08/02/2016 Crimewatch


Following last month's convictions in the record-breaking Hatton Garden heist, the head of the Flying Squad reveals new information and images of the one who got away.

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A pensioner stabbed to death by burglars. My brother rang up, and he


goes, dad is dead. You hear those words just everyday. A young father


hit by a stray bullet. This innocent man suffered until he took his last


breaths because somebody took a gun and shot him. And the one who got


away, the hunt for Hatton Garden's redhead thief. Live for the next


hour, this is Crimewatch. Good evening and welcome


to Crimewatch. We're live for the next 60 minutes


with crime investigations, The Flying Squad will be


here with the latest on Basil and Hatton Garden but first


a brief look at what else We have a fresh collection


of wanted faces. The lines are open so get dialling


if you know where they are. Including the moment a man


was ambushed for his scooter. It was happening so quickly that I


couldn't react, and the next thing I must have lost consciousness. Also


tonight, we need your help to identify a murder victim, tied up in


a sleeping bag in Ireland. Police are convinced he's British


but who is he? David Brickwood was a 74-year-old


grandfather from Abington in Northamptonshire


with a large, loving family. So why in September was he murdered


in his own home? Tonight we can reveal new CCTV


which may hold the answers to this horrific murder,


but first we hear from David's sons Every day it kicks you at some


point. The fear that he must have had. What a horrible way to go.


Lindsay Avenue was his little castle, and seeing forensic people,


tape all round it, people laying flowers, you cannot make sense of


any of it. David Brickwood had lived at the same house in Abington for 45


years. He ran a scrap metal business from the back garden of his


property. That was just his life. He was brought up to go out there


collecting metals, and that is all he knew. He loved the simple things


in life. Didn't go on holiday, didn't drink or smoke. He lived for


work and that is how he was. Hard-working, funny, helpful. He was


just a total gentleman to everybody. People like that, they just aren't


around any more. He was very content within himself. Scrap was his hobby.


He always made everyone welcome that you see around the street, that's


what he was known for. Always standing there with a cup of tea in


his hand, smiling and talking to everyone. He could never do enough


for people. He was always helping people. Really a lovely man, I'm


proud to say he was my father. Friday the 25th of September was


like any other for David. At around 7:30pm, he returned home from the


local shops, having gone out to buy some dinner. At quarter past eight,


David's grandson, who had been staying at the house, went out for


the night. After watching television for several hours, David locked up


and headed to bed. David had been stabbed five times.


He received injuries to his leg, hands and head. Police. Police!


When police arrived, his condition had deteriorated and he suffered a


heart attack. My brother rang up and he goes,


dad's dead, and you know that dad's dead every day, you hear them


words just every day. I had to go and tell my mum and then


tell my children. It is just heartbreaking. We got a life


sentence, we did, but like dad we were innocent. We were just normal


people getting on with our lives. I saw my dad on the Friday, he is gone


on the Saturday. My world fell apart, I was destroyed. Seeing my


dad laying there, seeing the look on his face... It is just so hard to


believe that someone could do this. You know, he was a


non-confrontational man. Everybody is stuck from the murder of my


father. Until these people get caught, we cannot rebuild our lives.


We cannot move forward. All everybody wants is just justice for


my dad. Well, we're joined now by DCI


Mick Graham who is the lead detective on this case.


Such a shocking crime, We are not entirely sure, it is an


unnecessarily level of violence. We know he used to keep significant


sums of money, mainly 20 and ?50 note so they should be noticeable.


David has been stabbed, as you have seen from the video, five times. The


attackers would have been bloodstained, so did anybody see any


bloodstained clothing that night, someone acting suspiciously? And you


are particularly interested in two cars. We have images of the sorts of


cars because you saw them on CCTV. Yes, these are the style of cars we


are looking at. We have two Ford focus cars, one is light-coloured


and one is dark coloured, a different model and series. They are


both travelling in convoy, they both turned around in the locality of


Lindsay Avenue. I think they are involved, those vehicles travelling


together. And there are also people walking past in the area at that


time that you would also like to hear from? Yes, there were people


arguing outside David's house at about quarter to 12. This is a male


and female we believe, so we would ask them to come forward. They may


have witnessed something. Similarly we have two males walking away at


midnight, they may have information that could assist the inquiry. This


is September last year, and there is a reward? Yes, there is a ?10,000


reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.


Whoever did this is violent and dangerous.


If you can help in any way, please call now on our usual


Detectives are standing by for your calls.


A round-up of crime news now and with less than a week


until Valentine's day plenty of people will be looking


But according to the latest figures, the number of people bring raped


on a first date with someone they've met through dating apps or websites


has increased six-fold in five years.


The National Crime Agency says there were 184 rape allegations


in the UK in 2014, up from 33 in 2009.


The agency believes the number is under reported and is encouraging


For advice on how to date safely, visit getsafeonline.org.


Two friends who rented out their home on website Airbnb say


they returned to find their rare artwork stolen and flat trashed.


Jack Clarke and Dominic Jones say they arrived back at their home


in Islington in London to find condoms, laughing gas canisters


and cannabis joints strewn throughout, while chewing gum


and food had been trodden into the carpet.


Dominic's treasured print by artist Banksy, thought to be worth around


eight thousand pounds, was also taken.


I went upstairs and realised this Banksy print was missing. I think


then obviously I was immediately completely gutted. Just thinking


somebody had been in the flat treating it with such little


respect, could have been doing anything in your personal space, it


is just a horrible feeling. Air BnB say they have zero tolerance for


this kind of thing and they are assisting police with their


investigation. A man who stole a dumper truck


and left a 37-mile trail of destruction during a police


chase across two counties The two-hour low-speed pursuit last


July started in Norwich 40-year-old Nicholas Churchill


from Brandon damaged several vehicles, including police cars,


causing an estimated ?28,000 The pursuit took place on major


roads as well Churchill was jailed on Friday


for 14 months after admitting dangerous driving whilst


unfit through drugs. He said he took the truck


from his employer after becoming angry about the air conditioning


in his cab, saying it was too Father-of-two Marvin Couson had been


enjoying a night out when he was hit by a stray bullet outside


a nightclub in 2002. He survived but with serious


injuries and spent the next 13 years confined to a hospital bed,


unable to communicate. Now, for the first time,


Crimewatch of that night in the hope that


new witnesses will come forward. 13 years in pain, in suffering. Part


of you thinks Marvin is still in there. Marvin is my big brother.


Very much there for us as a family. He was one of those people that you


gravitate towards. If Marvin meets you today, you are his friend for


life. He has no enemies. Back in 2002, 26-year-old father of two


Marvin Couson was enjoying life in London. In the early hours of


Sunday, May the 12th, he arrived at the Lime Bar in Shoreditch with


friends. The bar was packed. He knew how to have a good time. He would


dance with his friends and everybody would look and see what Marvin is


doing. He danced really well, if he started dancing he would get a crowd


around him. Just after 3am, the partying came to a dramatic end.


There was a shot fired which has caused people to panic, leave the


club and spill out onto the street. Nobody was injured by the gunshot,


but about 300 people were left standing outside. In particular,


everyone's eyes would have gone to this red or burgundy Ford Fiesta.


One of Marvin's friends stood in the road blocking the car.


Bruv, no, no, no! Call an ambulance, man!


The gunshot punctured his heart, ricocheted off his ribs we were


told, without oxygen for approximately 20 minutes or half an


hour, so that is what caused his brain injury. Initially, after the


shooting the doctors believed his brain was completely dead but he


surprised them, being Marvin, he started to breathe unsupported, so


they changed the diagnosis saying that he was not completely


brain-dead. Marvin was alive but completely unable to communicate. He


would be in the bed, he would just be lying there. You believed he


could hear you when you made a joke. Part of you would think, yes, Marvin


is still there, but he is trapped. He can't really say anything. He is


just trapped. He can hear your voice and he would respond to it, he could


grin or smile, the serious expressions that he had, you would


tease him and say, come on, it's not that bad. He would grin. For 13 long


years Marvin was trapped in this condition, his family visited every


single day. Sometimes he would be smiling but he was often in agony.


When you go there, you see him, and you want to cry. You know that he's


in pain. And seeing it breaks your heart. Early last year Marvin's


health began to deteriorate and on a visit in August the family became


alarmed by his condition. He started reading direct -- he started


breathing irregularly. I saw something I had not seen before,


struggling to take breaths. Marvin passed away a short time after that


video was taken. I felt that people needed to see that this man, this


innocent man, completely innocent, suffered in this way. Until he took


his last breath, because somebody took a gun and shot him. Although it


happened 13 years after he was shot, Marvin's death came as a direct


result of his gunshot injuries. Police are now dealing with a murder


investigation. They hope the passage of time will encourage witnesses to


finally come forward. Certainly there are around 300 people and of


those people some people were unwilling to give statements at the


time, we understand they may have had different loyalties or have been


frightened and people may not remember, but clearly if you were in


the club that night, and shots were fired you would remember. It's a


rare occurrence. If someone had been murdered, you would remember that


and it would be crystal clear. We have had to live with... Marvin had


to live as a result of the gunshot wound, for 13 years and two months


and 27 days, it is registered in my head. In pain and suffering. I want


them to be caught. I want to see them and let them speak to me, why?


I want justice. This person did not die of natural causes, this person


died as a result of your gunshot, your gunshot to his heart. His last


breath as you see in the video was down to you, because you pulled the


trigger. DCI Noel McHugh is here. An innocent man in the wrong place at


the wrong time but it is 13 years ago, do you really think somebody


could help? Yes, it was 13 years ago but people will recall that shot and


300 people spilled onto the street and many would have witnessed what


happened to Marvin, they would have heard rumours at the time and then


with his death in August. It is the Ford Fiesta in the street that is


crucial? Yes, that is central to the investigation, possibly a T Reg. Red


or burgundy. Marvin's friend was struck by it and then there was an


altercation and the shot came from inside the cart or nearby. We want


to trace the occupants, two black men. You are now offering a


substantial reward? ?40,000 for information leading to the arrest or


prosecution of those responsible for his murder. I understand people may


have had loyalties to other people, they may have been afraid or maybe


assumption that someone else made the call. Please look at what


happened to his family and make that call.


It's a dreadful case but with your help it can


If there's something you know which could help Marvin's family get


justice, please call the detectives here in the studio on 0500 600 600.


You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously.


Police from Ireland ask for your help to identify a British


busker, murdered and buried in a back garden.


But we've got wanted faces first starting with 34 year


He was found guilty of drug dealing in December but didn't return


to court for sentencing and is now on the run.


He's known to travel around the north west of England and has


The 37 year old was arrested in connection with the rape


He was released on bail but has failed to return for


Originally from Pakistan, he has links across Greater


She was found guilty of people trafficking, after bringing at least


She charged each family ?12,000 and then threatened them


if they wouldn't pay what she called 'taxes' of up to ?300 a week.


Ul Haq went on the run last month and was sentenced in her abscence


She has contacts across West Yorkshire and


Finally for now is David Rotheram, although he also calls himself


Detectives in Merseyside want to question him after 2


security guards were robbed as they filled


Rotheram was 33 last month and has LFC tattooed on his left arm.


He's described as dangerous, so if you know where he is,


If you know where any of tonight's other faces might be please do get


in touch using the numbers on screen.


We'll go through the rest of the line up a little later.


A round-up of crimes caught on camera now.


Starting this month with a violent robbery in London.


Wednesday evening in Southwark and the man was chatting with his friend


in the street. It was a nice, sunny day. Lots of daylight at that time.


As they talked to men on pushbikes, a man in a dark hoodie, and two men


on mopeds all went past in quick succession. They then appear to hang


around at the end of the street. Just off-camera. Minutes later, as


Dirk started his scooter, they struck. It was happening so quickly


that I could not react. The next thing they must have thrown me onto


the floor and I lost consciousness. You can see one of them kicking Dirk


in the head and another stamped on him. The gang left him lying


helpless on the pavement as they scarpered with his bike. It was


horrific, really. You feel numb and dazed. The first few weeks, I always


had in the back of my mind that this happened, and I was nervous. Do you


know who these callous muggers are? Names, please.


Also in tonight's CCTV... A shop in Brixton in south London in October


and these men are in a hurry, one man is armed with what looks like a


pellet gun. He immediately starts to fire at the terrified shopkeeper. He


shoots him again in the head and face. As the victim cowers, the


other robber grabs the till, dragging it out of the store.


Surgeons removed several pellets from the face of the shopkeeper but


he still has one behind his eye. Who are these hooded thugs? Another


shop, this time in Liverpool in January. As the employee is closing


up, a man follows him inside. Armed with a knife, he demands cash from


the till. He takes handful after handful, and stuffs it into his


pockets. But he looks straight up at the camera. He then demands the


cigarettes from the display. All the time holding a knife to the


petrified worker's throat. He then march is the assistant to a back


room where, out of sight of the cameras, the worker is forced to


open a save. Do you recognise this knife wielding robber? You know what


to do. A bookies in Wolverhampton one evening last September. A man in


a black coat tries to cash in his winnings but another punter in a


blue polo shirt wants him to step outside. The man ignores him and the


disgruntled gambler walks off. But he returns seconds later and


launches a sickening punch at the unsuspecting victim. The unprovoked


attack caused extensive damage to his eye which needed surgery. Stack


the odds against this all loser and maim him tonight. -- sore loser. And


name him. This CCTV is from house in central London but these men live


here. -- don't live here. The camera picks them up in the homeowner 's


bedroom and they are clearly looking for something. They rifle through


drawers and search cupboards. Totally unaware that they are being


caught on camera. 47 watches including these were later found to


be missing. They were worth an estimated ?500,000. Let's call time


on these watch thieves. Get in touch if you who they are.


You can take another look at all of tonight's faces and CCTV


Call and text the numbers on screen if you can help.


In 2002 a gruesome discovery was made in a garden


The owner of a bungalow was carrying out building work


The body had been wrapped in a sleeping bag and left


A post mortem was carried out, but the remains have never


14 years on and Irish detectives believe someone in the UK could hold


Detective Inspector Michael Coppinger joins me now.


Talk us through your initial investigation.


All these years ago. Yes, in a local developer purchased the property and


while he was cleaning out the rear garden with a mechanical digger you


discovered a shallow grave containing skeleton remains. You


think the body was there for a couple of years? How had he been


killed? He was killed and concealed in a sleeping bag tied with a nylon


rope and a postmortem revealed that he died of blood for straw man.


There were specific items with him that you think people could help to


identify? That's correct, a couple of items were found in the shallow


grave including these rings and these boots were still in the


sleeping bag with the remains. You think he was called Dave but what


more do you know? He was known to some people who frequented the spot


at the front of the area where he was found and these people believe


he was called Dave and also called Dave Rawson and he may be known by


another name in the UK. He had links to specific parts of England? He may


have links to Tunbridge Wells and the Cornwall area. He was busking on


the streets and living by busking. What you would like is to have a


positive identification, for someone to ring in and tell you who he is


and also find who killed him. That's correct. We would like somebody to


positively identify the person known to us as Dave, we believe he is from


the UK. And appeal to anyone who has information in relation to how he


met this violent death. Please call the programme tonight. Michael and


his colleagues are standing by. Please get in touch using the


numbers on your screen. Let's catch up on developments since we have


been on air. What is the latest? We have had interesting calls coming in


but I appeal to people to look at the CCTV around the Ford focus


vehicles and give us information. This CCTV is crucial. It is crucial


to identify who was in those cars, and what they were doing there on


the night. I would appeal for people to come forward. Please keep your


calls coming in. We have the inside story of how the flying squad


cracked the UK's biggest ever burglary. They would see themselves


at the top end of criminality. The flying squad is at the top end of


police investigation. More wanted faces first starting


with Alexander Ighodalo. He failed to turn up in court


to answer fraud and money laundering charges after a major international


company was conned into paying Originally from Nigeria,


the 36 year old has links Police think he may be working


as a security guard. Number 6 tonight is


32-year-old Miles Phillips. He's wanted for questioning


by police in Bristol in relation Phillips has a scar on his left


finger and speaks with He's known to be violent,


so don't approach - just dial 999 if you


know where he is. Next up is Stephen Healy,


although you may know him as Michael He was jailed for 4 years


for burglary in 2012 and released But he's failed to stick


to the terms of his release Healy is 39 and has links


to Ireland, south London and Kent. Finally tonight is Mark Edward


Fitton, although he often uses Detectives want to question him


in connection with almost 100 burglaries across


Cheshire and Lancashire. Fitton was 45 last week and has


tattoos of a flower with the name Lewis Mark on his right arm along


with two dice and a crest. He has family and friends in Oldham


and over in Ireland and is also known to be violent so just dial


999 if you spot him. If you know where any of the other


faces are then get in touch And of course they're


all on the Crimewatch website. Last month the remaining members


of the Hatton Garden gang were found guilty of their roles


in the record-breaking heist. We'll speak to the head


of the Flying Squad about the latest in their hunt for


'Basil' shortly but first, the inside story of how


the rest of the gang were caught. It's the biggest burglary in British


history. They were career criminals. One last hurrah for them. ?14


million of jewellery, gemstones and gold, stolen from the heart of the


UK diamond industry. You can compare it with boxers, they retire but then


they get an offer to get back in the ring one more time and this was a


big prize. They would see themselves at the top end of criminality and


the flying squad is at the top end of police investigation. On Tuesday


the 7th of April, following the Easter weekend, security guards at


the Hatton Garden safe-deposit company arrived for work. What they


discovered would trigger a major investigation by the elite Flying


Squad. It was a burglary in Hatton Garden, it was going to be


high-value so we decided straightaway, we would get down


there, assess it and then we will develop it from there. Within a few


hours it became apparent it was a serious crime and a job for us. The


scale of what the thieves had got away with made headlines around the


world. The Flying Squad were in the spotlight. We have got to hit the


ground running. A lot of these victims it was clear early on were


going to be significantly financially affected by this so


straightaway there is a pressure. The vast majority of people who


stored property in the vaults were traders in London's jewellery


Quarter with much of their wealth tied up in goods. I have been


through the door every single day for 45 years. It was quite a big


part of my pension which was sitting in there which was now gone. The


Hatton Garden investigation was a classic case of cops and robbers.


Within the first day we had already brought together a team of officers


to trawl CCTV in the area. They painstakingly built up a picture of


how the heist happened. The gang were caught on CCTV


arriving at around 7pm in this white van. Then, at 9:22pm, a mysterious


red haired man gained access to the building. To this day, it is not


known exactly how he did it. Once inside, he opened the fire escape,


letting the others with their builders' outfits and wheelie bins


into the building. The gang then disabled the list, allowing them to


access the shaft with a clear drop straight down into the basement. It


is thought the two fittest of the gang then scrambled down.


They got through other security measures to let the rest of the gang


in. And soon, all that was between them and the loot was the vault door


and a concrete wall, half a metre thick and reinforced with steel. To


access the diamonds, they used a diamond, a specialist diamond tipped


high-powered coring drill designed to penetrate concrete and stone.


They made a hole 25 centimetres by 45


centimetres in the wall, just big enough for a small person to squeeze


through but they faced yet another obstacle. The back of the


safe-deposit boxes were bolted to the ceiling and floor and were


blocking the hole and their way in. The hydraulic ram they have bought


to shift them broke. After almost 11 hours they gave up and left at


around 8am, empty-handed. To walk away from that prize when you are so


close, very difficult. Very difficult indeed. But by the same


token, the longer they are in the vault, on the premises, then the


chances of getting caught is raised considerably. But the gang broke one


of the basic rules of the criminal world, by returning the following


night to the scene of the crime. Using a new hydraulic ram, they were


able to dislodge the metal cabinets blocking the hole. They were finally


in. The hole would have been a tight squeeze. It is thought only the two


who had scrambled down the lift shaft, including the red haired man,


actually entered the vault. Once inside they forced open and 73


safety deposit boxes, filling bags and even wheelie bins with jewels,


gold, precious stones and cash. They loaded up their loot and hold it up


the stairs, leaving via the fire escape. This is the moment they made


their getaway with the incredible ?14 million haul. The Flying Squad


had the crooks in action but who were they? Their big break in


identifying them would come as a result of the thieves' critical


decision to return to the crime scene that second time. That gives


us a breakthrough because it allows the CCTV officers to identify on the


second night they arrived in a Mercedes earlier. As well as the


van, the gang also used this Mercedes, detectives were able to


trace it to 74-year-old John Kenny Collins. John Collins has been


convicted of robbery on two occasions. Second occasion it was


armed robbery on a jewellers. He recced Hatton Garden to check out


the premises, who was also the getaway driver. Because John Collins


was using his own vehicle, his E200, very distinctive and very few of


them on the road with a black roof and black wheels, so even the grainy


CCTV that probably normally wouldn't be of a high evidential value


identified it and we were able to track that car. You have just got to


wait until you have got something that is concrete and you know is a


good starting point, which is what is the Mercedes and Collins was, and


then you commit your resources down that line. The Flying Squad but


Collins under surveillance, he quickly led them to other members of


the gang. Covert officers captured him meeting with 76-year-old Brian


Reader. He has been described as the organiser, he would see himself as


top of the tree in this group. Reader was planning the heist as


early as 2012 but didn't return to the vault on that second night.


Detectives were watching as they met in cafes and pubs. The group are


coming together. It was in our patience game on our part and that


paid off when John Collins, Brian Reader, and Terrence Perkins met.


67-year-old Terrence Perkins was responsible for the drilling. He has


also got form and served 22 years in prison. Perkins and Collins were


telling Reader how they got in when they got back, how they were


successful in the end. Detectives soon pieced together who the other


gang members were. Daniel Jones is again an organised criminal, he is


ten years younger. Here's the fitter and that's what he brings to the


group. Carl Wood was also part of planning the heist and bear on the


first night, but he pulled out on the second day when he is thought to


have bottled it. And then there is the red haired man the gang referred


to as Basil. A mysterious character, his true identity is still unknown.


As detectives identified the gang members, they also plan electronic


listening bugs on two of their cars, including Collins' Mercedes. It is a


tactic that is used in serious crime investigations and it was very


productive on this occasion. We know they were quite excited about the


fact they got away with such a large-scale offence and it was


unlikely the police would have any idea of who to look for, and they


were quite comfortable in the fact they were away scot-free. The men


couldn't help boasting, totally unaware the police were listening to


every word. The audio recordings of the conversation told us exactly how


they have done it, who they had done it with, how they were going to sort


out the property, so it was a gold mine of evidence. Six weeks after


the heist, members of the gang met in it pub car park in north London


to move some of the loot. It would be one thing to arrest the group


together but what we wanted was property. This was the moment that


three bags containing diamonds, watches and necklaces were shifted


from a taxi into Collins' Mercedes. The three banks that have been


exchanged behind the pub contained an estimated ?4 million worth of


diamonds and gold. With the exchange done, Collins and Jones drove to a


nearby property with the Flying Squad on their tail. We had weeks of


surveillance showing the principals meeting up. We have the audio


recording saying what they had done and how they were going to do it,


and eventually we had some property coming out of the woodwork so at


that point we have got sufficient there. That was why we made the


decision at that point ago in. The police made their move. In


coordinated raids with more than 200 officers, they hit 12 addresses in


London and Kent. They were surprised, obviously very


disappointed. They would still have been no doubt actively in their


minds trying to work out how they were going to minimise their


criminal responsibility. It is not until they were interviewed and


walked through the evidence we had against them that they realised how


comprehensive the investigation had been against them and the amount of


trouble they were in at that point in time. But they weren't saying


much in police interviews. Were you a driller? No comment. Were you the


person that deactivated the lift shaft? No comment. The alarm


systems? No comment. Was it you that messed up? No comment. It was your


role to get through the hole, wasn't it? No comment. Jones and the three


other ringleaders - Reader, Collins and Perkins - saw the writing on the


wall and confessed. To have spent three years in the planning for this


offence to plead before going to trial basically shows and it is


rewarding enough to say that we have done the right job and we are


starting to do the right thing for the victims. From his cell at


Belmarsh prison, Danny Jones offered to give up his stash of loot


claiming he wanted to go straight. He said he had hated it at Edmonton


Cemetery in north London. Police searched a grave, digging for around


two hours, uncovering jewellery and precious stones. A week later they


returned, this time taking Jones from his cell. He led them to a


different grave. He was unaware police had already discovered the


first large hall haul. The Flying Squad had recovered some of the


stolen property and they had their four ringleaders. Another three men


had also been charged, they pleaded not guilty and went on trial. Last


month, the jury delivered its verdict. Kyle Ward and William


Lincoln were both convicted for their roles in the burglary and for


dealing with the haul. Another man, Hugh Doyle, was found guilty of


helping the gang distribute the loot. The guilty men are now serving


time, all except the mysterious red haired man, Basil, or whatever his


real name is. He seems to have got away with it for now, he is still


out there somewhere, along with ?10 million of missing loot.


Well, it's an incredible story but it's not quite over yet.


The Head of the Flying Squad, Detective Superintendent Craig


Turner, is here with the latest on the illusive 'Basil'.


He is an intriguing character, he seems to have got them in in the


first place. You must be closing in on him by now? I am here to offer


?20,000 as a reward for information that can lead to the arrest and


conviction of Basil. We think he is wearing a wig and we are not sure if


his name is Basil. The group referred to him as that but we don't


think that is his true name. He was very elusive to CCTV so he could be


local to the area. We are appealing to members of public who may have


anything suspicious. He went to real pains to disguise himself, didn't


he? Yes, he is carrying the bag on his shoulders and he would have


known where the CCTV was and would have known the area. They took ?14


million worth of property, you have covered about 4 million but 10


million is still missing and these are some of the items you are


interested in finding. We have restored ?3.7 million worth of


jewellery back to victims and we will take our time to make sure they


get back to the rightful owners. I would appeal to members of the


public and people involved in the jewellery industry. If they are ever


offered items of jewellery in suspicious circumstances to contact


the incident room. If you think you can help the Flying Squad get their


man, get in touch using the numbers on screen.


Also, if you've been a victim of any crime you may want to speak


Time now to update you on some previous cases and thanks to you,


we have some really fantastic results this month.


Starting with a horrific rape we featured in October's programme


when a 21-year-old woman was attacked in the Toxteth


Following the appealed this man was jailed for ten years with five years


on licence. That was an incredible experience for the whole team. In


the reconstruction the victim wanted to make sure that he did not do that


again, and we were able to tell the victim that we found the offender


and we could get him off the streets.


In March we asked for your help in finding


Detectives wanted to question him after an 89 year old man


was attacked and robbed on his own driveway.


At the time we couldn't show the victim - Mr Butlin's injuries


for legal reasons, but we can now reveal this...


A shocking image of an elderly man who spent several days in intensive


care. It beggars belief. As a direct result this man was jailed for 18


years. The judge praised the work of Crimewatch and the police in


bringing him to justice. The victim has since died but his family wanted


to thank the Crimewatch viewer who called in. Thank you, you have made


such a difference. You are doing a fabulous thing will stop keep doing


that and help, however little you think you can. Just ring in. With


whatever information you have got. We featured this convicted


paedophile who was wanted back in prison after being released. One of


his victims contacted police for the first time. As a result he was found


guilty of four historic offences and jailed for ten years.


This chilling case back in May after a woman was raped


This footage shows the attacker following her shortly beforehand.


During the ordeal, he demanded her bank card and pin number


and was caught on CCTV using a cash machine a short time later.


This man was jailed for 15 years after pleading guilty to two counts


of rape, two counts of robbery and one of theft. You may member this


CCTV of a disabled pensioner being punched and robbed as he made his


way home in Doncaster town centre. This 34-year-old man was jailed for


three years and four months for that vicious robbery.


In October we asked for your help to find this man who launched


a vicious attack on a train guard in Clapham in South London


Well, as a direct result of your calls 24 year


old Mohammed Essad from Ladbroke Grove has been given a 12


month suspended sentence and ordered to pay compensation.


The court heard he'd sent a vile, racist text after the attack,


boasting he'd split someone's head open.


Finally, yet more proof, if it were needed, that you can't


Glenn Madden was on April's show wanted for money laundering


Well, he was spotted by police officers in Amsterdam.


And his arrest was caught on camera as you can see here.


Madden was sent back to the UK and jailed for 5 years.


An update on some of the calls we have received tonight. The appeal


relating to the murder of Marvin Cuson. Keep calls coming in. The


first CCTV we showed you, the robbery of the mopeds, excellent


information. And really good information on wanted face number


one. That's it for now but take a look at the Crimewatch website where


you can find all of tonight's appeals. The phone lines are open


until midnight tomorrow and we will be back with an update at 11:15pm


tonight. We will keep you up-to-date with developments on Twitter. Thank


you so much for all of your calls so far. From everyone here, goodbye.


Live with the latest crime investigations, news and appeals.

Following last month's convictions in the record-breaking Hatton Garden heist, the head of the Flying Squad appears live in the Crimewatch studio to reveal new information and images of the one who got away. The mysterious 'Basil' is the only member of the gang responsible for the £14m burglary still on the run, but detectives hope Crimewatch viewers will provide the key to revealing his true identity.

Father of two Marvin Couson had been enjoying a night out with friends when he was hit by a stray bullet outside an east London nightclub in 2002. He survived with serious injuries and spent the next 13 years confined to a hospital bed, unable to communicate. Last August, Marvin lost his battle against those injuries and passed away with his family by his bedside. As his death came as a direct result of the shooting, the Met Police have launched a full murder investigation. Crimewatch reconstructs the tragic events of the night Marvin was shot in the hope new witnesses will come forward.

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