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Tonight, the 15-year-old schoolboy attacked out of the blue by a


complete stranger. Boy, come over here. Mo. He suffered 90% brain


damage and will never recover. Knowing how lively he was, it seems


absolutely desperately sad. Every parent expects their child to be


pushing them around in their wheelchair. So who did it? Welcome


Crimewatch. We're going bring you the appalling case of Mo Bourner in


a mo.. First, a quick look at -- Mo Bourner. Jim Morrison was stabbed


after chasing a thief through Covent Garden in 1991. It seems


awful that somebody is still out there that has committed a murder


and is walking around having a life. And Rav is here with the wanted


faces. Yeah people wanted for murder fraud


and drug dealing and unbelievable CCTV, including this new footage of


the summer riots in London, showing terrified staff at a money exchange


literally fleing from a mob of looters.


Police in Essex need your help to catch whoever has been throwing


rocks from road bridges, causing serious injuries to motorists. And


Matthew will have the latest news on cases solved thanks to your call.


Including this man from our last show, who having robbed a string of


bookies was spotted by a viewer and has already been sentenced to six-


and-a-half years in prison. And I bet there are lots of people who'd


love to see something like this waiting for them on their Christmas


morning, but can you help to track down the thieves who've stolen


�30,000 worth of similar model railway from a museum.


We start tonight with the completely unprovoked, but


devastating attack on 15-year-old schoolboy, Mo Bourner. It happened


in Bexhill in East Sussex. It happened on the Hallowe'en weekend.


After six weeks in a coma, he is now in a stable condition in


hospital, but has lost 90% of his brain function. He'll never be the


He's really, really lovely boy, kind, such a beautiful young man,


looking forward to life. He's a very well known, popular lad. He


doesn't wish harm on anybody ever in his life. He's peace loving. He


likes to go out and enjoy himself. Weed we'd go off on his BMX and


he'd do a crazy stunt. I'd have my heart in my mouth. But he'd be up


there, so fearless. To then see him laying there, being kept alive and


knowing how lively he was, it seems 15-year-old Mo Bourner's life has


changed forever, following a violent and completely unprovoked


attack. I now urgently need to trace the man who with a single


punch has taken away Mo's future and left his family feeling utterly


devastated. The last week I was with him was


half term. He was down from London for this week staying with me here


on the farm. He was helping me take a fence down and he was working


really hard. He was using all the tools, as hide shown him. He was a


boy, but he was coming into being a young man and I had a glimpse of


what he was going to be like for his future life. He was really


looking forward to go to the beach party with his friends. The last


thing he gave me a big thumbs up. "Dad I love you. I'll give you a


ring later tonight, when we're through with the party and you can


I've been friends with Mo for three, four years now, ever since I met


him, he's always been there. I've always been there for him. It's a


two-way friendship. It was a very lively atmosphere. Me and Mo and


about ten other people rapping round the fire. It was starting to


get a bit late. I said I'd better go home. He said, see you later


mate. Get home safe and that, he said, yeah I will. I assumed he


would get home all right. I left. At about midnight Mo and a group of


his friends decided to go back towards the town centre, where he


was planning on calling his father to pick him up. Boy, come over here.


I'll go and see what he wants. You've got a problem. I don't have


a problem. Someone needs to teach you a lesson. Mo! With that one


punch, Mo was knocked backwards, hitting his head on the car and


then the pavement and left with severe head injuries. The attacker


then ran off towards the centre of Bexhill and may well have spent the


rest of the evening in local bars. I'm convinced he would have told


others about what he'd just done. It's those people I need to come


forward tonight. It went past midnight and I thought, well, maybe


he's with a friend and he'd give me a ring soon. The next thing I know


was any parent's worst nightmare. Straight into the A&E. There he was,


recognisable, but only just because he had so many pipes and tubes,


full life support. He was in such a serious condition. Many people


don't realise a single punch can have devastating conconstituencies.


We've done a detailed brain scan on Mo. The brain is still very swollen.


Areas of the brain whiter than the rest are deeply injured brain cells


that will go on to die. He was being fed through a tube and


has not shown purposeful movement. The Mo that his family knew before


will never come back. Every parent expects their child to be pushing


them around in their wheelchair W him, we've just got to be strong


for him. Any mother watching this will


understand what I mean, to be a mother and, you know, your child


going through that, I wish that happened to me, not Mohammed.


heart breaking. DCI Nick Sloan from Surrey and Sussex major crime team


is leading the investigation. This was a fine, decent young boy, about


to start sitting his GCSEs. Devastating for the family,


obviously. Let's go to the facts, what do we know about the attacker?


What do -- where do we think he went? He was tacked by a stranger


in his early to mid-20s. Having punched Mo he ran into the town


centre, down brassy Road. There he spent the rest of the evening in


bars and clubs. He may have confided in someone about what he'd


just done. Now, it might be that those people don't realise just how


serious, just how life shattering that assault was and if they were


spoken to that night, if they heard something, I need them to come


forward and tell me the truth. Those are the people you need to


talk to, those people who are watching tonight might think if


this bloke is capable of that, I'm worried about my own safety. What


can you say to reassure them? can offer them reassurance and


anonymity. They can have confidence and come forward to talk to us.


Thank you very much. That appeal to come forward goes to


the person who threw the punch. You may not have intended to cause such


a serious injury. If you think you can help, whoever you are, I would


urge you please to call now. You saw what happened: Or call


Crimestoppers, and do that anonymously.


Now the first batch of wanted faces. We start with this guy, Mohammed


Tariq. He's wanted in connection with the murder of a man after a


suspected road rage incident in Derby in August. The 26-year-old


uses the name Tariq Rafiq as well. Number two is this fella, Gavin


Carabini. Police want to speak to him about a burglary at the home of


an 84-year-old widow during which jewellery worth more than �12,000


was taken. He uses the alias Robert Murray has links to Dublin,


Llanelli, Liverpool and Carlisle. He's considered to be dangerous. If


you see him call the police. Number three is this guy, this is Nisar


Dad. He's wanted for assaulting a partner. He has links to London,


Leeds and Birmingham. Then Robert Taylor-Barefoot. He's a convicted


fraudster who coned people out of almost �250,000, which he used to


fund his lavish lifestyle. The 33- year-old, who had a tribal tattoo


on his left arm, has linked to Shropshire, Surrey, London,


Australia. All of tonight's faces are on the website. If you know


where they are please call: You can also text. This week marks the 2078


anniversary of the brutal murder of a police officer in Covent Garden.


Detective Constable Jim Morrison was off duty when he tried to stop


a bag thief. His sense of duty may have ult muttly cost him his --


One thing that he wouldn't ever do would be to turn a blind eye and


walk away. That wasn't in his character to do that. Christmas in


Covent Garden in London's glittering West End can be a


magical time. But it was here, two decades ago, that a promising young


police officer thought nothing about his own safety, when, off


duty, he chase aid thief through these streets. Tragically his


heroic actions were to cost him his life. The murder of Detective


Constable Jim Morrison on December 13th, 1991, was headline news at


the time. ARCHIVE: Police are calling for


witnesss to the murder of an off duty detective... Despite the


efforts of police, his killer has never been caught. His family and


colleagues mourn the death of a pop already and well-liked man. I was


about 19, when we first met. We met in a bar. We hit it off and romance


and relationship blossomed from there. We had made plans for our


future. We had made plans about starting a family in a few years'


time, at that point. I came down from Scotland to join the police,


Jim had actually joined before me, about six months in front of me. We


just bonded straight away. It was a really good friendship. It kind of,


almost like a brother type set up, I would imagine. Christmas 1991,


we'd been married just over three years. We were making plans to go


up to spend Christmas with his family, which was the first


Christmas that we were both able to get the time from work to go up. So


we were quite looking forward to going away for a week or two. The


morning of the 13th was like any We both got ready. We had breakfast.


We both went to work. A member of the Metropolitan Police since 1983,


Jim had moved quickly from being a uniformed beat officer in Covent


Garden to his first role as a detective. He was incredibly


passionate about the job. He really believed completely in what he was


doing. He called me from work to say that he was going to go for a


drink after work, and he would be in around the same time as me.


MUSIC Jim was one of many people in


Covent Garden's pubs that night enjoying the festive season. A pint


of the usual, please. But while the majority were simply


having a good time, others were looking to take advantage of the


relaxed atmosphere. A group of thieves was targeting pub goers.


Jim was experienced at spotting this type of criminal, and it's


thought he came across one of these thieves on his way home.


What you got there, sir? I'm a police officer. You're coming with


me. OK. Stop. At the Transport Museum in Covent Garden, Jim was


spotted struggling with the bag snatcher.


He chased him towards the Aldwych. Put the knife down. Put the knife


It felt as if we'd been in the hospital for a long time before a


doctor came in and informed me of - of what had happened, and it was


fatal. Police launched a major investigation to help reach as many


people as possible. They also turned to Crimewatch. Taking calls


that night were Jim's friends and colleagues, including Detective


Inspector Dave Willis. The night of the appeal - that must have been a


difficult, difficult evening for you. Yes, we handle serious and


major crimes on a daily basis. Jim was a good friend of mine. When


your friend is stabbed in those circumstances, it's a horrific


thing to be investigating. But you did get good demfgs that night?


We established a woman who had her handbag stolen from the Maple Leaf.


This was a useful bit of information that took the inquiry


forward. Even now, 20 years on, we're desperate for information


that'll help us catch Jim's killer. It feels awful that somebody is


still out there who has committed a murder and is walking around having


a life. It's now 20 years since Detective


Constable Jim Morrison was killed here, where his memorial now stands,


but his killer is still at large. For the sake of his widow and his


family, if you know who did this, it's time to finally come forward.


I really miss his friendship and him being there, yeah, a big hole


in our life. Whenever somebody dies or is killed tragically like that


any time of year is going to be horrendous, but at Christmas, it


just felt, for me, very hard because it was Christmas, you know,


and I used to walk through Covent Garden and see the Christmas trees,


and just - and life goes on for everybody else, but you don't


really want it to. We're joined now by Detective Chief Inspector Amanda


Hargreaves. Given when this happened, around about


Christmastime this must have been a particularly difficult time of year


for Jim's family. Devastating, totally devastating, compounded by


the fact it was just before his birthday, just before Christmas,


truly devastating for everyone. you talk us through what happened


where. He tried to arrest the suspect outside the Transport


Museum. He ran off towards the Aldwych. Jim gave chase. The chase


ended up in Montreal Place where he was fatally stabbed. Of course, we


have to bear in mind this happened 20 years ago. Is it useful, though,


to give a description of the suspect? Yes, there were plenty of


people around that night. Witnesses describe the suspect as being


between 27 and 30 years of age, male, of North African, Algerian


appearance, about 5'10", short, dark hair with distinctive dark


curls at the front wearing a leather jacket. It's interesting


you and your team have been approached recently by potentially


important witnesses here. Yes, two callers have phoned into the


incident room. They have left numbers. When they tried -- we


tried to call back, we have had no answer. We'd like them to call


again. There is a substantial reward being offered.? �20,000


leading to the arrest and prosecution. We wish you and your


team the best tonight. Thank you. We saw there - it has


been 20 long years of waiting for Jim's widow. If you know anything,


tonight is the night to come forward. Call us now, 0500 600 600.


Now, Rav has got some CCTV for you to take a look at.


We start in Nottingham. Check out the guy in the sunglasses


as he waits in line at a Lloyds TSB bank on a Monday morning in July.


He approaches the counter and hands the cashier a note demanding money


and saying he's got a gun. Nonchalantly, he waits for his haul


branch of Lloyds in the City. He's still sporting his shades, and the


routine's the same. He approaches the counter and gets out his


shopping bags, then hands over the note, which again demands cash and


threatens he has a gun. There is a �25,000 reward for


information leading to his conviction. So can you name this


shady character tonight? A man and a woman enjoy a pizza as


they wait for a late-night train at Hackney central overground station


on a Friday night in August. As they sit chatting, a man wheeling a


mountain bike wheels his way towards the platform. Then, without


provocation, the cyclist knocks the pizza box on to the floor before


attacking the man, knocking him And even hitting him with his bike.


But the attacker then leaves the way he came. The victim suffered a


head wound and had to be taken to hospital. Tell us - who is this


This is a footpath in the town of Berkhamstead in September. A woman


has just walked past when a man attracts her attention, exposing


himself as he does. This isn't the first time he's done it. He has


been at it since March. If he wanted exposure, he certainly got


it now. Name, please. That footage is all on the website.


If you know who any of them are, call 0500 600 600 or text 63399.


OK. A quick appeal for information now on a case you may have seen in


the news. Police are investigating two incidents where pieces of rock


or concrete have been dropped from bridges on to cars on the A12 in


Essex. Both happened during the evening of Thursday, December the


1st. Now, during the first incident - it happened around about 9.30pm


near the Fryeming Bridge. This big rock was dropped on to a Vauxhall


Astra where a mum and daughter were driving along. The car was damaged,


but amazingly, neither was hurt. It was just as if somebody put their


hands over my eyes. I just heard a bang, and my windscreen shattered.


Maybe if I was travelling that one mile an hour more, it could have


come through my windscreen. They could have killed four people


within half an hour and just go home and sleep. I don't understand


how people could do that. They're obviously not normal people


to do something like that. I'm scared that it's going to happen


again to somebody else, and I want them to be caught, really.


As if that wasn't bad enough, around about half an hour after


that, a couple were driving under the West Hanningfield Bridge


towards Brentford when their niece was hit by this block of concrete.


The block crushed the female passenger, 57-year-old Carol Manley


causing her serious head injuries. It's being treated as attempted


murder. Police are appealing for information who has information to


contact Essex Police. OK. It's time for some updates on


some previous cases. We start with news on an appeal


from our last programme. We asked for information about the death of


Rico Gordon, who was shot after he was caught in the crossfire of a


gunfight in the eastern area of Bristol in July. Two men from


London, one 30 and one 26, have since been arrested and charged in


connection with his murder. Officers have also identified two


of the three witnesses they were seeking, but they'd still like to


hear from anyone else who was on Stapleton Road on the night of the


shooting or from anyone else who can help. If you can, contact Avon


and Somerset Constabulary via Crimestoppers, 0800 555 111.


In September, we appealed for information about the theft of this


rare rhino head from the Haslemere Museum in Surrey. As a direct


result from calls to the show, a 32-year-old man from Tilbury in


Essex has been caught. An excellent result on a case we


featured in May. A young woman was raped after she made her way out


for a meal on Valentine's Day this year. We showed you this CCTV


footage of her attacker just moments before he subjected her to


the terrifying ordeal watching the programme that night was an officer


from a neighbouring force who recognised similarities to a case


that he was investigating. The shared intelligence led detectives


to 27-year-old Michael Tejkowski from Maidstone. Last week he was


found guilty of raping two women and sexually assaulting a third,


sentencing him to 18 years in prison. The judge described him as


"a thoroughly dangerous man" who had shown not a shred of remorse or


human compassion towards his victims.


Still to come tonight: why was 37- year-old Errol McKenzie shot dead


in an East London park in an apparently random shooting?


I just got in from church, and the telephone rang, and my eldest


daughter said to me, "Mum, Errol died. Errol is dead." And can you


identify the gang behind a shockingly violent robbery at the


home of an elderly couple near Leicester?


SHOUTING I was watching the one with the


machete, which was a bit frightening, when I was hit in the


face with a crowbar. And police in Glasgow need to know who these men


are. They are both wanted for serious sexual assaults on the same


woman. We'll have the inside story of how - sorry about that - we'll


have the inside story of how detectives caught the killer of


Birmingham taxi driver Mohammed Arshad. They brought the case to


Crimewatch after a sharp-eyed detective spotted a new piece of


CCTV. That's when we had a real


breakthrough. But first, Matthew has the latest


on what has been happening on the phones so far. It is very busy here


on the floor tonight. Let's talk to Nick, who is investigating that


devastating attack on the 15-year- old boy in Sussex. I know just in


the last few seconds as we were starting chatting, you had some


exciting information coming in. the calls, the texts, the e-mails -


we're into double figures now, and the same person has been named on


more than one occasion. Someone who has phoned through clearly know a


lot about what happened. They don't want to leave their name, but I


need them to phone back. One day these people could be parents.


They've got to step forward and do the right thing now because they


won't get the opportunity to turn the clock back. Thank you very much.


If it was you that made that call, please call back. Rav


Number five is this fellow. This is Rehan Suleman. He's wanted


in connection with the large-scale supply of heroin and crack cocaine


as well as firearm offences. Suleman, who is 27, has connections


to Bradford and is known to use the alias Mohammed Baber. This one is


taken from CCTV and is what he may look like now. Have a look at that.


Next is this guy here. This is Steve James, also known as Mr Koch


or Mr Horse. He's Peter James Waller, due to stand trial for


stolen antiques and jewellery worth more than �130,000 but didn't turn


up to court. He has various tattoos including


one on his thumbs saying "mum" and "dad" and one "love" on his right


knuckles. And lastly tonight, this is 33 year


old Sodor Alom. Police need to trace him in connection with the


rape of a woman in Newport in South Wales in January. He failed to turn


up at court in August and has been wanted ever since. Alom, who may


The couple whose Leicestershire farmhouse was raided by a gang.


They made off with rare and valuable shot guns and rifles. Not


only are they worth a lot of money, they could be deadly in the wrong


They loved the countryside and what it contains, different wildlife,


bird life, all sorts of wonderful things. We're down a long farm


drive. Our immediate neighbours are halfway down the farm drive. We've


been here about 31 years now. Shooting and hunting and fishing,


it's part of the rural thing, you know. It's how we've been brought


up. This is the home of Sandra and David Clarke, a Smallvilleage south


of Leicestershire. -- Leicester. A masked gang put the couple through


a terrible ordeal. They were tied up and David was savagely beaten


with a machete and iron bar. It was a very normal day about the farm


and about the yard, just normal. Mucking out, turning out, feeding


and then I cooked dinner in the evening. I was watching the


programme on the television. Sandra was in the other room watching a


different programme. I'd just switched over to news at 10pm when


I was watching the one with the machete, which was a bit


frightening, when I was hit in the face with a crow bar. It knocked my


teeth out and that was the end of me then. Then I went down in a hail


of blows from cricket bat and the machete. They took my watch and


wallet and the keys. The keys to the gun cabinet. I did hear a noise.


The next thing I knew there was a man standing alongside me with a


crow bar in his hand. He just grabbed me and pulled me from the


chair. They were still knocking David about and I remember shouting


to them to leave him alone, because I said he'll have a heart attack,


he's not well. I said that at least two or three times, which they


didn't take any notice of me. That was the start of my ordeal with


them. Where is the money? haven't got any. Don't lie! Tell me.


Where is it. He got a screw driver that he poked in my cheek. Then he


put it in my mouth, threatened me and then he threatened me with the


machete. They wouldn't believe me that we hadn't got a safe. They


trashed the office. There was rub esh -- rubbish everywhere. They


crow barred the door but used the key to open the gun safe. Several


of them are Purdey shot guns, which are the best money can buy. They're


works of art. They certainly are my pride and joy and to see them being


handled so roughly, it horrified me. He threatened to blow my head off


with one of my guns if I didn't tell them where the safe was.


said "You're lying to us. Where is the money?" They wouldn't believe


us there wasn't any. They just wouldn't believe us. We were both


taken back into the front room. They tied our legs and then they


tied my legs then to the coffee table. We assumed they were loading


up the vehicles with the guns. One of them went round and drew all the


curtains. He went. Haif gone. police? We've been robbed. They've


stolen my cars and a lot of guns. Things are things, they can rob you.


To do what they did to us just was unnecessary really. It's never


worried me being here on my own, even at night, it's never worried


me. But I think it will do now. horrified me to think that some of


the guns they took could be threatening some poor shopkeeper or


something like that. We were lucky that we weren't badly hurt. We were


sort of, bad enough, but the next time they do it, it will probably,


it could well escalate into somebody being killed. Isn't that


terrible. Detective Constable Tim Smith is with me now. It's worth


pointing out that the Clarkes have completely revised their security


arrangements. You think it was a targeted attack. You don't, however,


think that these thiefs were going for the guns, but that's what they


got. Take me through the guns they stole. The most prominent one is a


gun like this, it's a Purdey gun. It's worth about �70,000., in a


pair. There are several others stolen. Around about �150,000. The


cars were stolen as we heard Mr Clarke say there, two cars. What


can you tell us about them? They had personal aislesed number plates.


We believe they were taken off We believe they were taken off


shortly after the robbery. We're hoping somebody saw them beforehand.


More detailed descriptions are on the website. For now, thank you. A


reward of �5,000 in this case leading to arrest and conviction.


Quite an ordeal for that couple. It is really important that those guns


are found. Call the detectives here are found. Call the detectives here


now on: Depr Next, the shocking story of a father fatally gunned


down in Leyton in East London. 37- year-old Errol McKenzie's body was


found in a park. He had been shot three times. Detective Chief


Inspector Mark Gower joins me now. What can you tell bus this? It was


on April 11, 2010, shortly after midnight the body of Errol McKenzie


was found by a passer-by in the playing fields off Seymour Road in


Leyton. He was shot three times in the legs an chest. We have no idea


if or why he was targeted. It seems like a random shooting. Given it


was a random shooting, understandably his family are


entirely shocked by this. Let's hear from his mother.


I just got in from church. The telephone rang. My eldest daughter


said to me, "Mum, Errol died. He is dead. Yes, mum. I can't believe it


myself, but he is dead. "It won't kill the sadness in my heart as


long as I live, but we would like the person or persons who have done


it to be brought to justice. Tell us what you know about his last


movements on that day? We know he went to Tottenham that evening.


We've not been able to establish how he got back to Leyton, where he


was seen on CCTV in a shop buying alcohol on Lea Bridge Road. Leaving


the shop he turned right. We don't know why because it wasn't the


direction home. Tell me about the gun. The gun is this type weapon.


It uses 9mm short ammunition. We know the gun has since been used in


the North London area. We need to get it off the streets. Yeah. We do.


You have CCTV of potential witnesses. We know he was in the


park. The footage shows a small hatch back car driving into the


park, also two cyclists, cycling into the park also via Marsh Lane.


We would like to Thais trees people. There is a reward of �20,000. For


now thank you. Can you ID fi anyone in the CCTV you've just seen. Ring


the usual number or call Crimestoppers. Do that anonymously.


It's time for more CCTV. Several police forces are still


hard at work examining the hundreds of thousands of hours of CCTV


footage from the summer riots. Tonight, the Met need your help to


identify people caught on camera in identify people caught on camera in


London on August 8. This is inside the party store in lavender hill in


Battersea. Two men are inside the shop which had been broken into


earlier in the day. One man sets light to a rail of clothes and the


fire quickly spreads. The shop and the flats above it were destroyed


in the blaze. Can you name the man time. A tiny newsagent's kiosk is


the focus of looters' attention. They grab handfuls of cigarettes


and chocolate. The shopkeeper desperately giving them what they


want in an attempt to make them leave. Suddenly a man appears


leave. Suddenly a man appears wielding a large crow bar. That


sparks a second round of looting. Later and further up High Street


North an the gangs attention -- a tension turns to a money shop. They


head upstairs. One of them taking a large wrench. The terrified staff


can see them coming and make a run for it, before the gang use hammers


and wrenchs to break in. They make off with thousands of


pounds in British and foreign Later on that evening, and this is


a cash machine outside the Asda supermarket in beck to be -- beck


ton in East London. See the bright sparks, an angle grinder is being


used. They attack the hinges with little success. They try the middle


of the door with the same result. Well, as luck would have it, some


of their mates turn up in a flashy black Mercedes, the car, which


police believe were stolen, is used as a battering ram. But despite


their best efforts, they still couldn't get to the cash. Name


these reckless, ram-raiders tonight. Remember all the footage stays


Remember all the footage stays online until they're caught. If you


recognise anyone, you know what to In the early hours of Sunday 30th


January, a night out in Glasgow city centre came to an horrific end


for a young woman. She was sunted to a violent sexual assault by not


just one but two different men. remember them being quite forceful


towards me, pushing me forcefully up against the Coroner of the


doorway and then, pushing me down onto the ground. They then pinned


me down by kneeling on my ankles and holding onto my wrists. I


remember screaming for my friends, because I thought they would have


been back out to come and get me, but they never heard me. I'm joined


by Detective Sergeant Duncan Cameron. I should tell people what


we're about to talk about and see is really, I think, very


distressing indeed. Can you tell me first of all, describe a little bit


more of what happened to this young woman. The victim had been out with


friends in a local nightclub in Glasgow. She'd had a few drinks and


had fallen asleep within the club. This led to staff putting her out


the back door from where she walked to the main street, Buchanan Street.


She was targeted by a male who dragged her into the alleyway and


sexually assaulted her. We have CCTV. People may find this pretty


distressing. We feel we have to show it so people understand how


show it so people understand how horrific this attack was. Tell us


what we're seeing. This guy is practically carrying the victim


into the lane. Then he drags her into a nearby doorway, where he


subjects her to substantial and sustained sexual assault. We've got


another piece of CCTV, almost beyond belief. Let's run it now.


You tell people what we're seeing here. Five minutes after the first


attacker leaves, this second guy comes into the same lane, our


victim's on the floor. He can't see her from the street. Initially it


looks as if he's there to help her, but he doesn't. He picked her up,


throws her into the same doorway and sex lay saults her. It appears


that there's been contact with the first attacker and the second.


is extraordinary. There is an important, could be a very


important witness, again also on CCTV. This is during the first


attack, this female comes into the lane. She walks about halfway down.


Then she turns on her heels and walks straight back out again.


Whether she's seen or heard something we don't know. We want


her to get in touch with the programme or if anybody recognises


her, she's wearing a short jacket with a furry hood. Thank you. If


you are that woman, potentially a very important witness or you think


you can help, you saw how appalling you can help, you saw how appalling


that was, I would urge you to call now. If you have been a victim of


crime, you can call the Victim Now, two years ago Crimewatch


appealed for your help to find the killer of Mohammed Arshad, a


married father of three who worked as a taxi driver in Birmingham.


He'd been stabbed six times in the head, and he was dumped in a


country lane. Matthew takes up the story of how the murderer's own


diary would ultimately help secure "I know I deserve to be caught, but


instincts are telling me to run. I have been on the edge of breaking."


I look back, and it's all like a Mohammed Arshad was a taxi driver


working for A Cars in the West Midlands Police area. He was


married with three small children, all of them under the age of ten.


He was expecting his fourth child at the time of his murder. When


Arshad picked up a passenger on July 22nd, 2009, it would be for


Arshad was stabbed in his taxi. He was stabbed from behind. It was a


particularly frenzied attack. And having been stabbed, he was pulled


from the taxi and left for dead at the side of the road. A passing


motorist arrived as Arshad's killer was leaving the scene.


Suspicious, the driver investigated and discovered Arshad's body lying


in the ditch. Arshad had received in excess of 15 stab wounds. Six of


those stab wounds were to his head, and one of them had penetrated his


brain. Such force was used that the knife actually broke. Police found


the taxi dumped later that night. Early evidence was available in the


form of two palm prints on the rear off-side window and door of the


taxi. Now, those palm prints were quite significant in that they were


bloodstained. With an attack of this nature, it seemed likely a


killer would have a record of violence, but a search of the


national database found no matches. We realised then this wasn't going


to be an easy case, and it was going to be a very detailed, very


painstaking investigation. �187 had been left in Arshad's taxi, but if


this wasn't a robbery, what was the motive? We honestly had no idea


what the motive for this attack was. CCTV showed Arshad's final


passenger, the police's main suspect, making his way to the taxi


pickup point. It was very grainy. The image was of such poor quality,


I wasn't even prepared to give a physical description. With no


motive, no match for the palm prints and the poor CCTV TV images,


police needed a new approach. Could geography be the key to catching


this killer? The phone box where the taxi had been booked, the


passenger's pickup point and the street where the car was dumped all


lay within a specific area of south Birmingham. We really felt with all


those locations that the answer laid in that area, and this was


very much a local attacker. Police mapped out a zone where they felt


Arshad's murderer was likely to live. And that's when we embarked


upon a mass screening of the area, taking fingerprints, DNA and


photographs of all males from between 15 and 45 years old.


there were 3,000 households within that area, and at least 700 men


fitting the murderer's profile. knew the mass screening was going


to take month, but we just couldn't sit back and do nothing. So the


CCTV trawl also continued. We're now getting to the stage where


we're viewing that CCTV which is further away from the scene,


further away from those critical areas we were looking at. And


that's when we had a real breakthrough. A sharp-eyed


detective spotted a man on a local bus on the day of the attack and


recognised him from the CCTV of Arshad's final passenger. Suddenly,


the pressure was on. And I thought, well, if this is the person, we


need to get these images on Crimewatch as soon as we can.


tapes were couriered to an imaging company who would compare the CCTV


of the man on the bus with the images of the suspect. As soon as


we got the information from the forensic imaging company that it


was the same person, the courier that delivered it was ordered


direct to the Crimewatch studio. And the new clearer CCTV sparked a


response. The day after the programme, two


separate people rang in to say they knew the man on the bus and named


him as Andrew Bayliss, and alarm bells started ringing when both


callers told police that Bayliss had shaved his head and grown a


beard so he no longer looked like the CCTV pictures.


To add to our suspicions, he actually lived right in the area


where we were doing the mass screening. Police also discovered


Bayliss's name had been logged on the police system the previous


month after his belongings were found apparently abandoned in mid-


Wales. As a result, police had visited Bayliss's home and were


told he'd gone to Wales to clear his head and that he was having


emotional problems. And that in itself coupled with the change of


appearance - this guy is very fast becoming a serious suspect in this


case. Their suspicions were right. 29-


year-old Bayliss had debts of around �20,000. He may have planned


the attack as a robbery, but events have taken a much more violent turn.


Tortured by what he'd done, Bayliss had fled to Wales and wrote an


agonised diary pouring out his thoughts. "Felt like a dream". "I'm


in so much trouble" "I feel sick with guilt" - "I feel paranoid"


"just watching the police get closer." Bayliss had since returned


home to the West Midlands, which is where police made their arrest. His


palm prints were an exact match for those found on Mohammed Arshad's


taxi. Police also found Bayliss's journal when they arrested him.


could just not sit at home and wait to be called. I have such paranoia


from this, every siren I hear. I could just die on the spot.


diary was vital in convincing the jury of his guilt, and he was


sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. This was a brutal,


unprovoked murder. Mohammed Arshad had a family. He was hardworking,


and he did nothing to deserve this attack. We still don't know today


what the true motive was, but whatever happened on that day, he


didn't take any money. It was a life taken for nothing. Matthew,


that sums it up - a life taken for nothing. It was senseless, random


and incredibly savage. Bayliss was drowning in debts, addicted to


gambling, drugs, alcohol, and he really picked out a soft target, a


taxi drive. That was Arshad. I remember running it on the night,


the CCTV. It was brilliant. They spent four months going through


hundreds of hours of CCTV. Remember, at that stage, all they had was


that one grainy image from outside of the school. I was talking to the


detective who made the breakthrough. He said he'd seen that image so


many times, it was imprinted on his brain, just the body shape of this


man, the profile, his hairline, how he moved. When he saw that man on


the bus, instantly, he said, that's him. There was something about his


hair, something that caught his eye. Even his colleagues weren't so sure,


but actually, he was right. Remarkable. In the end another


crucial piece of evidence was the diary. Yes. He'd started by writing


in the diary, "I don't know what this is - maybe an explanation, a


confession" - he talked about "swimming in guilt" - he said, "I


have wasted my life and destroyed others". When he got to court, he


plead not guilty. He said he met a friend, who was the killer, but in


the end, there was only one killer. It was Bayliss. Thanks, Matthew.


It's time for some more news on previous cases.


Firstly an update on a couple of wanted faces. Kemar Campbell


featured last year for the suspected murder of Abdiriskak


Mohamoud in Bristol in July 2010. Well last month 21-year-old


Campbell of Easton in Bristol pleaded guilty to Abdi's


manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Whereas this


guy, Rohan Crooks, made it onto the board in 2009 after deliberately


running over a cyclist and dragging him for 40 feet under the car,


before leaving him for dead in Oxford. Well, last month 34-year-


old Crooks was sentenced to nine and a half years for wounding with


intent and was banned for driving for ten years. Two great results.


There was a nasty situation in a train station - 38-year-old Matthew


Althorp in Preston was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years.


A few days after this show, a viewer recognised this man from a


bookie's in Bristol. He was arrested. He's since pleaded guilty


as well as three other robbers and has been sentenced to six-and-a-


half years in prison. In a case we featured five years


ago Leslie Cumming was viciously attacked outside his home in


Edinburgh suffering horrendous injuries. After an exhaustive


investigation, his attacker was identified as 48-year-old Robert


Graham, who fled to Australia. He was extradited back to to stand


trial and last month was found guilty. He was sentenced to 11


years for the murder, a great result.


Now, how many of you are secretly wishing for something like this


from Santa? Sets like these have become more than just toys. They


are now an attractive target for thieves. Earlier this year a small


family-run museum in Wales was raided for �30,000 of trains. Tell


us, Sergeant Dave Nickels what happened. In June the Conwy Valley


Railway Museum was broken into. The thieves disabled the CCTV cameras


and stole �30,000 worth of model railway trains. It was pretty well


executed. It was a focused raid. There were 180 individual pieces


that were stolen. There are details of a lot of the pieces on the


website. You don't think that this is an isolated incident. No, we


believe there was a similar burglary in Kent in May of this


year, and we have been liaising with officers there. We believe


that most of the items are heading for foreign markets over in Europe,


but we would ask anyone that has been offered similar items or has


seen them for sale to contact us tonight. Thank you very much indeed.


It really has hit this little museum hard, so if you can help,


call 0500 600 600. Time for a kick last update from


Rav. The calls are flying in on Mo


Bourner. We have had is encallers naming the same person, nearly 35


calls and texts, rising all the time. Some anonymous information.


We need you to call in. Please call back. We have had a few calls in on


this brutal attack on a couple in Leicestershire. If you can help, do


get in touch. Remember, you can view all the


reconstructions, wanted faces and CCTV online. Just go to


bbc.co.uk/crimewatch. The phone lines stay open until


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