In the Doghouse Traffic Cops

In the Doghouse

Documentary series. A pleasant summer's afternoon in Luton turns ugly when a woman is arrested for unleashing her Staffordshire bull terriers on a man.

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murdering five-year-old April Jones, Mark Bridger was sentenced today.


April's body has never been found. George Wilson went missing from her


home in Shropshire on Sunday. A 22-year-old man has been questioned


on suspicion of murder. Some hospitals in Spain are refusing to


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City. He has a three-year deal. -- Mark Hughes.


Fashion designers Dolce and the banner ad on trial in Italy, accused


of not paying tax on Ning is of 1 billion euros. Up next is traffic


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


Tonight, the traffic cops and Hertfordshire come face-to-face-


Don't get in my face, else I'll get- Deal with a shoplifter that's


Just confirm it's the one that I've got with me now.


A late-night reveller who's in the doghouse...


'We've got it on video'.


And a gruesome dog mauling incident in Luton town centre.


You just don't know what a dog's going to do.


In the wrong situation those dogs could be really dangerous,


and they would just attack anybody.


It's a late summer's afternoon Luton in Bedfordshire,


and there are binge drinkers out in force in the town centre.


Operators in the CCTV control centre are watching their every move.


Trouble has erupted.


A man is being viciously attacked directly beneath one of the cameras.


Unusually, the nearest available cops


are Shona Gillen and Ian Leeson. Traffic cops.


Just got an IC. One female, white top, black leggings,


who's allegedly assaulted someone else next to the White House pub.


Possibly a robbery. She may have taken some money from him.


We can tell by CCTV there was a male lying on the floor


who was being hit and kicked by a female


and he seemed to be unconscious on the floor.


This was in Luton town centre, mid-afternoon,


and there were no available Luton units.


In Luton, that's unheard of.


If it is a robbery, it's strange that the girl hasn't actually left yet.


She's still sitting there on the wall.


Normally, if you got a robbery offender, they won't hang around.


They'll commit the robbery and try to get out of the town centre as quickly as possible.


But not this one. She's decided to go and do some shopping instead.


I hate arresting drunk girls.


They are worse than men half the time.


Snappy dogs? No, they don't run near the walls, apparently.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


she's in that shop.


An ambulance has come for the injured man


while Ian and Shona are going after his attacker.


If they're your dogs, keep hold of them.


Seeing somebody matching the description swigging a can of lager.


Are you having a laugh? She's going to be cuffed.


Let me just put these on you. What are you doing?


We need to chat to you first.


We'll have a chat with you back at the traffic car.


For the moment, she isn't being arrested.


It's better if you can speak to her quietly


rather than going in there saying, "I'm arresting you for assault",


when you don't know the nature of the injuries or the full circumstances of what has gone on,


that conversation never arose.


It just went wrong very quickly.


This is the girl. I know how she gets, yeah?


How do you get the other one on the lead? I'm actually her, you know.


She doesn't... She needs me. It's for her. He's good.


The girl's got company, her two dogs,


and it seems, an assortment of friends.


I'll go speak to them in a minute.


Can you come to the centre? We need a dog lead.


Come on. I ain't going. Nope. Twins, look. Twins.


Sooner rather than later would be great. OK.


The girl's called Joanne. Her dogs, Minnie and Vinnie.


'She was OK when we were at the shop.


'Come out of the shop, a bit verbal, but she wasn't a handful.


'She wasn't an issue.'


My boyfriend attacked me, yeah?


Joanne's claiming the altercation was with her boyfriend.


The only issue I had was the fact that we had two dogs


that were her property and anybody's property has to go with them.


More of the girl's drinking partners have appeared from nowhere.


Look, we'll look after your dogs...


Can you move away from me, please?


Is she getting arrested for being a mongrel?


Let me go. Get in the car.


Now there's another problem.


What are they doing in our car? j


It was like a scene from Benny Hill.


It was just a comedy sketch, because you were dealing with one thing,


and then something very random was happening,


and I was dealing with three people, and the next thing I know,


the door's open to the traffic car,


and the two dogs are jumping around- in the traffic car.


No. You're not taking my... Let go.- You're not taking my...


Things are going from bad to worse.


Ian and I had to get the dogs out of the car.


Next thing you know, BLEEP is opening the passenger door


and letting Joanne out.


No! No! Get in the traffic car, don't mess about.


You need to go away.


'By the bus stop outside The Galaxy...'




Move the dog away then! Can you grab hold of him?


You, I've just about had enough of.


The dogs aren't going anywhere. They'll come with you.


Just chill out. No, you're going that way.


'There's two offices with five people, six people,


'all drunk, all trying to get across their frustrations


'and their anger, and there's just too much going on.


'You're asking for another unit and they're not turning up.'


Move. You do that, and I swear... Move away from me!


Get the hell away from me!


Oh, my God... That's assault, that is.


I told you to move away!


When we feel threatened, we have a right to lay hands on people,


and on this occasion, about eight, nine minutes


into the whole incident, this girl is still getting into my face,


so my only other option now was to give her a double-handed push away.


Unfortunately, it does look rather strong,


but it's only because height on height and weight on weight,


she just tumbled over, and the fact- that she'd had alcohol as well.


It was just a very difficult, very stressful situation to be in.


And now, the prisoner's escaping again.


Where are my dogs? Oh, Jesus Christ!


Reinforcements are still on their way to help Ian and Shona.


Fortunately, someone from a nearby club has offered a hand.


The doorman came over and stood by the side of the traffic car


just to stop anybody else from opening the car


and getting Joanna out, which freed- Ian to come and give me a hand.


Now you've got me in front of you.


You want to start on a girl, start on me.


Walk away. Walk away.


We had members of the public crowding round,


we're been videoed, members of the public were getting involved.


You're asking for another unit and they're not turning up.


Swearing at me and calling me a BLEEPwhore


is bang out of order, sweetheart, so you can't stay there.


Joanne's friend is being arrested.


I was stressed and scared that either myself or Leeson


or even both of us had the potential to get injured,


especially with the guy with the stripy top on is a boxer.


You realise just how vulnerable,


even as police officers, you are in that situation.


At last, backup has arrived. I was really pleased that they were there.


We could actually just start to work out what had gone on,


and start arresting the people that needed to be arrested.


Get yourself in the car. Do you know what?




Where are you going? Because you are not going to do that.


Which way's home? Start going then. Yeah, I'm going.


That is my dog.




That's my dog. All right, I hit my boyfriend, so what?


I get beaten and raped by him every day. Where are you lot, yeah?


That is my dog. Don't do this to me, please. What is the charge?


What am I nicked for? What? Slapping my boyfriend.


At the moment, we haven't even got round to who he is, and what's gone on.


It's what my counsellor told me to do, stick up for myself, and I did.


The worst thing about all of that, for me, is that while we were...


..dealing with those people, we know someone's been injured,


and we didn't know how serious the injuries were,


if he wanted to make a complaint,


if he didn't want to make a complaint.


He could've just been a member of the public


that had been robbed and beaten up.


Are these involved? Can we get rid of them?


None of them are involved in the assault.


I mean, all they are, are just being loopholes.


But she needs to come in for public- order, the rest can go.


What about the guy, you've got someone in the back?


That's the girl that is responsible for some assault.


It's sad really, because going back even three or four years ago


we had the numbers in response policing,


that incidents like this, traffic w


but if you went down there and an officer needs assistance,


or the system can clearly see that officers are struggling,


backup was only ever a minute, two minutes away.


At a boy. DOG YELPS


The problem now is what to do with Minnie and Vinnie.


we need to sort your dogs out.


We can't just hand them over to anybody, can we?


The Staffies were stressed because of the situation,


and the fact that Joanna was winding them up,


and trying to get them to come to her, and they couldn't.


He's a rubbish boy.


Shut up, Minnie, you're not even my dog! Get back in there, love.


If they present me a danger, I'm going to shoot them. What?


If they present a danger, I'll get them shot, so be quiet.


In the wrong situation, those dogs could be really, really dangerous.


And they would just attack anybody.- I'll walk away.


all right? What for?


Trying to let her out of the vehicle earlier.


So I'm going to caution you, you don't have to say anything...


She was arrested at 20.35. Basically...


She was given a public order warning. No, you can take all that.


The man in pink has been arrested well


for opening the door of the police car.


All of a sudden, it appears Luton isn't so short of police after all.


Armed cops and canines have shown up.


What are we going to do with her two dogs? Whose dogs?Her dogs.




That's the issue. That's why we would have gone otherwise.


Why's there dogs here? He said he's going to shoot my dogs!


Nobody is going to shoot your dogs.- No-one's going to shoot your dogs.


There's dogs here. I can hear the dogs.


He said he was going to shoot my dogs. Listen.


I can hear police dogs. Why? All I done was slap my boyfriend.


Who's looking after the dogs? The sergeant, apparently.


I slapped my boyfriend.


The slapper is going to the police station


to be charged with a bit more than just giving someone a slap.


It turned out that the offender's boyfriend,


or ex-boyfriend, as he seemed to be at the time was lying on the floor.


The two dogs are mauling the side of his face.


I think they had hold of his ears,


and the side of his face, and just mauling on it.


She has obviously been captured kicking him


whilst this is taking place on the floor.


Then walks away slightly.


Then comes back, kicks him again.


The dogs continue to obviously go in again, and bite him gain.


During that whole incident,


some money's fallen out of his pocket, and rather callously,


she's just decided, "Well, actually, I'll have that."


Walk away as though nothing's happened.


Sat down on a wall, continued her afternoon of drinking


and chatting with her friends.


It's the new status symbol for people to have dogs,


and it seems to be the bigger,


or traditionally more aggressive dogs are the preferred choice.


You think to yourself, these dogs are quite young,


and they've already got this mentality that they're quite happy


to maul on the side of somebody's face at the age that they are.


it could have been


a very, very serious assault.


In Stevenage, in neighbouring Hertfordshire,


they've also embraced CCTV camera technology.


Theirs is even hooked up to the local shops.


Mothercare have reported that they've been hit by shoplifters.


Before police can get there, they've made off in a car,


but they haven't escaped the watchful eye of the CCTV operator.


Traffic cops Nathan Catley and Jim Norton happened to be nearby.


Whisky seven, what you got?




and across the local radio channel came the report of a blue Astra


that had been involved in a shoplifting


in Mothercare in the town centre.


We're going to head towards Lytton Way.


Local cops in a Panda have heard the operator's call as well,


and have already got the suspect car in their sights.


RADIO OPERATOR: Vehicle is now at St George's Way, heading back the other way.


As in Big Brother, CCTV cameras are dotted


everywhere around Stevenage, all with pan, tilt and zoom lenses.


Hiding from them won't be easy.


Have you got an RO for that, we'll run it through,


and we'll try and make it out?


The RO is the registered owner. If they can find out who he is,


they might get an idea where he's heading for.


It was looking like it was going to have turned left onto Fairlands


or St George's in that lane.


All the signs are the car


and the occupants are going to make a run for it.


Vehicle's going to stop.


And they have. Whisky seven is coming down now.


Um, we're going to going up Six Hills Way to try and cut them off.


Can we go to interrupt one, please.


He's going right onto Broadwater Crescent.


The shoplifters have abandoned their car and are out on foot. Decamped.


But even off road, there's no escaping Big Brother.


'The passenger decamped and was on foot. The officer was behind the vehicle.


'She was then chasing this male on foot.'


Spin, spin, spin, spin.


The man with the swag is heading for the backstreets of town.


'Broadwater Crescent is a housing estate. It's full of cul-de-sacs.


'It's just a rat run, basically.'


On Bedwell Crescent now, going down the side path.


'We've pulled up at a junction.


'One of the guys has come through at one of the back alleys


'through the garage block. And Lou was chasing after him.'


The man's shopping spree is about to come to an end.


Jim's leapt out of the car, and they've more or less grabbed him at the same time.


More cops are still after his mate,- who was driving.


Driver has actually made off in the direction of Mayfield.


'He was a rather dishevelled, unkempt kind of chap.'


Sweating profusely.


All right, mate, what have you go on you? No pins?


No, I've got pipes in that pocket. Pipes in that pocket, yeah?


Any gear on you at all, mate?


The man's a drug addict who's more likely to have been stealing


from Mothercare to feed his habit than stocking up on baby things.


Nobody else got out the car, then? No. Have you got a bag, mate?


Got some crack here, mate.


Brown. Brown, is it? A bit of brown?


We recovered from his packet a small wrap and a plastic bag.


'He basically said it was brown, which is street terminology for heroin.'


The brown substance is going to be bagged up


for examination at the laboratory.


Have you got a description of the driver for us? No, not really.


What's in the shoplifter's swag bag- is about to be revealed.


'Rather expensive baby monitor.'


I know it's expensive because I had to buy one!


'And although it's worth �100 or so- to Mothercare,


'probably stick that on eBay or take it to Cash Converters


'and get �20 for it at the most, I would think.'


OK, you're under arrest on suspicion of theft from shop


and also for possession of Class A drugs.


You don't have to say anything, but it may harm your defence


if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Understand?


OK. How much gear have you had today?


Cos you're sweating quite profusely. Just been running, mate.


No, no, no, but I know you've been running,


just so we know for your welfare needs, yeah?


The man is a regular shoplifter,


as the Co-op in town have also recently found out.


'Unfortunately for him, he hasn't got a job,


'so he can't feed his habit that way.


'So he has to go out stealing,


'and that's the way for a lot of drug users.


'It's what we call acquisitive crime.


'They're just acquiring things'


to sell to then feed their drug habit.


I had such a good pick-up on CCTV. Very good, yeah.


Moved in in just the right place. Superb.


'Initially, they were seen on CCTV in the store, and then


'the Stevenage CCTV operator had picked the car up on St George's Way.'


If they hadn't have seen it, we may- not have caught the car at all.


Joanne, the other person caught thanks to CCTV in Luton,


has arrived at the police station, where she'll be interviewed and charged.


You don't have to cuff me. I'm not a dangerous prisoner.


No, but you were an angry lady when we first came across you.


I'm worried about my dog, mate. Can I just do something?


I'm not doing anything. I'm going to pull your top up.


I don't think you want the whole world seeing your bra.


I thought I had my luck in then! Pulling it down. What, me?!


See the name Claire? I do like ladies. Do you?Come on, darling!


Ah, you're well out of that one, then. I'll leave you two to it.


Go ahead. You lost out, mate. It's always the way(!)


'You know there's been a nasty assault.


'You know that, the end of the day,


'the dogs might end up getting destroyed for the assault itself.


arrive at Luton police station,


she changes into quite a jovial character.


She's identified that male as being h


What, and a chap on the wrists?

:23:31.:23:34. him a kicking. I did not, I give him a couple slaps.


A couple of slaps. The pussy. He's at the hospital at the moment.


We're sending somebody up to ascertain the nature of the injuries, but we think it's ABH.


I'm on about... I was going to say.


At the moment, there's an allegation


that his ears may have been bitten off by a dog,


which we're looking into, and she's apparently kicked and slapped him.


So men can beat women up but we can't give them a slap back, no?


What was the advice I give you earlier?


And he already come out with a bleeding face from the White House.


So whatever he done in there, he got barred out of there for,


it's down to him, mate, yeah, it's down to him.


I give him a slap and a tickle and a punch.


Joanne is as familiar with the police station


as ordinary people in Luton are with their railway station.


'She wanted two blankets and toilet roll,


a cup of tea, cup of coffee.


I need two of them. I know where the bookshelf is.


Joanne, don't go running off. I'm not, I know exactly where to go.


Where are you going? Listen, I live here, don't I?


I know exactly where I'm going.


Yeah, it's probably nicer than her flat, from what she was saying.


And, and... No! Stick to two. A hardback, a hardback book.


I'm going to be in there all night,- in't I? You got a buzzer.


If you want to change your reading material, we'll sort that out.


When you know a police station that well,


you're obviously doing something a bit wrong in your life.


With the prisoners safely locked up,


Ian and Shona have got a chance to analyse what happened.


It all kind of got a bit excitable.- I thought I'd go from being


a traffic officer to a dog handler, why not?


Lassoo, using one lead in a minute. I know! Very creative.


I was quite impressed with that! That's the footage for you.


Well, if you don't make it on traffic, Lucy,


you can always go for the dog section, eh?


Only now has Ian realised that his police issue mobile's gone missing.


that my Blackberry was no longer


prior to the incident taking place.


I've done a full search of the car, no Blackberry located.


Despite having been searched when she arrived at the police station,


Ian and Shona have a pretty strong feeling that Joanne took it


and where she might have hidden it.


And Ian was going, "Where's my Blackberry? Can you ring it for me?"


And we rang it three or four times and I said, "Is it on ring?"


He went, "No, it's on vibrate."


'It wasn't until the next day, during a strip search,


'that the Blackberry was located down the front trousers of the offender,


and the Blackberry had been in there all night.


Back in Stevenage, the shoplifter caught with the brown stuff


is also making an appearance at the police station.


Sergeant, this afternoon a theft occurred of some items from Co-op


in Stevenage. Mothercare. Mothercare, sorry.


It was monitored on CCTV. The offender was seen to get into a vehicle.


This vehicle was subsequently located b


Stevenage, and failed to stop, resulting in a decamp.


The man's accomplice has been caught as well.




'He came into the police station and he was interviewed


and charged with the offence of failing to stop for police.


The final procedure is to document the man's identity.


'And then we hand the prisoner over to the case investigation team,


'who do all the further investigation work.


'They phoned us up and said, "That guy that you nicked with the heroin,


"it was actually a dog biscuit."


'The reason why he was going out to steal was because the brown,


'as he put it, was no good. He wasn't getting a hit out of it.


'It could be quite bad for him, I'd have thought. He might be BARKING up the wrong tree.


Nightfall, and trouble is brewing.


Reports are coming in of a serious disturbance in a block of flats


in a residential part of Stevenage,- and a person armed with a blade.


PC Chris Payne and his sergeant, Carl McDermott, are on their way.


When a job like that comes in, you know that it could turn serious.


And it seems it has. An officer has pressed his panic alarm.


Our radios are equipped with an emergency button.


When that is pressed, it sends an audible alert over everyone's radio who's monitoring that channel.


And that audible alert makes your heart stop.


It is an awful sound to hear.


And you hear someone's in trouble, that's it.


You drop everything, you get there.


Someone has been stabbed and is being rushed to hospital.


The offender is on the loose.


RADIO: 'Blue-and-white striped T-shirt, wearing possibly a pair of jeans.


'I think he's on foot in the area.'


'A local person has been named as being the offender.


'That person may still have a knife on them.'


Left, left, left, left.


Traffic colleagues of Carl and Chris have found someone.


'Frosty had detained someone just round the corner and that was


'a person who matched the description of the offender we were looking for.


But he isn't the knifeman.


'As they've turned the corner and seen this male,


'they've also seen the shadow of another male


'run down the side of a house into gardens and out of their view.'


Sierra 671306, I believe someone has already made off where Whisky four was, into a rear garden.


The police helicopter, X-ray Alpha 9-9,


has been called in to help with the manhunt.


9-9 is on route. I just heard something.


I don't know if it was that lot down there.


More cops, some with dogs, have arrived too.


Oh, yeah, you don't like dogs, do you?


It's not that I don't like them,


I would just prefer to be further away.


Chris has good reason to be cautious.


He was once a dog's dinner.


I've got a lovely scar to show for that day.


They hurt, they really hurt, and ever since then,


I don't go anywhere near them.


I'll take you to as far as we've been down here. We ain't gone that far.


The chopper's overhead and already on to something.


There's a big white Transit van parked up


and near that van is a drain which I believe an object of some sort,


possibly a knife, has been dropped down.


The dog's picked up the knifeman's scent as he was garden-hopping.


'She's successfully followed the scent to here.


'The wall's all been broken down. Trying to work it out from here.


'I'll give you a flash of the torch.


'Yes, we've got you, a visual on thermal.'


cuffs off you. Relax, please.


The man already captured is being charged with public order offences.


He was quite a big bloke and he was very, very drunk.


At this point he couldn't stand up. He was getting a little bit agitated


and a little aggressive with the officers.


In case he was a part of what went on as well,


the cops have detained another young lad they found near by.


I'm going to take your picture, fella, OK? Look forward.


What's this for? Stay still.


Right, lovely. OK, you can go on your way.


'We had no evidence to suggest that he'd been involved in anything


'so he was allowed to go on his way.'


But Carl has a suspicion he might be connected with the man


they're searching for.


of the end they made off in.


'Maybe if you could keep tabs on him as best you can.


'I've got my unmarked vehicle following at a distance.


'Yes, we're watching him. As soon as he got past police, he was straight out on the phone,


'texting, so we'll keep an eye on him for you.'


'I decided I would follow just in the hope that he might lead us somewhere.


Catching criminals is what police officers live for


but there comes a point in all their careers


when it's finally time to hang up the handcuffs.


After 30 years' service, Sergeant Tony Richardson,


one of Bedfordshire's finest, is retiring tonight.


My last ever shift on traffic. Last ever shift in the force.


He's seen quite a few changes since he started.


I don't think violence in itself has changed


but the way that people use that violence has changed.


People picking up weapons and using and carrying weapons


as a matter of course, seems to be the norm.


It's all going to happen tonight.


'It was quite emotional. G


'Craig, bless him, wanted it to be something that I would remember


and, consequently, he made it his goal to get me to every incident


that was going, whether it be traffic related or not.


First stop, a burglary in Luton


and a chance for one last arrest for old time's sake.


Just confirm there is a dog coming down, over. T


Due to where we are now, you can see the fences,


it's so easy to go garden-hopping.


'It was a really busy night that night.


'I was trying to get Tony round as many jobs as possible,


varied jobs, obviously, just to let- him go away with the reminder


of what he used to do. Garden hopping isn't easy for everyone.


I'm going to do myself an injury!


There's no sign of any burglars beating about the bushes,


but they could be closer to home.


What's happened is, next door, the back of that is the allotments. Y


It would appear that they've gone from the allotments


over to next door's garden. Yeah. Lots of noise, OK, and then nothing.


So it could well be that they're actually in next door.


Right, Gary's in there now. He's in- there? Gary's in the garden now.


Can we go and actually look? But it's not Tony's lucky night.


Someone else has found the suspected burglars. Yeah, it's that one.


There's no last hurrah for Tony.


The Luton burglars may have been caught


but the knifeman in Stevenage seems to have disappeared.


'He seems to have turned right on the end of Bridge Road,


'on to Lytton Way. I then lost visuals with him under the trees.


'I don't know if he's gone towards the subway.'


Even the lad allowed to go on his way has vanished.


'Confirm, was that the underpass under Lytton Way?'


'The problem we have is that it's reported that person has got a knife


'and that is someone that we cannot have out on the streets,


so we need to find them and we will put all resources


into finding that person as quickly as possible.


Burglars are also hard at it tonight in Stevenage Town Centre.


Jim and Nathan have been called to check on an office building,


if they can stay awake.


Oh, dear, it's not good, mate, it's not good. I'm yawning already.


'Night shifts go one of two ways.


'You either have absolutely nothing and you are dying of boredom


'and you struggle to stay awake, or you are totally run ragged,


especially if it's a full moon, and you don't get a chance to stop.


With a full moon tonight, the outlook isn't good.


'The first floor window, the ground-floor window is secure.


'Apparently they were secure earlier on


'and there's been a number of break-ins at this premises.'


Intriguingly, the disused building is just the other side of the road


from Stevenage's main police station.


It doesn't take long for this place to get overgrown.


'It was about 15 floors and literally,


'it's been stripped top to bottom of all its piping, fixtures, cable.


'Offenders who had been there that night had been disturbed.'


We knew fairly certainly they would come back.


�1 million worth of infrastructure has either been damaged or stolen.


check the building as part of their routine checks


and found that first floor window open up there, and a kitchen sink's been thrown out.


So they phoned us straight away, suspecting that there might be people


remove the metal from inside.


It's a massive problem that we're dealing with,


a massive problem, and thieves are going to extreme lengths.


And it's not only in Stevenage.


More than 1,000 metal thefts are being reported across Britain


every single week.


They've ripped all the tiles down,


they've even hacked into the concrete.


See that corridor, is absolutely...


And the whole building's like that.


The soaring value of scrap metal has meant that nowhere is safe from the metal thieves.


Do you want us to follow you in? Yeah, all right.


It would have been a nice, plush office building before.


They've even cut out lumps of the supporting structure


to get the copper piping.


It's all encased in concrete and they've cut it out.


Everything of any metal value is gone.


Guys, got a door open round this side, as well.


It's looking like Jim and Nathan have got there too late -


the thieves have slipped away into the night.


It's been call after call after call there, from their security,


but of course, they only patrol it once in a blue moon.


We only know about it when they get there,


which is inevitably long after the thieves have gone.


It is like a film set out of Day After Tomorrow or 28 Days Later.


It's quite spooky.


I can't believe they just left it.


Saying to the bloke, if they'd have- just left the power on,


then nobody would nick any cable, because all...


Well, mind you, they still nick live cable, don't they?


'We've had two deaths'


from people trying to steal high tension cable.


Bloody hell, that took a while. It's 12.20.


An emergency call has just come in from Baldock,


ten miles outside of Stevenage.


What's going on there?


It's a quiet little town,


not somewhere the cops get called to very often.


RADIO: You're getting closer to the side of the approach.


A 15-year-old girl has been found there who had been reported missing.


She'll do a runner, mate, if we go round there.


RADIO: and a bright red hoodie.


Yeah, and just confirm she is currently reported missing, over?


'Yes, she is.' Jim has dealt with the youngster before.


I met her at the train station a couple of weeks back


when I was off duty, going home.


She was rabbiting on like nobody's business. There she is.


On a railway platform, going to another town in Hertfordshire,


talking to an unknown male about prostitution and drug use.


Have a quick word? Oh, my God. What are you up to again?


Basically, I'm missing from my kids' home. You are.


Yeah, and I'm not going back.


They keep getting hold of me and I keep saying I'm safe and everything.


You've got to go back.


'She is actually at a placement at a Social Services care home'


and that's where teenagers are placed - basically,


either have been taken out of their own family environment


can cope with the child's behaviour,


or they're taken there because they're at risk.


The home is not allowed to confine the girl


and Jim cannot force her to return there.


And she knows that.


It's 12.30 at night. Well, I'm not going back.


You've gone back before. We need to take you back. I'm not going back.


Why not? Cos I'm not. Why not? Can you shush?


Can you let me speak to her? He's only trying to talk. Let me speak to her. Go and stand over there.


What's wrong with the home?


I'm not getting along with anyone in that house at the moment.


Have you spoken to staff?


Yeah, I told the staff and the staff said to me,


"As long as you keep in contact and keep phoning


"and keep answering your phone, then I'm going to listen to you."


I've been answering the phone. That's not going to change tonight.


The cops have got one last option.


If we think you're at risk, I said you can be placed in protection.


What's that? Basically a police protection order. All right?


But you can't do that. We can do that.


You're 15 years of age, it's 1


You can't force me to go back. We can take you


and Social Services will place you where they're going to place you.


Well, I'll go back to mine, then. BLEEP, I'll text you when I get back, yeah?


Oi, make sure you stay out, cos I'm going to text you.


The girl has agreed to go back to her care home,


but now there's another problem.


Her friend might also be on the missing list.


Is your name BLEEP? No.


Got any ID on you? You got any ID on you? No. My name ain't BLEEP.


Why are you laughing?


I'm not laughing! When people laugh, it makes me think they're lying.


They'll often try and give false details to us because they know they'll be reported missing.


What's your name, then? Charmaine. Charmaine what? Charmaine BLEEP.


Why can't you look at me? Why can't you look at me?


Cos you are BLEEP,aren't you? No, I'm not.


We've got a fingerprint ID kit, we can find out your identification.


She tried to give us a bluff, but as soon as we got her description,


it was obvious it was that person.


I'll blatantly run away again, there's no point taking me back.


Why are you crowding around me? he's come to give you a lift back.


You'll probably run away at some point, but...


Well, I'm running away, I'm telling- you now. I know the way back.


Both girls are on their way back to the home, but there's still another young girl to deal with,


who's with an older boy.


What, you're a mate of hers, are you? No.


I just met him! They're not missing, but the girl is only 14.


Should be tucked up in bed!


She'd never met this guy before, he was a lot older than her.


She's 14, we're going to be taking her home.


She's going back to her parents. 'They're at serious risk.


'Out one o'clock in the morning, inebriated, don't know who's about,'


could easily be lured into a situation where they're at risk.


I'm not trying to scare you, what I'm trying to say is that it's probably a bit...


Dangerous environment for a 14-year-old to be out walking the streets this time of night.


She needs to be at home and that's where we took her to.


Place of safety.


Er, probably not.


Hello, it's police.


And before you ask, I ain't done nothing wrong! Hello.


PC Norton from Herts Police. Yes, hello.


BLEEP has been hanging out with some of her friends.


Ten to one in the morning. Yes.


It's not really an appropriate place for a 14-year-old to be. No, it's not.


However worldly wise she thinks she might be, obviously she's not.


She's not supposed to be in the streets at that time of night.


The wool's been pulled over Mum's eyes and she's not where she should be.


Were you unaware of the fact she was out or...?


Well, I knew she was with her friend BLEEP,


but I didn't realise they were actually out on the street. Yeah. Unfortunately, that's the problem.


So as long as you know, Mum, the f


Just bear in mind what we said to you tonight, OK? Yes.


OK, all right, take care. Thanks. Bye.


As safe as a little town like Baldock might be,


you never know who's travelling through


and there's always the dangers there of people willing to take advantage of young people.


Especially young girls.


Back in Stevenage, there's still no sign of the man with the knife,


so the search is going to be called off.


But before the helicopter can leave for home,


the crew have all of a sudden spotted something else.


A gang of youths tearing down shop signs.


RADIO: The man on Dowling's just ripped letters off a shop front.


Now trying to jump up the wall of Coral's.


Received, he's on the high street, is he? Yes, yes.


Sierra six, we're about 30 seconds away from that.


Vandalism is not something the police helicopter usually gets involved with,


but the cops can't ignore what's just happened.


'We are looking for someone who we consider to be very dangerous.'


with is a group of lads


who have been out on the town who decide they're going to be...




Thanks to the chopper, the lad is easy to identify.


'99, it's the one next to the police officer on your left.


'Tango three whisky four. X-ray.'


Chap, can I have a word with you over here? Me?Yeah, you.


And everything he's done has been caught on camera.


Right, OK, what have you done at Coral's? Coral's?Yeah, bookmakers.


Nothing much. I've done nothing at Coral's.


Right, you got any ID on you? Yeah, man.


'I've asked him outright,'


"What have you done?" He tries to get out of it and you'll find that with people,


they will try and lie and think, "I can get away with this. I can have one over here."


What you done to your hand? I don't know, I fell over.


Been climbing a wall? Probably.


'What he failed to realise was that loud, droning noise that he heard


'was actually a police helicopter.


'They're not quiet. They're not designed for stealth.'




Just confirm it's the one I've got with me now. Holding my hand up.


RADIO: Yeah, the one that you're talking to now, got it on video,


been pulling off letters off the front of a shop...


Come with me, chap.


Yes, all received, thank you.


Why on earth they thought it would be a great idea to damage a shop front


is up is beyond me.


What's going on, fella, is that off the front of Coral's. Coral's?


Yeah. Bookmaker's.


Strangely, though, there's no apparent damage to Coral's.


Nine, nine, zero six. Yeah, go ahead.


If you go back to the other side of the junction, Basil Road, you've got a large green hedge.


The letter he ripped off the building was thrown into that


and then just at the bottom of that- hedge on the footpath


should be a wet area where the glass was thrown on the floor.


Yes, all received. Um, whereabouts on the shop front did he do it?


They were able to tell us exactly where these letters were.


But something still doesn't quite add up for Chris.


Run me through what you've done again, to the front.


All right, I run up the wall and then, just messing around, we're just walking home, you know...


What wall, what wall? The side of Coral's. Just messing around.


That wall there, the glass wall.


That was clever, weren't it? I know, it's stupid, stupid.


You know, we're not... Leaving aside the criminal damage for a second...


There's no criminal damage. No, no, leaving that aside, if that window breaks,


you go straight through it, OK?


A shard of glass falls down, it takes you out. OK, yes.


I know you've had a few sherbets, yeah, and then you suddenly think you're Superman or something,


all right, but that's just insane.


Chris has found some evidence.


It's a D, or maybe a B, but it doesn't seem to be from Coral's.


Tell me where you got this from. No idea, I don't know.


Honestly, mate, I just want to go home.


Chris is going to apply the letter of the law.


This point in time, you're under arrest on suspicion of criminal damage, OK?


You don't have to say anything. It may harm your defence if you don't mention when questioned


something you rely on in court. Anything you say may be given in evidence.


If you're not straight with me, I'll take you in until I find out where all these have come from.


They're up in the sky, I knew it was him.


I'd identified him, they'd p


He knows they've seen him,


'because he can hear what the helicopter's telling me.'


Literally, cos I know where all the letters are.


There is a small chance of redeeming the situation.




What? We'll see how it goes. You got the rest of the letters?


There's another one back there. If I can find them all,


then, we'll deal with it that way.


But we'll go and have a little walk down there. OK.


Right then, my friend... I can find them all.


Find the letters! Find the letters!- Find the letters.


Find the letters! Find them.


You tell them to find them. We know where they are, mate.


Right. Look, I apologise...


Your friends are going to go on a little expedition now.


If they find them all, does that mean I can go?


Find them all, and then we'll see how we go. AND if they fit back on there.


'I was trying to find another way to deal with it


'purely because there was still'


a male out there who potentially had a knife on him.


Whilst the boys hunt for the missing letters,


Jim and Nathan have turned their attention


back to searching for the office building metal thieves.


There's a couple of people in that doorway.


Anyone around at this time of night- will be checked out.


Yep, running.


'I saw two shadows dart into an alleyway,




maybe an attempted burglary or burglary in progress.


It's not burglars after all.


It's the girls who were returned to the care home.


'It was all a big joke to them.'


I thought, it's going to be a long night. Here we go again.


Listen, listen. I am sick and tired of chasing after you two.


We are absolutely run off our feet tonight.


We thought for a second there was s


which there is tonight? What?What? Are they breaking into a building?


Yeah, there are people breaking into buildings.


There's crimes being committed.


They're not going to break into a country property... Yeah!


Right, if you don't stop swearing, you'll get yourself arrested, all right?


You do know we'll just go again. I'll never swear in my life again.


I've done what I need to do by getting you back home


cos when you end up in a ditch somewhere...


You're not getting us home! No, no, no!


When something really bad happens to you,


there are people out there, right, that you won't even know about.


They'll just find you, OK cos they'll pick on you


because you're two girls. It's happened to me before! Right, OK.


Why go round saying we'll end up in a ditch? I'm trying- to prevent that from happening.


Nothing BLEEPscares me. That's what we're trying to prevent.


Nothing scares me any more.


They were drunk, but that was frustrating me even more,


because at their age, they should not be drunk.




Right, as I say, we're really busy tonight... Let's go home!


Oh, dear, you're a joker!


I don't know if you've noticed... These are the safe police officers!


..but none of us are laughing. I don't care!


Put a smile on your face!


it's very apparent you are children.


So let's get you back to the home. Come on. Put a smile on your face!


It's very frustrating. You think,


here I am again, I'm needed elsewhere and I'm dealing with this.




'And you know in your heart of hearts


'that they are going to probably run away again,


'but you've got to worry about that risk to that child'


and you've got to try and convince them and explain to them the risks


and get them back. Every time they go missing, you'll have to deal with it.


Just pointless, because we'll put her in, she'll go upstairs and...


Can't you handcuff her in her room or something?


I thought someone was breaking into the shop.


I didn't even notice it was a bright red and bright yellow hoodie.


Cheers, guys.


If it's not troublesome girls wasting busy police's time,


then it's troublemaking boys tying them up.


I wasted your time.


Now three officers are written off because we have to deal with you.




Hello? I've been arrested, Mum.


Our decision-making isn't great when we've had a few,


but I think the majority of people in this country


would be able to walk down a high street without doing what they did.


The rest of the missing letters have been recovered


and what they spell is the clue to where they're from.


He said, if we find the letters, they can go tonight with us.


It's the first time I've been arrested. Know what I mean?


'He was a nice lad. He'd never been in trouble with us before.'


Too many sherbets and he's being a silly boy.


It just shows you what drinking, or drinking to excess does.


Even the nicest of people do silly things.


The holder in the wall has come out with it.


It's the same, that one as well. Unfortunately for the young man,


it's apparent that the shop sign isn't going to be repairable.


So that's damaged.


Now he's really in the doghouse.


The mystery of where the letters came from has been solved.


The word on the street is it's not Corals after all,


but another well-known bookies - Ladbrokes.




Yeah, that was quite amusing.


Quite apt, but in the same vein, it's some drunken antics that...


really someone who should know a bit better.


We can all say that we've been there and done silly things


at some point in life. Just unfortunate for him


he was silly enough to do it with a helicopter above him.


Yeah, we're en route to custard. If you could "um" them for me.


'In the great scheme of things, you're dealing with'


a minor criminal damage, when really,


we're there to be looking for someone who's committed a stabbing.


It's almost the end of a very long night for the traffic cops


and just time for a cuppa before the end of Tony's last ever shift.


Ah! Last time we ended up in here, we bloody nicked someone, didn't we?




'We were just nipping into the petrol station for a cup of coffee.'


RADIO: 'Youths present on the track on stuck on the track.'


Where? Over there.


'A job at Grange Avenue near to Leagrave Railway Station.


'BTP have called us.


'Off CCTV, they can see two youths trespassing on the tracks.'


'Can't see what colour they are, IC codes,


'but they're both wearing white tops.


'They were throwing rubbish on the track earlier.


'There's a train due to arrive at 3.20.'


Yeah, we're there now.


Should be able to see if there's...- if they've got it on CCTV.


We were given the description...


Who's actually looking at the CCTV?


'..and the only two people on the platform


'were these two people that met the description.' Yeah, copy.


Yeah, we've got them on platform two and three.


Yeah, we've got them in sight now. Platform two.


One of the reports was,


they may have been putting stuff on the railway track itself.


Right, what you been up to? Nothing much, mate.


If you've got one more unit that can just hang fire in the area,


er, they're a bit volatile, just in case we need them.


Look, get back. You're trespassing the railway, mate,


Am I drunk? Quite clearly you are.


You know what I'm saying? You actually are.


They clearly wanted to fight.


Don't get in my face, else I'll get in your face.


I'm not in your face, mate. Move back.


They're not here to catch a train


so Craig and Tony are going to move them on.


You become fluent yobbish, after a little while.


Yo, policeman, you think you're special or something?


Do you think you're special? Cos you got bullied at school, mate?


Yeah, absolutely. Exactly. Look at them. He ain't got no missus.


He's probably bum chums with him.


Used to find it a little bit infuriating


but now it's just very funny - d


THEN it becomes infuriating.


You're really hard, ain't you?


Hey, I'm harder than you, mate, simple as that. Oh, go home.


No, you go home, mate. Your mum's going to be waiting for you.


I've had enough now, go. I've not got a mum! No! Just go.


My mum died, mate. Put your arms down and go.


My mum died, what you trying to say?


They were two kids, drunk, absolutely silly,


been in trouble with us numerous times.


I've not got a mum. Go home. Not since six years... Six years!


Go home, stop waving your arms.


I've not had enough! I've not had a mum, like you.


We're off that subject, and stop swearing at me.


You telling me about my mum? Go home. My mum's dead.


Are you going to go home, yes or no? My mum died of cancer.


OK, I apologise for that but now go home, all right?


Go home and go quick.


You could see everything he was doing was trying to wind me and Tone up.


I want to know his number. Wind your neck in and go home.


It's beginning to look as if Tony IS going to get that last arrest


not that he really wants it any more.


I don't care! I want to know what his number is. Go home!


Excuse me! I have a right to know his number.


He told me to suck my mum, and my mum's dead, so what's his number?


What are you laughing for? I didn't say that, buddy.


Go home. You did say that. I was there, I heard it. Go home...


A normal night, those two would've been in the cells.


But this isn't a normal night for Tony.


You are that far away from being locked up for the night, all right?


Do yourselves a favour, stop being silly and go home.


What's your number? This is your last warning.


You talked to me about my mother! My mother's dead.


We were probably a little bit too, um, lenient with them.


Go away. What's his number?


Because I have had just about enough of you.


Go away. I want his number, that's all I want.


Go away. Why's he not getting done instead of me?


I'll put my hands up to that one.


My last night. I think we dealt with it quite well.


In Stevenage, the Ladbrokes lad is about to be dealt with at the nick.


Sit there.


Edward, is it? How do you prefer to be called? Edward, Eddie? Ed?


I don't mind. Whatever.


You won't be in here longer than a day.


I can pretty much 100% assure you that


unless we take your fingerprints and it comes back


that you're some kind of big criminal type... I'm not.


..who we've been looking for for years, you ain't staying here.


The worst thing I've done is got a speeding ticket, ever.




We'll then fingerprint, photograph and take your DNA, all right?


All for a drunken prank. That's the thing, OK? Idiot!Yes.


'Cos he was drunk, he couldn't be dealt with at that time.


'He stayed in custody overnight, was interviewed next morning'


A pleasant summer's afternoon in Luton turns ugly when a woman is arrested by the traffic cops for unleashing her Staffordshire bull terriers on a man in the town centre, leaving him lying in a pool of blood. Plus a helicopter search for a reported knifeman leads to the discovery of a bookmaker's shop being attacked by some late night revellers.

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