rico travelled


down to see my and enjoy the festivities. Are you all right?


so good to see you. So happy, my friends loved him. I'm going to go


now. OK. You guys have fun. I'll give you a call later. I was saying,


I'm going off with my friends and I will call you later and made. Any


he planned to go out after. Rico spent the rest of the evening with


a group of his friends, also in town for the carnival. Some of them


had connections to a London gang. The whole group ended up at this


pub in the eastern area of Bristol. It is here that the police think


that trouble began. The pub had stayed open late for post carnival


partygoers. But at around 3:40am, a confrontation broke out between two


men, possibly members of the rival gangs. Rico didn't like the tense


atmosphere in the pub and decided to leave. Shortly afterwards, a


group of 16 men also left the pub and got into their cars. But they


weren't going home. In convoy, they drive up Stapleton Road, past Rico


and his friends and decide to circle the area, turning left into


St Mark's Road. Minutes later, the sixth car convoy is back. They park


up, blocking the entrance to Berwick Road, and some head on foot


to where's Rico's group of friends are stood chatting. I remember


calling him and setting, where are you now? I've called the taxi, it's


on its way. He said, I'm coming. I said if you are not here soon I'm


going to go to sleep. Then it kind of just cut out. As the group


approaches, a shot is fired at them from the other side of the road.


Sparking a gun battle. Rico! Over An innocent passer-by gets hit in


the leg. But the bullet that hits Rico is fatal. I thought that maybe


he'd dropped his phone. I heard a kind of bank but it could have been


the phone falling on the floor. He was speaking and then it was kind


of, like... You know when you can't finish a sentence? Then it cut out


and I thought he had dropped his own and the battery was broken,


that's why I can't get through to him. I kept calling after and it


just went straight to answer machine. I wished that the phone


conversation we had was more... I don't know, a better last


conversation. Rico was killed by a single bullet which hit the


pavement and ricocheted up into the back of his head. He didn't stand a


chance. Detective Superintendent at Sue Scott is now determined to find


his killers. We know there were a lot of people around. It would have


been very busy. The people in the street at the time would have seen


gunmen firing lots of shots. They would have seen one of the gunmen


zig-zagging up the road behind us. You think they remained in the area


whilst the police and ambulance service are still here at the crime


scene. That's right. One of those vehicles in the convoy was driving


around the backstreets here at the same time the emergency services


were desperately trying to save Rico's life. You think it gets


easier but it doesn't. It gets a lot worse because now you are


realising he is not there. You're just a missing him more and more.


Every day it gets harder. I think the worst thing is not having


someone that you can tell everything. I don't know, I feel


like the main part of my life is missing, it isn't easily filled.


It's changed all of us. It's like we are all broken. I am just peeing


for anyone who knows anything to come forward. - that I am just


begging for anyone who knows Clearly the family are devastated.


It is very important to let people know that this was a totally


innocent young man. Yes, Rico was not connected to gangs whatsoever.


He was totally innocent. His family are devastated about this loss.


lot of drama on the streets at night. There was this convoy of six


cars, what more can you tell us? You can see the convoy is going in


and around the area. It's from that convoy later on that two about --


two of our gunmen have come from. We are interested in a dark blue


Alfa-Romeo. During the incident, the front passenger window was shot


out. We believe that between the third and 6th July that the window


was replaced. They want to speak to the person who replaced that window.


What do you know about the guns? There were three guns involved.


Handguns. We know they are hidden somewhere and we want to find them.


Please somebody phone in and tell us where we can find them. Lots of


people were on the streets at night, presumably you are still trying to


trace witnesses. We are. There are three key witnesses I'd like to


trace who were in the coach house that night. One of which was a man


who we can see you with a long- sleeved white shirt on. We like to


speak to him. A man in a blue Adidas tracksuit. And the lady in a


still photograph there. Any witnesses who might be thinking


about phoning in, we understand you might be scared. There is a range


of measures we can put in place to make sure that we can protect you,


but I'd urge you to phone us. violence can make people worried


but you can reassure them that you deal with them very sensibly. It


you know anything, please do speak to the detectives here now. The


number is on screen. You can call anonymously on the number on screen


but Crimewatch -- Crimestoppers. We now have a collection of wanted


faces. First tonight is this man. Karl Michael O'Hare. The 29-year-


old was wanted in connection with the murder of his father and the


attempted murder of his mother, in Liverpool in 2002. He skipped bail


in January 2003 and hasn't been seen since. This is an old photo of


him but he will still have this Prom and scar under his nose as the


result of a harelip. He should not be approached. Call the police if


you no way he is. No. Two is Abdi Karim Ismail. He is wanted for his


serious sexual assault of a teenager in Cardiff in December


last year. The 38-year-old, who has previously worked as a taxi driver,


as links to South Wales, London and Northampton. Number three is


Alexander Abimbola. He is wanted for dangerous driving and fraud, in


connection with a traffic collision which left the victim paralysed


from the neck down. Police believe 40-year-old Abimbola, who regularly


attends church, may be working as a career. He has links to south-east


London and Nigeria. Next is Graham Benjamin Phillips, previously known


as Malcolm Cook. The 51-year-old register of sex offender is wanted


in connection with the possession and importation of indecent images


of children. Phillips, originally from heart picture, has links to


Belgium, Cyprus and Germany. All of tonight's The Wanted faces are on


the website. If you know where they are, you can call the number on


It is time now for some of dates on cases we featured previously.


start with news of an appeal from our last programme. The rape of a


young woman who was trying to make her way home after a night out in


Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire in July. Do you know where I can get a


taxi from here? Just a few days after the broadcast, a 23-year-old


man from Waltham Cross was arrested on suspicion of rape and is


currently on police bail. We will keep you informed of how the case


progresses. Next, a man we featured twice on the programme. This is


Muhammad Ali eat, who officers from South Wales were keen to speak to


in connection with the murder of teenager Amir Siddiqui in Cardiff


in April 2010. Last month, he was located and arrested in India.


Police are now seeking his extradition to the UK. And the


latest on a case from a decade ago. A teenage couple were walking along


the towpath in Salisbury when they were approached by a man who


threatened them with a gun and subjected the young woman to a


serious sexual assault. In September, a 57-year-old man from


Salisbury was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and


indecent assault, as well as firearms offences. He is due in


A very sad story, in which all of these items may hold the key to the


death of a newborn baby, a little boy, whose body was found in


Be very sad case, tell me more. very sad case indeed, a couple were


walking their dog in Kirkham, around 2pm on the first October,


and they found the body of a small child, a baby boy, in a Shireen.


The shrimp is known as Spen Brook, off Car Lane. What did you know


about how he died? We do not know a great deal. He is a full-term child,


white, it was not premature. Because of the poor condition, we


do not know a lot more, and that is why we are appealing for help.


said it was items that would hold the key to how and why he died.


Let's go through them. It is such a tiny think, a baby jacket. Yes,


this is what he was wearing at the time. We have ascertained it is


from ASDA. It was sold as part of the autumn/winter range in


2008/2009. It has that cartoon character above the pocket. There


was a been backed? Yes, near where he was found, there was a dustbin


bag, Blackpool Council. Intertwined, two tiles, Adrian Renaissance style


and a Union Jack towel. These items are common. Individually, they


ought not -- they are not of great importance, but people could lead


them together. It is the jigsaw. What is the other piece of the


jigsaw? We found the remnants of a cardboard box. It is a shoe box. It


is from Evans. It is quite large. It is these shoes, size five. If


anybody can put them together with the other items, it is important


they come forward. You do not know how it was that the baby came to be


in deep stream? It could be a serious crime, but it is a tragedy,


or whatever has happened. The mother is in need of help. We want


her to come forward, and we will give her support. But we need to


note what happened to that child. Maybe you are the mother, or the


father. Did you see anything? If you would rather speak to female


officers, just ask. Or, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously. It


is time for some CCTV. We start in Liverpool.


It is the early hours of Tuesday morning in April at a supermarket


in Bootle. A security guard weights. Little does he know that outside


his colleague has been ambushed. The attackers forced their way into


the vault, pulling the other got with them. They threatened the


guards with a gun and a piece of wood. They then made off with


several thousand pounds. You cannot see their faces, but somebody knows


two they are. -- who they are. More footage from April, this time, in a


bog in Warrington. It is just after midnight. One man takes offence as


a fellow punter tries to get past him. Without saying a word, he had


put him. The victim needed stitches and is permanently stuck -- Scott.


Police name him. -- police named him. Inside the cancer research


charity shop in North Yorkshire, during the early hours of Thursday


in May, a man wearing a paper suit has broken in. He is not looking


for a bargain or to make a donation. He clearly likes a rummage. Unlike


his torch, he is not too bright. Hello! He stole money and watches


donated to support a charity. Disgusting. Tell us who he is.


That footage is all on the website, and if you know who any of them are,


It's horrible murder that you cannot fail to have heard about,


July the Yates, she was a landscape architect who lived happily in


Bristol, with her boyfriend. That was until just before Christmas,


when she was strangled in her flat by her neighbour, Vincent Tabak


couple stop in the light of his conviction, we can now bring you


the full story of what happened. And for the first time, we could


The disappearance of Joanna Yeates just a week before Christmas


devastated the family. She had a brightness about her. She was


always very happy-go-lucky, she always had time for everyone.


liked outdoor things, outdoor life. She was going to be a real success.


She had sport, interests, a great boyfriend, everything was there.


They had been going out for two years, and they were coming home


for Christmas? Yes, we were excited about it. She was making mince pies.


Time has just stopped from that night. She was 25 and had


everything going for her. She was beautiful, talented, and has


settled in Bristol, up working as a landscape architect. She was living


happily with her boyfriend until, up one night in December, when she


The investigation began on 19th December, when police received a


call from her boyfriend. On the Sunday evening, he returned from


his weekend away in Sheffield. There was no trace of her in the


flat. Gradually, he started to piece things together that he


thought were unusual. When he called her number, he could hear


her telephone ringing in the flat. As time progressed, he got


increasingly concerned. He eventually phoned the police.


circumstances as they were reported, as I read them, they automatically


lead me to feel that, with this missing person, there was something


wrong. A missing persons inquiry was launched, detectives were


looking for anything that might point them towards her. They had


very little to go on. Which of exhausting every opportunity and


every resource to find her. We need some help. Inside the flat, there


were a few potential leads. One of them was a Tesco receipt for a


pizza she had bought on the Friday night, two days earlier. The


receipt had been left in the living room, but there was no sign of the


pizza or the packaging. The police were convinced finding the Pizza


could lead them closer to her, so Friday night, 6:00pm. She met


friends for drinks at a pub on Pond Street. They remember her that


night as her usual happy self. On the way home, she called her best


friend and arranged to meet up on Christmas Eve. She then popped into


a Waitrose supermarket, an off- licence and a Tesco Express, where


This is the last ever recorded What happened when she got home


These huge police search was under way. The Bristol Downs and the Avon


gorge were scoured for clues. Further appeals were made. By now,


she had been missing for over a week. The investigation was about


to change course. It is a bit cold. It is lovely. The police received a


call from a couple walking their dog. Three miles from her flat.


They had spotted part of a body in the snow. It was her, fully clothed,


and curled up on her side. The heavy snowfall meant she was barely


visible, and she had lain unseen for several days. She had been left


on the side of the road. Her body, now frozen. It was Christmas Day.


She was dumped like a piece of garbage. That is where my daughter


was last. I was thinking, why? Why? Why? There seemed to be no reason


After her family identified the body, a post mortem began.


cause of her death was manual strangulation. There was evidence


that there had been some sign of a struggle. Crucially, they also


found tiny traces of DNA on her party, belonging to someone else. -


- on her body. The investigation into Joanna Yeates is now a murder


investigation. She had been found fully-clothed, except for a soccer


that was missing. The police hoped that recovering it, along with the


pizza, could provide some answers. DB is captivated the nation.


police say a body found yesterday... Denied she went missing, witnesses


had heard screams in the area around her flat at -- on the night.


They were of interest, because it helped us to a time when the


incident had happened, which resulted in her death. But when


detectives had not on the door of her immediate neighbour, Dutch


national Vincent Tabak, he claimed he had not seen or heard anything.


It was at 4pm on the Monday morning, when two police officers knocked on


the door of the second flat. He did not have any information to provide


us concerning her whereabouts. flat was later searched, but police


found nothing. Seemingly out of the picture, he headed to the


Netherlands with his girlfriend for new year. Their attention was drawn


to another of her neighbours, her landlord. He was one of the few


people with keys to her flat. His Five days after her body was


recovered, he was arrested. The tabloid press went into overdrive.


Speculation about his supposed involvement was rife. But amazingly,


just three hours after his arrest, an officer received a call from


Vincent Tabak in the Netherlands, claiming to have new information.


He could remember that Christopher Jefferies' car had been parked in a


particular position the evening before she went missing, and the


next morning, the car was facing in Police were now questioning


Christopher Jefferies. The police then sent a team out to meet


Vincent Tabak out to Amsterdam, but his version of events seemed


confused. There were details of Vincent's account that were


concerning me. He was made in some areas, he was over interested in


other areas, particularly around our forensic examination. There


were things in his account that just didn't sound right to Timmy.


Then his reluctance to give his DNA at the end of the process again, it


obviously started to ring some alarm bells. Tabak's statement was


a smokescreen. The landlord was entirely innocent. When police


checked Christobel Jeffrey's' DNA against the sample found on Jo's


body, there was no match. He was As the investigation gathered


momentum, police launched a Facebook campaign and turned to


Crimewatch. They've been painstakingly reconstructing every


last detail. As our team began to film an appeal, the press descended.


Within hours, police received over 300 new course. -- new course. Then,


shortly before the reconstruction was due to air, they made a


dramatic breakthrough. Forensic scientists had spent weeks


enhancing the Tiny DNA sample found on Jo's body, enabling them to


establish a link to Vincent Tabak. The detective's suspicions were


being confirmed. I had a strong gut feeling that something wasn't right.


Tabak was arrested and his possessions seized. They included


his car, his mobile and his laptop. The secrets they contained would be


hard for Tabak to explain away. They found that six days before her


body was discovered, Tabak had been using Google street view. He was


looking at Longwood Lane and in particular at the bit of Longwood


Lane where he'd left Jo's body. There is only one person in the


world and it -- who knew where Jo was, and that was Vincent Tabak.


Forensics are examined his car for evidence. What they discovered


confirmed what happened that night. In the boot of the car we were able


to find minute traces of blood that was a match back to Joanna Yeates.


Be evidence was damning. Tabak, the man next door, was charged with


murder. Despite his refusal to answer any questions, detectives


now had a better picture of what happened to Jo on the night she


Jo was overpowered by 6 ft 4 Tabak, who gripped her throat, strangling


her to death. That night he bundled her body into his boat and went


looking for a place to discard it. -- into his car boot. He even


stopped at an ASDA supermarket to text his girlfriend, telling her


that he was bored. He in fact bought crisps, beer and rock salt


while Jo's body lay in his car boot. The whole exercise an elaborate


You know these birds which run along the ground working so hard


and then they take to the Air Flying butt macro that to me is my


daughter. She'd just taken off and somebody shot her down. She's been


stolen from us but she had her life stolen from her. Nearly three weeks


after his arrest, Vincent Tabak confessed to a prison chaplain that


he had killed Jo Yeates. He then pleaded guilty to manslaughter. But


the police were convinced he was guilty of murder. And so last month


he went to trial at Bristol Crown Court. Tabak claimed he'd made a


pass at Jo, causing her to scream. While trying to silence her he'd


accidentally strangled her to death. But the prosecution believe the


attack was intentional and sexually motivated. The trial run for 13


days with Tabak failing to answer 80 questions. Then, after almost 14


hours of deliberation, the jury returned their verdict. Vincent


Tabak was guilty of murder. grieve because I miss her but she


has missed so much as well. Getting married, children, all of these


type of things... I note that is what she would have wanted in the


future. Nothing will replace my Such a tragedy. The details that


have come out since the trial finished are really shocking.


Sickening. Tabak was obsessed with violent pornography, specifically


films showing women being choked during sex. He would watch those


films on the morning he killed Jo and in the days afterwards he was


flicking continuously between reports of how the police


investigation was progressing and those pornographic sites. He used


prostitutes when he was away on business trips, and prosecutors


believe he crossed the line from of servitor perpetrator. I and yet


none of that was heard at the trial. No, it was inadmissible. He


portrayed himself as being sexually naive. He said he had killed Jo by


accident, even suggested she had been flirtatious. It was grotesque.


It was cold and calculating. He spent weeks researching the details


between murder and manslaughter. And he didn't give a dam about


putting the family through that harrowing trial, just like he


didn't care about hiding the body and the agonies that caused. It was


all about him and thankfully the jury saw through it. What about the


moment when he showed the flash of arrogance? He was being too clever.


That phone call he didn't have to make, trying to frame Christopher


Jefferies. It unravelled after that. That led them to the DNA that would


corner him. But it was a difficult investigation. After the trial,


Christopher Jefferies said the police wasted time and resources on


him that should have been focused elsewhere. And at the trial, Tabak


got life plus 20 years. Yes. Jo's parents said they hoped Tabak's


time in prison would be a living hell. They said they would never


get over it. They just miss her. Still to come tonight, the cyclist


who stepped in to stop this man. He is suspected of trying to rape a


young woman in Brighton. I would absolutely do it again, that's what


everyone should do in that situation. I didn't think twice and


I don't see why anyone would. we will hear from the 14-year-old


boy who was blasted in both legs with a shotgun as he answered his


I looked down at my leg and saw the holes in my trousers. It was kind


of horrific. And can you identify this man? Thought to have planted


suspect devices in Canterbury. That is coming up soon. First, Matthew


has the latest on what's been happening on the phones. Let's


start off by interrupting Sue, who is in charge of the Rico Gordon


investigation. You've had some good calls coming in as a yes, one


particular is of interest. identified as one of the images on


the CCTV. But I'd really like the name of all three of the people we


saw. Have you had names so far? have had one name, it looks like we


could have the right identity for that individual. That is what you


wanted, names. What about vans and cars? Nothing on that, but we've


also had some other names put forward by someone who didn't give


their name. I would urge them to call back, we would like to speak


to them. If that was you calling, please call us, we're waiting for


the call. Let's get more on the sad case of the baby's body found in


Lancashire. Neil, what is coming? The items aren't being specifically


linked, but I need someone to put those items together. You are


desperate for bad weather to come forward. Yes, we want the mother to


come forward. I know it's difficult but I believe you really need our


help. Come forward tonight and tell us what happened to your child. We


Time for some more wanted faces. First is Dwayne Anthony Mullings.


Earlier this year he was convicted of raping a woman in 2004, but he


failed to turn up at Sheffield Crown Court and was sentenced to


six years in his absence. 35 year- old Mullings, who has a street name


of Ribsey, is originally from Jamaica but has links to Sheffield


and Doncaster. This is Imran Shaukat, police want to speak to


the 26-year-old in connection with a fatal hit and run accident. He


has the two faint birthmarks on the side of his face and has links to


Luton, London and Manchester. Lagat this. This is 56-year-old Robert


Stevens, otherwise known as Robert Melias, rubbing a bookmaker's at


knifepoint in September in A bath. Robert Stevens has connections


across the West Country and has various tattoos including a panther


and the word city on his left arm and the letters B.O.B on his right


hand. Lastly his Nael Abdul Khaliq. Police would like to talk to the


30-year-old in connection with two burglaries and a robbery or


committed in west London. He is known by the street name of Tiny.


If you recognise any of them you can call us or Texas at the numbers


Take a moment to take a look at this image here. Police are


confident that this man would have raped a young woman in Brighton if


it hadn't been for the actions of a passing cyclist who came to her aid.


Detective Chief Inspector Nick Sloan from Surrey and Sussex crime


team is here to explain more. What happened? The victim had been out


for the evening with her family and was on her way home, along Edward


Street in Ryton, near the American Express building. - back in


Brighton. She walked along the road and became aware of someone behind


her. They grabbed her. It fell to her like was a case of mistaken


identity, the chap pulled away and she walked on up the road. It was


about two minutes later that he attacked her and pushed her to the


ground and sexually assaulted her. Just to get this right, it's a busy


place, a busy city centre. Yes, it was a brazen attack, a well it


dual-carriageway road. Fortunately, our brave and... The victim acted


in a dignified fashion and screamed and fought. She was heard by a


passing cyclist. I have no doubt that if it hadn't been for the


actions of the cyclist she would have been subjected to a much worse


ordeal. This bloke is a bit of a key role. He also was pretty modest.


It was just that moment. It was quite lucky timing wise that I


turned up when I did. I chased after him to try and get him to


stop. Then he began to chase the way. I thought about following him


but I went back to the victim because she was on her own in the


dark. Despicable, really. The guy is horrible. What do you say about


people like that? I would absolutely do it again, that's what


everyone should do in that situation. I didn't think twice and


I don't see why anyone would. Despicable is the word. Good CCTV,


just give us a bit more detail. can clearly see the offender. The


CCTV cameras are very close to the scene. You can see that he is


wearing white trainers, he has got some genes on with very distinctive


Brading around the pockets and a black leather style type jacket and


a very distinctive hat, a trilby hat. He actually went back to pick


that up when he was being chased off by the cyclist. As you say, the


woman has been very brave, very dignified. A terrible thing that


happened. She is very keen that this man is caught. I don't know


why he did it, what led him to do what he did. I can't know he's not


going to do it again. I don't think anyone else should have to go


through that. I would just like to know why. I want to know why he


chose that night, what led up to it and why he chose me? There are a


lot of questions I'd like to get answers to. The next person might


not be so lucky. A brave woman. Thank you for joining us this


evening. If you recognise the man that we saw there then it is time


to pick up the phone tonight. If you have been a victim of crime


then you can call the victim We start now in Bath.


A group of lads is gathered outside this takeaway in May. It seems


friendly, and tell the man in the body warmer start getting


aggressive. Suddenly, he punches the man in the blue shirt, knocking


him over the railings and into the road, before striding off. This man


broke somebody's jaw, please name him. This is what I call brazen.


This man is looking at expensive diamond rings in King's Lynn in


Norfolk. He asks the shop assistant to show him a variety of bespoke


pieces, before snatching one and running out of the shop. This is


the ring he took, and it Tish -- it is worth just shy of 100 grand.


Remember, all of the clips stay online until they are caught. If


On an evening in March, Khalil Hogan went to answer a knock at his


front door in High Wycombe. But as he opened a door, he was shot twice


in the legs by a complete stranger, Is that you? Yes. He is my first


grandson. As a person, he is very nice. He is really quiet. Sometimes,


he will be in the room, you would not know he was there. I live with


my grandmother and my sister and her boyfriend in High Wycombe. I


have lived here for most of my life. He lives for sport. He plays


football, rugby, rounders. thing people always talk about his


sport, because they know I am very active. They know I like to play


sport or of the time. I can play a wide range, but I like football the


most. On the night of the shooting, I came home from work, what kind


normally do, and at 8pm, I left him, his sister and her boyfriend, to go


to a prayer meeting. Normally, I like to know that there is somebody


here with him. That evening, I was on the computer, talking to my


friend on Facebook, and playing some games, just to relax, while my


sister was watching TV. A normal Can you get that, please? There was


a knock-on the door, and my sister asked me to get it. So why did.


Hello? Police? Can I have an I looked at my leg, and I saw the


holes in my trousers. There was blood dripping from my legs, to the


floor. It was horrific. I got to the end of the road and I saw all


of these police cars. The police had guns. I ask what had happened,


and they told me. I have woken up in a hospital bed with loads of


doctors and a few nurses standing around me. There was a gaping hole


in his right leg. The flats have -- flesh was smashed up. I spent two


weeks in hospital, I had four operations. They had taken out all


of the pellets from my leg. There were a lot of pellets. The doctors


were telling me that they were not sure if I would be able to walk


again. They thought I might have been paralysed. It should never


have happened. He is just an innocent boy. It was frightening


for him. He went through a lot of pain and suffering, for nothing.


kept going over it in my head, I did not know why somebody would do


something like this to me, because I have always been quiet, I never


got into much trouble, so I do not really understand why trouble has


come to me. We are joined by Joe Kidman. A lot


of pain and suffering, that is for sure. What reason could there have


been? All of our inquiries have found no positive reason why


anybody in that house should have been attacked. This could be a case


of mistaken identity. What are you looking for? We need the help of


the local community, in particular, we have got some CCTV that has not


previously been released, and that shows two people were involved in


the shooting. We want Crimewatch viewers to help us to identify them.


Let's take a look at them. What are people seeing here? This is a few


moments before the attack. Fate of going towards his home. The first


one was carrying a shotgun, and a minute or so later, running back


from where they came from. You are interested in what one of them was


wearing? Yes, this first man. On his docker jacket, it appears that


there is a rectangular logo, and towards the centre, something that


reflects the light even more. is quite distinctive. People can


look at that on the website. This boy has made good progress. Yes, I


am pleased to say that, despite the injuries, he has gone back to


school, and he is playing football again. We wish him all the very


best. If you know anything, please call. It is time for some more news


on previous appeals. We start with the case we featured


five years ago, the rape of a woman, who became separated from her


friends in Bromley. We showed you this CCTV of a man police believe


to be responsible. Thanks to a breakthrough, the attacker was


identified as Cheslin Campher. Two weeks ago, he was given an


indeterminate prison sentence. He will serve at least four and a half


years, and he will be deported back to South Africa when he is released.


You might recognise this man. He was a wanted face on the last show.


He is Mohammed Bashiri, he tried to blackmail a pensioner after per


lottery winnings. He was located, and he is now serving at least two


years in prison. Finally, this CCTV of an attack


which took place outside the Eastside Pub in Essex last year,


which we appealed about last November. It shows a Dortmund being


slashed across the face with a weapon. He needed 50 stitches. The


man responsible was identified as Lennox Richards from Barkingside.


In August, he was sentenced to five years for GBH.


We have got an unusual case in which two suspect devices were


planted in Canterbury, including one left in the baby-changing unit


of the Marks and Spencers. An unusual case, tell me more. It was


4:20pm on 26th August, the bank holiday weekend. We received a call


that there was a suspect device on the railway line in Canterbury.


While we were investigating, the fire alarm activated in the baby-


changing room of Marks & Spencer has in the Whitefriars shopping


centre. We investigated, and that was a suspect device that had


activated, issuing a thick smoke, causing distress to shoppers.


have brought us pictures of these devices. Quite complex looking


things. This was found by the railway line. Pretty terrifying.


You said there was thick smoke in Marks & Spencer us. This is what


was left, the small dispose of -- explosives. We are linking the


incidents. We regard this as an incident carried out by one group.


The motive is still a mystery. Nobody has claimed responsibility,


which is unusual. Clearly, their plan was designed to cause maximum


disruption to the authorities and the public of Canterbury. You have


got some interesting CCTV. What are we watching? We are looking at the


man we believe placed the device in Marks & Spencer as in Canterbury.


You see him in the store, he spends 15 minutes there, he places the


device and he leaves, almost as soon as he exits the store, the


device activates, filling the store with smoke. He appears to be


dressed as a cyclist. We do have evidence he got around Canterbury


on a push bike. He was walking with great purpose. You think he was


working as part of 18? At least three mobile phones were reduced on


the day of the offence, to communicate between each other.


They also use them to contact the media and Kent Police, and claimed


that they had found the device. We have some footage that I would like


help from the viewers with, which is footage of three women, who


purchased the telephones in London, two weeks before the defence, on


14th August. That is interesting. Nobody was hurt, but you are taking


this seriously. Why? It was so organised, so meticulous, and the


devices were clearly designed to scare people. Do you recognise any


of those people? We urgently need to hear from you tonight. Time for


a quick blast update. We are getting some good


information on the Rico Gordon murder. The lad called in the


crossfire, innocent. Several courts have given names to possible band


members. And names for one of the witnesses. We need that person to


come forward. We are getting calls about the baby jacket. We do not


need any more information, we know where it is from, we just need to


link it to the baby boy. That is everything for now. You can


view all of the reconstructions, the CCTV, online, and you can do it


on your smartphone. Just log on to the website. The phone lines stay


open until midnight tomorrow, so there is still plenty of time to


Detectives from across the UK appeal for help in solving some of the UK's biggest cases. These include the young teenager 'kneecapped' on his doorstep with two blasts from a shotgun in a shocking case of mistaken identity. Plus the inside story of how detectives caught a murderer by staging an elaborate bluff - fooling him into revealing where he'd buried his victim's body.

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