Series 9

Series 9

Documentary series following traffic police as they patrol Britain's roads.

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Episodes List

Running on Empty

1. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Running on Empty

Traffic cops armed with 50,000 volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

2. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Wrong Place Wrong Time

The traffic cops find illegal drugs in the car of a motorist taking his kids to school.

Tickets, Credits and Consequences

3. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Tickets, Credits and Consequences

The Bedfordshire traffic cops crack down on motorists breaking the Highway Code.

In for a Shock

4. Traffic Cops: Series 9, In for a Shock

Cops disarm a gang member by 'red dotting' him with the laser light from a Taser.


5. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Crossover

The traffic cops are called in to deal with a horrific crash on the busy M1.

One Thing Leads to Another

6. Traffic Cops: Series 9, One Thing Leads to Another

A car thief tries to escape from the police by climbing through somebody's window.

Risky Business

7. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Risky Business

A teenager leaps into a canal in a desperate bid to evade the police.