14/12/2015 Crimewatch


The latest crime investigations, news and appeals. Crimewatch speaks to the experts working on the case of the human remains that were discovered in Bracknell in July.

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Michael Winner's widow speaks on camera for the first time


about her ordeal at the hands of a violent burglar.


Opened the door and then all hell broke loose. Michael would be


turning in his grave. We'll reveal previously unseen CCTV


of the prime suspect. Also, new clues in the murder


of a retired primary school teacher. We believe this person could hold


vital information about who Joy's killer is.


And the mystery of a body unearthed by workmen.


Somebody will know who this is. Somebody's brother, somebody's son.


Good evening and welcome to the final Crimewatch of the year.


We're live for the next 60 minutes with the latest crime


A full reconstruction of the shocking raid


at Geraldine Winner's home in just a moment,


of what else we have for you tonight.


We've got our latest collection of wanted faces.


The lines are open so get in touch straight away if you know


It captured the voice of a violent pub robber.


Also, tonight: A young woman waives her anonymity


in a bid to catch the man who raped her on


You will probably recognise this man here.


This is the late film director Michael Winner and his wife


Geraldine on their wedding day in 2011.


They had known each other for over 50 years before they finally


Sadly, the marriage was short-lived with Michael passing away


Following his death Geraldine, who's now 77, subsequently downsized


from their mansion to a flat in the Knightsbridge area of London.


My shoulder was agony, my back was agony.


You think, this isn't happening, it's just not true, it's just -


I am opening something, I don't know what it is!


Michael Winner was 77 when he finally married


But his wife Geraldine had known him for a very long time


And I've known him ever since, so that was like,


But their marriage was tragically brief.


Michael died less than two years later.


He had the most fantastic sense of humour.


He was the most exuberant, incredible person ever.


Underneath all his bluff he was just like a little


What I had with him was just wonderful.


Since her husband's death, Geraldine has lived alone.


On Friday the 9th of October, she was getting ready to go


I finished packing because I was going to Paris the next day,


thinking of all the different things I had to do.


Then I went to the bank actually to get some extra money to get some


I'd managed to organise everything, was all calm, and settled,


and I just literally had to get into bed, go to sleep.


Shortly after 10pm, Geraldine was just about to


I saw there were a few newspapers, so I thought, I'll just put both


Opened the door, and then all hell broke loose.


You think, this isn't happening, it's just not true, it's just -


I went to grab her hair, to bash her if I could,


I was petrified, but at the same time I was, you know,


I went to grab the kettle to hit her with the kettle,


but then she grabbed it out of my hand and hit me on the head.


But I had curlers in my hair, rollers.


But she caught hold of my forehead ? twice ? and that's where


And that's when I thought I better stop fighting now or I could end up


While Geraldine lay helpless on the floor, her attacker made sure


She put her foot on my back, pressed very hard and said,


shut up, don't make any noise, otherwise I'll kill you.


That's what she said, I'll knife you.


Geraldine's hands and feet were bound with cable ties.


For the next three hours, Geraldine lay there,


while the intruder meticulously cherry-picked her way


She asked precisely for money and the jewellery.


I told her where the money was. The money I was taking to Paris.


I could hear her zipping a bag up, obviously where she was


With my hands behind my back I was in terrible pain.


And my finger was broken, I'd seen that.


you wanted her to take what she wants and go just go.


She suddenly asked for a specific piece of jewellery which was in


It was a little heart that Michael bought me.


the monetary value was not what counted, what counted


was the memory of it - the sentimental.


That it was Michael that brought it for me.


It was after one in the morning before the burglar finally


made her exit, trying to remove all evidence of her identity


The attack has left its mark on Geraldine.


It's just made me realise there are really evil people


It's the trauma of what's happened to you.


If I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm terrified


somebody's gonna hit me on the head again.


I now need someone in the spare room.


My memories with Michael, and everything with Michael ?


And Michael would just be turning in his grave,


Well, we're joined now by the officer overseeing this case


who many of you will recognise as DCI Jane Corrigan,


a long-standing friend of the programme.


We welcome you back tonight. This was vicious and calculating?


Yes, this was a terrifying ordeal which lasted around three hours.


Mrs winner is in her 70s and this has taken its toll. We should say


that the security arrangements in her flat have now been completely


changed. I have never had a case with a woman attacker like this. We


are now looking at the CCTV. The suspect is described


by the victim as being slim and very well dressed, wearing a long black


coat, black boots and a large, Mrs Winner has described


her attacker as having We know she entered the premises at


about 7:30pm. She left and took this long route to Kensington high


Street. We know she was therefore a good long time and helped herself to


a lot of stuff. Take through for some of the more significant items?


She asked for the heart-shaped pendant. Maybe she has kept it or


maybe she has sold it on. There was also a diamond encrusted Cartier


watch with a nice bracelet. And we also had some diamond earrings,


anchor shaped. These are all very beautiful but something we saw her


take which was not particularly valuable? Yes, the kettle. Because


it is large she may have disposed of it quickly and street cleaner have


found it in a bin. We know there is a reward? Yes, there is a ?10,000


reward leading to the arrest and prosecution of this woman. Thank you


for updating us on this case. An horrific ordeal for Geraldine,


particularly after losing her husband.


If you can help, please call now on our usual number 0500 600 600.


Detectives are standing by for your calls.


A round up of the latest crime news now.


Radio DJ Neil Fox has been cleared of sexually abusing fans and


colleagues. He has always denied the allegations. Mr Fox broke down in


tears as the verdict was read out in court. Outside he said it had been


an arduous journey. I strenuously denied all of the


allegations and today I have been vindicated. It has been a long, hard


and stressful 14 months, and a lot has been said and written about me


in that time that over the next few days, weeks and months will have to


be addressed and rectified. The defence started today in the


Hatton Garden jewellery heist. The burglary was the biggest in British


history netting some ?40 million for the gang. The jury have previously


heard that some of the stash of stunning jewels were buried under


Graves. Four men have already admitted conspiracy to commit


burglary. Four others deny involvement in the raid and the


trial continues. Crimewatch has previously covered


stories of drugs being hidden in rugs. Now 1.5 tonnes of compressed


cocaine have been found disguised as wooden pallets and charcoal. The


seizure was made by the National Crime Agency and Spanish police on a


shipping container travelling from Colombia to Valencia. 11 people have


been arrested. Now, the Grinches who've stolen


Christmas. Police in Manchester have today


released this CCTV of three offenders stealing the trees


from a shop in Chorlton in November. 190 trees were taken in two separate


raids by the men, who loaded them If you recognise them,


do get in touch. Finally, a mum has said "thank you"


to a burglar for stealing thousands of pounds worth of items,


including Christmas presents, 27-year-old Alexandra Mahjour,


who's also pregnant wrote a post on Facebook thanking the burglars


for making her "feel the real She said the loss of things


like her television, meant they've "talked more


as a family" and that their young son believes the gifts


were hidden by an elf. How do you solve a murder


when you have no idea That's the challenge facing


Thames Valley Police after human remains were discovered


in Bracknell in July. Tonight we'll be exclusively


revealing a potentially significant breakthrough in the case,


but first here's what detectives On 24th July, workmen clearing


ditches in Bracknell made Boys, I think you need to come


and take a look at this. Buried in a shallow grave


was the skeleton of a man. Skeletal remains by its very nature


suggest that it's been The difficulty with this case


which is really unusual is we didn't know who this person was,


where they were from, It is crucial to identify whose


bones have been recovered, once you get that you get lots of lines of


enquiry which will help you identify who they have been mixing with, who


their family are, you can build a wider picture of who the person is


and that could lead you to emotive and who has committed this crime.


The bones had been wrapped in bin bags and then again in a blanket


and the only item of clothing that was on the remains


was a jumper, no other clothing was found on the body.


The post mortem revealed that the male skeleton had received


injuries to both sides of his temple, these


were catastrophic injuries caused by what's called blunt force trauma,


We also found that the male had a broken nose and we were also able


to tell through the anthropology that the male was probably around


That he would have been of a stocky build and that he would also have


had some form of trauma to his lower back that his friends and relatives


Further from the work that we've done that was matched


with the dentistry was that we were able to establish as age for this


gentleman of probably around 30-40 years of age.


One distinctive feature forensic teams found were the veneers


The gentleman had a very healthy set of teeth actually, he didn't need


the veneers they were there for show, they are quite expensive


veneers as well and he had seven done which is a very unusual figure


Of those seven, one of those had been repaired.


The work itself could have been private or NHS,


probably carried out in the UK but may have been carried out


We actually used his tooth and sent it to a DNA specialist to extract


DNA from the tooth and from that we've managed to get


We've searched on our databases but unfortunately haven't matched it


With no DNA match the next step for detectives was to send


the remains to the Royal Berkshire Hospital for a CT scan in order


Very rarely used but on this occasion it was going to be the only


way we were going to have a possibility of getting


Of course once you've got that picture you've got something


The scans were sent to Dr Christopher Rynn.


A professor at the University of Dundee who specialises


We got the CT scan of the skull and we can use computer software


to convert that into a 3D model and there's this armature that's


attached to the computer and you can move it in 3D and it has haptic


feedback which means you can actually feel the skull


The first thing that we would do with the skull model is to add


the tissue depth pegs that represent how thick the facial soft tissues


would have been, on average and then we use anatomical sculpture to fill


in the gaps between to pegs and estimate the muscles


The position of the features relative to one another is quite


important and that is dictated very definitely by the skull


except for the mouth, so what you find is that the eyes


and the nose are more accurate than the lip shape.


We can't tell things like skin tone and hair colour and eye colour


If that is present at the scene then it's a different matter,


but just from the skull we are good at estimating the face shape.


It's very unusual to use these skills, but we can see


from the results that the professionalism and the expertise


From the CT scan of the skull, to the facial reconstruction,


detectives now have a picture of what the man may


He has quite a strong brow line where his eyebrows are and that's


very distinctive and would have been distinctive to anybody


Matched with the dentistry he would have had this smile


which would have been very, very white and very noticeable,


so in those terms facially he's got quite a distinctive face.


Somebody's brother, somebody's son maybe a father.


That person will know instantly who this person is.


The facial reconstruction for us is a pivotal part of the enquiry.


It's given a face to that missing person and I believe the public


will be able to tell us who that person is and identify them and that


will take our investigation a big stride forward in identifying


the people who have committed this crime.


Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Brown joins me now.


That was a fascinating report, a lot of information you want people to


help you with, would it be fair to say this is an unusual case? It is


very unusual, very rare to have a murder investigation where you don't


know the identity of the victim and because we don't know that it's


difficult to piece together how the victim was murdered and Hubei. What


wasn't included in that film was that there has been, a breakthrough,


it sounds important to me, tell us? We had the DNA as you saw in the


film which was sent for international comparison and it has


come back with the partial family identity match with a lady from


Lithuania. And fortunately the lady passed away in May this year so


enquiries in that direction are difficult but we do know she


reported her son missing in 2008. So tonight we are revealing a


photograph of her son. He came to the UK in 2004 and we know very


little about him since that time. He has some similarities to the facial


reconstruction. He does. Guess but I cannot say they are the same person.


We need to know information about him. And there is the part of the


equation as to who killed him. Yes, if anyone has any information about


who killed him, why they killed him and why it ended up in Bracknell,


any information will help us. We are looking for the facial


reconstruction, who is that person? Not forgetting the veneers we


covered in the film, bright white, someone will know those. Secondly,


we need to know where he was in the UK, who has worked with and his


associates, any information will be used in the investigation. And


thirdly any other information about how this person came to be murdered


and end up in Bracknell. It is join together all the strands. Thank you


very much for taking the time to talk to us to night. If you know


anything about this man or how those remains came to be burried call us


on the usual number. Right, still to come tonight:


The new search for a potentially crucial witness, to the murder


of retired primary school teacher We believe this person could hold


vital information as to who her killer is. We have managed to trace


everyone else who entered and exited the building except this person.


Although he also calls himself Elvis Rutherford,


Ian Rutherford, Edin Andrews or just Aaron.


He's 56 and failed to turn up at court where he was due to stand


trial for a number of child sexual assault charges.


He walks with a limp and often has a border collie dog with him.


If you're in Northern Ireland, Nottinghamshire, Surrey,


Kent or London, keep an eye out for him as he has links


Next is this man, Yanick Baptista although he also uses


He was due in court on drug dealing and money laundering charges


Baptista is 25 and has links across Hampshire and to Manchester.


He's described as dangerous, so don't approach.


Just dial 999 if you know where he is.


Number three is Mansori Tlah Ganom but he too uses other names.


Detectives want to question him in connection with the rape


of a woman in Reading in June this year and also


The 37-year-old is originally from Iraq and has links to London.


Finally for now is 29-year-old Joseph Richardson Eaton,


or Paul Jenkins as he sometimes calls himself.


He failed to turn up to Preston Crown Court in connection


with an attack on a man which resulted in the victim


He has friends and family in Lancaster, Bolton and elsewhere


If you know where any of tonight's faces might be please do get


in touch using the numbers on screen.


We'll go through the rest of the line up a little later


and they're all on the red button until midnight.


20 years ago the body of 52-year-old retired school teacher and avid


churchgoer Joy Hewer was found in her flat in Walthamstow,


She had been sexually assaulted, stabbed and her home, set alight.


Two decades on and her killer remains at large but with new clues


Murder without motive - the killing of a woman who hadn't


A tape recording of a man's voice may hold the key to the murder


Joy Hewer was a quiet religious woman.


Who's body was found in her burnt out flat.


I love to talk about Joy, she was my sister and she was


She was very caring, very gentle and kind.


She was a loyal member of the family.


A devoted daughter to our parents, doting aunty to the children.


I remember being really excited to see her, every time


She'd always get the train up from London to come visit us,


my mum would never tell us when she was coming so pretty much


every time we'd go to the train station we'd be like,


I always think of her very specially when Christmas comes around


because she loved Christmas, she was really like one


of the children, she was great, great fun, she was absolutely


the life and soul really of Christmas.


Joy Hewer was a devout Christian - who, after retiring as a primary


school teacher, dedicated much of her time to the church.


She often volunteered here at St Mary's in Walthamstow -


helping to run soup kitchens, doing office work and cleaning.


Joy would very simply of said that her life centred around Jesus.


When you arrive as a new vicar in a parish as I did,


in July 94 here at St Mary's in Walthamstow, some people avoid


you because they think you are busy settling in or they think the vicar


is too important to come and call on.


But one of the very first person to call on me was Joy Hewer.


20 years on - Paul Butler, now Bishop of Durham -


She was just a sheer delight of a person who never wanted to harm


All her life was about helping other people and encouraging other people.


Joy also volunteered at the London Healing Mission,


at the time a church in Notting Hill.


She'd been there on the day she was killed and left at around


She popped into a chemist before making her way home


Joy then settled in for the night, calling her brother and speaking


It would be the last time her family would ever hear from her.


At around quarter past ten, a young couple who lived below Joy


Hello, fire brigade, can I help you?


Hello, you know the junction at, it's in E17, yeah, Walthamstow,


Firemen arrived at Joy's flat to find her already dead.


It quickly became clear it wasn't the blaze that killed her.


Joy had been sexually assaulted and stabbed multiple times


Two fires had been deliberately started in a likely bid


In doing so, the lives of the 55 others living in the building


All our lives completely changed, our world changed.


That day, it was the most devastating thing that can happen.


And imagine, for my parents at their great age, to receive that


news that their daughter, their first born, their eldest


has been brutally murdered for absolutely no apparent reason.


The hunt was on to find Joy's killer.


In our next case, someone not only murdered the tried to cover up the


evidence by setting fire to a flat...


Officers received a number of calls, but none with the crucial


With no murder weapon recovered or witnesses to the attack,


police had little to go on and 20 years passed without justice.


But last year, after renewed appeals from her family,


detectives began re-examining the case.


Susan, we know Joy was last seen entering this building.


In all those conversations with family and friends,


all the statements you've read through -


you really now do believe Joy may have known the person who did this?


Yes, as you can see, there's an intercom system


so there's every chance Joy would have had to have buzzed


On her front door she had a spy hole, which family tell us


she would always use before opening the door, there was no


We do believe that she was familiar with the person she opened


One thing the passage of time has given you is better technology ?


there's a CCTV camera up there, which on the night of the murder


From that camera you've taken an image and been able


to enhance it, clear it up - what have you got?


Yes, we have this image, it is still quite grainy but this


is of a person entering the flats at 10.30pm,


the night Joy was murdered, um we believe this person could hold


vital information as to who Joy's killer is.


We've managed to trace everybody else who entered and exited


the building except this person so we would very much


If you recognise him or you are this person,


we would like to eliminate you from our enquiries.


When you're little it's a huge great big monster that's come along


and snatched this person away and attacked them in the worst


possible way, so in your head they are tarrying.


I need to look that person in the eye and see they're just a human.


To have my grandparents pass away without finding out what happened


They actually had my aunty during the war, so she was two


and a half before my grandpa ever met her, he was away fighting.


I remember him telling me about it, you know, coming back and having


this daughter and they lived through so many hard times


and I just don't think they had any peace.


You took them away and got on with your life and I'm cross


and I'm sad and I'll never give up and now it's time, it's been


20 years and now's the time to just give it up, admit what you've done.


Just give us some answers because this can't go on.


The pain will always be there but we need to know now.


The killer took away their favourite person.


Well, DI Susan Stansfield is leading this investigation.


What do we know about the person who did this?


We know Joy got home around 6.00 pm and then spoke to friends


and family, making her last call around 9.45 pm.


We then believe the next person to see Joy, was her killer.


The neighbours downstairs heard noises as we saw in the


reconstruction and battles between 10:30pm and 11pm. The fire brigade


were called at 11:18pm but when they arrived, Joy was already dead. In


the reconstruction we heard the emergency call. The person who made


that call has never come forward. No, they have not. The call was made


from a phone box in Walthamstow. That person could hold vital


information for us. We should remind people that it was 20 years ago.


About 11:18pm at night. We will have a chance to have one more listen to


that call. We want to see if anybody recognises themselves. Maybe it was


you or someone you know. So if you are the call or the person


at the bus stop, please come forward.


This is the man in the CCTV image. It is a very grainy image. He is


white with short hair and a light-coloured jacket. If you were


that person you would be able to recognise yourself. He is very


significant because it is the case that everyone else who went through


the doors and was captured on this CCTV has since been recognised. Yes,


they have all been recognised and limitations it -- eliminated except


this one person. We are offering a ?20,000 reward for information which


leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible


for Joy's murder. Thank you for updating us. It is dreadful but with


your help it could be solved. If there is something that you know


which could help, get in touch. It is the usual number.


It's the usual number, 0500 600 600 for the studio.


The Boxing Day rapist who's evaded justice for 11 years.


It has always held me back a motion only because it has always been in


the back of my mind that this has happened and it is always there.


But first let's just catch up now on what sort of calls


Here's DCI Jane Corrigan investigating the raid


We have had a number of calls, particularly about the jewellery. I


would like to know more about who this woman is. She has strawberry


blonde hair and an Eastern European accent. Someone will know who's she


is. And what about the heart-shaped necklace, how significant is it? She


specifically asked about that. We have information about the watch.


Where is that necklace now? And their other details on our website?


Yes, we have listed details of the painting. It is worth pointing out


that there is a substantial reward. Yes, ?10,000 reward for the arrest


and prosecution of this woman. Thank you very much. Please keep calling.


More wanted faces now starting with Patrick O'Brien.


The 25-year-old was jailed for six years and nine months in May 2011


after an elderly woman was knocked to the floor and robbed


He was released from jail on licence but has failed to stick


to his conditions and is now wanted back in prison.


He has links to London especially around Paddington and the West End.


Number six is this man Paul Michael Price, although you may


know him as John McCarthy, Steven Pragnell


Detectives want to question him after ?20,000 worth of biscuits


were stolen from a factory in South Wales.


He's 38 and has a Liverpool accent with tattoos of the names Jordan Rae


He's described as dangerous, so don't approach him.


He's 28 and was jailed in April last year for over two years for drugs


offences and released early on licence.


But he's breached the terms of his release and is now


McKenzie often works as a barber and has links


He has a tattoo of the name Mariah on his left shoulder.


He also shouldn't be approached, just call 999.


And finally this blurry image is Alan Christopher Simpson.


He couldn't sit still for this photo and he isn't hanging around


Simpson was jailed for just over three years for burglary offences


and released on licence, but he hasn't stuck to his


conditions and is now wanted back in prison.


He has a large nose and a one inch scar above his lip.


Simpson has links to the Wirral, Liverpool and across Scotland.


If you know where any of the faces are then get in touch


You can take another look on the Crimewatch website


and they're all on the red button until midnight.


And we start with an appalling attack from this time last year.


Be warned there are some graphic images coming up.


It's two days before Christmas 2014, and a man is being dropped off


He walks to a nearby house, with what looks like a delivery,


but it's something far more sinister.


You can see here he's hidden a knife under the package.


He knocks on the door and tells the homeowner he has


And when she opens the door, he lunges for her, slashing her


He then runs off, back down the drive, leaving the young woman


with lifelong injuries, which are too horrific


There's only one place he should be spending Christmas.


June this year and this elderly couple are waiting in a bank


They withdraw ?300 in cash before moving to a nearby table


where they pop the money in the woman's handbag.


What they don't realise is they're being watched.


As they leave the bank, these women start to follow them.


Until, just out of sight of the camera, police say they took


The pensioners then desperately drove around, hunting for the cruel


Tragically, whilst at the wheel, the elderly man suffered a heart


This worker is cleaning before opening at a pub


She has no idea there's a man lurking around outside,


He hides from the camera, before sneaking inside the pub.


As the woman carries on cleaning, he grabs her from behind and holds


He drags her behind the bar, you can see the knife clearly here.


As he forces her in to a back room, his threats are caught


Terrified, she empties almost ?9,000 from the safe into a bag he's


Stuffing his pockets with more cash he leaves her.


Now he might have been masked but someone will


Let's call time on this vicious robber - who is he?


A Sunday afternoon in Leeds and this man is taking money out


of the cashpoint as he rocks his eight week old baby to sleep


But the man in the tracksuit bottoms lurking behind him seems agitated.


He suddenly grabs the young Dad by the throat and demands the cash


A kind hearted couple intervene and the robber flees,


falling over in his haste to get away.


Distracted the dad lets go of the pram.


And as it rolls away, the couple come to the rescue again!


He goes into a supermarket in Kilbarchan, west of Glasgow


But he's not interested in groceries ? he just wants cash.


He holds a knife in his right hand, and passes a screwed up plastic bag


to the man on the till, demanding the money.


The worker hands it over and the robber calmly walks out.


Detectives believe the same man is caught here on CCTV exactly two


This time he walks into an off licence.


And in a copycat robbery, armed with the knife


and with the plastic bag in his hand, he demands the takings.


You know what to do - shop him!


You can take another look at tonight's faces and CCTV


by pressing red on your remote and of course,


Call and text the numbers on screen if you can help.


The latest figures show that more than 19,000 adults and almost 10,000


children reported being raped in the last year.


And of course, behind those awful numbers are the individual victims


who've not only had to go through the trauma of the attacks


but the aftermath of reporting the crime and coming


It never crossed my mind what was coming next.


It just felt like when you're in a dream and you feel like you're


trying to escape but your body's not doing anything and you're


It felt like a really long time that he was holding me down


and threatening me and saying that he had a knife and that


It was Boxing Day 2004 and she was on her way home.


He's local to Wednesbury age 17, 18 maybe 19.


We featured her case on Crimewatch at the time.


Back then Kaylee's identity had to be protected,


but now she has decided to appear on camera and talk about what it's


been like for her knowing that her attacker has


I just felt like it was somehow my fault for walking home alone


so I just didn't want people questioning me about it so I just


To help victims like Kaylee talk about what's happened to them,


many will come to centres such as this one in Nottingham.


Known as a SARC or Sexual Assaults Referral Centre, it provides support


Coming here is a massive step for people.


What we are here to do is to give that listening ear someone


to talk to and someone to help them understand what they


As well as offering independent counselling and support the team can


We do have up to seven day's window to gather forensics.


That evidence could be stored whilst they make a decision


as to whether they want police involvement or not.


If the police do become involved the centre also has video interview


facilities to record victim statements in


Before we get started I'm just going to double check with Laura


that she can see you OK on the cameras before


Yep, Amy, the visual and sound is fine.


These centres say they provide an invaluable service to the victims


It's really about making sure people are feeling as secure and as safe


as possible and it's away from a police environment and it's


Working alongside the police are teams known as CSI


One of the first calls we get from the rape team is to ourselves,


one of the duty managers, to say that there is a rape,


there's an allegation and they are going to try


This is a crucial part of any police investigation and the evidence these


forensic specialists gather often supports rape convictions.


When we get the call to the scene of a sexual offence there's a whole


variety of different priorities that we've got to think about.


We would always carry out general photography at the scene initially


just to record what's there and the locations


We would also be looking for if there's anything that's


been left behind either by suspect or victim.


If the scene is outside then we will need to get there quite


quickly and make sure that we are preserving what's there.


If the scene is in a premises then potentially we can lock that


premises away and wait for the interviews to occur.


Whether it's a murder, whether it's a rape or it is a burglary processes


The assessment of the whole scene becomes so important.


You can't rule anything in or out because the day


you do that is the day you make a mistake.


And if you've got any ideas who did this perhaps someone you know


in Wednesbury who came home covered in mud on Boxing night.


Despite the Crimewatch appeal and police investigation Kaylee's


It was always like I was sitting on the edge of a chair waiting


for that moment that they would say OK there's been a DNA match and it's


always held me back emotionally because it's always been at the back


of my mind that this has happened and there's no way I can


close the box and move on because it's always there.


Kaylee has recently been diagnosed with


Her one wish now is that detectives find the man responsible.


Part of the PTSD is that I cannot get closure and that's the reason


why I've really struggled getting through the day to day


and struggling with my relationships is because I simply cannot put it


To get someone and to finally have it end and see an end to the whole


thing would simply allow me to move on with my life...


and build a future that I can really look forward to.


11 years is a long time for Kaylee to still be waiting


She describes him as being 17-20 years old at the time


so he would now be in his late 20s or early 30s.


He wore dark clothes and spoke with a local accent.


Officers working on the case are here in the studio


so please get in touch using the numbers on screen.


It's worth knowing that there is a new Crimestoppers


You can call them anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Also, if you've been a victim of crime you can call


the Victim Support line on 0808 1689 111.


Time to update you on some previous cases now starting with an appeal


we featured in October after a 21-year-old woman suffered


a terrifying rape in the Toxteth area of Liverpool.


The victim was walking in the early hours of Sunday the 19th July,


after a night out with friends, when she was attacked.


Well, two weeks ago, detectives arrested and charged


a 25-year-old man from Birmingham in connection with the attack.


He's been remanded in custody and we'll keep you updated with how


In April we showed you CCTV of this despicable thief caught on camera


going into a hospital in Central London, where he stole


a bag containing a laptop and a phone belonging to a patient


53-year-old James Cleary has now been convicted of four hospital


He's been sentenced to three years in prison.


This year Crimewatch has featured 116 appeals and there have been


72 arrests so far with many more expected


We've had 28 convictions for offences including murder,


As a result criminals are spending a total


If you weren't sure what a difference your calls make,


More calls to night, a lot of calls coming in particularly focusing on


one item of jewellery which was taken, the distinctive watch. More


calls on the other items and calls on the women's scene in the CCTV.


What's of calls coming and we want more on those. The Bracknell body,


the unidentified body, we have had a possible name but we have other


calls giving possible names which is very exciting. And Elvis Andrews,


one of our wanted faces, some possible sightings of him as well.


Great stuff. That's everything for now but please


remember to take a look at the Crimewatch website


where you can find You can also have another look


at the wanted faces and CCTV on the red button -


that's available until midnight. Our phone lines stay open


until midnight tomorrow we will of course also keep you up


to date with the latest We will also update you after the


news at 10:40pm. Thank you so much for all


of your calls so far.


Live with the latest crime investigations, news and appeals.

How do you solve a murder when you have no idea who the victim is? That's the challenge facing Thames Valley Police, who are piecing together details after human remains were discovered in Bracknell in July. Police were called to Hawthorn Lane after workmen who had been clearing ditches made the discovery.

Crimewatch speaks to the experts who have been working to reconstruct what this man may have looked like, in the hope of revealing his identity. Detectives also exclusively announce a potentially significant new breakthrough in the case.

Plus, 20 years after she was stabbed and sexually assaulted in her own home, the family of murdered primary school teacher Joy Hewer make a heartfelt appeal to trace her killer. The Metropolitan Police ask for viewers' help to identify a potential witness, captured in a new digitally enhanced CCTV image taken from the block of flats in Walthamstow, north east London, where Joy lived.

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