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Tonight: Two young brothers fleeing for their lives but only one of


them would make it. My phone rang and it was my youngest son and I


couldn't understand what he was saying because he was just like


screaming down the phone. Then he said, "Negus has been stabbed."


need to know who killed 15-year-old Hello. Welcome to Crimewatch. We


are live for the next hour with the studio full of detectives from all


over the UK working together and ready to take your calls on


tonight's cases. We will have more on the murder of 15-year-old Negus


McClean very soon. First, let's take a preview of our other appeals.


We have the 66-year-old businesswoman who was attacked and


thrown down the stairs by a knife- wielding burglar. I could hear his


footsteps coming behind me. I thought I was going to die. I was


fighting for my life. And 25 years after teenager Elaine Doyle was


strangled, yards from her home in Greenock, her father is still


determined to find her killer. would like to put a face to that


person, who he is, why he would need to take Elaine's life. It


doesn't get any easier. But we will never give up.


We also need to know who attacked this young woman in Rochdale just


moments after these images were taken? She was left with severe


head injuries and bizarrely her assailants took her clothes and


then they dressed her in this nightie. Do you recognise it? We


have also some great news on previous cases including two


convictions for murder and Rav is here with his wanted faces and CCTV.


Tonight's faces include people wanted for rape, GBH and theft,


plus I have plenty of CCTV including this lot of armed robbers


losing their loot out of the back of their getaway car.


Matthew, what have you got for us? It is the story of how police


caught up with John Cooper, a labourer, who in May, was found


guilty of two double murders in Pembrokeshire in the 1980s. He


committed dozens of other offences including violent burglaries and


rape all while protesting his And clap your eyes on this lot. A


fine collection of jewellery worth �1 million. It's all been recovered


from a single modest house and if any of it is yours, we would like


to hear from you. But we begin with the murder of 15-year-old Negus


McClean in Edmonton in North London. He's one of the sixteen age victims


of knife crime already in London this year. Behind that statistic is


what happened... You can't do this to me, man. Negus, wake up, please.


It is a terrible thing to have inside your head to think that is


how your child died. I have no words to express how it feels to


It's an all-too familiar story in many parts of Britain, young men


often no more than boys being killed by their peers. But this


time the true terror of these attacks has been captured on camera


as a brutal gang intent on violence take to the streets. All right,


boys? For Ingrid McClean and her children, Sunday April 10th had


been much like any other. Ingrid was meeting her sister for lunch


while her 15-year-old son Negus and his younger brother were planning


to meet up with friends. They were more friends than brothers.


Sometimes they say you can't choose your family but they would have


chosen one another without a doubt. To his younger brother, he was


everything that a brother, if you look in the dictionary what


"brother" means that is what he was to his younger brother. They set


off together towards the local park. Their route taking them past


Hertford Road in Edmonton. But little did they know that a violent


gang of youths was circling the area just a few hundred yards away.


As Negus and his brother arrived here at the corner of Hertford Road


and Bounces Road they came face to face with the gang. Get him! Get


him! CCTV captures the moment of panic when Negus and his friends


began to cycle for their lives. The gang chased after them down Bounces


Road. By the time they reached Westminster Road Negus's friends


managed to escape but his brother is still with him. Negus told him


to keep running while he stood up to face the gang alone. Telling his


brother to run and just go is him, he, that is just him. He wouldn't


have thought twice about himself. He would have thought about


protecting his brother. Once Negus had been isolated, the onslaught of


violence began. Some in the group beat him with metal poles and one


of them had a knife. He began stabbing Negus in the legs and


stomach. The attack lasted less than a minute but the knife was


used with such force that the blade snapped off inside his body.


phone rang and it was my youngest son. I couldn't understand what he


was saying because he was like screaming down the phone. Then he


said, "Negus has been stabbed." Sorry. Suddenly, everyone started


ringing my phone, all his friends started ringing my phone, I


couldn't understand what half of them were saying they were all in


tears. I didn't understand what was going on. When I got there, they


wouldn't let me see him because they said they were working on him.


Despite the best efforts of paramedics and bystanders, this is


where Negus bled to death. Police are now desperate to catch those


responsible before they kill again. Steve, is there any evidence to say


this was a targeted attack? Certainly, the gang recognised


Negus. We know Negus has some links to a local gang. He is not heavily


involved. They certainly recognised him and gave chase. People will be


scared to come forward? They will be. They need to recognise that or


understand that they may be told not to speak to the police, but


ultimately they need to have that trust and the confidence to come


and speak to us, take that first step and speak to us. If they are


scared, if they don't want to be scared for the rest of their lives,


they need to get these people off the street or else that is the way


it is going to be forever. He died 16 days before his 16th birthday.


He had his whole life ahead of him. So many things he wanted to do. So


many plans he had. He will never do them now. He was always my baby, he


was my Negus and that is what I called him. He was my perfect baby


and he is very missed. He had his whole life ahead of him, a tragic


waste of a young life. Sadly, there have already been two more murders


of teenage boys in London since then. DCI Stephen Clayman joins me


now. Thank you for joining us. The blade snapped off in his body. This


was a brutal and terrifying attack? Absolutely. When they spotted Negus,


he didn't have a chance. He must have been terrified. They chased


him, I don't know whether they targeted him, but he didn't have a


chance. Crucial to this case is the CCTV from earlier on in the day.


Let's look at this. Explain to us what we are looking at here. This


is Bounces Road and the gang here are riding towards the junction


with Hertford Road. They are riding in front of cars. They are wearing


face coverings and their hoods up. If you were in that car, you might


remember seeing that. That is quite an unusual thing to see. There is


another bit of CCTV. Tell us about this. This is the point at which


the gang see Negus. They start chasing him and Negus and his


brother and his friends are being chased towards Westminster Road.


When you were talking to Matthew, you were talking about witnesses


coming forward. You know there will be witnesses, there will be people


who know things who feel too terrified to talk to you? Yeah. I


am appealing to people who have knowledge or are connected to the


gangs themselves. I do appreciate they are told not to speak to


police, but they must speak to us. They can ring in the strictest of


confidence. I will take great care and I can meet them out of their


area and discreetly. They must make that first step and speak to me.


big reward here? �20,000 reward for information leading to arrest and


prosecution. Thank you for that. You have seen what a terrible


impact this murder has had. If you know anything about it, you can


speak to the detectives now here. This is the number - 0500 600 600.


If you are concerned about your identity and want to call the


independent charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously, their number is 0800


555 111. Now, Rav has his first collection of wanted faces. First


up is this guy 25-year-old Nathan Alan Lucas from Nuneaton. He is


swapbted after being con -- he is wanted after being convicted. He


has links throughout the country. He has a tattoo of the band


"Slipnot" on his inner forearm. Next is Rose Denise Williams, the


36-year-old is wanted after absconding from Send Prison in


February where she was serving a sentence for robbery. Williams has


links to London, Kent and Belfast. She uses numerous aliases including


the surname Browne, Hobbs and McDonagh. Three is Fakhar Zaman and


he's wanted in connection with the rape of a woman in Burnley in


November 2009. Zaman also has links to Manchester and uses the alias


Cheema Nalaz. He may be working in a restaurant or takeaway so give


him a birthday surprise and tell us where he is. Lastly, Gary Wayne


Burke. He is wanted in connection with the large scale supply of


heroin and crack cocaine in Luton. Burke has a keen interest in hip-


hop music and may well be seen at clubs, studios and events in London.


Remember all of tonight's faces are on the website -


bbc.co.uk/crimewatch. And if you know where any of them are, the


number is 0500 600 600 or you can text 63399 "crime" space and your


message. It is important to leave that space. Now, in February, this


businesswoman from Bradwell in the Peak District was beaten and thrown


down the stairs during an extremely violent burglary in her home.


Police think the attacker is local and they need your help to catch


The small haulage business has been quietly run here by a local family


for decades. In February, the owner was beaten and attacked in her own


home by a burglar who decided the elderly businesswoman would be an


easy target. I moved into Bradwell in 1968 when I got married. It's


been a lovely, happy, family home. We have run our business from here


and it's been my life. My husband had already established the garage


business. In 1972 we created our haulage business. My dad died four


years ago and it left my mum devastated. She very very fragile


and still is but she has learnt to cope. We decided altogether as a


family that we had got to go forward. My mum was starting to get


on with her life. She didn't enjoy being on her own but she was


getting used to it. Since this has happened to her, it has completely


altered that. On the day the burglary happened, we decided we


would go out for the day. We had a look around Bakewell and I went


into the bank because I needed to draw �4,500 out for our drivers'


wages. I got back from Bakewell and I decided I would go into my office


and do some paperwork. My son went home at 5.45pm. See you later.


right. See you later. I realised that it was 6.00 and I hadn't come


downstairs and locked my door. There was no sound, there was no


creek on the stairs, I didn't hear the back door open, I heard


absolutely nothing. It was only the sense that someone is behind you


that made me turn round. What you doing? Give me the money! I haven't


got any money. I thought he is going to kill me.


know you have got the money. Give me the money! In the grey box.


knew there was probably �100. I thought if I give him this �100 he


will leave me alone and go. He saw �300 in this cash box so as he went


to get the �300, I got past him. I could hear his footsteps coming


behind me. Suddenly, he produced these black tie wraps. I thought he


is going to tie me up now. He threw the tie wraps on to the floor. And


then went out through my door. I was convinced he was gone. I got up


off the floor which took me a few seconds because I was in such a


state. Around 6.30pm two girls waiting at a bus stop saw a blonde


man running from the direction of He's left her feeling vulnerable.


She will tell everyone that she is OK, but underneath she isn't OK.


thought I was going to die. I was fighting for my life. This man used


extreme and unnecessary violence against a 66-year-old widow all for


the sake of �500. Somebody out there knows who did this. They need


to come forward now. The amount of money he took, what he's done to me,


it is unbelievable. I hate the person who has done this to my mum.


I want somebody to be found. I feel it will never go away. It can't go


away. My life has changed so much because of it. Well, we are joined


now by DC Derek Ellis of Derbyshire Police. This has had a devastating


effect on Mrs Charles? It has. She's been left feeling very


intimidated. It is important to tell people that in terms of the


security that's all changed now? There's been a complete change in


the security. The wages for the drivers are now paid by bankers'


draft and any valuable items have been removed from the address.


Let's talk about the timing of the attack. As you saw in the film, the


attacker knew there was �4,500 worth of wages money. Fortunately,


he only took �500. He also struck on the one day that Mrs Charles'


son had left work early. We believe they may have been watched and we


are keen to hear about anyone seen hanging around the address. Let's


talk about definite leads. What do you know for sure? There was a


white male who was seen running from the direction of the address.


He ran along Netherside and on to Town Lane. Show me. It is the blue


arrow on the map, that is Netherside. Trainers, you have


information about the trainers? recovered footwear marks from the


scene. These have been identified as an Asics style of trainer.


you think somebody watching tonight might know who is responsible?


Whoever did this had key information so we are asking people


to come forward who are connected to the family or the business who


may have been asked particular questions about how the business is


run. OK. The attacker may have bragged to friends or may have


acted oddly at the time. Anyone with any information needs to test


their conscience and pick up the phone. We have seen the injuries.


Tell me, there is a reward here? There is a reward of up to �5,000


put up by the family for information leading to a conviction.


Thank you. Someone must know who carried out this appalling, violent


robbery. If that is you, I would urge you to call now. There is the


number - 0500 600 600. Now, here is Rav with some criminals caught on


camera. We start with an armed robbery in


the Midlands. This is Queen Mary's Road in


Coventry on a Tuesday morning last November. The owners of a jewellery


wholesalers arrive and open up the store. Almost immediately, they are


ambushed by three masked men who had been hiding in the white van.


Once inside, the owners are separated. Out of view, one of them


is threatened with a handgun and forced to open the safes. The gang


fill up a black holdall with cash and jewellery before making their


escape in a AudiA3. They lose their loot out of the back of the car and


have to reverse almost ripping the car door off in the process before


they can retrieve it. These armed robbers took more than �150,000


worth of jewellery and cash. Be a gem and name them tonight.


It's the early hours of a Saturday morning in May. A group of lads


move down Church Street in Liverpool when there is an exchange


with a man walking the opposite way. Things turn nasty and the victim is


punched hard in the face knocking him clean out. As he lies there


unconscious, his attacker celebrates. He is a violent thug,


Another town centre, late at night, this time it is Southend on sea


last August. There is a disagreement between a group of men


and two friends. One of them walks off but the group continue to taunt


his friend as well as hurling abuse at him. Suddenly, things escalate


and the man in the white top and shorts lashes out at the man in the


checked shirt flooring him with a single blow. The victim's friend


returns and is also set upon before passers-by step in to help. The man


knocked unconscious suffered a broken cheek and fractured


vertebrae in the attack. Make the streets safer and name this vicious


attacker tonight. That footage is available for


another look on the website - bbc.co.uk/crimewatch. If you know


who any of them are, give us a call - 0500 600 600 or you can text us


on 63399 "crime" space and then your message. Some news on some


cases we have featured previously. You will have seen the Milly Dowler


case has become a major part of the News of the World phone hacking


story. Beforehand, we had the conviction of Levi Bellfield for


Milly's murder in 2002. Bellfield was found guilty after a seven-week


trial at the Old Bailey. In a special programme Kirsty spoke to


Gemma, Milly's sister, about the ordeal of the trial. The first two


days when my mum and dad were questioned was probably worse than


the day that she went missing. It was that extreme. It really was.


You can't explain how horrific it is in that courtroom until you are


actually in there. In May, we asked for your help after a student was


raped as she walked home in Brighton on Valentine's Day. As a


result, -- as a result of a call to the programme, police have arrested


a man and charged him with rape. We will keep you updated on that. Next,


a shocking murder we featured several times over the years.


Heather Barnett was killed in her Bournemouth home in November 2002.


She had a lock of another woman's hair in her hand. A 39-year-old


Italian man, Danilo Restivo, was convicted of her murder. The judge


told him he will never be released from prison. Italian police want to


extradite him to stand trial for the murder of a woman in southern


Italy in 1993. In February we appealed for the


help with this investigation into the murder of student Samuel


Guidera who died after being stabbed through the heart just


outside Penge East train station in Sydenham. The day after the


programme, Crimestoppers received a call from a person with information


about Samuel's death. Tonight, detectives are asking for that


person to get in touch again. You can speak to Crimestoppers or


directly to the officer leading the case, DCI Laurence Smith, on this


mobile number - 07404 823 299. So, please, if that was you, or if you


have any information, do please get in touch tonight.


Still to come: The woman beaten and left for dead in a Rochdale


alleyway. Do you recognise this as the nightdress that she was found


in? Matthew has the shocking story of how John Cooper was brought to


justice. He's a brutal but calculating man


who for years denied responsibility for shooting dead two married


couples. In the end, his lies were no match for the advances in


forensic science. It was quite clear that that firearm was causing


him significant issues. In the de- brief after the interview, it was


one of those moments where we all were satisfied that that was the


murder weapon. And just come over here - take a look at this. Almost


�1 million-worth of stunning jewellery. We need to find out who


it belongs to. That is going to come up soon.


Matthew has the latest on what's been happening on the phones.


Yeah, let's briefly interrupt Steve and his team investigating the


murder of Negus McClean. What has come in so far? I have to say in


the short time, we have had a fantastic response. There are


people who are ringing in naming names which is fantastic. I will be


talking to them in the next couple of days. It is good they are having


the confidence to ring me. Others are providing some street names


which is fantastic. What I would ask if people can give us the full


names as well. Do you know if the names are gang members? Yes, they


are other gang members so it is important if they are naming gang


members, they must give us the full name. There are lots of witnesses


on the CCTV? Witnessed by his brother, he stood no chance, he was


outnumbered and stabbed several times. He didn't stand a chance.


Good luck and Steve is here waiting for your call. Now, Rav has more of


his wanted faces. First, is this lady, Hannah Parveen,


she is wanted in connection with neglect and ill-treatment of an


elderly care home patient in 2008. The police believe that Parveen may


be married and using a different surname. Six is Christopher Ian


Edwards. He is wanted on a recall to prison after breaching the terms


of his licence. He has links to Welling, Bexley, Bexleyheath and


Bromley. Take a look at this. It is CCTV that we showed you in March of


a distraction theft at a jewellers in Midsumer Norton near Bath, that


is in January this year. As a result of a call to the programme,


the woman in red was named as 22- year-old Sava Ancuta. And the man


as 32-year-old Boeri Kvec, there he is at the end. Now, we need to find


them. They should be quite easy to spot. Ancuta has several gold teeth


and a burned scar on the back of her right hand while Kvec has


tattoos on both forearms with one reading "CENORITA" with a "C". They


have links to Scotland, Birmingham, Dublin and Redditch. Police still


want to trace the other woman wearing the white. If you know


where she and Ancuta and Kvec are, get in touch. Remember, they will


stay online - bbc.co.uk/crimewatch - until they are caught.


It should have been Elaine Doyle's 42nd birthday yesterday. Instead


her family were at her grave side marking the 25th anniversary of her


murder. She was attacked and strangled on the road where she


lived in Greenock in the west of Scotland in June 1986. Tonight is


your chance to help her parents see some justice.


Greenock in west Scotland during the 1980s was a town in turmoil.


The maritime industry was in decline and unemployment on the


rise. But perhaps the biggest blow to hit the town came in 1986 when a


local teenager was brutally murdered just yards from her


doorstep. I have to leave this house and I have to pass by the


place where my daughter was killed and I know people are looking at me


and feeling sorry for me and feeling sorry for my family. Well,


I don't want them to feel sorry for me if they know something and they


are not going down to the police. There is no good sending me a


sympathy card. Elaine Doyle, aged 16 at the time, was attacked and


strangled just 50 yards from her front door. 25 years on, her


parents, their health now frail, are as determined as ever to bring


her killer to justice. The only way to describe Elaine is a happy


teenager. Nothing was too much bother for her. She liked mixing


with her friends. Elaine was fun- loving, caring, she was very, very


funny. She was a great, great person. She was beautiful. You


would never meet another person like Elaine. I think there develops


a bond and it develops as the years go on. She was a daddy's girl.


what do we know about that evening in June 1986? It was the Sunday of


a bank holiday weekend and millions of people across the country would


have been staying up late to watch the Mexico World Cup matches on TV.


That's me off to the disco. right, darling. Elaine would always


tell you what time she was going to come back home at because she


didn't want to worry her parents. Before she left the house, I said


what time will you be home, love. "I'll phone you later, dad." "All


right, darling." We all decided to go to the Celtic


Club because we are all off work on the Monday. I had a laugh, a wee


dance and a giggle. There was no serious dancing, it was all to make


When she phoned from the Celtic Club, I think it was between 8.00


and 8.30... Hello, hi, darling. "Daddy, I'll be home at 12.00."


Maureen and I were quite happy to get that phone call.


That was Elaine, she will be home at 12.00. All right. After the


disco, I started walking towards Clyde Square and it was time for


Elaine to go home. I ran after her and asked her to come back to my


house and stay. I can't. Because it was too late to phone her parents,


she obviously said no and headed home. From here, lain would have


taken a route through Hamilton Way towards her home in the West End of


Greenock. Many would have still been up enjoying the bank holiday


As soon as I found out Elaine hadn't stayed at Lynne's and I seen


the police activity I knew it was Elaine. The policeman says, "The


woman's dead." Members of the public will say to you, Elaine was


in the wrong place at the time. Elaine wasn't in the wrong place at


the time. She was quite entitled to walk home safely without getting


attacked and murdered. Elaine had been strangled and partially


stripped of her clothes in what police believe to be a sexually


mowty vaited attack. Her murder triggered the largest-ever manhunt


in the area. Witness sightings on the night


compounded the police's belief that the suspect was local. On several


occasions, a man was seen behaving erratically on nearby Nelson Street.


There was also a sighting of a young man walking behind a woman


who could have been Elaine at around the time of her murder. But


none of these men were ever identified. Eventually, with few


leads and no suspects, the investigation was scaled down but


in 2003 thanks to advances in forensics scientists were able to


isolate a DNA profile of Elaine's killer. Detectives can now


eliminate anyone from the inquiry and put their minds at rest if they


are innocent, but in order to do that, they need names. Somebody


else knows that you can't keep a secret like that to yourself for 25


years. We would like to put a face to that person, who he is, why he


would need to take Elaine's life. It doesn't get any easier. But we


will never give up hope. It is living in a nightmare. They have


been living in a nightmare. We are joined by DC Willie Brandon from


Strathclyde Police. I understand that time is of the essence for the


family. Explain a bit of that? indeed. Both of Elaine's parents


are now in poor health and in fact Jack gave his Crimewatch interview


prior to rushing off to a hospital appointment so we are particularly


keen to bring them the answers that they crave. 25 years since this


horrific murder took place. Loyalties change in that time and


also as we saw in your film, crucially the evidence has changed.


You can rule people out for sure? We can indeed. Loyalties do change.


People's relationships change. People's perceptions of what is


important in life may have changed. Having this DNA evidence, we can


rule people out very quickly and very easily. So I would urge anyone


who has harboured any form of suspicion, no matter how small,


someone they know has some connection with this crime to pick


up the phone and give us the name. What about local knowledge then? Do


you think this person lived in Greenock or had really good


knowledge of Greenock? We think one or the other. The reasons for that,


he displayed some degree of knowledge in the Commission of the


crime. Crucially, we know the handbag was taken by her killer on


the night of her murder. One week after the murder, the handbag


turned up on the steps of a local library in broad daylight on fire.


We believe this was some bizarre attempt to taunt the police, but


crucially that tells us that the person who murdered Elaine was


still in Greenock one week later and again, demonstrates some local


connection. That is an important clue. You can reveal to us tonight


more detail on how Elaine died? I can tell you that Elaine was


strangled, by some form of ligature. We know that Elaine bravely fought


back, quite frankly she never stood a chance. We have never recovered


that ligature. We would be keen to know anything about its whereabouts


now or if anyone knows anything at all obviously about the person.


Thank you very much. 25 years a very long time. Think back, it was


a memorable night because of the bank holiday, the World Cup. If you


know who killed Elaine, if you have suspicions, call now - 0500 600 600.


Now it is time for more CCTV. This lot of crooks all seem to favour


public transport. A train stops at Woodgrange Park in January. A group


of men get on board. They sit next to a male passenger. As the lone


passenger makes a call, the men switch places so the one in the red


hoodie is sat next to him. He puts up his hood and moments later lungs


at the man. The victim is punched in the face as the attacker takes


his phone. The man pushes past them but the assault continues.


Eventually he manages to escape into the next carriage. His


attackers get off at the next stop. Mindless violence and all for a


mobile phone. Tell us who they are tonight.


We are still on the railways but downstairs this time at Barking


Underground Station during the early hours of Easter Sunday. These


two men are far from good eggs. The pair meet up with a mate in a


turquoise top and gets on to the waiting train. When the driver


approaches and asks them to move, he is set upon. He was knocked


unconscious and lost a tooth in the attack. The three then flee


together from the scene. Do the This man has boarded the 119 bus in


Croydon South London but he doesn't want a ticket. He's aggressive and


immediately starts shouting at the driver before attacking him in his


cab. Let's make it the end of the line for this thug. Tell us his


name. Call 0500 600 600 or you can text us on 63399 "crime" space and


your message. Now, a really unusual case of a woman who was found badly


beaten and left wearing someone else's nightdress in an alleyway in


Rochdale. With me now is DI Melani Linton from Greater Manchester


Police. Tell us what more do you know about this? The victim's Laura,


a 20-year-old woman and she had gone out for the night with friends.


They went for a meal, they went ten-pin bowling and they went to


The Littern Tree public house. Laura left her friends and started


to make her way home. What are we seeing here? We see Laura come out


of the pub and she is alone. In a moment, we will see her walk


towards the entrance of an alleyway, just there. She goes into the


alleyway which leads off Yorkshire Street. We see a person go into the


alleyway just after her. This person here, we need to speak to


that person. What happened next? Two hours later, Laura was found in


the same alleyway and she had been badly beaten so severely that we


thought she might not survive. Really horrific injuries. A


terrible experience for Laura who is understandably desperate to know


what it was that happened to her. think it will stay with me for the


rest of me life to know that someone could do that, so for a


normal night out with my friends, to end up in hospital. They are


quite disturbed to do something like that to someone. I want the


person caught. And sent to prison. Explain more about the oddity with


what she was wearing? She was wearing a nightdress. We don't know


where it's come from. There are no markings in the nightdress, nothing


to tell us where it may have come from or how it was made. We need to


know more about it. If anybody knows where it has come from,


please call in tonight. Or if they can give you any details. What


other possessions were missing? of Laura's possessions, her clothes,


handbag, shoes, everything was missing. The only item that has


been found was a bank card which was handed into the NatWest Bank. I


would like to speak to the person that handed that bank card in.


Thank you very much. Terrible. We need to know what happened to Laura


and what about that nightdress? Where did it come from? It is very


important that the person seen there gets identified, gets in


touch. You could do that on 0500 600 600. If you have been a victim


of crime, there is the Victim Support line - 0845 30 30 900. Now,


it is time for some more updates on the cases that you have already


helped with. First, the case we showed last


December, Julian Gardner from East Sussex died after confronting a


gang of intruders at his farm in ago, five men all from Kent


appeared in court charged with his manslaughter. The five men along


with a sixth man charged with conspiring to pervert the course of


justice are due in court later in the year.


You may remember this face, Peter James Hannah. He appeared on my


wanted faces board in the last programme after slashing a man with


learning difficulties across the face and back with a knife. 40-


year-old Anna was arrested on his way to Liverpool Airport and last


month he was given an indeterminate prison sentence and will serve


seven years. Nice one. Now, have you ever wondered what �1


million worth of jewellery looks like? Now you know. DC Andrea Smith


from South Yorkshire Police is here with this extremely valuable lot.


How did you come upon it? These are a few of the items we have


recovered from a modest private house during a criminal


investigation. It is currently ongoing. Who do you want to hear


from? We would like to hear from anybody who recognises any of the


pieces, anybody who has owned any of the pieces and has anybody had


any of these stolen from them? Has anybody been given them as gifts?


More importantly, as you can see, some of these items have been


custom-made, we would like to know if anybody has been commissioned to


make any of the items. Some of them are extraordinary in their own way.


Take me through this. The jeweller has estimated that they will have


started off quite plain and had the diamonds added on this Rolex watch


and the diamonds and the rubies added to the Chopard watch there.


Of course, we think this one has been custom-made. Let's talk about


this one. The centre stone is a ten carat diamond solitary. It is on a


twist and the twist has diamonds all the way around it. That item


has been valued at �200,000. Just for that? Yes. Generally, the other


stuff, a lot of diamonds? There is a lot of diamonds. In total, the


collection is worth over �1 million. We are interested to hear from


anybody who might know where this jewellery has come from. Goodness


me. Those are some of the pieces that we are looking at here tonight.


If you want to have a closer look at them, pictures of everything


recovered are on bbc.co.uk/crimewatch. If you


recognise that incredible ten carat ring or anything else, call the


studio now - 0500 600 600. Now in May this man, John Cooper, was


convicted of a catalogue of appalling crimes. He is an armed


robber, a rapist and a murderer who brought havoc on a rural part of


South West Wales for that years. He was eventually caught thanks to


some of the most sophisticated On a bright summer's day, Peter and


Gwenda Dixon were murdered on a scenic stretch of one of Britain's


most popular National Parks. They had been tied up, shot and robbed.


The killings would become one of the most intriguing cases for


police involving terrorist conspiracies, a massive manhunt and


decades of forensic work, work which would lead to the conviction


of a serial killer. You must judge me after the trial, not before.


down. The Dixons weren't Cooper's only victims. He rer tiezed the


local area for 25 years, committing dozens of offences. In the summer


of 1989, Peter and Gwenda Dixon had been camping in a popular spot on


the coast in Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. When the couple failed


to return home to Oxford, their son raised the alarm and a full-scale


missing persons inquiry was launched. Five days later, their


bodies were found by a police search team. They had been hidden


in thick undergrowth. Police were perplexed as to why someone would


murder a couple in broad daylight in such a poop ewe lar tourist spot.


One suggestion that the Dixons had discovered a secret IRA arms dump


and had been killed to prevent them from reporting it. There were


various theories put forward. Drug- running, that Peter and Gwenda


Dixon may have stumbled upon or potentially the IRA. The most


compelling evidence pointed towards it being a bungled robbery. Peter


Dixon's cash card was used in the days after the murder. Police


focused their investigation on finding a scruffy-looking man seen


hanging around at banks. Despite two Crimewatch appeals, and


thousands of police interviews, detectives were no nearer to


catching their suspect. Everybody felt that one day we would have a


name, the name would come forward and we would then be able to prove


that this individual was the murderer. What we were aware of was


there was very little forensic evidence which we could use at that


particular time. For years, it looked like the killer had slipped


through the net, but in 2006 a group of detectives known as


Operation Ottowa were tasked with re-opening three previous unlinked


serious crimes, among them was the Dixon's murder. One of the other


cases was the murders of Richard and Helen Thomas. The house was


burnt down in an attempt to destroy any evidence. They also looked


again at an attack on a group of children in 1996 in Milford Haven.


The assailant had threatened them with a shotgun before raping one of


the girls and indecently assaulting another. After two years after


tirelessly sifting through thousands of old exhibits, witness


statements and images, the team felt that one offender could be


responsible for all three crimes. If you look at the ability of the


offender to control multiple victims, the rural area, the use of


violence, the use of a sawn-off shotgun, robbery, I could be


talking about the Dixons murder or the attack on the children. For me


that was a significant linking factor when you run alongside that


the fire was only two fields away from the Milford Haven attack.


name that kept coming up was that of a local labourer. John William


Cooper had been arrested and convicted in 1998 for a string of


dwelling house burglaries which covered the same geographical area.


In particular, as well, he had been convicted of an armed robbery... He


had attacked a lone female in the house, he tied her up, threatened


her with a sawn-off shotgun, he only fled the scene after the


victim managed to raise the alarm. A rare moment of panic, he threw


his balaclava, gun and gloves into a hedgerow. These items would lead


detectives to Cooper. Following his arrest, officers spent four weeks


retrieving further evidence from his home and garden. The


significance of what they found wouldn't become apparent for


another decade. For me, the foresight of the people involved in


the Huntsman inquiry, to retain the material in the manner that they


did, the storage of it, that was one of the significant factors


which allowed us to conduct a methodical investigation, a


transparent investigation and reach a successful conclusion. Cooper was


given a 16-year sentence for the robberies. The new investigation


into the double murders was in full flow. Although detectives were


convinced he was responsible, they needed scientific evidence to back


up their case. They decided to re- examine the items taken from his


house during the burglary investigations. Crucial was a pair


of shorts taken from his bedroom. It was while we were looking at the


surface debris from the shorts on sell tape strips for textile fibres


that we actually discovered this tiny flake of blood and so we


immediately put it in for DNA profiling using our most sensitive


technique. We managed to get a DNA profile matching Peter Dixon.


During yesterday's interview, John... It was Cooper himself who


during his police interviews would lead the team to their second


discovery. It was a firearm which was part of the offence of the


armed robbery in late '90s. It was quite clear that firearm was


causing him significant issues. In the de-brief after the interview,


it was one of those moments where we all were quite satisfied that


that was the murder weapon, certainly for the Dixons, probably


for the Thomass as well. We went back to the gun and we found both


from the flakes and from the gun itself we found that there was


bloodstaining under the paint and again when we put it in for DNA


profiling the profile we got back matched Peter Dixon's so we were


sure we were on the right track. Despite overwhelming forensic


evidence, Cooper continued to deny Having resorted to blaming his own


son, Cooper was running out of The decision was made to charge


Cooper with all four murders and the rape. You must judge me after


the trial, not before. Judge me after the trial. You don't want to


hear that, do you? Over nine weeks at Swansea Crown Court the jury


were told of the damning DNA and fibre evidence that linked Cooper


to all three crime scenes. people from the communities of


Wales listened to that evidence over that period of nine weeks and


found him unanimously guilty of all charges. 25 years after John Keirer


began terrorising this small area of South West Wales, the families


of his victims had finally seen justice delivered. Horrifying man.


Four life sentences he got. Judge me after the trial we heard him say.


We all can. He is a monster, a psychopath. The judge said the


murders were of such evil wickedness that the mandatory life


sentences would mean just that, he is not getting out. It was great to


see the scientist there, the judge said forensics the key? The fibre


evidence was astonishing, just as the DNA work was. They found a


speck of blood the size of a grain of sand underneath the repainted


shotgun. It was great detective work as well. Cooper insisted that


he looked nothing like the artist's impression of the suspect in 1989.


Detectives unearthed video footage of him on the TV show Bull's-eye a


month before the murders. There it is. There is no denying it. It is


him. You examined, when you were doing this piece, examined his


background. What was in his history? It is violence, that is


the common denominator over 40 years. With his own dog, when it


became lame, he didn't take it to a vet, he dug a trench and he spent


half an hour clubbing it to death with his shovel. I know. That is


what he was like, in his personal life, that is what always jumps out


- violence. This guy, there are no redeeming features. He is now where


he belongs. Thank you. It is time for a quick check on all of


tonight's calls with Rav. We have loads of calls on the


Edmonton murder of Negus McClean. We have had over 40 texts as well


coming in. Potential witnesses have made themselves known and we are


getting lots of names. We need the full names, not just the street


names. It is trending on Twitter. Quickly, lots of people getting in


touch about the jewellery. The police are going to need evidence


it is yours before it goes anywhere. Join us in the update to follow.


That is all for now. There is more on the website -


bbc.co.uk/crimewatch - including an appeal to find a suspected sex


attacker in Brighton. Remember, though, the phone lines stay open


until midnight tomorrow so there is still plenty of time to call. If


you think you can help, please do it now. We are back again in 35


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