16/11/2015 Crimewatch


The Crimewatch team are live with the latest crime investigations, news and appeals, including exclusive new leads in the hunt for six-year-old Rikki Neave's killer.

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Shot by an intruder as she got ready for work.


It was terrifying. I have never been as frightened in my life.


The technology being used to help solve a little boy's murder.


The officers can almost feel as if they were there in 1994.


The UK's top officer joins us live from Scotland Yard.


Good evening and welcome to this month's Crimewatch.


We're back, live for the next 60 minutes with the latest crime


We'll be speaking to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner


about the UK response to the Paris attacks shortly, but first here's


Take a sneak peak at our latest batch of wanted faces.


Full details later, but the phone lines are already open so get


Plus, remember the horrific rape of a woman waiting at a bus stop


We'll have the inside story of how the suspect was tracked


1,000 miles across Europe and brought to justice.


We had a dangerous sexual predator out there and it felt like searching


for a needle in a haystack. We begin tonight with


the unusual and terrifying attack Susan was getting ready for work on


a normal Wednesday morning in July, when she walked into her living room


to find a stranger standing there. I didn't realise how much I


appreciated my eyesight. Even now, I wake up


and I can't believe it's happened. My site is never going to be as it


was. We've lived here 19 years and


in that time it's been a really nice place to live,


it's been safe, it's quiet. Stuart and I have been


together 35 years and we've done a lot of stuff together


in the house, making it nice. I'm a long-distance lorry driver


and my main work is Rome, Never had a thought ever


as to leaving Sue on her own here. Sue's always been comfortable


staying at home, with me being away. On Tuesday I had quite a busy day


at work. I got home sort


of tea time then watched the telly That would have been my routine on


that Tuesday. It was pretty quiet out


on the street. I'd come through, opened up


the patio doors, let Maisie out. It was bin day, so I got


the black bags and I put those just outside the big gate. I'd fed


Maisie. Then I'd walked back through and


into the bathroom to get showered. I was washing my hair


and I was just thinking through what I was going to do that day,


what I'd got on at work. I hadn't heard any noises,


everything was As I opened the door... he stood


there, I just looked at him. He just went to me "shhhh"


like that and he opened As I screamed he punched me in the


mouth. I don't think I've ever been


as frightened in my life. He said 'get down',


and as I got down he shot me. He just said 'stay there' and I


heard footsteps and then I thought I I just lay there


and my heart was just pounding. I could feel something running


down my cheek I was just panicking and I thought,


oh my god, what's going to happen? I thought I can't


stay here, I've got to get help. I got up, I knew I couldn't


see out of one eye. I just ran next door and I just


knocked on their door, I was banging I got the call


from Sue's brother telling me I just couldn't believe


what he'd told me. I just, knew I had to get home. The


doctors have said it's never going I'm so scared that anything could


happen to my other eye and then I wouldn't be able to see, and that


does frighten me, the thought Sue's constantly reminded


every day of the week. Even now, I still wake up


in the morning and I realise I can't I still relive it, it's the last


thing I think about when I go to sleep and the first thing I think


about when I get up in the morning. Everything's just


completely different. Sue likes to play a bit of music


on the weekend, I can't remember the last time


that she played any music. I can't drive, I can't sit


and enjoy reading a book. I don't really spend a lot


of time in the garden. I just don't understand why he felt


he had to shoot me, why he's done that, and just


completely changed my life. Well,


DS Richard Burgess joins me now. This was a normal Wednesday morning,


on a residential street in Basildon. What we do know


about the person who did this? The attacker is about 25, 30 years


old. Slim build with brown hair. He speaks with Denise European accent.


He was wearing possibly jeans. In the reconstruction we thought the


gun. What can you tell us about that. It was an air weapon. It fired


a lead bullet full stop it is black in colour and Oxy shaped. It is


about four inches square, fitted into the palm of his hand. It was


Wednesday the 29th of July this year. People just going about their


normal business in the area. You want to get in touch with anyone who


saw anything that could be useful? It was a bright and sunny morning


and someone must have seen this man enter and leave the premises.


Chesham Drive is close to a main arterial route between London and


Southend which goes through Basildon. Did anyone see someone of


that description getting into a vehicle? And there is a reward?


Crimestoppers offered a reward of up to ?5,000 for anyone who can bring


this to a successful conviction. So terrifying attack and no telling


what this man might do next. He really needs to be


caught. Please if you think you can help,


call the usual number now. There is


of course one news story dominating Friday's terror attacks in Paris


have shocked the world. 129 the latest death toll. Many


still critically injured. We'll be hearing from Britain's top


officer in charge of counter terrorism in just a moment,


but first we can speak to BBC News' Tim Wilcox


who is in Paris tonight. Normally the president only


addresses both Houses of Parliament if he wants to change the


constitution, which in effect he does. He wants to extend the state


of emergency for another three months and also he wants


international unity in the fight against Islamic State. He once unity


of purpose involving Russia, America and the Gulf states, everyone too


crushed this. There will be no troops on the ground, that has been


made clear by President Obama, but in terms of air strikes and


restriction of money and focusing on the borders which Islamic State


control, they want to destroy that with air strikes. And we saw the


first 12 last night in that intensive strike against the de


facto capital of Islamic State, Rocca, by French warplanes.


So how prepared is the UK for such an attack?


What these terrorists want to do is destroy our way of life. We will do


everything we can to keep our people say. But we live in a very dangerous


world. Well giving his first live interview


following Friday's attacks is the Metropolitan Police Commissioner


Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. What changes have been made in our


continued to work with our communities and community policing


is out there, making sure we look at all of our communities. There is a


great danger people try to divide minorities and drive wedges. We are


determined it will not happen. minorities and drive wedges. We are


have looked at what happened in Paris and


have looked at what happened in available and we have to get ready


for the England and France game tomorrow night. We have to strike


the right balance between trying to reassure people and keeping them


safe. The game is tomorrow night at Wembley and you are increasing your


police presence, but what would be your direct message to people with


kids who may be taking them along who think it isn't safe, what would


you say to them? First of all, go along. We believe it will be saved.


We had the terrorist threat level across the United Kingdom is at


severe. There is always that running in the background. We have no


intelligence there will be an attack on this game. We putting officers


there to reassure people. People would expect it was a common


response. France were playing Germany a couple of nights ago in


Paris when these attacks happened. The National team France is


Paris when these attacks happened. to London. We want to keep them safe


Paris when these attacks happened. and we want to make sure the 80,000


people expected at the ground have a great night. We have heard from


people expected at the ground have a Prime Minister in recent days the


intelligence services will see an increase in their manpower. It is a


medium to long-term change. One increase in their manpower. It is a


might think increasing your manpower increase in their manpower. It is a


and armed police on the streets is what we need now. Have you


and armed police on the streets is given the guaranteed from the Home


Secretary that he will be given given the guaranteed from the Home


funding to do that? We are all the time to government about


resources and the number of police officers, particularly


resources and the number of police counterterrorist investigators. As a


result of what happened in Paris, counterterrorist investigators. As a


the number of firearms officers we have and how we deploy them. I have


ordered we have a different number of officers. We have increased the


number of officers 24 hours a day and we have changed the way they are


operating immediately. Government will have to consider how they


respond and we are talking ab about how to achieve this to keep people


safe in the future. Is this a big challenge to you and your police


force, it is a big challenge to all others, the many millions of viewers


tonight, what is your message to them to themselves safe? First of


all, reassure them. We have an excellent security service, an


excellent police force. The best way to keep ourselves safe is good


intelligence. Through your programme, to ask people if you see


something unusual, if you worry people are getting radicalised, if


you worry people might be getting involved in terrorism, telephoned


the police. I know you will be showing the hotline number. We have


a fantastic security service, both the external and internal, working


hard to get the intelligence and make sure we identify the suspects.


The police, we are here to do two big things. One, where we get a case


to put before the court, that is what police officers do. We take


that intelligence, look at what these people are doing and then


rebuild a case to charge. Then it is up to the courts to decide. And


sadly, if these people get through, as they did in Paris, the uniformed


officers are there to respond. With firearms, of course. We're not an


armed force, we don't seek to be an armed police force, but when we get


this attack, we have to be match fit, intervene and make sure people


are made safe and arrest these people should they get through.


Sir Bernard thank you very much for joining us.


If you see or hear anything suspicious, contact the police on


the anti-terrorist hotline number: I want to know who cleared my son.


That is what we are here to find out.


She was cleared of murdering her six-year-old son Rikki.


Could new technology and new witnesses finally reveal who


Wanted faces now and the first three are all


described by police as dangerous so should NOT be approached.


Just dial 999 if you know where they are.


Number one is this man Shane O'Brien although he's also known as Troy.


Police want to question him in connection with the murder


of a man at a bar in Eastcote in West London last month.


O'Brien is 27 and has links to Kent, Reading and Ladbroke Grove


He also has a mark on the centre of his face and a tattoo


Next is 19-year-old Abdul Quadar Ahsan, or Karda


He was arrested by detectives in Greater Manchester investigating the


He was released on bail but has failed to return


Ahsan has connections to Manchester, Leicester and Pakistan.


Greater Manchester Police are also looking for our third face.


James Docherty, although you may know him as


They want to talk to him about a robbery at a restaurant


in Manchester in which staff were threatened with being attacked.


Docherty is 25, has a mole on his left cheek


Finally for now is this man Abdul Munib Malik.


Detectives want to question him after more than 30 kilos


of heroin were seized from a flat in Bedfordshire.


Malik has connections to Bedford, the West Midlands


If you know where any of tonight's faces might be please do get in


We'll go through the rest of the line up a little later,


but now it's time for this month's CCTV round-up, starting with a


The early hours of Sunday morning in Scunthorpe town centre and this


woman is making her way home. As she passes a bus stop, she


catches the attention of a man and Worried, she quickens her walk,


but he stays close behind. Desperate to shake him off, she sits


on a wall waiting for him to pass. As she carries on, she thinks he's


still nearby so hides in a garden. The woman says he then


sexually assaults her. Eventually she manages to flee


into the road and flags down a car, This shopkeeper's working one


Thursday evening in September totally unaware of what's


about to happen. Suddenly three men burst into the


shop, one immediately points what looks like a gun to his head and


demands money, whilst another waves The terrified shopkeeper is


marched at gunpoint to the till. But this robber seems to have


forgotten to cover his face. Look closely too at what appears


to be a tattoo on his hand. Another worker is forced


to hand over the cash. And it's clearly thirsty work


for the robbers, who help themselves Startled when a customer comes


into the shop, the gang make Now watch carefully


as this man walks up to a foreign currency counter


at a travel agents in North London. He starts chatting to the cashier


but it's not a holiday he's after, He slips a note under


the window demanding money He's come prepared too,


with a large bag for the cash. The terrified worker puts


the money into the bag and hands it to the robber,


who then casually leaves the shop CCTV picks him up outside


as he makes his getaway. He took enough money for


a dream holiday, but with your help This vulnerable woman is withdrawing


cash from a bank in Grimsby Later, she realises her


bank card is missing. Two women are caught on CCTV in the


same bank less than an hour later. They go to the cashier and one uses


what police believe is the woman's card to withdraw one thousand pounds


from her bank account. The pair can be seen later that same


day, shopping in Hull, again, They spend almost ?180


in this shop before carrying Here more than ?250 is spent


on clothes. But still not content with


their loot, here they are, pushing a trolley out of a supermarket,


having just used the card again. In total almost ?3,000 was taken


from the woman's bank account. You can take another look at the


faces and CCTV by pressing the red button on your motor.


The murder of a child is of course the most distressing of all crimes.


He was just six years old when he was found dead in woodland


The murder of six-year-old Rikki Neave in 1994 is etched in


the memories of anyone who lived in the Welland estate in Peterborough.


On the day he disappeared, Rikki got up for school.


He was seen near his home along Redmile Walk.


Instead he spent the day hanging around the estate.


Later in the day, he was spotted near the shops on Scalford Drive.


One of the last sightings of him alive.


His body was discovered the following morning.


The whole of Peterborough felt the effects of Rikki's death.


You can imagine that parents would have been extremely worried


and concerned at the death of a six-year-old.


The impact on the estate was absolutely massive.


The case sparked further turmoil when Rikki's mother, Ruth Neave,


She was also accused of cruelty to all four of her children.


She admitted charges of child neglect and was jailed


But was found not guilty of murdering Rikki.


I wasn't mother of the year but then again, I never killed my son.


Rikki's siblings were taken into care after their mother was jailed.


His sister Rochelle was three when her brother died.


It's absolutely devastating that the rest of us have got no brother now.


From the day I left Peterborough to carrying on into my adult years,


It became clear to us that with modern day processes,


modern day methods of investigation, it gave us opportunity to look at


the case with a fresh pair of eyes and that's exactly what we've done.


Part of the new investigation involves using


cutting edge technology to recreate the crime scene as it was then.


You set up the equipment much like you would a camera


and the laser emits from the scanner in a vertical arc and then the head


unit rotates 360 degrees so you're collecting a dome of information.


These measurements are accurate to within millimetres.


We're gathering millions of these to record and digitize an environment.


We've used original video footage, orginal photographs.


We've combined them with the 3D technology that we have


and the officers are almost able to actively stand in the street and


Whilst we have all the new investigative techniques,


we're still highly reliant on what people saw.


Witness evidence is crucial in this case.


Police are again looking closely at what Rikki was doing in the hours


There were lots of sightings of Rikki throughout the


He was seen outside the Scalford Drive shops.


We have a sighting of Rikki leaving the shops, with two teenage


We really need to know where Rikki went after that.


We've already had people come forward who didn't speak to us


A man who was travelling down Belvoir Way towards Eye road,


the wooded copse where Rikki was later found.


He saw two teenage boys pushing a push chair.


He remembers seeing an oversized child sitting in


The next morning two boys were seen leaving the wooded copse where


Around about the same time a jogger was also seen in the area.


All three of those individuals, we really need to come forward.


Police also need to know who dumped Rikki's clothes.


We found Rikki's clothing in a wheelie bin only a few hundred


And still no one has been convicted for this six-year-old boy's murder.


To think that someone's took my brother away, a part of


my family, and still walking around and living a life is unbelievable.


If anybody's got information they need to come forward.


If he was alive now, we'd more than likely be really best friends.


DI Jerry Waite leading the investigation is here.


A priority for you is to establish Rikki's last movements.


Talk us through those crucial sightings.


Well he was outside those shops until around 6:30pm in the evening.


He was seen to walk away from their with teenage boys. And another known


sighting? Another sighting of interest, to teenage boys pushing a


pushchair. Two teenage boys were seen at


around 10:00pm with a push chair


and an oversized child sitting And someone who knows Rikki also saw


him coming towards those shops with a person at that time. And the


couple of boys who were seen close to the woods. You have some artists


impression. They were seen about 6:30am in the morning. Both 16, 17


years old. One of them thin, about six foot tall, the other slightly


shorter with spiky hair. The tall one wearing a black jacket, the


smaller one carrying a yellow bag. And you said that there had been a


significant development just in the past week? We have some forensic


material and we feel we could get a positive leap from that. We also


have a ?10,000 reward offered by Crimestoppers. And that really is


everything you need to know. 21 years is too long to wait


for justice. For Rikki's sake please pick up the


phone and call now if you can help. Let's just catch up now on what sort


of calls are coming in so far. Here's DS Richard Burgess


investigating that terrifying We had a good response and a couple


of names put up. I need to know where this man is so we can go and


make enquiries in relation to that. And developments on the gun? Nothing


is yet but we hope to get some more calls. Thank you very much and


please, keep calling. Ealier this year, on Tuesday 3rd


February, father-of-three Redwan El Ghaidouni was shot dead


on his driveway in West London The 38-year-old's young family were


inside the house at the time Detectives believe the gunman was


a professional hit man. First, talk us through what


happened on the night. Redwan left work for home


in Uxbridge, West London as usual that Tuesday evening


arriving home at around 6.55pm. As he pulled up onto


his driveway and within seconds of parking, he was shot eight times at


close range in what I can only say We have to say he did have a


criminal past and had been released from prison almost seven months


before his death. He was charged with importing drugs


into the UK and we think that could be linked.


But whatever his past was, his murder has left three young


And we can hear now from Redwan's distraught parents who have spoken


for the first time about what happened to their son.


And what do you know about the suspect? He was seen on numerous


occasions. He was seen in Saunders Road


in Uxbridge numerous times Saunders Road is next to Vine Lane


where the murder took place. We believe these were failed


attempts by the suspect to get You have CCTV of this man


in Saunders Road? Yes, this is the man


on the 31st January and again As you can see here he's wearing


a very distinctive hat and a motif on his chest


which we have yet to identify. And there's CCTV of the man


on the actual night of the murder? Redwan pulled onto onto


his driveway at around 6.55pm. At approximately 6.56pm we have this


CCTV of who we believe to be the same man, running from the scene


down an alleyway onto Saunders Road. We believe he had just shot Redwan


dead. You've also got


a pretty good e-fit of him? Yes, he was seen in the area


on the night of the murder wearing There is a ?50,000 reward for


information leading to the arrest Murdered at just 38-years-old,


leaving three young children If you can help, do the right thing


and give us a call on of course, you can speak


anonymously to Crimestoppers. How detectives tracked


down a dangerous rapist who almost I had never come across such a


violent attack, such a brazen attack. There was no investigation


bigger in west Yorkshire and had not been for some years before this.


More faces first starting with Adam Peter Day.


Detectives in West Yorkshire and Norfolk want to talk to him


about numerous offences relating to indecent images of children.


Day was questioned about the allegations and released on police


He's 40 years old and described as quiet, often sleeping


Day has links to Brighton, Norfolk, Worcester, Leeds and London.


Number six tonight is this man, Terence Andrew Earle.


Detectives in South Wales want to talk to him after more than 180


kilos of cannabis, with a street value of one million


Earle is 41 and you may have seen him in Manchester, South Wales or


Next is 36-year-old Tommy Doyle although he calls himself many other


Officers in North Yorkshire want to question


him after a man was assaulted in his own home, suffering two fractured


A number of possessions were also stolen.


Doyle has connections across the UK and to Ireland.


He's 20 but sometimes claims to be 21.


He was jailed for supplying class A drugs and later released on licence.


But he's failed to stick to the conditions of his release


He has a tattoo on his right hand saying 'RIP KOREDE'.


Originally from Kenya, he has links across Essex and Kent.


If you know where any of the faces are then get in touch


You can take another look on the Crimewatch website and they're all


Now you may remember in April this year we showed you this CCTV


of a robbery at a bookmakers in Barking Road in East London.


The terrified cashier was forced to hand over the contents of the till,


Well, you called in and named the suspect


and as a result this man 31-year-old Daniel Dimofte was arrested.


On Wednesday last week he was convicted of the robbery and


Last month we showed you CCTV after this disabled pensioner was


robbed as he made his way home through Doncaster town centre.


As a direct result of information given by you,


a 34-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with


Also last month we asked for your help after a guard was


A number of you called in and subsequently a 24-year-old was


He appeared in court last week where he pleaded guilty and will


Many thanks for all those crucial calls.


In April we appealed for your help after a woman was


snatched from a bus stop in Leeds, brutally raped and left for dead.


Well this is 22-year-old Zdenko Turtak - the man responsible.


Following the attack he fled to his home country,


But it wasn't far enough for a dedicated team of


Police are treating the rape of a teenager in Leeds


..A search for a man they say is highly dangerous to women.


..Have appealed to the community to put family loyalties aside.


On Friday 6th March police in Leeds were called after


a young woman was beaten, raped and left for dead in the front garden


The victim had been standing at the bus stop.


Lifted her off the ground, taken her into the garden


behind that high hedge, thrown her to the floor with such force that


she sustained a very nasty injury to her hip and her pelvis.


Produced a rock, hit the victim over the head some 18 times.


Subjected her to the most appalling rape


and them calmly, nonchalantly left that garden and left her for dead.


What he did to me he makes me feel disgusting.


I have to live with the scars for the rest of my life.


I just feel like this man has taken my freedom away.


West Yorkshire Police launched a manhunt for the rapist.


I had a very, very dangerous sexual predator roaming the streets


of Leeds and of course that creates a lot of panic understandably


The investigation needed all the resources the force could muster.


At times there were more than 100 officers working on the case.


We obtained a DNA profile from the offender from the scene,


and I suppose we do get very used to science solving offences for us,


but 24 to 36 hours later we don't know who this guy is.


Yes, we've got a DNA profile, but he's not recorded


So that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that we had


a dangerous sexual predator and he is somewhere out there.


It literally for me felt like I was searching


The DNA was not the only evidence detectives had.


Police recovered a large rock from the scene.


It had been used during the attack to bludgeon the victim


There was a CCTV camera that overlooked the scene and of course


the whole horrifying incident had been captured on camera.


The images show that he struck her with a great deal of ferocity.


I'd never come across such a violent attack, such a brazen


attack you know literally feet away from what was a busy main road.


Detectives could now focus on trawling other cameras to help them


They soon discovered the young woman kidnapped


at the bus stop was not the only one who had been stalked that night.


We got two calls quiet quickly after that first weekend


from two young women in particular who believed that they


had actually been followed by the offender earlier on in the night.


That directed our inquiries significantly because we then had


two earlier sightings where we could actually hone in on that CCTV.


We found images of the offender and it's those images that then


became so synonymous with the investigation really of our offender


So again all of this underlined to me just how dangerous


an offender we were looking for a man who was absolutely intent


With these new witnesses detectives now had two accounts


We actually formed a composite description from both efits.


We kind of morphed the two together and actually that


efit, now knowing who the offender was that morphed efit image is


We had the whole crime captured on CCTV,


we had a DNA profile of the offender and then we have and efit that is


almost absolutely spot on for his image and with all of the publicity


that we put out there we still didn't have the offender's name.


Police decided to make a nationwide appeal for


I thought this offender has come from further, maybe another part


of the UK, so it was kind of a no brainer for me to contact Crimewatch


and to get the CCTV and all that information out there nationally.


Despite generating leads, the programme didn't yield


We had over 100 calls on the night but again ultimately


not that one golden nugget that we needed to identify him.


The man they were looking for had seemingly just disappeared.


Detectives turned to specialist criminal profilers.


This was a very, very public location


This suggested that he hadn't lain in wait for the victim


at this location he had simply encountered the victim and had taken


advantage of the nearest potential location to commit the crime.


Though it did seem to be a slightly more opportunistic attack.


The fact that a victim can be chosen almost at random it's more likely


that the geographical location will be related to that offender in some


way, be close to where he lives or where he works, or where his friends


live or other people that he knows. The CCTV was really important


in this case, the fact that we were able to track the offender from the


city centre to the scene we are then able to see how he approaches the


scene, where he goes having committed


the offence That then helped me to make some inferences about where he


may have been going from and where he may have been going to.


With this in mind officers carried out a targeted DNA swabbing exercise


They didn't know at the time how close they'd come to


The gut feeling of the detective was this guy looks


The DNA came back as not being a match.


The officer still had a bad feeling about him, but of course the DNA is


at times I have to say because I had all the scientific work that was


ongoing, I had profilers working for me, I had lots of staff


So we started to wonder what is it that we can do here that we're not


already doing and I always had the feeling that


The manhunt was about to go international.


I'd gone to Interpol and asked them to launch that DNA


profile far and wide, but the system is frustratingly slow.


So myself and colleagues we sat in my office and we said right, if


you were to come to Britain for a better life, where do you think you


The following day we engaged with all of these European embassies who


all have police attaches and we said to the police attaches


here's our DNA profile can you physically do a check for us now.


Within three days Detectives had a match.


They could finally put a name to this face.


We got a phone call from the Slovakian embassy to say


he's a match for a guy call Zdenko Turtak, he's your man,


Of course that was a telephone call I will never ever forget receiving.


Turtak had been living and working in Leeds for four years.


He'd been living a very much hand to mouth existence.


He'd been working in car washes all cash in hand.


I assumed wrongly that the offender would have had a history of


offending, but in this case Zdenko Turtak two or three convictions


for minor theft offences in Slovakia and had absolutely no contact with


Detectives established he had been staying with his brother The very


man that had been under suspicion but whose DNA didn't match.


That piece of the jigsaw slotted in perfectly then because


Zdenko Turtak was living no more than about 200 metres


So the profiler was absolutely spot on.


The problem was Turtak was no longer in the UK,


We came really, really close, but of course a miss is as good as a mile.


After being granted a European arrest warrant,


Slovakian police traced him to a Roma settlement called Velka Ida.


Slovakian police executed the warrant for us, successfully


Officers from here went out to Bratislava, took him on a plane back


to the UK and he was brought into custody at Leeds police station.


That was a major highlight of the investigation knowing that


we actually had him now back within out jurisdiction


and that he could become part of the British judicial process.


It felt like a weight had been lifted not just from my shoulders


but from the investigation team's shoulders that we had got out man


To use a metaphor I suppose it was like a dark cloud being lifted


Aged just 22, Zdenko Turtak pleaded guilty to rape


and grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to twenty years.


He will serve at least two thirds of his sentence in the UK before


The judge in the comments that he made really powerfully told him


that in those eight minutes that the offence had lasted he had robbed


So for us to actually be able to reassure her and say to her he is


in a maximum security prison in the UK and there is no prospect of him


getting out for some years to come, that is a crumb of comfort and


There was no bigger investigation in West Yorkshire and there hadn't been


for some years before this and the message is there is no hiding place.


Ultimately he was miles away in different part of Europe


If you have been a victim of crime, you can always call the support


line. Right, just time now for a final


check on your calls with Martin. We have had some excellent calls.


Wanted face, Shane O'Brien wanted in connection with murder. We have had


some good information coming in that is being chased up. Onto the CCTV,


the robbery at Wood Green travel agents, the gentleman walking out


with a bag full of cash, we do have a potential new lead on this one.


Keep the information coming in. The Grimsby card fraud, we have a


possible two names for the two suspects so let's hope we can give


the vulnerable old lady some good news.


Please remember to take a look at the Crimewatch website


which has everything you've seen tonight plus an appeal from


Police Scotland to find a sex offender in the Edinburgh area.


You can also have another look at the wanted faces and CCTV


on the red button - that's available until midnight.


Our phone lines stay open until midnight tomorrow.


And we'll be back with an Update after the news tonight at 10:35.


And we'll be back with an Update after the news tonight at 10:50.


Though viewers in Scotland and Northern Ireland will have to


We will of course also keep you up to date with the latest


Thank you so much for all of your calls so far.


and consume food is changing faster than ever.


A seemingly sci-fi future is actually a reality.


Live with the latest crime investigations, news and appeals.

Crimewatch reveals exclusive new leads in the hunt for six-year-old Rikki Neave's killer. Rikki was found dead in woods near his home in Peterborough in 1994. The latest 3D crime scene scanning technology, as well as new information from witnesses, could now prove the key to solving the case.

Plus, the inside story of how one of this year's most shocking Crimewatch cases was cracked. April's programme reconstructed the case of an 18-year-old woman who was grabbed as she waited at a bus stop in Leeds before being beaten about the head with a rock and raped. Chillingly, the whole attack was caught on CCTV.

The hunt for the brutal rapist led detectives from Yorkshire over a thousand miles away to a village in Slovakia where, after three months on the run, Zdenko Turtak, 22, was arrested. He was subsequently flown back to the UK and handed a 20-year sentence.

Tellingly, the policeman who drove Turtak back from the airport to a cell in Leeds was the officer who'd been first on the scene on the night of the attack. He had requested the 'honour' of delivering Turtak to custody after witnessing first-hand what he'd done to the victim.

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