06/03/2017 Crimewatch


Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley present an episode tackling crime on the roads, exploring the devastating impact of dangerous driving. Plus there are the latest appeals.

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Tonight: the disabled former boxer, carjacked.


The family man fatally attacked in a fit of road rage.


And, the attempted murder of a police officer.


Everything slowed down. Thinking, that's it, you've got minutes to


live. Live for the next hour,


this is Crimewatch. Good evening, and welcome to


Crimewatch. Tonight we are investigating crime on our roads.


So we've brought our Mobile Incident Unit


to the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.


It's where vehicles are put through their paces and subjected


to all manner of safety and capability checks on the 70


It's also used as a location for film shoots, including


the record-breaking Aston Martin car roll stunt in Casino Royale.


But, no matter how safe our cars have become, over 90% of accidents


Many of these crashes result in serious injury and death


New legislation has just come in to force doubling the penalties


for drivers using their phones at the wheel.


So later, we'll be putting Jeremy to the test to show just how


dangerous texting whilst driving is.


But we begin with a crime which, though a serious problem in many


countries, is still relatively rare in the UK.


Carjacking is the violent theft of a vehicle from its owner.


It's dangerous and terrifying for any victim.


Hard to believe, then, that a couple of weeks ago someone


would attempt to do this to disabled former boxer Michael Watson.


Former boxer Michael Watson is no stranger to adversity.


He made headlines in 1989 when, at the height of his career, he won


by knockout against Commonwealth champion Nigel Benn.


The underdog has won, and he's done it in style!


But just two years later, a fight against Chris


Michael sustained a serious brain injury, which required six


operations and ended his boxing career.


My biggest fight was the fight of survival.


Over the following 26 years, Michael made an extraordinary recovery.


Despite limited movement on his left side, he went on to become


But, less than three weeks ago, Michael's safety was back


in the balance, when he became the target of a terrifying attack.


That day, Michael was with his lifelong friend


I grew up with Michael from the age of about 14,


and I've always been close friends with him.


I regard him as more than just a friend to me.


We went to a restaurant, had a little meal, took a light walk,


As they were driving, a white Mercedes pulled up behind them.


We were just waiting in the traffic, and I just felt a little bang


The driver sprayed ammonia into Lennard's eyes.


Then both men attacked him and beat him to the ground.


I landed on my knees, and I was still swinging,


and they were just squirting more at me, kicking at me.


One attacker leapt into the car where Michael was waiting,


That's when I tried to escape out the car.


The seat belt was still tangled round my shoulders


I couldn't believe this was actually happening.


It felt like my skin was peeling off.


Lennard watched, helpless, as Michael was dragged several


hundred meters along the road, before the driver stopped and fled.


We got a message back saying that he's in


The relief that just run down me, and the happiness that


run back up, you know, is, it was unbelievable.


Amazingly, Michael escaped without major injury.


No bones were broken, thank God, especially that my


I just came through with bumps and grazes.


Somebody that does something like this has no respect for humanity.


Well, we can speak to the lead officer on this case now.


Superintendent Paul Clements, thank you very much for joining us.


It is a shocking attack, in broad daylight, on a busy road, in Waltham


Forest, a safe borrow. Michael and Lennard are still shaken and they


have significant physical injuries and emotional from the trauma as


well, that will take time to heal. You have heard from some witnesses,


I know. But you are appealing for more? That's right. I would like to


hear from anybody who was in the area of the Ridgeway in Chingford on


the 16th of February at around 5pm, that's just a couple of weeks ago.


The men squirted Michael and Lennard in the face with what we believe is


only. I am dismayed at this level of violence and cowardice -- is only. I


would like to say thank you and paste a short tribute to Michael and


Leonard, who are reliving this now for the purpose of this appeal --


they were sprayed with ammonia. You can see this white Mercedes, which


originally was in front of Michael's distinctive Golf, it is a blue Golf


with silver wing mirrors. On this particular shot, it is behind


Michael's Golf. We would like to hear from the occupants of that car.


It's a White C or E Class Mercedes with tinted windows.


If you can help in any way, I would really urge


Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.


Tonight's roundup of criminals caught on camera now beginning


with the disturbing stabbing of a have-a-go hero.


These two friends or in a shop in Bournemouth late on a Sunday night.


An argument breaks out with the shopkeeper when they tried to buy


alcohol. They are not happy, but eventually they leave. Once outside,


though, things turned nasty. One produces a knife and threatens the


shopkeeper. A passer-by steps in and tries to disarm the knifeman. The


blade. The floor, and is picked up by the other friend, who, moments


later, stabs the innocent have a go hero in the back. He has been


sentenced to six years in prison, and the victim has made a full


recovery. But he'll is his accomplice? Police need his name


tonight. -- who is his accomplice. Look carefully at the top left of


your screen. A motorbike is idling in the road in Peckham, south


London. But what are they waiting for? Another camera reveals all. The


robber in the high viz jacket calmly walks across the road. And then


strikes. Rugby tackling a security guard as he leaves a post office


with the takings. His friend on the bike is ready, and they ride off at


speed with the cash box, leaving the security guard lying in the road.


They fled with over three in cash, a stolen bike was later found


abandoned. They may have hidden their identities, but somebody knows


who these bandit bikers. A garage forecourt in Barnsley, and a lorry


driver is making a delivery. But he is being watched very closely. As he


goes inside, the thieves strike, taking cigarettes from the back of


the lorry. Look at the top of your screen. The delivery driver spots


them in their car and confronts them. And as he climbs into take


back the loot, they speed off, leaving him hanging out of the door.


They make their getaway with the petrified worker still hanging on.


He finally escaped when the car stopped in a side street. But with


him stranded, the thieves see another opportunity, returning to


the garage and stealing yet more cigarettes. Who is the callous


driver? Police need a name tonight. This man bought a district line


train on the London underground on Wednesday evening. -- he boards the


train. He takes a seat and talks to the people around him. Suddenly,


without warning, he jumps up and punches and unsuspecting stranger in


the face, breaking his jaw. Take a close look at him, who is he?


It's well after last orders, and this pub in a small fishing village


in Devon. So what are these men up to? As the landlord and his family


sleep upstairs, the thieves make their way through the rooms


downstairs. They don't seem to be in any rush, though. Going from room to


room, before helping themselves. Police say almost ?4000 in cash was


taken from the pub, and an adjoining small post office. It has left a


family business devastated. Names please.


Call on the usual Crimewatch number,


08085 600 600, if you can name anyone we've just shown.


Type CRIME, space, and then your message.


Texts will be charged at your standard message rate.


And remember, you can follow all of the developments


during the programme on our live updates web page.


Last week, new legislation came into force doubling the penalties


for drivers caught using a phone at the wheel to six


The new tougher punishments are aimed at reducing the numbers


of fatalities and serious injuries caused by drivers


So we've taken a look at the devastating impact this


and other road crimes can have on people's lives.


Cutting-edge technology means the cars we drive are now


But it seems our behaviour behind the wheel hasn't kept up.


In fact, road crime has gone up a gear.


For the first time in years, parts of the UK have seen incidents


Cases of hit-and-run involving casualties have risen.


And CCTV and dashcams regularly capture the rage of road


So, what's going on with Britain's drivers?


One of the remarkable things about the psychology of driving


is that law-abiding people, who would never consider breaking


the law in any other area, will break the law


In fact, a recent police crackdown caught almost 8000 of us


Research shows that younger drivers are most likely


to text while driving, so we spoke to some students


I'm definitely not a danger on the road.


What they don't realise is that watching them


Last year, her life changed following a crash caused


I've been in a vehicle where people are on their phone,


maybe they are driving and they just quickly check a text.


It's almost like it's not scary, because they are in control.


I have Bluetooth, so I only really use it to change a song.


Kate decides it's time to tell them what happened to her family.


They were coming back from a holiday.


This picture was taken on the way home.


Kate's daughter Aimee was travelling with family members Tracey Houghton


Whilst they were waiting in a line of traffic, a lorry driver,


who was using his phone to play music as you were just saying,


He was so focussed on his phone that he didn't see


He was doing 50 mph, and they were killed instantly.


Footage taken from the lorry caught the distracted driver


People don't really think that skipping the next song can


It can completely change someone's life.


That's heartbreaking to hear, and you don't think about it


You don't think you could injure or kill someone.


Before this happened, I used my phone.


Such a simple thing, just don't look at your phone.


And the Government is listening to people like Kate,


with new tougher penalties implemented just last week.


Officers from the Road Crime Team at Staffordshire Police confront


From the 1st of March this year, it's a ?200 fine and six


And the option for an educational course is being removed.


It shows that the Government is proactively targeting the offence


and telling people how serious the offence is.


It's not long before they catch someone in the act.


I've come along and seen a phone in her left hand,


and she's talking either talking to herself or somebody on the phone.


Do you want to pull in somewhere safe for me?


You need your phone on a handfree-type thing


Maybe something that is linked into your speakers.


There is no point just increasing the penalty, people have to


understand why it has been increased and they have to want to change


their behaviour. Dr Chapman uses a simulator


at the University of Nottingham to study just how dangerous


distractions at the wheel can be. The kind of thing you can spot


really easily in the simulator is where people's attention


is while they are driving. You can monitor their eye


movements, you can measure You can see just how long


they are doing something else, how hard their brain in is working


on the other tasks they are doing The problem is if they look away


and look back two seconds later, the whole road situation


could have changed. In the real world, it's a constant


issue for the police. People aren't concentrating


on their driving - they're on their phones,


updating Facebook, paying bills, It just becomes an extension


of people now, mobile phones, and that's being transferred


into the driving seat, They should be definitely


kept separate. We followed you for


quite a distance. You're holding the mobile phone


in your hand, so would you have done But it isn't just distraction


that can make people One of the surprises of being


in a car is the degree of anonymity. You think you can do stuff


you wouldn't do in normal life. One of the surprises from research


is that normally mild-mannered people are prepared to be


aggressive behind the wheel. Everyday issues can quickly


become serious incidents. The driver of this car swerved


to avoid these pedestrians as they crossed the road


in Scunthorpe last year. A heated discussion followed


but instead of driving off, he reversed and then purposely lined


up his car to drive They were left with


life-changing injuries. The driver, Mohammed Abdullah,


has since been convicted of GBH and sentenced


to six years imprisonment. In a road-rage situation,


the perpetrator has got so involved in the driving situation that


they've lost all perspective. Unfortunately, they are


using two tonnes of metal But even when collisions


are accidental, it seems that some Police believe that the driver


of this dark car lost control before crashing into a 17-year-old girl,


then drove off without stopping, leaving her


with serious head injuries. The law requires you to stop


if you've been involved in a road accident, however most people


are not really aware of that. At the time of a road


accident, that's not They're terrified, they want this


not to have happened. They want to get away


from the situation. Police are appealling for anyone


with information to come forward. And unfortunately, such


crimes aren't rare. In London alone, there were almost


5000 hit-and-run casualties in 2015. Last year, Chanelle Higgins' life


was changed beyond recognition when she headed home from a night


out in South London. Shocking CCTV footage


captured what happened. A grey BMW mounted the curb,


sped along the pavement and knocked The last thing I remember


was going in the ambulance and screaming about my legs hurting,


my legs hurting, and trying to reach for my legs,


and then blacking out, and waking up in a hospital bed


with all tubes in my mouth, my neck, my nose, and they told me that


I was paralysed and I had very If I'm honest, I just wanted


to die there and then. I couldn't imagine myself


without my legs and hands. And being confined to a wheelchair


the rest of my life was just it was heartbreaking,


especially as I have two kids. Police are still working to bring


the driver to justice. If he had stopped and to check


on me and my friend, a bit more respect for him,


but as he didn't, There's a real paradox


at the heart of modern driving. Cars are getting safer all the time,


but we still have crashes at similar levels, and of course that's


because of the driver. And with the human cost of road


crimes so high, this is something Well, with me now is Kate Goldsmith,


as we saw in our film. Along with the Assistant Chief


Constable of the local Tri-Force Area - Simon Hawkins


and the AA's Edmund King. Of course it must be


incredibly difficult to talk about what happened to Aimee


but you are determined to change this culture


of using phones at the wheel? I am. It is just the heartbreak that


my family are going through. There has to be some good that comes out


of this, we have to change the way people behave in their cars. They're


distracting paraphernalia around them. We mentioned increased


penalties but you have to catch them and police are catching fewer than


they did a few years ago. We have got our challenges but we have to


protect the public and we will pursue people who use their phones


on the road. Have you got the manpower to do that? We will look at


things we can do, we encourage the public to use a dash cam and we will


use every opportunity we can to make sure we stop people using their


phones. The AA has put together an advert which compares the texting


driver with the drunk driver and suggests the texting driver is maybe


even more dangerous. It is quite shocking really but the facts show


that if you are texting and driving you are twice as likely to have a


crush as you are drink-driving, and the advert says you wouldn't


drink-drive, don't text and drive so it's basically playing on those 20


years or so of good drink-drive adverts that have changed attitudes


and made drink-driving socially unacceptable. We need to do the same


with texting and driving because it kills. So education is the thing for


you? Combined with enforcement and the new penalties, I think the six


penalty points, particularly for new drivers means they will lose their


licence and have to retake their test so I think it's a combination.


If you look at drink-driving and seat belts, all of the campaigns


have had the real opponents and you need three elements to change


attitudes. Kate, what is the answer? Quite frankly I think we should all


be taking responsibility as drivers for our own actions, I don't think


we should be relying on the police to stop us if we break the law, we


need to stop doing it. Don't use your phone when you are driving a


vehicle, simple as that. Simon, if a member of the public takes a picture


of another driver on their phone, can you make use of that? Shouldn't


they send it to you? Definitely. There are ways we can use that


information and we can prosecute. So people should start taking pictures


of each other? It is something we have done and we are starting to do


now. It seems desperate, it is running away from you, isn't it? We


are trying to re-educate people that mobile phone use is not acceptable


and will take time but we will protect the public, that is what we


are here for. Maybe the problem is people having phones in the car at


all. Once you are in the car the best advice is to turn the phone


off, put it into the glove compartment, and then you get rid of


the risk, the temptation of the text or tweet. Thank you for joining us


today. Now police, are appealing


for witnesses to both of the hit and run cases we featured


in our film. The first took place


on 28th January at 6.30pm on Bromsgrove Street,


Birmingham. They believe that the car


is a BMW with a defective Officers are appealing


for the driver to come forward and for anyone with information


to call in. Detectives on the Chanelle Higgins


case are with us tonight. They are looking for anyone


with information on who was driving this grey BMW at 4.30am on Sunday


29th May close to Scandals nightclub Please get in touch if you have any


information on either case. Plus, it's worth knowing that


victims of any crime can The urgent hunt for the gunmen


who used an AK47 to try I felt something hit me, I looked


down and saw the bone was hanging out of my arm. I didn't feel any


pain but I ran for cover. Wanted faces first,


starting with 35-year-old He was arrested by detectives


investigating a robbery at a jewellers, where a quarter


of a million pounds' worth He was released on police


bail but didn't return Porter has numerous tattoos,


including female figures He has friends and family in


Lincolnshire and the West Midlands. This is Lisa Hauxwell, formerly


known as Craig John Hauxwell. She was sentenced to 14 years


for two counts of rape and seven charges of indecent assault


against teenage girls, but didn't turn up in court


for sentencing and is now The 48-year-old could possibly be


living as a man as this She has links to County Durham,


Leeds, Darlington and Dronfield in Derbyshire and speaks


with a stutter. Face number three is


David Kernaghan, although he also uses the surnames Burton,


Connell, Leat, Lomax and Sackburn. He's wanted for questioning


in connection to a robbery in which a 90-year-old woman


was attacked in her home and The 50-year-old has friends


and family in North London Finally for now is this


man, Geoffrey Bonsu. Detectives in Essex think he may


have vital information Bonsu is 34 years old and originally


from Ghana but now has If you know where any of tonight's


faces might be, please do get Calls are free from landlines


and mobiles and we'll go through the rest of the line up


a little later. The peace process in


Northern Ireland has brought about a reduction in violence


and the increasing normalisation Changes which make the cold blooded


shooting of an officer in Belfast just a few weeks ago


all the more disturbing. Incredibly, he survived,


despite being hit several times Tonight, for the first time,


we can show CCTV of the incident and hear exclusively


from the injured officer. To protect his identity,


his words are spoken by an actor. You go through a whole


range of emotions. Thinking, that's it,


you've got minutes to live. It sounds cliched, but it was just


the thought of helping people. You build a rapport, and they do end


up knowing you by name. That night, I'd been showing


a new officer around, seeing where certain things


were and just getting We'd been to a few calls,


but they weren't anything While the officers patrolled,


CCTV captured a red Audi A4 estate At around 7pm, it was seen


again on Flax Street, We'd been out for a few hours,


and we decided to get a cup The officers pulled up


in an unmarked car. Across the street, in a disused car


park, they were being watched. I realised that I didn't know


how my colleague took his coffee. The gunman opened fire,


spraying the petrol station I looked down, and saw the bone


was hanging out of my arm. I didn't feel any pain,


but I ran for cover. I thought I was going


to die on that forecourt. The red Audi was later found


abandoned in the Andersonstown I've kind of dealt with


the physical side of things. The mental side


of things haven't really hit me yet, There will be a time when it


hits me, definitely. I'm joined by Detective


Superintendent Kevin Geddes from the Police Service


of Northern Ireland, who's Kevin, what do we know


about who carried out this attack? That attack was carried out by a


group who call themselves the New IRA. They are small in numbers, but


they are dangerous. They have absolutely no community support, and


in this particular attack there are at least as bike individuals


involved. -- two individuals. The public are seeing this CCTV for the


first time tonight. You can see the police officer running across the


court as the bullets rein in. You can see from the CCTV and number of


people filling up their cars with petrol, very reckless. It is


incredible he survived and nobody is was hurt. A very powerful weapon was


used. What can you tell us about the gun was yellow it was an AK-47 type


of gun, similar to the one on the screen. We know this weapon has been


used at least once previously to attack police in Belfast.


Remind us of the timings, particularly of the red Audi?


The Audi car was in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast at around about


5:30pm on the Sunday. At 7pm and parks in Flax Street. After the


shooting, it is used to drive the gunman away and is burned out in


West well fast in Caldwell Gardens. We've got a picture of the burnt out


Audi now. It is a red Audi estate car, 15


years old. It only had one headlight at the time. Also in relation to


this I can tell you there was a box of matches found behind the car.


These matches are very unique, they are only sold in one garage,


Maguires garage in the Falls Road. I believe that somebody bought those


matches along with filling up a can of petrol. How was the offers are


doing now? The officer is doing well. It's important to remember


that this is not just an attack on a uniform, it is an attack on a


person. Thank you, Kevin. Please do call now if you have any


information which could help. The usual Crimewatch number


again is 08-085 600 600. Or you can call Crimestoppers


anonymously about any So, still to come tonight: The hunt


for a road rage killer. Is he flashing you? What his


problem? He's not going to get anywhere, is he?


But first, we've more cases the police need your help to crack.


Starting with an urgent appeal from detectives in Cleveland


investigating the rape of woman on Friday. She was with her toddler on


the seafront in Redcar when she was forced into a dark coloured saloon


car. The mother and toddler were forced out of the car almost six


hours later. Detectives say the first suspect who was driving the


mail was a -- driving the car was a white male with short brown hair


with the words love tattooed across his knuckles. The second suspect is


also white, in his early 20s, around five foot five and had a local


accent. If you have information, please get in touch using the


numbers on the screen. Next, the murder of


Ricardo Hunter, also known as Forty, at a pool party


in Surrey last year. He was one of around 400


guests at the house party in Headley near Epsom,


overnight on the 24th of July. Detectives need your help to piece


together exactly what happened to Ricardo that night,


that resulted in him being shot That shot also injured a female


party-goer in the leg. Tonight, detectives


are releasing this CCTV It shows a man, who police


believe to be Ricardo, Police want to stress they are just


witnesses, but they'd like to speak to them,


or anyone who knows There is a reward of up to ?10,000


for information which leads directly to the arrest and conviction


of those responsible remains were found dumped by the M54


in Telford had suffered a blow They have released this information


tonight as they try to piece together what happened


to Surjit Takhar before his murder. Workmen found his body


on an embankment next to junction four of the motorway on the 20th


August 2015. DNA revealed Surjit's identity -


he was a father of three who had been reported missing


in October 2008. West Midlands Police can also reveal


tonight that they've recovered Do you know anything


about what happened to Surjit, and where he was between October


2008 and when his body was found dumped by the motorway


seven years later? want your help to identify these men


caught on camera in a residential A multi-million-pound property


was broken into on Christmas Eve The men are seen here


a short while later, leaving the house and escaping


with a large safe. It may seem comical, but jewellery,


cash and watches, some of which are shown here,


were taken, worth almost Do you recognise them,


or any of the stolen items? In Leeds, officers Dave Lockwood and


Tom Allen from West Yorkshire Police regularly search out foreign


criminals wanted by police in their native country. Tonight, they are


looking for a member of a serious organised crime gang involved in the


manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs. The investigation has


led them to this house. Where they found a Polish grandmother. She is


wanted for some serious offences. There is nothing we are going to do


bar arrest her and take Erin. If you were to see her out on the street or


in the supermarket you wouldn't think of what we have been told she


has done, I certainly wouldn't. Well, the woman featured


there was Sylwia Anelia Sokolowska as she was being arrested


in February last year. She was due to be deported to Poland


to complete her prison sentence for producing and trafficking drugs,


but was granted bail and has If you know where


she is, get in touch. And you can see more


on how police track down criminals home and abroad,


in Fugitives, a new series which starts on BBC One at 11am


on Monday 13th March. Now, I've come out onto


this test-track area Proving Ground to see for myself


just how distracting and how Simon Cook is a former traffic


police officer and now a driving instructor, and he's kindly offered


to test how texting at the wheel I'm going to get my seat belt on.


How are you doing? Nice to see you. You are going to take me around this


course. It is a circular track. We are heading round this way. You or a


retired traffic officer as well. I was a traffic man for 19 years.


Brilliant. I'm turning here left, is that right? Hard left. We are on the


test track now. We have cones either side. Give me a little undistracted


spin around first. Nice on gently, following to the right. You are


paying complete attention to the job in hand. You can plan ahead because


you are looking ahead. I can see your eyes are already working, that


is a feature of good driving, your eyes working well ahead of the car.


It gets harder because you have cardboard boxes on the corner. Now a


little slalom chicane. We have a little cheeky right here. OK, I've


got this covered. This bit isn't easy, but I've got it. Going right


again. And then down the the final straight. Easily achievable when you


are applying yourself. Yes. We're going to throw in some distractions


this time. We are going to get you to respond to a text message or send


a text message. Firmly enough, I dust heard it coming. The first


thing is getting the actual phone out, I've got to do that. I've got


to try and get a second gear. Hang on, Tina has just message me. Keep


the car coming. Just hang on. First right here. Sorry, hang on, let me


just... Sorry, sorry... I'm out of gear now. OK, really nice to hear


from you. I took control just for a moment.


OK, hang on... To hear... I'm just sending it now. Well, I sent the


text successfully. Was that not very... Well, we saw what happened,


it was a catastrophe really. You're not applying yourself, it's really


simple stop white I'm quite used to existing ring will, but normally you


wouldn't be there. I also operated the foot controls. It was my


refocusing from the phone to be outside. Absolutely no problem. You


have to keep your eyes in front of the vehicle. Looking further down


the road is imperative. Simon Cook, thank you. Thank you.


Away from those texting distractions, more wanted faces now.


enabling those taking part to stay in the UK illegally.


He didn't hang around to be sentenced to ten years in jail


He uses the names Edwin Harry or Henry and also the nickname TJ.


George is 44 and has a Nigerian accent and links


to the West Midlands and across London.


He also has the name "Rayella" tattooed on his right arm.


Face number six tonight is Christy Dunn, although detectives


believe this may be a false name as she also calls herself


Avon and Somerset Police want to question her about a romance


fraud in which a man lost over 180,000 pounds.


Dunn speaks with an American accent and has links to the Bahamas,


Do you recognise Kieran Bryan-Bartlett, who also calls


Detectives investigating drug dealing in the Bracknell area


of Berkshire believe he may have important information


He has a tattoo of a flower on his left wrist and another


He's known to stay in Bracknell, Hove, Reading and Brent.


Finally we have Walikhan Sultan-Khal.


Detectives in the West Midlands investigating the rape of a teenage


girl, and trafficking offences would urgently like to speak to him.


The 25-year-old has links to Coventry and across London.


If you know where any of the faces are, then get in touch


You can find all the details on our website alongside more people


Updates on previous cases now and last week we showed a special


programme on the national operation co-ordinating non-recent child


abuse investigations across the UK. Well, the response was incredible.


In fact there were more callers to the Crimewatch and specialist


Over 1,000 calls were made, many from survivors who've


And please remember that NSPCC number is open 24/7


so if you still need help call in on 0808 800 5000.


Calls are free from landlines and mobiles.


Back in 2001 we featured the shocking kidnap


She was taken from the village of Barton under-Needwood


in Staffordshire and later found abandoned and extremely


distressed two miles away. Well earlier this month,


72-year-old Arnold Baxter from Rugby pleaded guilty to kidnap


and indecent assault and was jailed for nine years.


He was caught after a DNA sample taken when he was arrested


for drink-driving, matched one found on the little girl's


clothing 15 years earlier. And your info has helped


to put a number of wanted faces behind bars.


Including these two, Paul Silverthorn and Leila Kassam.


We asked for your help to find them in September after they'd been


convicted of child sex offences but went on the run.


Well, a farm worker who met them in Ibiza checked


the Crimewatch website, recognised them and


Both were brought back to the UK and Silverthorn is now serving


Kassam will spend the next four years behind bars.


Tonight we've been looking at the devastating impact


Our next case is an extreme example of road rage.


All the more tragic because it ended with the murder


A married father of four young children.


He were a bit of a joker, liked to tell jokes all the time.


Always, always talking and joking about with folk.


He's not going to go anywhere, is he?


Just pull over, let's see what he's doing.


No, it's all right, just pull over here.


You were swerving all over the place.


I nearly hit you like three or four times!


I really didn't understand what had happened.


Were in hospital, and that he were poorly.


And me dad were on a bed, he had a tube down his throat.


I'll never forget that the machines beeped all the time.


Like a beeping noise all the time, which just stayed with me forever.


I think knowing that you've got to say goodbye to somebody,


knowing that they were going to turn that machine off, and that


you are never going to see that person again...


Well, Linda is here now in the studio.


I know the memories are very raw and very recent for you.


It was a tragic end to what would have been an otherwise


Bloke just came up to car window and smashed it.


Our Peter were getting out of the car.


And this bloke hit him over the head, twice.


And when I got out, he were on the floor.


And we managed to get him to Pinderfields Hospital.


Linda, I know, and thank you very much for coming


This is an undetected cold case murder.


And our commitment to the family is that we will continue to resolve


this matter for them, to give them the closure


they need as a family, to understand what happened


and to bring the offender to justice.


This particular box contains documents in relation


to the original investigation, such as photographs


Er, drawings, details in relation to vehicles that were investigated.


An Avia watch was recovered at the scene - we don't believe


It may well have been the watch of the suspect.


That could be the vital piece of evidence that


Peter has lost his life, four children have grown


They need to understand what happened.


I feel for me children, they have never known their granddad.


They are never going to know their granddad.


They've never had chance to have a granddad.


Everything has been taken away from us really.


I could walk by this person every day.


I'm joined by DCI Jim Dunkerley, who is leading the cold case review


Dreadful to see the effect of the family. 21 years ago but you're


hopeful? Yes, we have advances in forensic science, but after 20 years


there are people out there who know who did this. 20 years down the


line, loyalties have changed and people might be able to come forward


and give the information that they felt they couldn't do in the past.


We have seen how it has affected the family on the film. Let's talk about


the area where it happened, fairly rural I gather. Yes, this is Garmil


Lane near Fitzwilliam to the south of Wakefield. I believe the answer


is in that community. What we know about the attacker? Described as a


white male, 20 to 30 years old with a local accent. Using a small


vehicle, possibly a Maestro and wearing the watch we saw. And you


think you have an idea about the weapon that was used? Yes, it has


been described as a wooden bat, possibly an Indian club, or rounders


bat. The image on the screen gives an indication of what it might look


like. Take another look at the e-fit.


If you can name him or help in any way with this case


I urge you to get in touch using the numbers on screen.


Just time for a quick update on tonight's other cases.


Paul, you have been taking calls on the carjacking of Michael Watson?


Yes, we have had sightings of the white Mercedes. I would like to say


we are looking for two black men, the suspect the eyewitness said, and


it happened in Chingford, east London on the 16th of February at


about 5pm. They are recovering from serious injury so we need to find


out who was responsible. Yes, they both said what they want out of this


is to get those people in prison so they cannot do this to anybody else.


Thank you, and Kevin you have been taking calls on the attempted murder


of the police officer in Northern Ireland. Yes, I still need more


information. I need to know who was involved, in particular who was the


gunman, where the gun is so we can get it off the street and help keep


people safe, and I need to know the movements of the car, particularly


in January. Before we mention taking pictures of other drivers, of course


we meant pedestrians. Please keep your calls coming in.


Well that's just about all we have for you on what looks to have been


Yes, and remember you can head over right now to the Crimewatch website


where we'll be streaming live with all the latest developments


on tonight's appeals, wanted faces and CCTV.


Our next programme investigates the threats posed by cybercrime.


What we are seeing is an escalation in cyber crime activity. We have to


think about the risks in our own home. Identity theft, cyber fraud,


online solicitation, the general population can in fact be high risk


victims all of the time. That's coming in a fortnight,


as we're taking a break next week for the FA Cup.


But for now, thank you so much They really do make a difference.


From everyone here


Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley return with a special episode tackling crime on our roads. Alongside the latest appeals, the team explore the devastating impact of dangerous driving.

The team meet a mother seeking to enlighten young drivers on the perils of using a smartphone while driving following the tragic loss of her 11-year-old daughter to a distracted driver. Kate Goldsmith's daughter Aimee was killed alongside three members of her wider family after lorry driver Tomasz Kroker ploughed into the back of their car. He had been changing the music on his phone in the moments leading up to the impact.

There is also an appeal for witnesses to a shocking road rage attack in West Yorkshire in 1996 in which 39-year-old Peter Swailes was fatally assaulted after a confrontation with another motorist. He was struck over the head with a foot-long weapon and died in hospital two days later.

Crimewatch also has the inside story of how one of its previous appeals was solved. Georgina Edmonds, 77, was murdered at her Hampshire cottage in 2008. It later emerged that Matthew Hamlen, 36, had tortured her and beaten her to death with a marble rolling pin for her debit card Pin. He was initially cleared of the murder in 2012 but under new double jeopardy legislation was convicted following a review of DNA evidence.

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