Series 10

Series 10

Documentary series following traffic police as they patrol Britain's roads.

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Episodes List

Worse for Wear

1. Traffic Cops: Series 10, Worse for Wear

An abandoned car is found smashed into a telegraph pole on the outskirts of Watford.

It Could Be You

2. Traffic Cops: Series 10, It Could Be You

An 18-year-old who has just passed her test has a life threatening collision with a tree.

In the Doghouse

3. Traffic Cops: Series 10, In the Doghouse

A woman is arrested for unleashing her Staffordshire bull terriers on a man.

Killer on the Loose

4. Traffic Cops: Series 10, Killer on the Loose

The police deal with a mystery death when a man's body is found in the undergrowth.

Bash Cash

5. Traffic Cops: Series 10, Bash Cash

The traffic cops come across a suspicious accident on an empty motorway slip road.

In the Line of Duty

6. Traffic Cops: Series 10, In the Line of Duty

A routine check on a busy street in Luton turns into a bloody fight for survival.