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Riots Caught on Camera

This special edition of Crimewatch asks viewers for their help to identify the rioters and looters caught on camera in the recent disturbances. Presented by Rav Wilding.

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Tonight, a special edition of Crimewatch where we ask you to name


the rioters and looters who caused havoc across England. This is your


chance to help ensure justice is Hello and welcome to Crimewatch. We


have lots of important CCTV footage to show you tonight in the hope you


will be able to name as many of the suspected rioters as possible. We


begin in Tottenham where the trouble started 12 days ago. The


clean-up and re-building is in full swing as is the police


investigation into who is responsible for the violence. I


will be giving out the incident room numbers throughout the


programme. First, a quick reminder of why the police so urgently need


your help. Last week, parts of England experienced some of the


worst scenes of public disorder in living memory. We witnessed on live


television shops being trashed, people's homes being burnt to the


ground and their livelihoods destroyed. Because of the riots, we


have lost everything in our home. It all started on Saturday 6th


August. Protesters who had gathered after the police shooting of


Tottenham man Mark Duggan soon found themselves joined by rioters


hell-bent on trouble. And then the looting began. Let's get some


watches, man. Over three days, a wave of copycat criminality spread


across London. And once peaceful streets started to resemble war


zones. And by Tuesday, the looting and violence had spread across


England. I have this very clear message to those people who are


responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality. You will feel the full


force of the law. With 16,000 officers on the beat, all police


leave cancelled and the introduction of special armoured


vehicles, the fightback had begun. But then tragedy struck in


Birmingham. The Prime Minister has joined police and community leaders


in Birmingham to call for calm there after the deaths of three men


who were run over and killed during last night's violence. Haroon Jahan


and brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir were run over while trying


to protect local businesses. are we doing this? I lost my son.


Step forward if you want to lose your sons. Otherwise calm down and


go home. The human cost has continued to rise. 26-year-old


father of four Trevor Ellis was shot dead in Croydon at the


beginning of last week. Three days later, Richard Mannington Bowes


died from injuries he sustained during the riots in Ealing, West


London. Back where it all started in Tottenham, people whose homes


were destroyed by fire are only just starting to come to terms with


the devastation caused. I have nothing left, actually. We have


only the keys. That doesn't open any door any more. When I come back


to see this, all my stuff, all our memories, everything is gone. It is


ashes now. You feel so, so upset. We will be giving out information


on Victim Support later in the programme. There have already been


over 2,500 arrests and courts have been working around-the-clock. Yet,


despite all the progress over the last week or so, the task of


bringing all those responsible to You have seen again the shocking


events of last week. Now it is time to help by naming those suspected


of being involved. First, let's look at some of the CCTV from


London. 12.30am on Sunday 7th August, a Quicksilver Games Arcade


on High Road Wood Green. They head to the rear of the arcade where


they rifle through staff handbags and the back offices. Two people


have already been arrested but police want information on their


mates. 00.38, a group of troublemakers


gather around a police van parked on the junction of Lansdowne Road


and Tottenham High Road. After trying to tip it over, they take


another approach - deciding to set it alight, using some flammable


liquid and they won't stop until the van is destroyed. Dragging a


wheelie bin under the van and setting light to it, they don't


give a second thought to the risks. They are endangering their own


lives and those of others as the van explodes in a fireball. There


is still time to take a souvenir photo. What they don't know is the


police have got them on camera, too. Now, can you put a name to any of


these faces? Wandsworth in London was hit hard by rioters on August


8th and police are keen to track down these four. If you recognise


any, take a note of each picture's unique reference number. In the


early hours of Sunday 7th August, a cyclist on High Road Wood Green in


Haringey is robbed of his bike, taking advantage of the police's


stretched resources. He tries to resist but is pushed to the ground


and they make off with his bike. Do you know who they are? Were you the


cyclist? Get in touch. A few minutes later, this hooded


individual has taken an interest in a car parked on the same road in


Haringey. He's got what looks like a petrol bomb. He and his


associates seem to add fuel to the fire and build a makeshift


roadblock. Within half an hour, the car is well alight. The police are


keen to track down the suspected arsonist and his accomplices. Do


you know who they are? While emergency services tackle blazes


across the city, this firebug is doing his best to add to the mayhem.


Right opposite the Carpet Right building which was destroyed during


the riots, he brazenly tries to set light to the blinds through a


smashed window in this council building. The police are very keen


to talk to him. Can you help track him down? More faces now. This time


from Peckham which was the scene of much disorder on August 7th. These


people are wanted in connection with the rioting there. Again, make


sure you note the reference numbers. Police were called to stop looters


stealing from the Aristocrat Menswear shop on the corner of


Chingford Mount Road just after 1.00am on Monday 8th. Suspects run


out of the shop and into Royston Avenue. The police are in pursuit


but are hit by a green Citroen driving in the opposite direction,


flooring two officers. One is left lying in the road, another


collapses behind a pillar. Both were treated in hospital for their


injuries. Police have arrested two men on suspicion of attempted


murder. Do you know anyone who was involved? Have you seen the Citroen,


registration Y132 GHJ? Do you know who was in it at the time? 6.40pm,


Clarence Road, Hackney. A line of police are battling to bring order


to the streets. Several rioters throw missiles at the police,


including this charming young lady. One group decides to break into a


taxi. Before pushing it across the road. Then a crowd heads over to


Western Union to run amok there. Have a good look at the crowd. See


10.20pm on Monday 8th and Clapham Junction's Carphone Warehouse is in


the looters' sights. A member of the public tries to dissuade anyone


from entering the building. They aren't put off, attacking him with


a fire extinguisher. They destroy the window with him out of the way


and get through the metal shutter flooding in to collect their loot.


No arrests have been made yet. But can you put a name to the faces?


Links to all those images are on our website -


Contact details for all the forces featured are available by calling


us on 08000 468 999. The Met's Major Investigation Team are on


0208 345 4142. Or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800


555 111. Or text Crimewatch directly on 63399. Type "CRIME"


space and your message. Now, to find out more, I spoke to the Met's


Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh. How significant were


these disturbances? They were like something we have never seen on


mainland UK before. The speed and the ferociousness of that violence


shocked hardened officers. On the Sunday night, we mobilised based on


disorder in one borough 3,000 officers. By the Monday, within 48


hours, 6,000 officers, the whole of West Yorkshire Police, but we do


know those officers were stretched in a way London has never seen


before. I would like to say morale is fantastic at the moment. They


are sleeping on floors, in offices, in gyms. They are at the end of


their tether for the hours they have been asked to do to keep


London safe. I'm not hearing a moan. What is the next part of the police


operation? We need to build on that sense of community that we have


across the UK. There will be images coming out of different forces,


coming out of London. Keep going back to our Flikr site. Give us a


call. They need to let us know. It is with their support we will make


a real difference and continue to fill the courts with the people who


shattered our communities on those nights. At this Command Centre, the


hunt to identify rioters is on. 125 dedicated officers are scouring


through more than 20,000 hours of footage, picking out images of


people they hope you will be able to name. We work on a four eyes


principle - each piece of footage has to be seen by two detectives.


They will grab images, the best still images they can, but we will


trawl through imagery that is before the event and after the


event at places like transport hubs and places like that where the


criminals won't expect us to be looking. Then those are the still


images that we will pump out to the press and ask the public to help us


identify those individuals. Where it is crucial from our point of


view, the public need to look at the images and they need to ring us


up and say anonymously if they have to, "I know that individual, he


lives next door." We will deal with it. We will put that person before


the court. These images are available on the Metropolitan


Police website for anyone to look at? Absolutely. We are uploading


that website every day. Lots of arrests have been made. You are not


stopping, you want to go after these people? Absolutely. My team


work 24 hours a day on 12-hour shifts. We are getting through this


material and more and more is coming in. We will hunt down every


one of these people. Of course, the huge task of sifting through all


that CCTV is not just happening in London. It is going on right now in


incident rooms across England. I'm in Wolverhampton where nine days


ago violence and vandalism erupted causing widespread damage to shops


in the area. I'm joined by two local businessmen who were affected


by what happened. We have Jason Ody who runs this clothes shop. What


happened? It was 5.30pm Tuesday afternoon, the shop got attacked.


The staff were in the store. They had to run out of the back of the


store. Your shop was full of clothes, quite high-value clothes.


It's empty now? Yeah. There were just scraps left. It was


devastating. They were like locusts. John, you own a jewellers up the


road. It's been around quite some time? 163 years, so six generations.


They didn't manage to get into your store because of the security


measures that were in place. They did cause a lot of damage? We have


11.5ml glass which will take a 20- minute assault before you penetrate


it. They must have been at it for a good 20 minutes. Someone who saw


first-hand what happened is PC Graham Lees. You were on duty the


day this happened. Tell us your side? We showed an initial presence


and before long, a firework came over the crowd. That exploded. One


of my colleagues went down. Fortunately, he is OK. That was it.


Windows started going in. Large scale disorder. We were soon in our


public order kit running up-and- down the street with shields.


you got kitted up, that was not the end of it? We were bottled, we had


bricks thrown at us. I copped half a brick on the inside of my arm


causing some bruising. It could have been worse. Have you seen


anything like this before? really. I have dealt with football


disorder in the past. This was another level. Thank you.


Thankfully, West Midlands Police have a huge array of CCTV. It is


your chance to help by naming them. Police in Birmingham are very keen


to speak to anyone who was in the city centre during the troubles


there. From 6.30pm on Monday 8th, crowds gathered in shopping areas


around the city. Some were determined to cause mayhem and get


hold of anything they could carry. The Bullring was a particular


target during much of the Birmingham rioting on August 8th.


These faces were captured on camera after they entered the shopping


centre illegally. Now it is time for them to be shopped. Make a note


of each picture's unique reference number and get in touch. By the


early hours of the 9th August, the trouble had reached Bristol. Just


after 2.20am a group of a dozen people, one on a bike, gather at


Cabot Circus shopping centre. They have come from Bond Street and St


Mathias Park to the south-east of the centre and congregated at


Hollister Street. They have got their eyes on the Thomas Sabo


jewellery store on Brigstowe Street. The police have caught up with


three members of the group so we have obscured their identities but


can you help bring the rest of them to justice? A male armed with a


hammer has come prepared. As he rushes to the store, the group


follow suit. The window is smashed and they grab what they can. The


shop sells sterling silver jewellery and specialises in charms.


Do you know anyone who is wearing or offering to sell this stuff?


Police in Bristol are also trying to track down these people after


disorder broke out on Monday 8th August in the city centre. See any


familiar faces? If so, call tonight quoting the unique reference. The


same night there was trouble in the St Pauls area of Bristol, outside


the Inkerman Pub. Several people gathered intent on causing trouble.


Spot the male in the light coloured cap, a light coloured zip-up jacket


with writing on the front, light blue jeans and white trainers? He


covers his face with a black scarf and pushes a trailer into the


police line. How about this one? Wearing a light zip-up jacket and


dark trousers, he stands out from the crowd. He is keen to get the


attention of the police line, throwing missiles at them. Avon &


Somerset Constabulary would like to talk to him. Do you know who he is?


Here is another to look out for, the man with the red bandana pulled


up over his face and wearing a black and red cap. He's got black


material around his wrists and he is quick to join in throwing


missiles at the police. If you recognise anyone from the Bristol


disturbances, call Avon & Somerset Constabulary on 0845 456 7000. Back


in Birmingham city centre on 8th August, in Temple Row and Upper


Bull Street property was destroyed and stock was stolen as the


criminals made their way from business to business. They moved on


through High Street and around the Mailbox targeting high-end designer


shops. The Amani shop is raided causing huge amounts of damage as


thousands of pounds worth of goods are stolen. Have you been offered


some cheap designer clothing recently? Or do you know anyone who


went on this looting spree? West Midlands Police would love to hear


from you. The trouble in Birmingham went on late into the night and as


well as potential looters, police say vital witnesses could have been


caught on camera. So if you see someone you know or if you


recognise yourself, you may be able to provide crucial evidence. Please,


do the right thing and get in touch tonight.


Links to all those images are on Contact


details for all the forces featured are also available by calling us on


08000 468 999. The West Midlands Police incident room is on 0345 113


5000 or you can text Crimewatch on 63399, type "CRIME" and space. In


the Bullring, the rioters struck ten days ago. It seems this place


is back to normal. What is unusual is this large van behind me with


its massive screen on top, displaying images. To tell us more


is Detective Chief Inspector Steve Reed from West Midlands Police.


Good afternoon. Tell me more about this big van that we can see?


digital image van enables us to get photographs of suspects into the


public domain as quickly as we can. Busy areas like here have been used


to get these images so members of the public can call us with the


identification of suspects. You are using it in the busiest areas


possible where the most sets of eyes will hopefully recognise these


people? Absolutely. We have had a tremendous response from the


community, including Birmingham City and West Bromwich football


clubs. Have you used this tactic before? No, this is the first time


we have used it as a direct investigation tool. You want to get


that message out? Absolutely. They can view the images through West


Midlands Police website. Brilliant. Thank you for joining us. Good luck.


Let's hope some of those people get caught. Thank you. In Manchester


and Salford, the violence seemed to overwhelm police on Tuesday of last


week. Running battles were fought in several areas, with rioters


attacking shops, police officers and setting light to vehicles. This


is Manchester police's training centre where officers learn how to


control riot situations and someone who was there at the time on the


frontline is Sergeant Simpson. Hi. You were there at the time. How


does a training environment compare to the real thing that you saw last


Tuesday? The training that we do here, we try to make it as


realistic as we can. The numbers we faced in Salford and the missiles


that were used against the officers were massive. Tell us about the


incident where you were called to protect firefighters that were


called to put out a blaze? The Fire Service, they were trying to put


out a fire at Lidl. As we turned into the street, the amount of


missiles that were being thrown was unbelievable. That attack at Lidl


was by far worse than anything I have ever been deployed to. They


wanted to hurt us. I felt someone was going to get killed. Thank you


for joining us. We saw earlier how detectives have been using CCTV to


identify suspected offenders. As a result, dozens of raids have been


carried out in several English cities including here in Manchester.


Earlier this week, I spent a morning with one of the Met's


arrest teams in London. They were on their sixth day in a row of


early morning raids, following up on crucial intelligence they had


received about suspected looters. Welcome to the sixth day of


warrants being executed on this borough since the outbreak of


violence on Sunday and Monday. What I want you to do this morning is to


bear a couple of things in mind. The first thing is that we will


remorselessly follow every piece of information and intelligence that


we develop. Many of you would have been out on Friday, Saturday,


Sunday, Monday night. Many of you would have seen that level of


disorder. Many of you would have faced it. Most importantly, you


would have seen the fear on the faces of the public who were coming


up against this. I want you to bear in mind the fear that was caused by


those people when you go through these doors this morning. Police!


It is the early hours of the morning, we are in Westminster and


the police are about to round up some suspected looters. They have


arrested two suspects in the flat where they have found over �30,000


worth of suspected stolen merchandise. And even a London hire


bike. And it has only just gone 8.00am. As you can see, as a direct


result of information to the police, officers are making arrests just


like this. A warrant has been executed in one of the flats behind


me. Was it a success? We have recovered stolen property. We have


made two arrests. Not just the person out looting, there were


other members that had been receiving stolen goods and they are


in my cells. This snot the end of it for you? This is the beginning.


I want everyone to know, if you have got stolen property in your


flats and houses, if you were committing crime the other night,


the Metropolitan Police will be knocking on your door very soon. We


are going to pursue all of those that were committing crime and


follow up every bit of information that is given to us by the public.


We have moved to Manchester city centre where many shops were


attacked and looted. Ian Kinsella is owner of Bang & Olufsen and you


were cleared out? It was a total disaster. The mob, or the riot


crowd trashed the shop. What wasn't taken was destroyed. It's been a


complete nightmare. You know the police have made a few arrests and


hopefully more will continue. Absolutely. We have - they took


some fantastic DNA as well as the CCTV. There was blood on some of


the TVs as the looters injured themselves getting into the store.


There will be some arrests. I have no doubt some prison sentences


which is great. Thank you. Now, it is your time to help by having a


look at our last batch of wanted faces and CCTV. Tuesday 9th and the


riots have reached Manchester. A crowd gathers at the Arndale Centre


ready for trouble. They target the Foot Asylum Store and use whatever


they can to smash their way in, even a drain cover. After a couple


of attempts, they are in and they swarm all over the shop taking what


they fancy. Do you know who they are? Could you shop a looter? Over


in Salford, a crowd gathers outside Cash Converter in the shopping city


precinct after 8.00pm on 9th August. They use a bin to hold open the


metal shutter and gain entry where they help themselves. Some make off


with flatscreen TVs, others take game consoles and some musical


instruments. Has anyone offered you one of these? The police are keen


to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time and can provide


Officers in Manchester are also looking for these faces. They were


captured trespassing in the Tesco Express on princess street on


August 9th before 8.00pm. If you recognise them, call the police


recognise them, call the police tonight. Over in Merseyside, these


four are wanted in connection with the disorder in the south of


Liverpool on August 8th and 9th. Know them? Take down their


reference numbers and get in touch. Back in Manchester, on Thomas


Street, the 9th August. A group of mostly young men gathers outside


two jewellers. They work as a team to gain entry to Cathedral


Jewellers and Alfred Mutter Limited. They attempt to conceal their


identities but those clothes are distinctive. They ransack the place


trying to access the glass cabinets looking to steal whatever they can.


They are focused on getting the loot and getting out. Don't let


That is about all we have time for. If you recognise any of the


suspects from this area, please contact Greater Manchester Police


on 0161 856 2031. All the other phone numbers are coming up and you


can find links at If you have


This special edition of Crimewatch asks viewers for their help to identify the rioters and looters caught on camera in the recent disturbances. Presenter and former policeman Rav Wilding travels to the most affected cities uncovering crucial CCTV and stills images which the police hope will ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

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